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This article is about a friend of Bella Janke's. For Chris' brother, see Alan Chandler.
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Note on Credibility:

Allen has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reason:
Allen has given contradictory statements.[note 1]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

fine, i’ll see what he is like then leave, pretending to cater to his needs and be nice sounds boring
Allen on interacting with Chris[1]
bella says alot of edgy shit

but most of it is all lies

Allen on Bella[2]
Name Allen
Also known as Griffith
Race Black
Saga Incest

Allen is a friend of Bella who expressed interest in conversing with Chris in Chess Group 15. On 19 July 2021, from within the Chess Club server, Bella coached Allen on how to talk to Chris under the name "Alice". Bella instructed him to write "hi Christine, nice to meet you, I'm Alice. What are you drawing?" only for Allen to copy-paste the sentence with the quotation marks included into the Chess Group 15 chat. Allen dismissed it saying Chris wouldn't care, but Bella pointed out Chris would think Allen was being sarcastic and told him to take it off.[1]

Allen also wanted to ween on Chris by telling him to stop drawing because he would never be good at it. Bella rejected it saying Chris would ask her to hack and dox Allen.[1]

In August 2021, after the Incest Call was leaked, Allen was interviewed by a Discord user, Literally Who, a Kiwi Farms member who was looking into the unfolding drama. Allen was then manipulated into sending his Discord token to Literally Who, which was used to hack into his account and access his Discord logs, which included his DMs with Bella. The logs were posted on Kiwi Farms by another user.[2]

Denial of suicide plan

On 8 August 2021, Allen was asked by Literally Who about comments he and Bella had made in the Chess Club about a plan to suicide Chris. Allen characterized his and Bella's comments as an edgy joke and pointed out a lack of proof that the comments were serious.[2]

Literally Who
Did you have use the name Alice in Bella's servers?
Literally Who
We need to have a more in depth discussion then (edited)
sure no problem
Literally Who
[posts an image]


ah this one


as i said before, it was just an edgy joke bella was doing, tastless yes, but the way its cropped shows i have something to do with it, we were just joking around and i was being sarcastic about nothing serious

if i truly was helping her there would have been dms leaked of me helping her with the supposed "getting chris chan to kill himself"

the alias alice was only for me to be able to play chess with chris chan

since he wouldnt talk to guys as i have stated before

there was no plan to kill chris chan none whatsoever

i can 100% say thats true

there was no plan to kill him in new york i see thats a popular theory

Literally Who
[posts an image]
yeah i knew u would bring this up, yet again just bella being bella and it was all just stupid banter
Literally Who
Why should I believe this?

Or rather, why should the general public believe that

due to the fact there are no dm leaks of me actually helping with this supposed plan

this plan never existed


  1. Allen on one occassion has said that Bella has not ate a hamster, but in the same conversation with a Kiwi Farms user, he claims that she did.