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Down with Asperchu (officially 01092010 - Down With Asperchu!!!.MOV) is a video uploaded by Chris on 9 January 2010. Since Chris thought he was victorious over the gays after getting the despised ads taken off of his CWCipedia, he imposed his wrath upon Alec Benson Leary, the creator of Asperchu.

Chris delusively calls Asperchu fan fiction and a parody, continues to deny any links between Asperger's and autism, and calls out to his fanbase not to read any of the Asperchu comics. Throughout the video he makes insane karate-chop style hand movements in an attempt to illustrate what he is saying.

For some reason, Chris had started wearing his Amnyfest Ring around his Sonichu medallion.


Down with Asperchu
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 9 January 2010
Subject Matter Fan ArtFan Art Fan Art
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Saga AsperchuAsperchu Asperchu
Shirt Captain FalconCaptainfalconshirt.PNG Captain Falcon
This was my fault
12 January 2010
He plays off of my PAST Buddha Belly, and my masculine bosoms!


Currently wearing my ring on my medal, Captain's Log, Stardate January 9, 2010.

Welp, on the one hand, I am pleased to announce that I have finally got through to their thi-to the homosetsuals' thick skulls, that I am straight and I can not care for their kind.

On the other hand, it backfired on me, because...the sup-because Alec Something paid off Jack Thaddeus for the adspace, and now is falsely ad-and now is wrongfully advertising his FAN FICTION, (dramatic glasses removal) and I emphasize fan fiction, and parodic Asperchu.

Not only is he trying to play...on any "LINKS" between Asperger's and Autism which there are not. I'm not saying similarities, I'm saying LINKS. Anyway, his character not only is a parody and a-fu-a vulgar fan fiction, of my Sonichu character, but he plays off of my PAST Buddha Belly, (in a high girly voice) and my masculine bosoms!

He is not to be trusted and his comics are not to be read. And therefore, I am making the statement that I have absolutely NO LINK or connections with him whatsoever, Mr. Alec Something and his Asperchu. And therefore, with all that, it is...everything that he draws is NOT in canon of my Sonichu comics or the CWCipedia whatsoever. So, completely abandon him, I say so! I have spoken there!

And also, with HIS placement of my character in HIS comics, I am at this moment and this date verifying that he is in the WRONG! He is in the wrong, especially with epi-wi-stu-with doing the, with doing it with HIS homosetsual take and I do not care for that.

No links, ther-I have no connections or establishments or anything canon between his comics and mine, and his...ver-and his sss-parodic COPYCAT parody of my CWCipedia. So at this moment I will leave you with that,


Little sunbitch thinking he tryin' to frighten ME off (raspberry) HE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING! DIE, you son of a bitch, Alec, die!

But as for everybody else and, uh, as for most everybody else, I say-uh peace, stay safe, and have a good day. And continue to enjoy Sonichu comics, two pages a day.

Bye now.

Alec's response to the video

In Asperpedia's Fan Mail 3, a fellow fan of Alec's warned Alec about Chris's threats upon his life.

Name: Anthony R


Message: Hi Alec, I just wanted to know if you have seen the latest video by the dastardly Christopher Weston Chandler (AKA Ian Brandon Anderson). In it, on top of getting your name wrong, he made several slanders against your good name, and even had the gall to call your comic parodic! I sincerely hope that you will not let this attack stand, for it's obvious that he is jealous of both your comic, and your good fortune.

Also, I urge you to take precautions against Chris. He looks unhinged, and it looks like he made a death threat against you. I really hope that you take care of yourself good sir, because I worry about the stability of Chris.

Take care, and I can't wait to see your next comic!

-Anthony R.


Reply: Hello Anthony, I have indeed watched the most recent video by that sorrowful IBA. I would like him to get my name correct (my last name is most certainly NOT "something"), but one too many times now I have seen how little respect he has, even for those who give him nothing but respect. I will naturally not let the comic stand at all - my weapon of choice in this war is to simply continue making the comic to the best of my abilities, which thankfully have far exceeded his own. I do not fear for the death threats, but rather I rejoice in knowing that I am a valiant warrior in the struggle against oppression; you might say I am like the Gandhi to his British Empire. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support; we all must stand united as one against this foe.


This was my fault Chris's videos 12 January 2010