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The Incest Texts refer to text messages sent by Chris in which he discussed his incestuous affair with his mother.

Screenshots of the texts are undated. Clues indicate a possible date of the night of 28 July 2021.[note 1] If true this would place the texts as occurring a day after the Incest Call.

The recipient of the texts is similarly unclear; clues indicate Chris sent the messages to Bella.[note 2]

This conversation took place over the encrypted text/video call app Signal,[note 3] which Chris recommended out of concern the government may hack the conversation (having learned about the app by using it to communicate with Null).[3]

The texts were leaked on the early morning hours of 30 July 2021, at 1:32 AM EST, by Fiona.[4] Following the leak, Null asked Chris if the screenshots were real, and Chris confirmed it.[5]

The texts

Chris's messages are quoted below.

Just going ahead and sharing this with you, fresh experience.

On the Strictly Confidential just between you and I.

So, yes, Barb and I just had another romp in the hay and an extensive cuddle.

Tonight, I started looking into a more consistent pattern to my massaging. And I took the input and focused on getting blood flow into the groin area.

Before tonight, I did not really have a set pattern in the massage, aside from feet and legs, followed by hands and arms, the face, front torso, and then a roll-over for her back.

I have found a more consistent method that works between the legs and arms, but I was inconsistent in the hands and feet. Anyway

Also made another attempt at rubbing her vagina, externally at first, then slipping in between the lips and rubbing the inner labia. Then she told me to stop. She's getting more used to being played with down there by hand.

Would you Believe she has literally Never Ever masturbated in her entire life?

And, obviously those out of the eight guys, counting Robertchu, before me were not hitting her G-Spot as much with their cocks. I had attempted the first night to rub her in there; I found her spot, but it hurt her. But, alternatively, I did find that at cunnilingus, I was good at it with my tongue.

And I did also stimulate her clit; that does not seem to hurt her as much, but she still has a limit with that spot as well.

Anyway, we're making progress.

And when we cuddle, and this actually impresses me More, I literally feel our souls bonding and coming together as one during that time. Damn, it feels soo good when that happens.

And we talk a good while as well before she heads back upstairs.

I have been sending her meditation tracks to stimulate her brain and bring back some of her youth, and the results do show, most splendidly. I am soo proud of her.

And from her stories she told me tonight, she Even remembered a fun story that Involved her daddy from when she was two years old.

Two Years Old.

That in itself at her age is Massively Good!

She has had memory problems at time beforehand, yes, but she is being better stimulated in her mind and soul, and it Really Shows! Her mental processing speed is even going back up.

She FEELS This and has told me so, herself.

And I am soo happy and content that I am able to help her out like this.

And It helps me as well, because of the experience, and the education and learning



  1. By Fiona's timezone, the texts were leaked on the night of 29 July 2021, a Thursday. The texts are dated as Wednesday and the final text is stamped "Yesterday".
  2. Chris told Null he had told only Bella of the incest,[1] screenshots of the texts show the top notification bar as being similar to the bar in the chats with Bella from 27 July 2021 onwards.
  3. Notification bar for the texts match the bar in other messages sent via Signal.[2]


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