With Apologies to Mister Resident

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With Apologies to Mister Resident is a video apology made on the 16th of April 2018. In this video, Chris apologizes to a ween posing as a professor at Piedmont Virginia Community College he had supposedly drove insane. The ween in question made multiple videos confronting Chris the day prior, and eventually weaseled his way into getting a video/response from Chris.

It is worth noting that Mr. Resident made contact with Chris on the same date that marks Chris being banned from his class.


With Apologies to Mister Resident
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Stardate 16 April 2018
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This actually had happened.


Hello everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you from home live again once again and today I am here to… talk about this person who has come to my attention, this whatcha call “ween”. Um, I’m here to verify personally that there was actual history with this individual, this guy is re-... legitimate, not fake, I will refer to him by his online alias, but anyway it took me a whole lot of research and recollecting, but I remembered I remembered as much detail as possible about this guy. Anyway I wrote down everything that I had typed up everything anyway typed up everything I have about so what I’ve remembered.Uh so yea, this guy was at Piedmont Virginia Community College, Mr. Shadow Resident mmm, I had taken his class in the spring semester 2001, we were reading a bunch of short stories and critiquing them. I was very misunderstood on how to critique them, and I had wrote off-tangent in my assignments and re-responses. The Mr. Resident kicked me out of his class only for a settlement to happen later where I met with him in his office to uh… complete the ass- to finish the assignments with a better understanding on… what the resource was… and it was strictly on the paperwork only. Nothing more than that happened. Anyways, so uh, I do remember one story that I- we had worked on in that class, Tuesday’s Child, which, that was a short story about a child who got to spend one day a week with their father.

Anyways, so I had to retake the course the following fall semester, but with a different professor, and I remember giving the giving Mr. Resident kind of a relation mental word association relation to Dr. Robotnik, cause his personality type reflect- was similar to that of him, and he kind of looked like him as well. Anyway he banned me from his class back on April 15th, 2001, and he did approach me a year later, I had recognized his face, and… it was still totally uncomfortable and bad blood between me and him, and he did say um, like,”‘is this still a game to you?” And I just looked away, I did not look at him at all… cause I felt intimidated and… all that. Anyway aside- Anyways so lets see aside from that… So I’ll tell y’all… tell y’all the short story about uh… what happen- what happened that day on April 15, 2001, I entered the classroom like any other day feeling neutral and well, then Mr. Resident tells me to leave the classroom, I was not welcome into his class. I picked up my bookbag and left. The door closed behind me and I was very upset and I did not know what to do with myself for the next hour or so, I went up the hallway to the part PVCC by the auditorium where they had all the long tables unfolded… and I cried and I cried and I cried my… arms folded, my head laying on the- on my arms, and just… [Chris groans] Anyway I eventually much later pulled out a piece of paper then I wrote what I did on there, I returned to the now empty classroom shortly after the class had finished, and I left the note with his name on it on the desk, and… I remember- and it took me a while to recall what I had written… but I think I did fairly well.

I have written something… something like…[Chris takes a stern tone of voice] “You made me cry. I will never forgive you.” [He briefly pauses, for effect] So… yeah this uh Mr. Resident upon all the retrospect I do owe you the apology, and I do humbly apologize for… having written that note to you and causing you to… fall mentally ill and go into… all that that you had gone through. But at least you ended up returning to PVCC later as far as your record could tell. Anyway so, there you go sir, that’s, there’s your apology. I hope that was satisfactory enough for you, I hope you have a good day and good rest of your life, and that uh, you’re never trolled by anyone, or doxxed. So, we’ll just leave it at that. Thank you everyone for not doxxing him… and have a good safe day.

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