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Name Jeff Ouzuo
Francine Ouzuo
Also known as He-She
Pretty Lady-Man
Gender Female (Transgender)
Nationality American

Francine Ouzuo, formerly Jeff Ouzuo, is a mysterious troll that has appeared in late 2015. According to Chris, Jeff/Francine was selling unofficial Sonichu merchandise as well being the one that was behind the CWC Adult Chronicles fangame. She was born in Pittsburgh, moved to the state of Washington because she didn't feel safe, and has not been doing the transition well, according to Chris, and later moved on to Seattle. She has pretended to be Chris in a website or two. In January 21, 2016, Jeff/Francine was sent to jail for unknown reasons.

It is worth mentioning that Jeff/Francine is not the only person Chris has claimed to be called Jeff - on 4 August 2009, Chris alleged that Liquid Chris's real name was actually Jeff.


Jeff/Francine first appeared selling Sonichu themed clothing on Zazzle. Chris's new mysterious manager probably informed Chris of this and also stated that he was the one behind the CWC Adult Chronicles fangame. In November 17, 2015, Chris made his first video about Jeff/Francine, titled Doxing Jeff/Francine, in which he wanted to get an amount of profit generated from Jeff/Francine's merchandise or otherwise shut down Jeff's/Francine's shop. In a later video, posted two days later entitled I Am me; He is not, Chris continues to misgender Jeff's/Francine because he has "no female soul whatsoever", as well claiming that they sound like a high pitched choirboy. Chris does not understand the hypocrisy of misgendering others but being upset when he is not given female pronouns. He also claims that the reason Jeff/Francine moved away from Pittsburgh is because a couple of black men made him run away from the city, because he had "no balls to begin with" and according to Chris, he has been collecting Social Security from three different states. On the same video, Chris claims that Jeff/Francine is jealous of him because he created Sonichu and Rosechu, criticizing Chris's weight and his "art" skills.

They also had a OKCupid article that had the following information, which Chris did not notice that it was a parody:

"Oh, I don't read books because it's too hard. My favorite movies are My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and The Peanuts Movie. And My Little, my favorite shows are My Little Pony and Frasier! My favorite music is anything only middle-school girls would listen to. And my favorite food is apple slices from McDonald's. I eat there a lot because it's healthy good! Could never do without my Seattle lesbian transwoman community Member Of The Year Award."

From the same video, Chris claims that Jeff/Francine is homeless and used Chris's name to get some china as well claiming that Jeff/Francine beat up his/her father for not accepting him/her's new gender. Other claims that Chris made on that video were that Jeff/Francine was arrested for urinating in a children's playground and he has a lemon fetish.

Three days later, Chris uploads a new video entitled Thank You, Jeff, and I accept your apology., in which Chris reads a response from Jeff/Francine after Chris sent a list of demands to him. Here's the list of demands that Chris made:

“I’ll forgive you and move forward under the following conditions. Firstly, considering your income amount per year on the "Sonichu gifts", and how many years your store has been up and running, I want you to send directly to me no less than $120,000. Second, as I am deciding on opening a Zazzle branch of Cwcville Shopping for apparel and such, such gifts, with the image-, imagery direct from me, uh, I want you to remove the following items from your shop, as they are most direct to my drawing style and original past content: the Sonichu belt buckles, Rosechu vest t-shirts, Sonichu Battle Ringer t-shirts, Sonichu ‘Time to Zap’ t-shirt, CWC "‘Manchild’" shirt, and the Chris trucker hat. Among which I will personally redo these items on my shop, and I want no reports or complaints from you or anyone else. Third, morally, I want you to personally contact each and every person you have introduced yourself to under my name, and inform ‘em all of your real legal name. I want you to come clean. And I want you to present each of them with references and links of my own Facebook and Etsy pages, validating and confirming who Christian/Christine Weston Chandler really is: me, not you. And finally, I want to assume lead director and main consultant on the CWC Adult Chronicles video game currently on the internet. I will personally play it through, clarify, verify, and clean up details of the story, plot, and everything within it. And upon accoming console release, I wanna sign all the papers and be heavily credited and everything.”

Jeff/Francine's response was:

“My apologies, Christine Weston Chandler, the official creator of Sonichu and Rosechu, the electric-hedgehog Pokemon. You win. I submit my total and unconditional surrender to you. When I saw your last video, your words cut me to the core. You exposed me for who I really am—just an impostor of a truly talented, one-of-a-kind, special, beloved across the internet, female author with the dedication to create more than eleven issues of the Sonichu comic and handmade merchandise. I was wrong to take your identity for my own personal financial and sexual gains. I did this because I am truly your greatest fan. You are the person that I always dreamed of being. You are a beautiful feminine soul and a famous artist. I am but a poor homeless loser with ass-burgers who roams the streets of Seattle looking for cheap drubs and an easy trib. I am nothing in comparison to who you are. I am sorry I impersonated you to so many women. They could usually figure it out after a while anyway. My breasts are not as full and transitioned as yours, and it brought quite a lot of disappointment when I finally got to second base with them. It was also increasingly obvious that I was not you because when I would eventually trib with them, it became clear that I had no experience in the bedroom, and even tried to use the wrong hole once. So many women who thought they were fulfilling their ultimate fantasy were duped by me. I also had trouble pulling off your look because I am balding and must wear a wig, and am forced to wear my mom’s old hand-me-downs. I will also be handing over to you the official certificate recognizing you as Seattle lesbian transgender community Member Of The Year, since I used your identity to win the award, and you are the one who really deserves it. I pray that you accept this title and honor. That goes hand-in-hand with the payment of $120,000 you requested from me. I will make that payment that payable as, to you as soon as possible. My sincerest, heartfelt apologies. I am transitioning back to Jeff, as I am not worthy to be the feminine spirit you are. Jeff.”

As usual, Chris misses the sarcasm of the letter and took it seriously and made the aforementioned video to showcase the fact that he has forgiven Jeff/Francine for making unofficial Sonichu merchandise. This was the point some thought that the Chris x Jeff/Francine battle would end, but it wasn't the end. It was only the beginning. Fast-forwarding to January 2016, Chris announces a lesbian sleepover party, but there was a problem. Jeff/Francine also set up a Lesbian Sleepover Party. Chris responded with the video Update 01/12/2016, in which he showed no respect to a fellow transgender woman and said that they needed to pay his royalties and encouraged people to not go to Jeff/Francine's party. Something odd happened 5 days later, as Chris uploaded a new video entitled Update 1/17/2016, in which he encouraged people to go to Jeff/Francine's party in a sarcastic tone. In January 21, 2016, Chris made a post on his Facebook celebrating the fact that Jeff/Francine was sent to jail.

Jeff/Francine's True Identity

Jeff/Francine's true identity is a mystery to Christorians. At first, Jeff/Francine was thought to be CWCki Forums user Maple, due to Chris stating that they were the creator of the CWC Adult Chronicles fangame and Maple being the true creator of the game. In reality, they are not the same person—Maple herself responded to Chris's antics, but Chris never seemed to realize that after that, Maple's involvement had effectively concluded. At the time Chris posted the information that Jeff/Francine was sent to jail, people started to think that Jeff/Francine was Nick Bate, another infamous lolcow.

Chris's hypocrisy

The videos Chris made on the topic of Jeff/Francine brought to light new layers of Chris's hypocrisy. The main one is the misgendering of a fellow transgender woman, which is a consistent theme throughout every single produced media Chris has made about Jeff/Francine. The other thing is that Chris's claims that Jeff/Francine had used his name to get laid, but as many Kiwi Farms users pointed out, if it was so easy for them to get laid using Chris's name, then how does he doesn't get some too? Once again, it is another layer of Chris's ego.

In Chris's post about Jeff/Francine's arrest, he said that they were "[...] Egocentric, Self-Centered, Narcissistic, Sociopathic, probably Psychopathic, Sexist, probably Paranoid, Insecure, unable to maintain having learned Anything from past misdeeds and errors [...]" and compared him (for some reason) to Daffy Duck (which is not the first time that has compared someone to Daffy Duck). In an ironic twist of fate, the way that Chris described Jeff/Francine is an almost perfect description of himself.

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