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Jeff Ouzuo
Name Jeff Ouzuo
Francine Ouzuo
Also known as He-She
Pretty Lady-Man
Gender Male (Tomgirl)
Nationality American

Jeff Ouzuo, also known by his tomgirl name Francine, was a mysterious troll who was most active in late 2015. According to Chris, he was behind the CWC Adult Chronicles fan game as well as selling unofficial Sonichu merchandise. Like Liquid Chris, whom Chris incidentally also thought was named Jeff, he would sometimes pretend to be Chris on the internet, and also like Liquid, he was part of an invented persona intended to parody the contemporary Chris. His true identity remains unknown to Christorians. On 21 January 2016, he was supposedly arrested for unknown reasons, and has not returned since.


Allegedly from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jeff claimed to have left the city and moved to Seattle, Washington, for his safety's sake after encountering resistance upon deciding he would rather be a woman. He had an OKCupid profile, clearly modelled after Chris's own recent interests, though the parody was unfortunately lost on Chris:

Oh, I don't read books because it's too hard. My favorite movies are My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and The Peanuts Movie. And My Little, my favorite shows are My Little Pony and Frasier! My favorite music is anything only middle-school girls would listen to. And my favorite food is apple slices from McDonald's. I eat there a lot because it's healthy good! Could never do without my Seattle lesbian transwoman community Member Of The Year Award.

To this day, Jeff's true identity is still a mystery. At first, Jeff was thought to be CWCki Forums user Maple, due to Chris stating that they were the creator of the CWC Adult Chronicles fangame and Maple being the true creator of the game. In reality, they are not the same person—Maple herself responded to Chris's antics, but Chris never seemed to realize that after that, Maple's involvement had effectively concluded. At the time Chris posted the information that Jeff was sent to jail, people started to think that Jeff was Nick Bate, another infamous lolcow.


Jeff first appeared selling Sonichu themed clothing on Zazzle at a time when Chris, despite repeatedly claiming he would open an official shop there, could not be bothered actually to do it.[1] Chris's new mysterious manager probably informed Chris of this and stated that he was the one behind the CWC Adult Chronicles fangame. On 17 November 2015, Chris began his YouTube campagin against him,[2] in which he wanted either to claim an appropriate share of the profit from selling his intellectual property or otherwise shut down his shop.

Two days later, Chris changed tactics to personal slander:[3] Chris accused Jeff of having a voice like a high-pitched choirboy and "no female soul whatsoever". He also suggested that the reason Jeff moved away from Pittsburgh was because black men made him run away from the city for having "no balls to begin with", and that he had been collecting Social Security from three different states at once, regardless of the fact that SSDI is a US federal programme. Comforting himself, Chris attributed Jeff's actions, such as criticizing Chris's weight and his artistic skills, to jealousy against him for creating Sonichu and Rosechu. His long string of miscellaneous allegations continued: Jeff was supposedly homeless, had used Chris's name for getting china, had beat up his father for not accepting his new gender, had been arrested for urinating in a children's playground and had a lemon fetish.

The next three days brought another round of correspondence between the two. Chris delivered a list of demands to Jeff: $120.000 in back payments, shutting down his Zazzle shop after he launched his, recanting his tomgirl name to every one of his customers and advertising for him. Jeff surrendered in a fawning panegyric of Chris's incredible abilities in comparison to his own vain idle pursuit of china.[4] Taking this again at face value, Chris showcased his forgiveness of Jeff's grave transgression against him in another YouTube video.

After this brief encounter, it seemed that the Jeff saga was over; this was mostly true, yet there would be another minor contest between the two for a few days in late January 2016. After announcing his lesbian sleepover party, Chris discovered to his dismay that Jeff had reverted to his tomgirl self and had also set up a Lesbian Sleepover Party of his own. Once again, Chris insisted on his royalties and discouraged his followers attending Jeff's party.[5] Five days later, he would instead sarcastically encourage others to go.[6] This lacklustre saga revival came to an end with Jeff's mysterious arrest near month's end; Chris publicly celebrated 21 January, describing him as "Egocentric, Self-Centered, Narcissistic, Sociopathic, probably Psychopathic, Sexist, probably Paranoid, Insecure, unable to maintain having learned Anything from past misdeeds and errors"[7], and compared him to Daffy Duck. In an ironic twist of fate, the way that Chris described Jeff is an almost perfect description of himself; when evaluating himself as an outsider, he comes to the same conclusions as the rest of us, though he may not admit it.

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