More of Cole’s Things for Sale

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More of Cole’s Things for Sale is a video where Chris lists more of Cole's belongings for sale.

The listings are archived on the 2018 Sales Listings‎ page under April.


More of Cole’s Things for Sale
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Stardate 5 April 2018
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Look! Bruce Lee! Bruce Lee! Bruce Lee! If that's his autograph, that'd by worth it
Desperate to sell Cole's junk


Selling off more of Cole’s things: see what will be listed. HE WAS A KISS FAN!


Hello everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again- and today I'm gonna be putting up some more stuff from my "budder" (brother) Joseph Cole Smithey on the ebay for y'all to buy.

We definitely have one of a kind unique items here! It's gonna- they're gonna be a great buy, a great 'vestment and they'll each come with a certificate of authenticity individually marked from me and out mother Barbara Chandler. With our init- out names on them- and that's personally verifying.

Some of these actually have Cole's signature on 'em.

So let's take a look at a few. For example, the first one here- this... this poster sized "model rocket flight sequence" that... uh... Joe Cool himself put his name on. Working with his partner... and so much of his handwriting all over the place. [camera roams around poster] This is a very good collectible... definitely somethin' to have from the Smithey man himself... Old Joe Cool...

Uh... (unintelligible) masking tape not included.

Now lets see, we also have here "A Complete Study of Skin Diving" by Ray (???) and... guess what's inside? Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Baba! He wrote his initials. He took a skin diving course, and this was the book he studied with.

And we also got some other good goodies, so now let's take a look here... da-da-ta-da-da-dada.

Here we have that was presented pers- to him personally from Pack 883- his Boy Scout certificate... His contribution to the youth in 1968- huh! Day before... my birthday.

And also, uh, his certificate from the Kim School of Tae Kwon Do. [Holds certficate in silence]

And we have some foders (folders) of his. Bunch'a good stuff in their, lots of good stuff. So lets take a look at them one at a time.

He has a whole bunch of Kiss stuff! He had a whole bunch of Kiss stuff. You just take a look in here and you just see this there's some good Kiss memorabilia- Oop! [Zooms in on what is clearly not Peter Criss' autograph] Someone tell me if that is his autograph either in Coles handwriting or if Peter Criss actually autographed the binder, because- because... I don't know. Anyway, there are some- heres a bunch of photos of... Kiss... hm. Here's a Kiss Army book- oop! it's a binder... "You're in the Army now!" Heh!... Love gun! Really? What's that for? Oh, and also, a comic book I didn't even know exists. And its super special KISS!- ARRGGG! [turns camera to face, flicks tongue around]- heh heh. All the pages in their and everything, just- oh, look at that! They even have (???) and Justice Legaue on the back.

Well... whatever, I dunno. Anyway, so... Kiss Army, and this Super Teen special with inside look at Kiss- and let's see, you've got uh- this, and that, heh- a newsletter, a couple of newsletters, huh. Kiss- feels like... a sticker, or something... hm. It is a old sticker. [reading from advertisement Don't miss any of these releases on record and tape! Big ol' Kiss folder right here! Get the most for your money here, folks!

So... this'll be going good on ebay, and you'll definitely be able to get your money back if you try and sell this one (unintelligible) I don't know... anyway.

Let's see, what else do we got here. I mean, some other (???) and (???) but I'm gonna show em anyway. He drew a bunch of... mazes. There's his initials right there, you can compare that to... previous. And uh... this, that, and the other, huh. He liked mazes! He like doing mazes, he liked drawing mazes, he was... aMAZing!

Look! Bruce Lee! [Deep voice] Bruce Lee! [High-pitched voice] Bruce Lee! If that's his autograph, that'd by worth it, but I don't know. I'm not sayin'! I'm not confirming or denying, cause I don't know just yet. Anyways, so, Bruce Lee stuff. Let's see what else we got here... oh whats this, huh. (unintelligible) hm... what else we got here... what's this? Mr. Joe Smithey, Houston, Texas, valid phone-a-gram receipt... well, okay, whatever... maybe he wrote this? Maybe Cole wrote all of this? Anyway, stuff from his school day's, I'm sure. Anyway, hm. Let's see what else we got here.

I noticed something funny here- this (???) wait, what's this "Kiss Army"- huh. "... is recognized as a good name in state on the Kiss Army!" Well, that's good fe- I ought to put that on the other folder.

Associate Member of the... Revell?... all-star racing team- wow! Ha! I thought I saw something on the folder. This is a blank page in here, that's funny. I thought I saw something else... maybe that was in another folder is- looked at.

Oh, here it is. Disney Magazine, from... a past September. Gonna sell that individually. But, you can definitely tell this was owned... by Cole, got some comics, and stuff in there. What year is this, da da da da da, September... anything on the back? No, but, oh boy. You gotta read this in the mirror to figure out what they're sayin'. Okay, that's funnny, that's funny to me. Anyway, ah, other stuff... piece of paper.

(???) Is there anything in the bag? Um... blank piece of paper in the bag. I don't know why that was in here, but anyway, so... (???)

Alright, what we got here. Oh yeah! Got an A- on... his... report of "The Meeting of-on the Mill, by Cole Smithey" Apparently there's two copies here...

And uh... oh! The Zero Zone by Cole Smithey. Uh, something he wrote himself, I guess. And, drawings. Hm. That'd be cool. The Zero Zone by Cole Smithey! Da da da da da!... That'd be good by itself.

And, what do we got here- what do we got, what do we got. Uh, report on... Brazil, by Cole Smithey. Heh heh! And, the History of Venezuela. Such different names! why is... that in here? okay yeah, you can tell that's definitely different handwriting, I dunno, uh... (???) That's kind of a curious question.

Also, here's a bunch of paper clippings of his stuff. Huh. Imma put everything Kiss in the Kiss folder. Again, I don't want that falling away. Come on, stay! You stay! Don't fall! Don't fall! You stay! Stop falling! Stop falling! Eh! There. Just uh... some clipping art- ay! a fonzi picture! uh-oh, and... I'm dropping clippings all over the place!

Am I fumbling? Maybe, but I'm doing this- Ay! Fonzi! [laughs] I dunno- maybe it is a picture of the Fonz, from the magazine, Mugging Minors on the back, I don't know. Okay, that was silly, that was fun [sighs]

Darn it! You're (???) here!

One more folder, let's see... (???) 'nother maze... oh yeah, apparently ah... Order of the... Molay? Hm. Thats... interesting.

Anyway's, uh, that's pretty much it for now. Okay, thank you guys. [Barb can be heard possibly yelling in the background as the video ends.]

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