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Union Jack Britfag: Tito got no luck against this user, who is British.

I have been a christorian for three years. I have acknowledged Chris' existence for almost 10 years.



I helped support Chris' Twitter campaign after Doopie cut ties with him, due to damn, dirty trolls.



Not realising who was in control of the account, I tagged @NightStar2891, believing that Chris should credit their art if he planned to use it. Consequently, I brought @NightStar2891 into the spotlight, which the Farms revealed as Chris' sockpuppet.

Fan art


I made Chris a chibi of his ponysona, which he added to his Facebook gallery. No, I did not get credit.

Justin Silverman

I just edit the CWCki from time to time. Justin Silverman saw my contributions and contacted me to give his side of the story, concerning Chris at TooManyGames.