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The gitar in the image that won him $400 from GameStop (Guitar Hero III version).

The Gitars of Fail were Chris's custom-painted Guitar Hero controllers that made appearances in several videos. They were not mere game controllers, however; Chris liked to pose with the controllers, for example in GameStop Be A Star Sweepstakes as well as several videos.

The Gitars also made many appearances in the comics, for example when going Jericho on 4-Cent Garbage, and also on the cover of his mocked-up copy of Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles. He appeared to think that it counted as an actual instrument and gave him the skill to really play a guitar.

Fun Fact: He failed at using the guitar strap.

After the 10 January 2014 house fire, it's currently unknown if the Gitars of Fail survived the blaze, but it's unlikely.

Gitars through the ages

How Chris sees himself.

Chris made Bobby Kotick a very happy man. If the October 2010 room pictures were clear, Chris had at least 5 Gitars of Fail:

  • The Guitar Hero 5 version, which Chris never managed to mod to the extreme.
  • The Guitar Hero III Les Paul version, with Sonichu paint job.
  • The Guitar Hero I/II Gibson SG version, turquoise with the American flag stripes and tons of stickers.
  • A mostly black one.
  • Lastly, the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock version, seen in the Victory Rockout video in August 2011. Chris got this from a garage sale, bundled with an unspecified game.

It's not clear why Chris would buy more than 1 controller, as the controllers were mostly compatible with newer games and he obviously has no friends to play with. Why he kept collecting more of them after Guitar Hero went on hiatus is anyone's guess. But then again, common sense has never had much to do with his video game purchasing decisions--or any of his purchasing decisions, really.

He may have had even more of them, as he sold another Guitar Hero III Les Paul on eBay in September 2009. He also had a customized Rock Band Stratocaster known as "Meatwad's Shredwud" appear in a video he recorded in October 2009. Chris hocked this guitar on eBay around the same time, effectively selling a product identical to another cartoonist's intellectual property.


In the comic.


Guitar Hero II version

Guitar Hero III version

The Guitar of Fail.

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