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Cryzel and Magi-Chan

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Chris Chan Sonichu, Magi-Chan and Cryzel Rosechu tie the knot

Cryzel Rosechu and Magi-Chan are Chris's most recent sweethearts. They began their polyamorous relationship on 26 March 2018 when Chris announced that his sweetheart search was over... yet again. He later mentioned that the supposed relationship involves three people (from the wording it is himself and two others), implying that he was in a polyamorous relationship at the time. Their identities were not known at the time, and because he claimed that they all knew each other in person,[2] people assumed that Chris was in a relationship was with two actual people. He later said that one of them (Magi-Chan) was his "loving boyfriend",[3] with the implication that the other (Cryzel) was a woman.

On 10 April 2018, Chris came out as bisexual, apparently after discussion with them.[4] Days later, he uploaded a disturbing video, Dick Licker; that is I., in which he licked an image of Magi-Chan's penis drawn on a wall. He also updated his Facebook to note that he is a bisexual transwoman, "interested in men and women".

He affirmed that he gave oral sex to Magi-Chan to a Twitter ween.[3] Apparently, Chris's relationship is not merely polyamorous but open, as he claims that they have no objection to his return to prostitution. They also seem to be okay with Chris's Facebook and Twitter avatar being fanart from a member of the CWCProtectSquad depicting him being kissed by a female fan, as well as Chris hitting on Bryanfrogboy.

On 30 April 2018, Chris posted about Cryzel Rosechu, calling her "a very close gal" and that he had "promised her" he would make an Amiibo figure of her. He then liked a comment from a fan which congratulated him on revealing one of his significant others.[4] In Beedee, Beedee, Beedee; I’m Back, Buck!, he implied that Magi-Chan was the other lover.

On 5 May, he released a preview of a special mini-comic, to be included in Sonichu #16. It depicts him, Magi-Chan and Cryzel Rosechu getting married. The comic is dated 26 March – the same date as when Chris announced his sweetheart search to be over.

Idea Guy: the sequel?

Early in April, Chris posted a drawing commemorating flat-chested women, depicting himself as flat-chested instead of with the usual comically-large breasts.[4] While he declined to mention what had spurred him to make the drawing, the changes to Chris's sense of sexuality pointed to the conclusion that his new sweethearts were trolls, as this was before the revelation that Cryzel and Magi-Chan were the sweethearts.

Chris liked this video.

Another out-of-character video surfaced in April, One-Hundred!, in which Chris exercises with dumbbells. Chris also liked a YouTube music video featuring shirtless men.

In a tweet on 16 April, Chris inadvertently let slip a clue as to how he was being trolled:

I had not heard much of the Nostalgia Critic yet, but in Cwcville, apparently, Christine and the Hedgehog Boys made a song about him, “The Nostalgia Critic Did Nothing Wrong!” So, some of my family and species likes him. Cool. :) [4]

The planting of ideas into Chris's imaginary land echoes the technique used by Idea Guy. This was when speculators first theorized that it was the work of a copycat, as the original Idea Guy was doxxed and forced to end his association with Chris several months earlier.

On 17 April, the influence over Chris became much more obvious. Chris's Twitter account repeatedly posted slanderous lies about him.[4] He then deleted the tweets, claiming a hack had occurred – this is unlikely due to the speed at which he was able to remove the posts. Again, the content pointed to the likelihood of an Idea Guy copycat. Chris, being naïve, may have simply handed over the password, just as he did with Idea Guy.[5]

A Twitter ween, SpudtheOtter, DM'd Chris on 25 April 2018. In the conversation, Chris said[3]:

Consider me a beginner with experience blowing my loving boyfriend, willing to learn and adapt further. $50 for that BJ from this celeb; if he wants butt sex, that will be $100. Cash only.

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