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Chris's fandoms are many, and they change frequently. This is a page to catalogue every fandom Chris has shown an interest in.

Major Fandoms

Fandoms that have been consistent through most of Chris's life.

Animal Crossing

Chris played Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Game Cube and has made several long, tedious videos about it. These videos show he has played the game extensively, as he had paid off the mortgage on the houses (a feat which takes quite a long time to achieve) of at least four characters. He also had a letter printed in Nintendo Power magazine about his Animal Crossing Documentary.

Family Guy

Chris rips off a lot of his jokes from Family Guy, although it seems most of its humor goes over his head. To say Chris watches Family Guy religiously would be an understatement; many of his seemingly overly Christian views on homosexuality appear to be not from the Bible, but rather from what he's heard off Family Guy. This is especially ironic, given that these jokes serve to mock religious fundamentalism.

Gilligan's Island

One of the ancient sitcoms Chris loves to watch. He has mentioned it on several occasions, with a few of the characters even appearing in Sonichu 8.

Guitar Hero

One of his only forms of exercise, and has been in a great amount of Chris's videos. He won a $400 GameStop voucher in 2008 because of this game.

The RAWKSTAR Chris-Chan in action

Hyperdimension Neptunia

Introduced to Chris by Idea Guy Joshua Wise as a means of convincing Chris that multiple dimension theory is real in order to manipulate Chris's beliefs.

I Love Lucy

Another fossilized sitcom which Chris references a lot. Two of his cats, (Lucy and Desi), are named after the lead characters.


Lego is one of Chris's obsessions he should've given up at puberty, but still takes up a massive amount of space in his room. He has used it to "build" a few things over the years, including the pixelated PS3, a model version of CWCville, and a Mario Kart racetrack.


The closest thing Chris has to "Sonichu: The Game"; LBP and LBP2 are highly customizable platformer games aimed at small children. He has spent countless hours making unplayable levels and surreal videos.

ModNation Racers

Similar to LittleBigPlanet: a bright, colorful, customizable game. Chris spends an ungodly amount of time on this game, but doesn't seem to be any good at it, winning less than a quarter of the online games he plays.

My Little Pony

Also in the Megan Saga, he started making custom My Little Pony action figures with his own hair. He is also known to be a fan of the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, first noted when he used one of the characters as an avatar on Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia. He also has a playlist of the show on his YouTube channel, and has referenced both the show and "dark" fanfiction of it on Facebook.

Nintendo Power

A video game-oriented magazine that once published a review Chris wrote about the dating game Sprung and also included a blurb regarding his Animal Crossing Documentary. Chris decided to create his own issue.

PlayStation 3

His "life upgrade". The PS3 is the biggest drain on Chris's income, with him spending thousands of taxpayers' dollars on games, DLC and films from the PSN. In a failed attempt to collect a $9001 reward, he destroyed his life upgrade, and promptly purchased a new one within days. During times when Chris spends less time on the Internet, he spends even more time on the PS3.


Like every STRAIGHT man, he has a subscription to Playboy, as mentioned in this video.


Like nearly everyone who was a child in the 90's, Chris had an obsession with Pokémon. Unlike many other children of the 90's, he didn't grow out of it. Pokémon has "influenced" Sonichu, with the main character being a mix between Sonic and Pikachu.

Power Rangers

Chris has been obsessed with the Power Rangers since the early nineties. He owns a few action figures and created his own "Power Ranger" team for the Sonichu comics. Chris likes the Power Rangers so much that he actually wrote a song about them.

R.L. Stine

In A Week With Christian Chandler, it is shown that Chris read R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books (literature aimed at children) well into high school.


A less ancient sitcom that Chris has mentioned a few times. In the church audio he tells Robert Simmons V that the show emotionally prepared him for receiving fake numbers.

Sonic the Hedgehog

An obvious fandom of Chris's. As with Pokémon, Chris plagiarizes Sonic mercilessly whilst insisting that Sonichu is a parody.

The Adventures of the American Rabbit

An obscure cartoon from Chris's childhood. The main character, Robert Rabbit, is apparently Chris's role model, on the same level as Sonic.

The Simpsons

Like Family Guy, a cartoon for which most of its humor is wasted on Chris. To prove his straightness, he has a Playboy centerfold of Marge Simpson on his wall.


A cartoon from his childhood. Chris has many Transformer toys in his room, including a Megatron pistol and an Optimus Prime. He also rips off the show in his Sonichu comics.

Minor Fandoms

Fandoms that have been more fleeting, like ones adopted to impress potential boyfriend-free girls.

Excel Saga and Sailor Moon

Two animes he became a fan of to impress Megan. On his wall he has a drawing of Excel, and the infamous Sailor Moon Poster of Fail to KEEP HIM STRAIGHT.


Chris made a custom set of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.