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Update 01/12/2016 was, of course, created on 12 January 2016. In this video, Chris pouts enviously because someone else is holding a lesbian sleepover party, and ironically gets upset that someone is ripping off his merchandise, claiming infringement left and right. His foe, the person both allegedly holding the sleepover and selling merchandise, is the "Francine" character he doxxed in November. Now, as then, he refers to Francine as "he-she" or simply "he" and by her male name, showing exactly how deep his professed new attitudes on LGBT affairs run.

Chris took the video down before long for unknown reasons.


I Do NOT endorse Ouzuo's Sleepover Party at all.


Update 01/12/2016
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Stardate 12 January 2016
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Saga Lady ManagersLady Managers Lady Managers
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Announcement and update 1/12/2016
Update 1/17/2016
he has been requested to pay me in royalties and hasn't done so yet.
Chris, legitimately believing anyone was going to give him 120K of royalties[1]


Chris's voice is unusually quiet, and his expression is warped. He's clearly upset.

Hello everybody, good evening. *sigh* I am in a bit of a mood right now, not to upset my current business inputs and whatnot, buuut...

Chris inhales sharply

I want to make a few thi- I want to make one thing perfectly clear, uh, with the, uh, individual... er, who is migrating between male to female Jeff/Francine Ouzuo's over in Seattle, Washington... hmm, has pra- has pretended to be me and er, made knockoff merchandise on my which and uh, he has... be- he has been requested to pay me in royalties and hasn't done so yet. Also uh...

Chris breathes deeply.

His infringement on the use of my Sonichu character is still being- is under quite debate, especially since because... I have not personally authorized or agreed to most anything yet, of him using my characters and likene- and likeness and whatnot. So therefore everything he is selling on his stores online...

No good. 'Specially by MY viewpoint. Aaaand... in his own strange mind, in his ide- he has the idea of quote/unquote I'm sharing the rights to Sonichu with him, TO-tally false. That is not the case at all.

And also, also upon which-AH, he is infringing on my Sonichu rights as well, including-ah, as including as stated in this invitations to his upcoming par- *video cuts* up- his upcoming party, claiming of a quote/unquote new Sonichu amiibo figure, he's playing off an old- playing off the old standby fake, because it's only using the default "Sonic" pose, and y'all know the pose I put my- put the official Sonichu figures IN, and as they SHOULD be... He's totally infringing.

So, to recap... Jeff Ouzuo's... Francine Ouzuo's... needs to be taken down... still- st- He-she still needs to pay the royalties to me very much, aaand do not go to his/her party whatsoever.

That's about it... Thank you and have a good, safe day 'n' night.

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