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An Important Update appeared on Chris's front page sometime in late 2008.


---An Important Update---

With the Sonichu Fanbase growing wildly with lots of energtic Hype, I am ready to take Sonichu and my world of Cwcville back to Nintendo of America and SEGA of America. And upon the unity in business between Nintendo, the company who provided me with my second gaming system, the Game Boy, after my very first Commodore 64 computer, SEGA, the company who introduced Sonic the Hedgehog as not only my Life-Long Hero, after the American Rabbit, but as the True Role Model Icon I am proud to have learned some of my attitudes and beliefs from since 1991, and myself, Christian Weston Chandler, we will make Sonichu and Rosechu and their world being more Real than I was able to make them by myself with pen and markers in hand, and a vasly-knowledgeable imagination.

You won't be able to truly say you've "Caught Them All", until you've caught the Original Sonichu and Rosechu in a CWC Approved Nintendo/Sega Pok'emon Lightning Version on GBA and DS to catch a great share of the other currently avilable Four Hundred and Ninty-Three Pok'emon.

Think you know the ins and outs of Sonichu and Rosechu, wait until Season Two of the Comic Book Series, likely to start within the year 2009. I will withdraw myself from being as intrusive in the series as I have been so far; I've been selfish, and I'm tired of drawing myself so much. See how I take my leave of Cwcville in the Season Finale, to hopefully be uploaded and on the Sonichu Site 4th Quarter, 2008 or 1st Quarter, 2009.

And because I've been hogging the spotlight, you don't know Sonichu and Rosechu as you properly should. In the first CWC Approved Release of the "Sonichu's Adventure" video game, with Nintendo and SEGA's help, on Nintendo Wii (although it was intended originally for Gamecube), with compatibility with the Wii Classic Controler as well as Gamecube Contoller, with rumble functionality hopefully. Sonichu is more than Lightning and Lightning-Speed, and Rosechu is more than delightful Bolts and Heart-Felt for Sonichu. Play on, as they rescue each other from the darkest evil that has manifested itself within some recycled nuts and bolts on the moon. And what a storyline it will have, based mostly from the comics with the duo and the Chaotic Combo as well.

And I HAVE the idea for the Video Game for myself, if I can swing that with SEGA as well, an epic tale of my tragic Adult Life straight from my tortured heart and soul. I will bring the pain to the Jerkops, I will kick Mary Lee Walsh into her cauldron to burn, as well as the other villians. And I will have support from my Electric-Hedgehogs, my mother and father, my Closest Gal-Pals who I've grown to love; Megan Schroeder and Anna McLerran to name a couple, sparingly in the game. And I will square-off in the TRULY SELF-EPIC Battle between me, and my Dark Half. I plan to have THIS GAME ALONE go Multi-Console between Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 (with downloadable content); screw the HEX-Box.

----And All This CAN come to Fruition... with YOUR HELP!----

The populace of Sonichu, Rosechu and Christian Chandler fans. All I ask for in minimum, is to contact Nintendo of America AND SEGA of America by way of POSTING in their respective FORUMS, sending them E-Mails, and, HIGHLY Recommended, Hand-Written Letters to BOTH Companies, that You Want Sonichu, and that they should get in touch with me, Christian Weston Chandler, via Telephone, Snail-Mail, or In Person; I will NOT accept E-Mail, because apparently THAT CAN be Faked.. Both Companies have my information in their computers, as I have written to them a number of times in my lifetime.

----Who do you want to catch?----

Sonichu and Rosechu!

----Who's the Underdog Director you've grown to know?----

Christian Weston Chandler!

----When Do You Want Nintendo and SEGA to Talk to Me to EVOLVE Sonichu and Rosechu more Realistically?----


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