CWC's Hallmark Negative Life Events

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CWC's Hallmark Negative Life Events is a list Chris posted to Facebook on September 3, 2013. Written in iOS Notes, it purports to document the series of events that led to Chris's downfall.

After listing them, it was most Definitely Megan Schroeder, Michael Snyder, and Mary Lee Walsh, and the countless, unidentifiable Trolls and Jerkops, who have seriously hurt me towards the point of the near easily stressed out, blood-pressure-sensitive, emotionally and mentally scarred type of alternate person who I am not at normal, calm or sound mind.
Chris, Facebook, September 3, 2013

Curiously absent is the death of his father Bob Chandler in 2011. However, this list appears to only include negative life events for which people were directly responsible.

Chris may have been prompted to write this list following his ban from the Ruckersville Wal-Mart on 2 September 2013 for vandalizing an XBox One display. In other posts around the same time period, Chris followed a similar pattern of blaming various authority figures for his stress and life problems.

Hallmark Negative Life Events

Hallmark emotional hurtful moments of my life.

- Roche (Roach) woman, resided in Yellow House on Westwood Drive in Green Lea Subdivision in Ruckersville, VA, locked me in a room all alone with nothing but toys; initiated my speak stopping at 1.5 years old.

- Nathaniel Green Elementary School: I was pinned to the floor by four to five teachers/counselors; my screams were tape recorded; got a red mark on my neck from that.

- Principal tried to sit me on his lap in an attempt to molest; I jumped off and hid under a desk.

- All of the court actions that arose, prior to moving to Chesterfield Co.

- Providence Middle School: verbal bullying from a handful of students.

- Dragged to Principal's office by the ankles for something I did.

- Manchester High School: Mrs, Laurie Jones emptied my locker; I felt violated and squirmed on the floor.

- Graduation time: I only got a Star pin for my grades; No Awards for my talents. Between that and leaving the Best circle of friends I ever had, along with leaving the Best days of my life behind, I shook no one's hand and cried a Lot upon receiving my diploma. Plus it was raining heavily that Graduation day.

- Piedmont Virginia Community College: English Professor banned me from his class for overreacting and not comprehending the assignment, plus he had a thing against autistics, on my 21st Birthday. Really made me feel sad.

- Some time after starting my Sweetheart Search, Mary Lee Walsh overreacted: her actions made it obvious that True Love was illegal in the state of Virginia, or at least Charlottesville. She banned me from PVCC to seek psychiatry and anger management before resuming to get my CADD degree.

- Years later, after I apologized for making her out to be a witch, she Permanently banned me from PVCC.

- Ongoing Sweetheart Search: Fashion Square: Damn Jerkops handcuff and drag me to their quarters for emotional hurt and abuse.

- OSS: McD @ Wal-Mart: Manajerks piss me off on telling me my Search was Solicit-ally illegal; brought in a damn Jerkop; chased me off.

- OSS: Target: More Manajerks piss me off on telling me my Search was Solicit-ally illegal; Jerkops dog piled, injured and handcuffed me; dragged me to their quarters.

- PLace: Megan Schroeder toys my heart, cons me of favors from eBay shopping, my Sailor Moon Uncut DVDs, and a Zune.

- Later would institute online hate campaign against me with Michael Snyder, Daniel Mimms and Lucas White.

- Snyder bans me from the PLace in overreacting.

- Makes it worse by setting up to become new "Manager", bringing in other nearby people with bribery, to have me and my mother arrested; spent an insane, emotionally abusive/molesting night in their jail. And the Court actions still go on.

- Online: Numerous Trolling/Cyber-Bullying cons, blackmail, lies, deceit, trachery, etc., etc., etc. Tugging my heart strings to breaking points with theoretical girlfriends.