Beedee, Beedee, Beedee; I’m Back, Buck!

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Beedee, Beedee, Beedee; I’m Back, Buck! is a video Chris uploaded on the 4th of May 2018.

In this video update, Chris apologizes for 'the lack of progress' on Sonichu, after angry fans complained about his lack of work on the comics they pay for monthly via his Patreon account. He also announces an exclusive comic for his Patrons about himself, Magi-Chan and Cryzel Rosechu.

The title of the video may be a reference to Porky Pig and the TV series Buck Rogers of the 25th Century.


Beedee, Beedee, Beedee; I’m Back, Buck!
Stardate 4 May 2018
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guy
Shirt Pink with Grey SleevesPink with Grey Sleeves Pink with Grey Sleeves
I’m Sorry for Ruining so many Fandoms



Hello everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again goooooooood [Begins singing] morning! It’s morning! [Removes his glasses] Mornin’ Mornin’ MOOORNIN’! --and with me hair done in a bun.

Aah… Anyway. I have something of importance to talk about right now. Uuh I wish to apologize sincerely for the lack of progress… And uh… but I am not at liberty to explain what happened over the last few months, but it’s all being handled and that I’M BACK! I’M BACK!

And I'm gonna do an exclusive Patreon-only 5 page plus comic about Magi-Chan and Cryzel and I, so… it’ll only be available to donators so… let’s get those pledges back high! And i’m gonn- I ca- I’m ordering the books right now I’m gonna have em rushed over here and I’ll have em all shipped out as soons- as soon as I… get them. So thank you all please, put your pledges back up high and I’ll be able to do a whole lot more. I’m really sorry for all the lack of content and everything and the delays just [Chris does a raspberry] But we’re all taking care of that an- I’m back. I have people. We’re doing it! Yay!

Thank you, have a good day!

I’m Sorry for Ruining so many Fandoms Chris's videos WE NEED MONEY FOR MORTGAGE NOW, PLEASE!