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The Artist Commune isn't so much about soliciting fan art as it is about utilizing fan artists to get some original art for CWCki. Think of it like doing commissioned art for CWCki, except instead of getting money you'll be getting a bigger e-penis. Check out here for articles needing some illustrations.
Original art, such as Fapcup.jpg, improves the quality of CWCki article and vividly illustrates topics discussed.

The Artist Commune is a CWCki project dedicated to providing CWCki with original content in terms of illustrations, photoshops, etc. in order to better illustrate topics discussed on the CWCki by utilizing the many skills and talents of CWCki users and the broader CWC trolling community.

Early predecessors to the project were PVCC threads in the "Troll Productions" forum which produced very talented drawings (such as this, this, and this) in addition to holiday shops of the CWCki introduction logo.

All drawfags, artfags, photoshoppers, etc. are encouraged to contribute in the project, and all CWCki users are encouraged to request images.

User Box

Contributors in the project are qualified to use this SUPER SPECIAL userbox on their user page:

Art Palette CWCki Artfag
This user is an official CWCki Artfag who contributes to the Artist Commune project.

Frequent contributors to the project will receive special awards recognizing them for their time and effort.


Post your requests for images in the discussion page HERE. Please be descriptive in what you want and for what purpose, and be sure to sign your comment. --Champthom 22:13, 30 November 2009 (CET)

Pages that need illustrations should be marked with the {{Illustrations}} tag, to put them on the Category:Articles needing original illustrations!

It looks like this:


Thanks to all CWCki Art Contributards! When ORIGINAL CONTENT is used to illustrate the main page or an article (outside of generic galleries at the bottom), please add it to this list! If a picture is uncredited and you know who made it, help us out and give them credit.


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