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get the fuck away from CWC right this instant, you stupid newfag. unless you want to be doxxed by kiwifarms spergs or even by chris himself of course.
Prophetic advice from a fellow 4chan user, which Bella ignored

On 12 November 2020, a 4chan thread on the /tv/ board was posted.[1] In it, an Anonymous user made multiple postings about Chris and leaked screenshots of Chris playing chess. Several clues hint towards the Anonymous user being Bella: her usage of 4chan,[2] playing of chess, grammar and mannerisms being similar, screenshots showing Verizon (which is similar to a verified Bella text from that timeframe), and claiming to be 19 years old (which matches Bella's age at the time).

The user ignored repeated warnings by other users to stay away from Chris and that it would be a dox risk to continue interacting with him.

Thread OP

I’m in contact with CWC

What do?

How do I profit from this?

Chris as Chess Partner

Ok ok ok

Let me clarify and add a little detail

He’s my chess partner and he’s trying to get me join his cult

Ignoring Advice to Leave Chris Alone

In response to a user's comment, "Why not be a decent person for once, and leave the retard alone? All the lulz CWC had inside, the internet sucked dry long ago.":


I’m his fucking chess partner we’re fine

But if I push his innocents to the edge who gives a fuck

Also he hasn’t won a single fucking game of chess

Assessment of Chris, "Troll"/Friend Claims

In response to a user's comment, "Does he still pretend to be Sonichu even when you talk to him in private?":


Yes yes yes

100% yes

I had not fucking clue

I swear to god he’s worse in private

He will wrote essays about himself and genuinely think he’s a god

He’s not delusional, he’s just easy to manipulate, like he’ll think what I say is legit, I made him watch madoka magica and convinced him it’s real, I told him to play Touhou and convinced him it was real so he believed it

Other than that, he’s not too stupid, he knows things, good reading comprehension, better than average in chess and checkers, at this point I’m both a “troll” bc I’m trying to get him to join a cult and his friend Bc we genuinely talk about stuff everyday and i like to play chess with him desu

This is rock bottom..

I must be subconsciously extremely lonley


What Can I Do?


But u missed my question, what can I do? Make money off of him? I’m stuck with him and we’ve already been messing with him currently

On Good Terms with Chris

In response to a user's comment, "Just leave the dude alone. Either be a nice guy to him or fuck off. You're trying to look like a cool guy to your 4chan buddies but you look like a huge faggot. Dudes gone through enough, if he's gonna crash and burn let him do it himself. He's on the way to it already.":

Wtf are u talking about? Did u even read my posts u stupid nigger? >>141997297

U wanna feel good about urself to stand up for the cunt? We’re in good terms, I did some art for him and he helped me write an essay lol

Raging at Advice

In response to a user's comment, "How about you convince him to play chess correctly and stop being an asshole?":

Retard, pull out ur tampon faggot. I’m Clearly vouching for him by pointing out that he’s not delusional and the reason he act the way he does is Bc of ppl fucking with him. Swallow ur birth control, foid, do u not see my text convo telling him that he’s improving and helping him? Do u get a little chub when u stand up for the retards? Or is it u projecting

Soul Sonichu Medallion

In response to a user's comment (referencing the Thread OP), "My friend is too. He even got a signed picture and a Sonichu medallion from him. He let me borrow it for a bit a while ago and I accidentally broke the ear off":

Oh cool, Chris is sending me a medallion of what he thinks is my “soul sonichu” because I did free art/ animations for him


In response to a user's comment, "The fuck are you talking about? Are you aware of all the weird shit Chris has said and done through the years, often in front of a camera? There is nothing that you can do to him that would be novel and funny.":

Who said I wanted to do anything? I’m just playing chess with the guy, he’s the one who wanted to do all this weird shit, clearly ironic question Bc there’s NO fucking profit Bc even if I did fuck with him as much as I did in 2010, he’s currently too narcissistic to even understand, it Literaly would phase through him

Chess and Connect 4

In response to a user's comment, "Isn't "playing chess correctly" just memorizing?":

Yeah lmao, he obviously can play, it’s just good exercise for ur brain so it doesn’t matter if he’s worse or not, he did beat me in a game of connect 4 so it’s not like it’s Bc he “can’t play it correctly” it’s Bc I’ve been playing chess from a young age and just enjoy playing, ppl need to stop

Menopauseing here

Tantrum at Commentators

In response to a user's comment, "You're actually retarded. Chris might be smarter than you.":

Seethe and dilate tranny

In response to a user's comment, ">Menopausing

Do you even know what menopause is? You literally talk like middleschooler. You gotta be 18 to post here kid":

Yeah Ik what it is, it’s when my giant cock explodes in ur mom

In response to a user's comment, "OP send pictures of your mom's bare feet. If they're nice I won't shit in your pillowcase tonight for being a bigger.":

I already shat in urs for being a Reddit-tard

Tantrum at Commentators, Part 2


80% of the people here

>NUUUU!!! U CANT HECKIN’ TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CHRIS CHANERINNOOOO!!! HE DIDNT DINDU NUFFIN!!! ALL HE DID WAS ATTEMPTED MURDER, SOLICITING A 13 YEAR OLD AND SELF RIGHTOUS AGGREVATED ASSAULT!!! U CANT DU DAT! Get tf over urself Lmao, I can fucking smell Reddit here. What ur mad that I’m nice to the guy and looking for an opportunity to fewl guwd?

Claiming Sarcasm

In response to a user's comment, "You're taking advantage of Chris by playing chess with him?":

Godamn u guys are retarded

Obviously that’s sarcasm, no, I’m not taking advantage of Chris in the slightest

19 Years Old

In response to a user's comment, "Op confirmed for underage, can we talk about how CWC is in contact with 15 year old spergs?":

No I’m 19 just retarded

Also he’s in contact with Kids younger than that

Claiming Sarcasm Again

In response to a user's comment, ">create a thread asking how to profit off him

>no I'm not trying to take advantage of him!

Op is a mentally confused faggot":

Were u fucked in the ass so hard by ur dad that ur brain deteriorated?

It was obvious sarcasm seeing as there’s clearly no profit


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