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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during January 2017. Posts are sorted by date and linked to the source material from Facebook. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. William Elliott Waterman and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Happy New Year!

2 January at 3:42 am

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉

Inability to feel like drawing and writing the stories

4 January at 12:04 am

I want to let everyone know that in respect of my fans versus the trolls and bullies, over the Internet, through the phone, or even in hand-written letters and mail, And after all of this time, I am still feeling most unable to differ between the genuine good fans and people from the insincere and sarcastic bullies. While I do appreciate the positive encouragement, I feel unable to feel it inside from the uncertainties and fears. It is not your fault, those who have written actual praises in the past in digital or pencil/ink. And among which, I feel the continuing uncertainties contribute to my inability to feel like drawing and writing the stories. The elephant-in-the-room factor aside from that being, simply, the pester of "legality" questions and disputings in my creations and work. Not to mention the continuing financial problems here and the "head of household" worries that leave me feeling more troubled. Aside from the obvious big money to settle the debts, I feel at a loss of direction or whatever. It all constantly drives me feeling mental, crazy and depressed.

Remember, I have a Patreon now, and the monthly donations and monthly goal of $500 a month (to update the page of that detail soon), to save that per month to accumulate to the big amounts needed here, so please consider making the monthly pledge to help me recover more quick. Thank you.

Chris linked to his Patreon.

Pmurt's face should be banned

4 January at 12:09 am

Chris commented on a LGBTQ Nation post.

I would discourage portraying Trump's mug Anywhere, Period.

Encouraging a friend

4 January at 9:35 am

Chris responded to one of his IRL friends, showing support for her post on hoping to see more media made that features female empowerment from the African-American community (link redacted).

Right on, [REDACTED]!

Shared post on tribute to Pulse victims

4 January at 4:43 pm

Chris shared a post from LGBTQ Nation on a tribute to victims of the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Empathy for gay men

4 January at 11:10 pm

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post. It is about gay men, who plan to get married, receiving a piece of hate mail resembling an RSVP. Chris empathized with the gay men, showing the progress he's made since his days of hating gays.

The bastards; how dare they RSVP like that? Damn haters.

Love is Love comic commentary

Main article: Love is Love comic

4 January at 11:47 pm

Chris commented on the "Love is Love" comic, an anthology series dedicated to the victims of the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting. He uploaded photos of 12 pages and included his commentary.



Teachers don't let students read modern, good things. In order for it to be acceptable assignment material in classrooms, it has to be old and boring. Secondly, that kind of assignment is demanding students to be honest, which will always get a failing grade. They have to lie and recite the teacher's uneducated opinion to be able to get a pass.


Wow. You really seems to cower in public opinions of yourself, don't you?

More lessons for trolls

8 January at 12:31 am Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

This is lots of good stuff for the homophobic internet trolls and cyberbullies.

Share this penny to attract money

8 January at 12:32 am

Chris shared a video of a "lucky penny."

I would wear a vagina necklace

8 January at 4:27 pm

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post, which asked its readers if they would buy a vagina-themed necklace.

I would!

Trump should read Love is Love

8 January at 4:35 pm

I just had a thought, I would be very interested to hear his response to the "Love Is Love" comic book, after Donald Trump receives a copy in his mailbox and he personally has read it cover to cover.



He wouldn't read it


Why don't you send him a copy and see.

Women need to be hugged

9 January at 1:43 am

Chris shared a video.

Barred from donating blood

9 January at 4:31 pm

feeling pissed off.

I have a complaint I feel need to voice: I was just about to donate blood at a local blood drive today, but I was deferred from donating, because I was a Transgender. Apparently the FDA saw to not accept blood from Transgender people, due to the varying levels of testosterone/estrogen balances in our blood. This, I feel, IS Outright Bogus. Not All Women and Men, who aren't Trans, hell, NOBODY has Perfect Hormone levels. Those who may or may not, you are not 100% either, sir or miss. Regardless, those people are Still acceptable donors; some of which may still have yet to come out as amongst the LGBTQ, themselves. I will be locating how to contact the FDA and voice my complaint to them as well.

Food for thought. Thank you.

#BloodServices #FDA

Chris linked to Vablood.org. He possibly went to a blood drive event (mentioned in the News section on that website)[1], which offered free food and prizes.

The event's vendors and prizes list
Food Sponsors:
   Taco Bell 29 North
   Dunkin’ Donuts
   Papa John’s Pizza
   Red Hug Food Co.
   Raising Cane’s
   Domino’s Pizza
   Jimmy Johns
   Bonefish Grill
   Travinia Italian Kitchen
   Jersey Mike’s

Prize Sponsors:

   All American Car Wash
   UVA Athletic Department
   Sam’s Club
   Sprint Pavilion
   Gold’s Gym
   DoubleTree Hotel
   Whole Foods
   Jiffy Lube
   Wells Fargo
   Colonial Auto Center




They probably thought you've had Male-to-Male sexual contact. I've been donating blood for more than 3 years and am forced to read the "educational materials" before donating each and every time, and the DO NOT DONATE IF bullet list always has "do not donate if you are a male and had sexual contact with another male (penis-to-penis or mouth-to-penis), even once, since the year 197X." It's probably the risk of AIDS or something. Sorry, Christine. Dunno about the estrogen/testosterone thing, but if you've been taking estrogen supplements, it could be a risk to whoever receives your blood.


That is a bad assumption for you to make.


Is there any actual scientific evidence behind the varying hormone levels to actually the recipient of (matching blood type) said blood from a Trans donor?


There Should be a Direct and recorded transfusion of blood between (matching type) a Transgender and an a non-Trans person with post-effects recorded as well. Then I would find credibility, but the way I see it, my past blood donations, as far as I know, haven't harmed the recipient's hormone levels. Granted, I may stand corrected on recorded uses of the blood I past donated. Go ahead, Mister FDA, prove your theory.


I would personally volunteer to be the donor in that experiment.

I wish Obama could stay

9 January at 8:40 pm

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post on the Obama family readying to depart the White House.

I want them to stay.

Reviewing Skylanders toys

12 January at 5:03 pm

My figure finally came in, and I reviewed it, personally.

Chris linked to Skylanders Imaginators Leader Christine W Chandler: random Review N' Stuff‎‎.

Playing with toys in public

12 January at 6:46 pm

This photo was taken at The End Games, where Chris plays Pokemon.

I forgot to add the comparison of my Skylander figure with my Equestria Girls Minis doll, so here's the photo of that.
Cwc and cwc.jpg

Lawn tractor still for sale

13 January at 5:51 am

We also still have our tractor for sale; had to repost. Call my mother, not me, for serious purchase. Thank you.

He linked to the Craigslist listing.

Don't Watch Inauguration, Bruce Wayne for President

16 January at 9:59 am

I have been asked recently about the upcoming inauguration this week (I do not know which day it is on), but regardless, I will not be watching it, period. All those who are against Trump as well, unless you will be there personally to protest and so forth, I insist you all not watch it either.

On a related topic, I recently watched the movie "Suicide Squad"; I liked the movie, as well as the portrayal of Harley Quinn. In link to the "Love Is Love" comic book, Batman and Robin take a pair of pages to appreciate how we of the LGBTQ community are different from society like them, and yet we are more leaning towards making up a lot more than that in the number of people in general.

With that, I consider to think that Gotham City is a Pro-LGBTQ city, which I feel is a very good thing. And, if we could, I'd rather have Bruce Wayne be the Millionaire President, over Trump. Since Mr. Wayne is more kind and understanding to us. But, unfortunately, we ended up with the #FakeNewsJoker that is #Trump.

Just my two cents for now. Thank you.



Suicide Squad was a fun movie. 🃏

Just had a funny thought, bear with me now - Bruce Wayne portrayed himself as a obnoxious rich playboy by day but solved Gotham's problems by night right? What if, IF, Trump acted the way he did but secretly had America's best interests at heart? It'd be a crazy twist huh?


It is plausible, but I am not convinced that is the case of Trump.

Empathy for disabled baby

16 January at 10:11 am

Chris commented on an article shared by Reba McEntire.

Thank you for sharing this, Reba. She is cute and very special.


16 January at 12:07 pm

Chris shared a post from Goodwill Industries of the Valleys on a MLK quote.

Playing lesbians with dolls again

16 January at 12:12 pm

"What is Love, Love, Love? Love is Love, Love, Love. And when you have a lot of it, it, it. You're a cut above, bove, bove."

Christine doll and vinyl as lesbians.jpg



Proclaiming you're a cut above someone is not love.


It's a pun; word play. You don't have to take it literally.


You're telling people not to interpret something literally?


I don't even see how that's a pun, and the literal meaning would be, like, if you were cut into a totem pole above another totem pole cut. It doesn't add up.


Really, Bill? You should have common sense of when to take some things seriously and Not to take some things seriously.

That's the trouble from Internet Trolls; they take EVERYTHING Literal and Seriously in a reckless manner. Have some restraint.


But... it's still saying that people who are loved/have a lot of love are better than those without.


Well, I did not mean it like that. I was rhyming "Love" with "Above".


Who is the character your self-insert is kissing, btw? Is it a mystery?


My Equestria Girls Mini self is making out with Vinyl Scratch; the obvious reason is my fantasy of having said moment with a woman who can move me with her own music (not necessarily anyone already famous or known).

MLK Quote

17 January at 9:35 pm

Chris shared a post from Barnes and Noble on a MLK quote.

It’s a trap!

17 January at 8:59 pm

Chris commented on a LGBTQ Nation post.

"Pence graciously invites"? I feel like this might be a trap.


18 January at 11:58 pm

Chris shared an image approving of the teaching of cursive writing.

LGBT isn't a choice

19 January at 12:24 am

Chris shared an image stating that Gay, Bi and Trans are not choices.

Gay dance party

19 January at 1:56 pm

Chris commented on a LGBTQ Nation post.

Awesome! I'm glad everyone is safe and had a great time.

Grammar game

19 January at 8:02 pm

Chris took a grammar quiz and posted his results.


USA has no president or vice president

20 January at 10:51 pm

The United States of America Has No President or Vice President.

Having been sworn into office, Trump and Pence, I will Not and Never will acknowledge nor entertain either of them being in the White House. And should any "Presidential" or "Vice Presidential" announcements be televised or uploaded, I see Not either Trump nor Pence, but an empty chair with no audible speech whatsoever.

Therefore, I reiterate, this Nation Has No President or Vice President.


Chris rated his post "sad." Then, he linked to his The United States of America has NO President or Vice President, Whatsoever video.

He also spammed this message on multiple Facebook posts:


He also posted to "Americans Against Trump"[2]:

I did not watch it either. And frankly, I do not care Ever to watch it, even on uploaded video.

Joey K. gave him a reality check:

get to used to it, trump is in for 4 yrs

But Chris was undeterred.

No, there is NO President or Vice President in office for four years. #USAHasNoPresident20162020

At 1:18 am, Chris shared a video from MoveOn.org, which features Elizabeth Warren accusing Trump of "ignorance, racism, sexism and lies," and she talks about "one lie that helps sum up what Donald Trump is all about," while talking about him not disclosing taxes.

Stressed and dizzy @:(

21 January at 2:55 am

Feeling - tired, dizzy, stressed, on No Sleep until further notice in this night. @:(

Moving forward and lawn tractor still for sale

21 January at 3:14 pm

Well, I'm moving forward. My mom and I still have the tractor for sale; please, call my mom for serious purchase. Thank you.

He linked to the Craigslist ad for the tractor.

Custom Skylanders box

22 January at 10:43 pm

Now THIS is how Toys For Bob should package the custom Skylander figures.

Skylanders packaging.jpeg

Open letter to Barron Trump

22 January at 12:56 am

I agree with this article; the child differs from the parent, and we all can make positive that Baron T. doesn't end up as a full-on Super Stereotypical, Spiteful and Egotistical Male.

To Young Mister Baron Trump,

I, for one, feel for you as a victim of Cyberbullying and Internet Trolling, myself. I, too, have been emotionally and mentally broken, beaten, and scarred, especially during the earlier years when I tried to self-manage my web presence with my own websites of my Sonichu and Rosechu character. Google me; I have been past disgraced and deceived by those bullies who pretend to be of good intentions. I have later better learned to ignore their hatred and not respond or address their individual cruel words. And, I have the option in my phone, email, Facebook, etcetera, to program their contact info into a single "Trolling Stupids" contact list and block the lot of them.

But, fortunately, out of the number of people worldwide, the haters are but a small percentage. And of a larger percentage, are a vast community of people who are more open-hearted and kind, as I can and do personally vouch for, as I have met these people face to face. And these kind people, themselves, have been ridiculed and discriminated and bullied more so than I, even having been high-functioning autistic in my life. And it may surprise you to know what community of people is this, who are able to keep open minds and open hearts for everyone, despite and in counter of the people who hate. These are the people of, and the supporters of, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transvestite and Queer; the LGBTQ, Communities. And I, myself, am a Lesbian Transwoman; no shame, and I wear the person that I am with Pride and Honor.

There Was a time before I realized mine being a female soul trapped in a male-born body, when I was homophobic. But I became better aware of these kind and open-hearted people, and learned how understanding and compassionate they are, and with that, losing the homophobia, I felt more at peace with myself and those around me.

As a certain comic book also reminds us, we are not born with hatred; hatred is taught; let us not teach our children to hate, but to continue to love one another. Another Old book teaches this well; the Bible. And the Bible is a guide of past examples that we could follow to be better people, but it is not mandatory. All we need for our own personal individual happiness is to live our lives and be kind to other people and ourselves. And both these books agree: regardless of who and what, "Love Is Love". Love is caring enough for those that you would share or give up something of yourself to make that and those other people smile and feel better.

An example of which, I pray you have been finding at least an ounce of is the such same kindness from your father, as well as those closest to you. And I, personally, extend such kindness as I type this letter to you, Baron, by sharing some of my wisdom and experience to help you be able to better cope the hatred from others by countering them with open-hearted kindness and understanding.

Thank you for listening, Baron, and God Bless you.


Miss Christine Weston Chandler,
Ruckersville, VA, USA.

He linked to an article from Elephant Journal.



"From a 75 year old grandma." That explains why this person doesn't know the difference between bullying and trolling.


Do YOU know the difference between Bullying and Trolling, Bill? Post that comparison on Your timeline; see how many responses you get.


24 January at 5:14 pm

Chris saw his own post from 2014 and shared his thoughts on it.

Huh, I vaguely remember that dream from three years ago, but it IS a good idea for this version of Yahtzee.

Trump's baker donates to LGBT

24 January at 5:31 pm

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

Big Hats-Off to the Bakery!

Pope's statement on Trump

24 January at 5:38 pm

Chris commented on an Americans Against Trump post.

And That is from our Freakin' Pope; Trump and Pence should be forced to abdicate the offices after this.

Sherry Vine's music

24 January at 5:48 pm

Chris shared his thoughts on a post from LGBTQ Nation.

This is a great new take on a classic tune. I would proudly download the MP3 of this track. Thank you, Miss Vine; that was very well said.

A reason for the internet

24 January at 6:08 pm

Chris commented on a LGBTQ Nation post.

I half-agree with this. A) We, the LGBTQ want that same respect to not be verbally abused on the streets. B) The Politicians Should be more compassionate and understanding of us, and if that person is a bigot, they should know that, and then he/she promises to improve themselves for the better of us all.

And that is one reason for the Internet: to look up how that said politician is viewed as and encouraged to learn better of the LGBTQ communities and people, to be less of a bigot and similar offensiveness.

Melania's relationship with Donald Trump

24 January at 6:12 pm

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

Perhaps, but that does depend on how she actually feels. These subtle non-verbal cues are fair to lead to that conclusion, but Melania should be free to personally make the statement asking for help before everyone combines into Superperson and leaps into the White House through a freshly-smashed window.

Patreon link

25 January at 6:55 am

Chris linked to his Patreon.

A eulogy for Mary Tyler Moore

25 January at 4:30 pm

I always enjoyed and liked Mary between her MTM show and Dick Van Dyke, and everywhere else I hear she is in, including being a supporter for Lots of things. She Was an inspiration for the modern sassy women, and as a kind person, all-around. God Bless Mary Tyler Moore in her next life. ♥♥♥

Abstinence is a joke

26 January at 1:33 am

Chris commented on an Elephant Journal post.

I am reminded of something I have said before that is related: "Abstinence is a joke". And I feel glad this person agrees with me on that on the basis that the young will want to practice it, regardless. The best we can do is be supportive of the children and help them keep it safe, but still enjoyable.

Trump's travesties

27 January at 3:15 am

Chris changed his profile picture back to one from 2015.

I felt it appropriate to change my profile photo back to the filtered one for what happened in France the while back with due respect of the continuing of Trump's most drastic and uncouth actions in office. We're all in it bad. I Really Wish Hillary had won the election and became our president. I Told You All she WAS the Smart Choice. Now everyone is building hatred because of Trump's wrongdoings. We should not hate, we should come together in our common goal to undo the travesties; we need Hillary Clinton in that office, STAT and ASAP. We can't take another minute longer with him in office separating us all, as not only the United States, but the loving and caring people of the world.

He rated his own post "sad."



I'll feel better when Trump is out and he takes Pence with him. Meanwhile, he's filling walls fast with Terrible Actions and Orders. :_(

It is not funny. Pmurt executive orders meme.jpeg

Melissa Etheridge

27 January at 3:33 am

Chris commented on a post by Melissa Etheridge, which asked her fans which cities she should visit in 2017.

Come to Charlottesville, VA!

Shared Anti-Trump link

27 January at 3:38 am

Chris shared an article after reading it from the Human Rights Campaign's page.

Love conquers hate

27 January at 3:39 am

Chris shared a meme image saying, "No one is born racist. It's learned behavior"

Amen! Love Conquers Hate.

Trump is temperamentally capable of being President [sic]

28 January at 3:17 pm

"Trump is temperamentally capable of being President"; Hillary Clinton said it; I saw it from his character in the debates (I could see that from a mile away)...


Chris shared an article alleging that Trump is temperamentally incapable.



Don't you mean temperamentally incapable?


Augh! D'oh!

Subsequently, Chris edited the post to correct his typo.

New cover photo

28 January at 3:44 pm

Chris updated his cover photo to a page from Love is Love, matching the update he had made to his Twitter. The previous cover photo was an ad for his Etsy shop, which he had been banned from for the past seven months.

Cwc fb cover 2017 Jan.png

Caught a Pokemon

28 January at 4:14 pm

I'm Wonder Trading from my Sun game; I just got a Shiney Celebi!

Shiney celebi.jpg

Shared link to feminist blog

29 January at 9:12 pm

Chris shared an article titled "How to survive in intersectional feminist spaces 101."

More power to them

30 January at 3:07 am

Chris commented on news of a local Trump protest group.

More Power to the group!

Trump should be impeached

30 January at 5:46 pm

Chris commented on a Huffington Post article.

Good God; Trump can't be Impeached Soon Enough; the sooner we get him and Pence out of office, the better.

Keep open hearts and minds

30 January at 10:44 pm

Chris commented on a United Methodist Church article.

We must all remember to keep our hearts and minds open for everyone; Not to block everyone off. As with the refugees, we the LGBTQIA communities as well must help remind everyone to keep open hearts for others.

Yer a wizard, Chrissy

31 January at 5:44 pm

Chris gets sorted into Hufflepuff.

I have just been sorted.

Trump's movie night

31 January at 7:37 pm

Chris commented on a post about Ellen DeGeneres mocking Trump's movie choice.

Those were clever comparisons.