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This page contains select chatlogs posted on Kiwi Farms by members of the Guard Dogs.

Notably, when they brought up subjects too close to reality for Chris's comfort, he would attempt to distract himself by retreating to his fantasy world and trying to engage them in it. The Guard Dogs ignored Chris's attempts to steer the conversation and simply got back on topic.

The Captain

The Hawaii trip tweet; Dark Idea Guy plotting to invade from Alcatraz

4 October 2018[1]

The Captain:

Are you trying to go to Hawaii to meet Sky?



when I saw the Tweet pop up on my Notifications, but my hubby confirmed it was his doing. Monetary gain, aside, I know he has his, and future-knowing, reasons behind making the Tweet.

Good Morning, Captain. I don't have initial intention on going to Hawaii; that Tweet was made by Magi-Chan towards monetary gain on my behalf. I was shocked

That's nothing, compared to body-guarding me, being my Guardian Angel, and being my loving and devoted hubby.

Not to mention being one of the guardians and diplomats of Cwcville and whatnot.

Still a current target of quite a few villains, I am. And he and I just learned in confirmation of a pair of more recent baddies that have been hanging out in Alcatraz for a few months now, from the months of Wise and Boyd, Dark Idea Guy (AKA DIGMAN) and Shadow Elijah are attempting to crack a dimensional hole from the showers of Alcatraz into my shower. Fortunately, Shadow Elijah needs a host to be a shadow of in order to fully get through a dimensional hole, so he's stuck with DIGMAN. We are preparing for any foreseen developments on this end.

The Captain:

Who is giving you these ideas? It sounds like Joshua Wise is talking to you again. Please be honest with me.. Who are you talking to?


Hell No! I have been talking with my hubby, Magi-Chan, right next to me, face-to-face on Everything, especially since I reset C-197 of Wise's shit.

DIGMAN, I did end up drawing and creating of Wise's suggestion, BUT, because I drew DIGMAN, none the less, he still Exists after the reset matter. And Shadow Elijah, I have a young friend at Pokémon TCG League, Elijah, who asked me to draw him in a Shadow form, inspired by the Shadow Pokemon of the Colusseum games, and I did draw Shadow Elijah, yet also linked S.E. with DIGMAN in the chain of events of Australatina, which is located south-east of Cwcville, next to the Nation Borderline. So, yes, because I did draw the two of them in existence, they remain in existence in C-197. Fortunately, they went to heavy prison, like Johnson Wiles did. But DIGMAN ended up in Alcatraz, while S.E. was sent to a separate penetary. S.E. was able to escape, though, hitchhiking from shadows to up that dimensional crack in my shower, personally, last night by the Pokémon, Hoopa. And after Hoopa left, Magi-Chan and I talked, connected with the Cosmos, and suspects to make a final call yet, until last night.

and put the remaining pieces together. Magi-Chan had been investigating the opening-closing crack in my shower, but came up with too many foreseen outcomes shadows to make his way to Alcatraz and meet up with DIGMAN. S.E. is the magic and the brains of the duo. Magi-Chan and I got the confirmation of them opening

I am not talking with anyone through the phone, text or damn internet about any and all of this.

This has all been happening in our visions, here and in C-197, and I had personally SEEN a lot of all this between there And Here, in this world and dimension. Especially that dimensional crack in my shower.


Personal space talk

June 2018

I need not be reminded of the worst part, but my hedgehog-defensive state and all of the tears and leaking mucus and whole body paralysis that happened to me then and there will haunt me in reminder of that.

After Chris got kicked out of TooManyGames for violating personal space boundaries, Null had a talk with Chris about the incident,[2] in which he warned Chris about the possible ramifications of his behavior. Notably, the moment he exceeded the hurtful truth level, Chris reacted by drifting off into his imaginary land, posting a lengthy diatribe about CPU Goddesses (which is translated here).


Did you remember to ship those items from Mercari people bought


Good Afternoon, Josh. I will be shipping out the three photographs today. I need to get three bubble envelopes.

Have you heard back from the people at BronyCon about upgrading my weekend pass on the complimentary?

I feel better, but getting up was rough.


I've not heard back from BronyCon.

Though you need to be aware that what happened at TooManyGames might get you banned from BronyCon preemptively. If it happens again you might end up on a global con blacklist, stopping you from going to any con ever again.

The touchy feely stuff is very serious and if it happens to the wrong person getting banned from a con is the least of your concern. They might press sexual assault charges which is sometimes years in prison.


I am more aware of that now. My lips are kept to myself.

Hey. I am feeling better, yet still recovering. I want to let you know about something, I was sent to TMG to learn more about the possible return of Tari and Rei Ryghts being up to something with the Atari VCU. The CPUs' suspicions were correct from what we were able to get from what I learned during my time there. Amy Rose stayed the remainder of the convention to attend the remaining events and listen on the talk and gossip. We need to make the presence of the Nation of Comma, and the CPU of the Commodore Consoles, Scarlet, spread far and wide everywhere. Her Memories HAVE been bestowed to someone in this world of ours;

Scarlet is Kind and Compassionate; she is the counter to Rei Ryghts, should and when Rei attempt something to resurrect her lost Nation.

Scarlet Will help us against Rei Ryghts. Remember to share some prayers with the CPUs. Also, tell everyone to give their Full Support to Commodore on their Next Console, which will be named the Commodore CW. Let Commodore know that the console SHOULD have a Serial Port for the Floppy Driveand Printer, a port for the Cassette Drive, a Cartridge Port for their old Cartridges, as well as a Blu-Ray Drive for all media discs. As well as an HDMI Output AND Input, and a Component Output. Their old Cartridges, as well as a Blu-Ray Drive for all media discs. As well as an HDMI Output AND Input, and a Component Output. Their controller should be reminiscent of the Commodore Logo in shape, with pattern of the typical controller, I like the Xbox controller scheme the “C” half facing outward from the player, following the controller for it, and it should be wireless with the USB cable port. And a USB input and output ports for media input and backup, and even hooking up to a PC or Laptop for using either as a monitor. The console should take the shape and form of the Classic Keyboard Console, Complete with the Keyboard. Online functions, downloadable games, and plenty Independent game Titles for the CCW. And the media of their new games should be Physical And Downloadable; I really like using the Cartridges for their games. And the price should be less than $400 on the finished console product. And they should take their time in fully developing, designing, assembling, testing and getting all the bugs out before making it available for sale.

Versus the Atari VCU, the Commodore CW Should be a Greater Success! Please, help me spread the word to the current people of Commodore in this world.

We need LOTS of this world's people to voice all of this to Commodore.


It's not just kissing. Someone claims, I don't know if it's true, but someone claims you squeezed their butt as well. That kind of thing, even the rumor, puts you at risk of being banned from BronyCon and all other cons in advance. I can't help you if that happens. It also scares away people who buy stuff from you. No one will buy medallions or drawings if they think you don't respect personal space.

Just keep it in mind. This is something I can't magic away and is way, way more serious than trespassing or bumping Snyder.


Good Morning, Josh. I assure you that I never squeezed or even touched anyone's butt at all.

And I do understand all that. Believe me, and I need not be reminded of the worst part, but my hedgehog-defensive state and all of the tears and leaking mucus and whole body paralysis that happened to me then and there will haunt me in reminder of that.


Alright. Just be careful in the future and if it's anything other than putting a hand on the waist ask first. People will forgive and forget if the next con goes well.

Hopefully BronyCon still lets you go.


No problem.

I am positive it will still be good.

Trying to convince Chris to inform his therapists

19 July 2018[3]

Null attempts to get Chris to talk about the Idea Guys extortion scheme to his Region Ten therapist in order to get the ball rolling on an official investigation. Chris hesitates.


I have an idea to get police involved but I need you to trust me on my plan

When you went to court they set you up with a therapist to see if they can help. That therapist works with the police all the time.

They might be able to get them to do something soon, but you have to be completely honest with them about what happened. If you hide things or lie about things, they can't help at all.

They'll challenge you on what you believe but stay honest. I can give them more information when they need it.


Good morning, Josh. This is some thinkary to wake up to. I can bring the event up next time I go to [REDACTED] and meet with my respective people there. They are aware of my loves and I and Cwcville, as of right now, but I will have to be cautious in telling them what Wise and Boyd pretended to be to extort out of me. I don't want to tell them about my Reality Stone.


What is the Reality Stone?


Anyhow, I'm about to have my breakfast, and my itinerary is Colouring the remaining NINE pages in an estimated four hours time today.

You don't know? I thought Captain Jack told you about that time between him and Magi-Chan, and Magi-Chan telling me to use the energy of the stone inside me, linked to the stone in my ring there, to undo Wise and Boyd's damages to our dimension there.

Well, I recommend looking up Marvel Infinity Wars for starters.

The Reality Stone is one of the few powerful stones in the Infinity Gauntlet. It literally controls and distorts reality to a point and extent.

But, the stone I have is only a Portion of the full Reality Stone.

See, some time after the events, the stones of the gauntlet shattered, and I got a piece of the Reality Stone.

This piece is able to control at least the Nation of Cwcville, but I also already had some power and links of my own to Cwcville and our sister dimension

So, this stone piece in my ring is sort of an amplifier, at this point.


It would probably be best to be totally upfront with the people you talk to in real life, otherwise they might be confused.

I do remember this now, you're referring to the class ring that you and Jack met over initially.


I still have a lot to learn about the Reality Stone for myself.


Anyway, I will be back at [REDACTED] next Monday. I'll let all this process in my brain

Meanwhile: Cereal, then Colouring.


You should be asking these people you talk to how to do two things. This is what I would ask.

1. How do you get police to concern themselves with the extortion, and 2. How you can seal off people from accessing what you believe without your permission so this never happens again.

Did they tell you about alternate dimensions or did you find it some other way


I already had known of the sister dimension LONG before Wise ever came along. Magi-Chan came over and meditated, self-stat boosting to sessions, and shared prayers months beforehand. Also, he was my bodyguard at last year's BronyCon, and 'he and I danced at the Grand Galloping Gala that weekend. It was magical.

I'll check you later.

Thank you, Josh.


Take it easy, good luck


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