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Before you contacted me again to renew our relationship, I was aiming towards selling myself out as a Male Escort to earn money. I tried applying with C-Ville's "Naughty & Nice" Escort Service; they did not take me. And I printed and discreetly passed out cards, along with posting an ad on, under the new alias of "Carlos Chantor" (DO NOT Tell anyone else of my new alias).
Chris, Jackie E-mails #6

Carlos Chantor was Chris's alias during his short-lived career as a male escort.

Chris came up with the alias after his first break up with his sweetheart Jackie. He tried joining with Charlottesville's "Naughty and Nice" escort services, but after being told that there was no market for bent, autistic virgins with rage, he made a profile (now deleted) at, apparently unaware that most male prostitutes belong to a rather rough trade. Interestingly, on the profile Chris checked that he was comfortable with every fetish available (except the ones he found too homosexual). After a certain prank call inquired about watersports, however, he quickly reverted his decision and removed watersports as a fetish. He also distributed cards promoting himself as an escort around Charlottesville. This shows once again that Chris does not care about sex as an act between two lovers, but rather, he sees it as a way to lose his virginity, as well as to get a quick buck.

No one took up Chris on his offer.

It should be noted that during this stint, Chris's physical appearance was about as good as it could ever be. His hair appeared to temporarily stop thinning and wasting, his skin wasn't greasy and covered in dirt, and he even looked a bit thinner thanks to the slimming power of the color black. However, once the stint ended, old habits quickly returned. Profile

About Me

Experienced for Her Pleasure.

Hey, Ladies. I am a cool dude to hang with, and I can make you feel good emotionally and show you a fun time. I enjoy a lot of things; I'll let you know when it's going too far. Give me a call to hook up (434 area code only).

My Details

The explicit personal details of notorious womanizer, Carlos Chantor.

My Location

My Availability

Carlos Chantor Call


Effeminate Caller: Is this a Mr Carlos Chantor? I thought I heard something about you with the, you had an escort service going on.
Chris: Um, I'm sor- uh, I'm sorry you have the wrong number.
Effeminate Caller: Oh really? This isn't [call is disconnected] Oh you fat...
Male voice: All right, let's try this again.
Efeminate Caller: Likely whore.

[Sound of sniffing]
Male voice: uhhhh, faggot.

[Phone rings]
Chris: Hello?
Effeminate Caller: Uh, excuse me I thought that this was the number for Carlos Chantor, I uh looked up the escort ad.
Chris: Oh, um.
Effeminate Caller: Yes.
Chris: Yeah, actually, yeah um yeah, it is but I er can't talk, I can't talk right now, could you me call back...
Effeminate Caller: Oh
Chris: another time please?
Effeminate Caller: Well, yes I was just wondering about, oh what time should I call back cuz I heard you were into watersports?
Chris: Hmm. I may be.
Effeminate Caller: What kind of watersports?
Chris: Hmm, uh, talk more about, we'll talk more about that, uh later, uh, call back at [audio cuts]
Effeminate Caller: Will do, honey.
Chris: Ok, all right, bye bye.
Effeminate Caller: Bye now.

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