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yea when i was in the first 2, maybe 3? servers, the first got nuked, because of gore spam, the second was a cess pool of disgusting everything, and the third was the "chess server" which was a tamed down version of the second, in hopes to get people to join the inner circle
A former associate on the history of the Chess Club servers.[1]

TTU Chess Club
Name TTU Chess Club
Also known as The Chess Club
Saga Incest
Founder Isabella Loretta Janke
Members Bella

Bella was the admin of multiple Discord servers, all collectively refered to as the Texas Tech University (TTU) Chess Club卐, or more simply the Chess Club, in which she and her friends played chess and chat. Appropriately, creating the group, and theming it around Chess, a claimed associate of Bella's claimed she bragged about having an Elo rating score of 1700, despite this score being calculated through online games, and not actually competing in any real tournaments.[note 1][2] A former associate of the Chess Club recounted Bella creating at least two other servers predating the Chess Club, both of which being taken down for violating Discord's Terms of Services in some way.[1] He claimed that Bella had created the original Chess Club server as a more tamed down alternative of one of the prior two servers, and as a means of recruiting more people into her clique.

The Chess Club servers hosted Bella's friends from Texas Tech University. Bell and her friends made many vulgar and edgy comments in this servers. In the wake of the Incest Call, Bella discussed the call in the Chess Club[3] and the leaking of the call.[4] She also attempted to frame many of the members in these servers for being the voice in the call.

Notable Members

Isabella Janke

Main article: Isabella Loretta Janke

Bella was the leader of the group, as well as the admin of several of the group's servers. As the leader of the group, Bella would make plans for things they'd do as a group, give orders, and coach people on how to interact with people they targeted.


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Note on Credibility:

Allen has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reason:
Allen has given contradictory statements.[note 2]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

fine, i’ll see what he is like then leave, pretending to cater to his needs and be nice sounds boring
Allen on interacting with Chris[5]
Name Allen
Also known as Griffith
Race Black
Saga Incest

Allen, who otherwise went under the name "Griffith", was a friend of Bella who expressed interest in conversing with Chris in Chess Group 15. On 19 July 2021, from within the Chess Club server, Bella coached Allen on how to talk to Chris under the name "Alice". Bella instructed him to write "hi Christine, nice to meet you, I'm Alice. What are you drawing?" only for Allen to copy-paste the sentence with the quotation marks included. Allen dismissed it saying Chris wouldn't care, but Bella pointed out Chris would think Allen was being sarcastic and told him to take it off.[5]

Allen also wanted to ween on Chris by telling him to stop drawing because he would never be good at it. Bella rejected it saying Chris would ask her to hack and dox Allen.[5]

Allen also played a substantial role in several of Bella's servers getting leaked after being interviewed by a Kiwi Farms member that was looking into the incest drama. The user had gotten Allen to send his Discord token, which was used to hack into his account and access his Discord logs. The logs were posted on Kiwi Farms.[6]



Zorgoth appears to be a lesser member of the Chess Club, and claims to have not interacted with its members as much. As a result, his word may not accurately reflect happenings in the servers.

ZorgothTDK was another member of Bella's servers, as well as one of the more prominent people that were interviewed when Kiwi Farms users were looking into events that led up to Chris's affair. Zorgoth also alleged that Bella did actually have a "plot" to get Chris to commit suicide.[7]

Known Servers

Chess Club #15

Chess Club #15 was a friendlier alternative to Bella's main Chess Club server, where she would invite guests. Notable guests of the server included The WCT and the Suitress. On 19 July 2021, Bella invited in Chris, The WCT and the Suitress into Chess Group #15. There, WCT discussed his feud with Naught, asking for Bella's help in doxing Naught,[8] the Suitress and Bella discussed Everfree Northwest plans, and Chris made only one comment stating he was busy drawing.

The Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch was a Discord Server several Chess Club members had went to following the Incest Call leaks, where many of Bekka's associates had discussed many of the events that happened prior. The group had also discussed a plan to travel to New York in this server. They had also went onto Michael Afghani's own Discord server, the Lunar Module, where they also discussed the events that happened prior.

Server Set-Up

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  1. The Elo score is the relative ranking used to compare the proficiency of players in games such as chess. The percentiles vary depending on the scale used, but "1700" is generally considered above average. In the USCF scale, the scale is 100 and up. On that scale, 1700 is considered "Class B", which is considered to be "consistently above average" for all players. It should be noted, however, that this score was calculated through online games Bella had played, and not through any official tournament data. Along with that, the alleged associate also claims "1700" to be a below average score on the scale the games use.
  2. Allen on one ocassion has said that Bella has not ate a hamster, but in the same conversation with a Kiwi Farms user, he claims that she did.


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