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I Am Sick of the HATE!!! (I could use a break)

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I Am Sick of the HATE!!! (I could use a break) is a video where Chris rants about the presence of trolls on his Twitter. This comes after posting a series of unusually angry tweets towards the weens making disparaging comments within his posts. Chris puts on an exaggerated accent in this video, making his voice difficult to understand. It should also be noted that Chris is clearly reading off of a script, or a vague outline, and not in his usual unscripted rage video style. It is theorized that this involved the Idea Guy's meddling by either giving him a speech to read for the video, or writing for Chris after he asked in order to make him come across better than usual. Chris may also have just written it himself in order to keep his ranting more cohesive, which it did not. Chris also says that it was his father who revealed their address and phone number, which is patently false.


I Am Sick of the HATE!!! (I could use a break)
Stardate 10 May 2018
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style RageRage Rage, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guy
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown
A Chat with Christine Weston Chandler/Chris Chan


[angry redneck voice] HELLO EVERYBODY THIS IS CHRISTINE CHANDLER COMING TO YA LIVE FROM HOME, AND IM GONNA TELL YA'LL SOME REAL, TRUE, SHIT! I'll tell you what... YES!!! It WAS me on TWITTER!! I'm sick of the trolls, I'm sick of the hate, HATE HATE HATE on some GOD, DANG, COMMENTARY! I will not tolerate frickin' commentary anymore! I'm sick of the [hits pillow] hateful, hurtful, [not a word]ful commentary ERRRRRRRR ERRRRRR I'm TIRED of being HATED ON! I'm VERY STRESSED OUT! I'm human! [incomprehensible] Sonichu!

OWH NEED A BREAAAAAAK! I am a sentimental individual! My father always told me to STICK UP for and STAND UP for myself and HE always did the same thing, you know he did! He told you all the address of this very house, AND our phone number! [Incomprehensible] YOU LOOK! You wanna come at us? You wanna come at us? You come at us! Whoever [incomprehensible] He was... EUGHHHHHHH And I'm just tired because of TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY HATRED!!! HAHTDREHHHHHHD! And LIKE a certain person, many many many myears ago, my kindness, generosity, sentiment being taken advantage of, WILL NOT BE TOLERATEEEEEEEED! And I will not tolerate anymore hurtful comments or BS from any of you spiteful, hating people... ANYMORE!!! You better SHAPE UP! BE KIND! BE COURTEOUS! OR ITS THAT! ERURRRRRR!

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