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"Raincoat" is a euphemism for a condom. It figures into one of the later scenes in Sonichu #7 as a pun.


Aside from promoting safe sex and justifying premarital sex, Chris draws his male characters with condoms to censor their pickles.

Chris had a box of chocolate-flavored condoms that he purchased to be prepared for his first time. Chris had given a few different dates for when they expired; some time in 2010 [1] and January 2013 .[2]

Chris also has reportedly wore a raincoat that was flavored like green apple while engaging in hanky-panky with Mia Hamm.

If Chris ever finds the future wife he imagines himself with, he presumably won't have to practice safe sex with her, because you don't need to wear a raincoat when you're in Lovely Weather.


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