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Helena Fiorenza, a fantasy enabler who feeds into Chris's delusion that Magi-chan is real.

Enablers, or Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu (DoCCS) as Chris has termed them,[1] are those who encourage Chris's negative behavior and/or self-destructive habits.

Enablers can be divided into two main classes: the first being financial enablers throwing money at Chris, and the second being the fantasy enablers endorsing Chris's grandiose delusions. They are not necessarily limited to doing these. The overall characteristic that defines all enablers is that they perform an action with the sole purpose of encouraging Chris to live like a child, whether it be encouraging him not to be employed, providing him his most basic needs, roleplaying with him, and much, much more.

Some enablers (and white knights) fall into a sub-group referred to as Anti-Trolls, those who try to ward other trolls and Tetrad members away from Chris to have him for themselves. These are not to be confused with counter-trolls, who primarily fight against trolls to protect Chris, rather to troll him themselves.


Gatekeeping refers to controlling access to Chris. It is used by trolls to prevent white knights and wannabe trolls from interfering, and by white knights to prevent trolls from contacting Chris.

The Miscreants troll group, for example, actively interfered with white knight attempts to help Chris by deleting their emails before Chris could read them or by manipulating Chris to believing the white knights were leaking information.[2]

The Watchmen, a white knight/enabler group, tried to gatekeep Chris from trolls. In the case of Larry Vaughn, they pointed out Chris shouldn't interact with him, though Chris insisted. In the case of Jacob Sockness, they had Chris record ChrisReleasesAStatementRegardingJacobSockness to discourage Sockness from completing his trip to see Chris.

Fantasy enablers

Chris's grip on what is real and what is being fed to him was never that robust to begin, and has eroded even further after years of being deliberately misled. It has wasted away to such an extent that he is nearly incapable of distinguishing seemingly even what ideas come from his head and what came from others. Enablers exploit this fact by presenting Chris with their own invented information about the Dimensional Merge or Chris's imaginary friends, validating his thoughts and convincing him that he is not alone. A prime example of this is Jacob Sockness, who used fictional dialogue between various characters between Chris's characters and his own imaginary pantheon. Chris fully believed that this dialogue was legitimate and expressed that he had heard it himself. Collectively, these enabler fabrications are known as the cult of the Idea Guys, for they had their root in the Idea Guys' example and have become the basis of Chris's religious beliefs. This pseudo cult's name is meant to poke fun at how Chris has incorporated all of his beliefs, and turned it into a religion, where followers worship him as their God. Since the Idea Guys saga showed to everyone by mid-2018 that Chris really was this gullible, the go-to method for those trying to influence Chris has been to act as enablers of his delusions, replacing the previous method of posing as sweethearts.

Financial enablers

Beside sanctioning his belief in his own divinity, there is one other way that enablers have found in winning Chris over: through his wallet. Though his situation is not nearly as dire as during the Financhu Crisis some years ago, Chris remains as irresponsible with money and adamant not to work as always. As a result, it is always precarious at best. Providing him with the money he regularly requests, whether through lavishing him with expensive gifts, buying his overpriced, shoddy merchandise or donating monthly for comics he does not want to make, is a technique used by enablers who can afford it as Sarah and Steve, and even some who cannot, as Aly Hirschberg, to present themselves to Chris as being kindly and selfless, often in combination with worshiping and joining in his role-playing. Over the years, Chris has gotten thousands from his audience in the form of donations and considerations. He has received thousands more in sales through storefronts such as eBay and Etsy.

As the notice on our homepage suggests, the CWCki strongly advises against giving Chris money.

Amount From Date received Details
A laptop computer A ween in North Carolina August 2011 Chris spoke about it in Gratitude for a good person in N.C.. A common theory is that the laptop had been infected with a keylogger, but Chris outsmarted the ween by upgrading the computer.
$500 Kiwi Farms January 2014 Donated by fans after the house fire.[3]
$150 Fans September 2014 From a Kickstarter campaign in which Chris explicitly stated he would use it to buy Legos.[4]
$1,000 DStecks September 2015 Donated during the climax of his review series of Sonichu to fund the production of new pages for the comic; Chris used it to buy a new bed (arguably one of his only sensible purchases in recent years) but then failed to keep his side of the deal for almost two years.
$500 Sonic Rainboom (Kiwi Farms user) September 2015 Sent Chris a Visa card with $500.[5] Later admitted doing it to get "interesting content".[6]
Hundreds Mostly weens Summer 2016 During the Financhu Crisis, a pattern formed of Chris begging for money, then briefly stating that he had received donations before begging for more money.
$2,650 Selling Relics of Fail August 2016 onwards Megatron pistol ($50), Sonic Totem ($1,500), Pokéwalker of Fail ($100), ShecameforCWC ($1,000, as part of a set).
$4,816.43 Patreon December 2016 - August 2021 Chris earned pledges from fans and weens every month.
$1,000 Selling binders of old Pokémon and UFS cards. January 2018 to 2019 Four binders of cards.[7] At least one was purchased by a seller hoping to resell the individual cards.
$100 Selling stained pages of Sonichu #14 February 2018 Literally selling trash.
$1,300 Jack Jankowski[8] April 2018 Jack gave Chris $1,200 for a luxury trip to the 2018 BronyCon in the hopes that he would get to meet him there. Chris thanked him for the money in I have been paid to go; we’ll see if I can go (Seriously To Be Determined). Jack also paid $100 for a video (which Chris decided to bookend with unrelated begging announcements).
$1,000 Miss Cherry July 2018 Tried the pay-to-play method to being Chris's next sweetheart and failed.
$391 Aly Hirschberg[9] Summer 2018
it’s about 3 hours wages for me, I don’t mind spending that on some christory

During summer 2018, an anonymous "vRS Davison" said in YouTube's comments section that she decided to spend $200 to buy an old blanket from Barb on eBay, because she somehow considered it to be a piece of "Christory".[10]

It evidently was not enough to pay a ridiculous sum of money for one blanket, as when Barb put more blankets up for sale,[11] vRS Davison purchased another one for $100, plus $25 shipping.[12] In October 2019, Aly Hirschberg would reveal that she purchased them through a US proxy.

In November 2019, she paid for a $41 set of TSSSF cards.[13] and gave $50 for a Magi-Chan medallion[14]

$500 Jill Duncan[15] February 2019 A "Jill Duncan" pledged $500 per month to Chris's Patreon, asking to speak to Chris, then cancelled the pledge ten days later (but because Chris's Patreon account is set to "upfront payment", Chris still got the initial $500 and used it to purchase a replacement Xbox). There is no indication Chris ever spoke to Jill, as she requested.
$400 Sarah and Steve Spring 2019 Bought Chris a Nintendo Switch ($300), gave him $100 on Patreon. Also claimed to have funded a room for him at the 2019 BronyCon ($600) but pulled it due to Chris not paying attention to them.
~$2,000 Joseph Draft April 2019 According to the creator of Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History, who was approached by Draft before the now infamous trailer was relisted, in order to get footage for a documentary, he had payed Chris and Barb an undisclosed amount.[16] Assuming that the Kickstarter was meant to cover the costs already made, the budgeted $2,000 as payment for the "collaborators"[17] is the maximum amount Chris and Barb could have been given, from the information available.
$200 David90637947 May 2019 Commissioned Chris via Twitter for a Sonichu medallion, shelling out $200 in order to get Chris's attention (medallions were $30 each when Chris sold them on Ebay). Became a Twitter white knight for Chris, until Chris mass blocked some perceived trolls, including David.
$600 BronyCon donor July 2019 After Chris repeatedly begged on Twitter for $600 to fund a hotel room after his previous plan fell through (crashing with Sarah and Steve, who had ghosted him earlier because Chris kept ignoring their messages), a fan donated to Chris.[18]
$190 Luke October 2020 A fan from Pennsylvania named Luke paid Chris $190 to autograph a variety of items which he intended to resell for profit. Chris delivered the signed goods to Luke's house personally.[19]
Unknown Weens August 2021 - March 2023 Various fans have been making donations to Chris while in jail. Chris claims that he used this money to pay back the remainder of the $750 he stole from Barbara when he was forced out of his house in July as well as to buy numerous items from the jail's commissary shop. These include clothing, toiletries, writing materials, radio batteries, two Turkish prayer rugs and numerous soft drinks and food items. Chris estimated his jail expenses to be about $50 per week.[20] In the jail call from November 1 Chris makes reference to one particularly "generous donation" he had recently received.
Total ~$17,806.43

Motives for enabling Chris

There are several motives people make for enabling Chris, these include the following.

To profit off of the community surrounding Chris

Many of these enablers are opportunistic hacks who aim to use Chris's platform to launch their career. These people do not have the talent required to making anything worthwhile and bait Chris into talking about them to help launch their career.

A recent enabler, Ben Saint, badly attempted to develop a saga of his own within Christory by copying what Alec Benson Leary did, which was to promote his own media and make money off of the fools who would buy that stuff. To do this, he fed into Chris's delusions, and added some of his own characters into the Sonichu comics.

Joining the creative community surrounding Chris


Nobody is stopping you from making fan media. If you want to, then by all means do so, but just try to make sure Chris himself doesn't see it.

Observers of Chris often include people who enjoy drawing, animation, fanfic writing, cosplay and the like as a hobby. While many will post their artwork at places strictly for discussing Chris, such as Kiwi Farms or Reddit, to keep their distance from Chris, enablers approach Chris directly with their fanart on Twitter or Discord; with the intent of seeking his opinion, despite knowing full well he has issues distinguishing reality from fantasy and will interpret their artwork as it happening literally. Over time, these enablers built up a community for sharing their artwork, with the side-effect of affirming Chris's fantasies.

Attention whores

Some of these enablers desperately seek attention, and approval from Chris is something they crave for the most. They want attention and they obviously don't get any at home, so the CWCki is the next best alternative to get it. People such as MKRNightVee, Helena Fiorenza, Jacob Sockness, Sarah and Steve and Richard Righteous come under this category. They often ardently defend Chris's beliefs about being an all powerful goddess and getting into lengthy arguments with others over their actions.

To make Chris produce content artificially

For most people, it would be utterly despicable to manipulate someone as mentally ill as Chris, let alone so that he can become a means for their enjoyment. For the enablers with more spiteful intents in mind, they would argue that the reason that they are further deluding Chris is because it would encourage him to produce more content. They would tell Chris all kinds of nonsensical stories, just so that he can act like their own personal lolcow to laugh at.

"I'm just supporting him/her/them"

Eschcal, seen here donating $10 to Chris, shows all the hallmarks of an enabler, in that they pretend to be a fan and hope their financial donations will make Chris do what they want - in reality, Chris is most likely using their cash to buy Video games.

This argument is most common among the more white knight- or social justice-oriented crowd. Those who take this approach see Chris as a victim of the "alt-right trolls" or whatever villain of the week has been created to oppress them. As such, to them Chris is a beautiful, unique creature who is to be coddled and praised, regardless of the merit of that praise. Often this praise will be sycophantic in nature, with constant praise of Chris' artistic ability and creative genius. Another common narrative is that Chris is a grown adult who is perfectly capable of taking care of himself, easily separating the wheat from the chaff in regards to orbiters. We'll let you decide how competent he is.

To protect him from other enablers

Some enablers have already realized that it is impossible to communicate to Chris unless they can entertain his beliefs, so they attempt to assist Chris by, at first, playing into his own fantasies and then subsequently attempting to dismantle those fantasies from the inside, or encourage less harmful ones. However, attempts at doing so have mostly failed.

Arguments against enabling Chris

Whether you intend to help Chris, make him fall further into his delusions, or attempt to pull a Liquid Chris on him by playing along with his delusions, there are a handful of reasons for why enabling Chris generally is not considered a good idea by most people.

Enabling Chris gives him a motive to never change

It goes without saying, but if one's beliefs are confirmed all of the time by the people that surround them, they have very little reason to change the way they are. This kind of "helping" Chris is what made him so egocentric and puerile in the first place, and that was when it was just his parents enabling him. Even if you do have good intentions and a genuine desire to help Chris, this way of "helping" is ironically one of the most harmful things you can do to him. By reinforcing the delusional state of a mentally ill person, you are doing nothing but unintentionally making their life worse. On one hand, fantasy enablers will play into Chris's desire to relive his childhood. On the other hand, financial enablers will constantly donate him money out of guilt. The actions from both groups combined have made Chris deny any sort of adult responsibilities because it made him believe that he can sit on his ass all day, daydreaming, as other people provide his basic needs for him.

The impact of the Idea Guys has been catastrophic to both Chris's mental state and the Sonichu universe: in recent years, Chris's mental state has deteriorated from fantasy-prone escapism to complete detachment from reality. Chris has become so delusional that he believes he is married to several Sonic recolors and a Pokémon as part of a polyamorous marriage, is a goddess with psychic powers, and is worshiped by millions as their lord and savior.

By indulging Chris – that is, encouraging a 42-year-old man to believe he is really a deity and anime character after he was tricked into thinking that in the first place – you are only making things worse, and even helping to perpetuate the Idea Guys' machinations. When a person has deluded themselves into a belief that is potentially harmful to themselves and others, the best thing to do is not to reinforce said delusion, but rather to get the person professional help. Telling him that others agree with his nonsense only causes him to become even further detached from the real world than he already is.

Agreeing with Chris that he is the holy patroness of a computer from the '80s and that cartoon characters will soon start showing up in the real world has also proven a prerequisite to interacting with him for any extended period of time. Even if you do not intend to indulge in his fantasies, you cannot interact with him normally to undo any of of the damage done by enablers. The Guard Dogs, who originally intended to keep Chris from getting manipulated again, also needed to play along by alleging that Chris's Amnyfest Ring was causing psychic chaos to gain their position over him. Most who are willing to play along with Chris in this way would justify their actions to third parties by professing they are doing this to help Chris in the end. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, Chris had refused to cooperate with them any further, and decided to go back to his fantasy world and continue falling for other enablers, no matter what they said or did to him.

Rarely does interacting with him yourself to tell him about your world clashing with his create the same effect as him getting angry over a minor character design alteration or getting irrationally mad at a nonexistent enemy. In the past, some of the best Chris content has come from his own head and actions.

Most of the time he is not even bothered by it anymore, seeing it as another happenstance in the world he created himself. This proves that by enabling Chris, you are doing the exact opposite of what triggers the best of Chris by giving him what he wants or further confirming him and lulling him into a sense of complacency where he is less likely to produce meaningful and/or entertaining content. Chris will always try to get what he wants, whether or not it is good for him. To add salt to an open wound, Chris has previously stated that trolling efforts from people like the Teen Troon Squad do not faze him at all, purely because they agreed with his views and were polite to him. Therefore, it would be insane to even think that trolling Chris in this fashion would get a laugh out of anyone.

Chris also no longer believes in basic scientific principles, especially in the the biology department, and already believes himself, and presumably himself alone, to completely understand the difference between what is real and what is fictional.[21] He believes that all diseases are a result of extreme stress, and that by being psychically connected to a virus, he can completely obliterate whatever ails him. For example, when Chris got a cold on December 2019, he believed that the primary reason for this was due to how he was triggered by the redesigns of his Sonichu characters by ProjectSNT. If Chris gets inflicted with a disease, he will tell himself that said illnesses simply arose from his emotions and disturbances from other dimensions, as opposed to acknowledging he's ill and taking steps to help himself. To continuously try and enable him with these beliefs, Chris gets put at risk of suffering even worse ailments without the proper care or treatment. Thus, when you enable Chris' delusions, you are directly putting his life in danger.

The knowledge gap between you and Chris

Since the very beginning, Chris has had difficulties in empathizing with other people, or seeing things through their point of view. This especially holds true today, where he has become absorbed within his fantasy land. Some fantasy enablers, particularly in the artist community, might believe they are not doing any harm by drawing fanart or fancomics that Chris likes. However, these people are fully aware that what they draw is simply fiction – Chris is not. Chris doesn't care about your fanart the way you think he would. He now sees it as evidence he can use to confirm his beliefs about the universe. Directly giving Chris fanart encourages his retreat from reality as he then spends time "astral-projecting" to the dimension he believes the artwork depicts instead of working on improving his real-world life. There is nothing inherently wrong with creating fanart of Sonichu or Sonichu characters, however doing things such as creating a persona Twitter account, aggressively pushing your art on Chris, and RPing as your character does make it highly likely that Chris will use the art as an excuse to recede deeper into his fantasy world.

Getting sucked into drama surrounding Chris

Imagine this, but as a flame war over Chris.

The time and energy spent on getting sucked into drama, just to see who can influence Chris the most, is one of the classic signs of enabling. Because of how trolling Chris is the one-way ticket to fame for some, and due to the amount of people going by the Idea Guys' techniques, there has been a constant power struggle between groups of enablers vying for Chris's attention. Enablers have been trying to ward off one another in order to reign Supreme.

An example is a group with Jacob Sockness and Sarah and Steve clashing against a group with MKRNightVee and AquaDiamond8. Sockness, perceiving MKRNightVee as a barrier to his schemes, embarked on a smear campaign maligning her to Chris and nearly succeeded. MKRNightVee found herself in the precarious position of both doubling down on her allegiance to Chris's beliefs to keep her in his graces, while trying to convince him that the parts of his beliefs that Sockness planted into his mind were invalid – representing time and effort going to enabling.

As you may have guessed by now, this is a very sad situation to find yourself in. You are fighting endlessly over the same weirdo who does not know or care that people are fighting over him, and you are putting yourself at the risk of becoming massive trollbait yourself by doing it.

You won't be able to influence Chris forever

Chris's fantasy beliefs getting validated just leaves an opening for others to eventually use down the line to manipulate him. An example is how a wave of copycats sprang up in the wake of the ousting of the Idea Guys, with several successfully adapting their tactics to circumvent the efforts of the Guard Dogs to protect Chris.

A related example is MKRNightVee, who took a page from the Idea Guys' playbook, pretending to be a CPU goddess to align herself with Chris's beliefs. MKRNightVee claimed the charade was for helping Chris, however by feeding into his delusions, she made it easier for others like Jacob Sockness to tap into Chris's beliefs to manipulate him in another direction.

You will always be assumed to be acting in bad faith, regardless of your motives

Due to how many white knights and weens have been using the same technique of playing along with Chris' fantasies, it has become much more difficult for Chris to determine if someone's been messing with him, or if they're genuinely trying to help him. Due to his continued façade of kindness towards other people, he will of course always go for believing them first until they betray him. Therefore, enablers are always placed on the same level of people like A-Logs and weens by Christorians, and are readily assumed to be acting in bad faith, no matter what they intend to do with Chris.

The confidence built by playing make-believe with Chris has been abused several times, and made people complete laughing-stocks of the internet as a result. Sarah and Steve, Multidimensional White Knights and Jacob Sockness would all get their foot in the door by affirming Chris's beliefs, in some instances pretending to channel fictional characters from other dimensions, and then betray that trust for their own entertainment. Onlookers from Kiwi Farms and the CWCki itself have watched white knights reveal themselves in fact to be weens many times before. The CWCommunity at large treats weens without mercy. Even if you are not like the many traitors in recent Christory, it is impossible to get through to Chris any longer without deceiving him, and such guile is not looked upon favourably. Others have poisoned the well before you. You will be assumed to be acting in bad faith if you try to influence Chris for any reason, and treated accordingly.

If you fail hard enough, you will be laughed at by the internet

Trust us, it's just not worth it!

At one point or another, you will be caught in the act, and you are going to have to spill the beans on your elaborate trolling scheme. Before you can even do so, someone is likely going to stumble across some really embarrassing information about you when they are trying to track down your motives. Remember, if you enable Chris, you will be assumed to be acting in bad faith, so the last thing you would want to do is show off, especially when others tell you to stop. Most enablers do not appear to be aware of the dire consequences of sharing their brilliant plans on various sites that either target Chris or ones he regularly uses, and they thus become the site's laughing stock of the month, just by skipping this caveat in their plans.

An infamous example of this is the failed trolling plan of Sarah and Steve. Sarah first got the attention of Chris by asking for a Rosechu medallion, which Chris had undoubtedly agreed to after they bribed him with a Nintendo Switch. Sarah then told Chris that she and Steve would move over to Virginia to be his only friends to "help" him out by giving him endless gifts and playing pretend with him as a means of further deluding Chris. This has brought them negative attention from trolls. Even more so when they made a rise up when they tried to get themselves noticed by other prominent enablers to be declared "King of the Weens".

A more infamous example would be Jacob Sockness, an amateur sorcerer from San Francisco who pretended to be sexually attracted to Chris. When he was discovered by the Kiwi Farms in 2018, he became one of the site's most popular topics of discussion due to his many absurd obsessions and mannerisms. He too had a lot in common with Chris, being autistic, receiving a monthly tugboat, and believing to possess magical powers.

Miss Cherry had also proven himself to be a target of ridicule after he had posted in an inactive thread about him on the Kiwi Farms, just so that he can leak his trolling plan and show off. The Farms naturally did not approve of this, and were not reluctant to dox him. This was made worse when he decided to double down and continuously talk about how Internet famous all of this would make him.

So the next time you attempt to troll Chris through enabling, always remember that you are at a great risk of being a target of ridicule yourself.

If you’re successful enough, it can come off as just plain depraved

Out of the four groups represented in the Unholy Tetrad, enablers can arguably be considered some of the worst in many cases. Just like with A-Logging, and Carpetbagging, the biggest reason of all for why you should not enable Chris with malicious intents in mind is for the legal liability. For some enablers, enabling Chris is more than just a game to mess with his comics. It can get to the point where they realize they can use his gullibility as a tool to do such malicious things to himself. Some can even tell him to go as far as telling him to commit abuse to both himself, and to other people, as well as extort money from him.[22] If this is to show you anything about enabling Chris with the intent of trolling him, it is that if you go far enough with this practice, you will become the villain, rather than the funniest guy in the chatroom.

Money given to Chris will not help sustain him

After reading the above, you might realize that role playing with Chris will not place you on the trolling honor roll anytime soon, yet you might still wish to help him, and consider some kind of monetary contribution instead. This is also a bad idea. Up until August 2021, Chris was adequately housed and fed (even if both leave much to be desired), and his monthly tugboat from the United States government provided him and his mother with necessary financial support enough that he, in fact, used to make more money doing absolutely nothing than the average household worldwide gets for an entire family's labour.[23] He certainly was not destitute.

Chris's relationship with money is unhealthy. While he has not got himself into as much of a bind as Barb has, he lacks the forethought to save money for the future and attend to his financial affairs in a responsible way. He often spends his money on frivolities and then turns to his fanbase to pay for necessary expenses that he could have covered himself had he not squandered his money away. While concerns for what will become of Chris after his mother passes are legitimate, Chris evidently shows no concern for planning for his future when Barb is no longer with him, and any money that you give him now to help secure his future will be frittered away on My Little Pony merchandise or vidya. Giving him more money now just teaches him that he is free to live beyond his means without a shred of responsibility because people like you will be happy to foot the bill. Your money will be wasted in Chris's hands and is best kept out of them.

As of November 2021 Chris is currently being held at the Central Virginia Regional Jail and is currently awaiting trial for the charge of incest. Arguably, jail food provides a much needed improvement over his regular diet. As such, sending money to his inmate account would likely be spent in nothing but junk food from the commissary.

It's just not worth it

Seriously, don't even bother playing pretend with Chris at this point. At the end of the day, he's a seriously mentally-ill individual in his forties, and is in dire need of assistance from professionals. No matter what zany scheme you can come up with in an attempt to bring back the good old days, the fact of the matter is that attempting to feed Chris's delusions is a bad idea. Those days have long since passed as Chris progressively deteriorates.

Playing into his psychosis to help him invent new ways to humiliate himself and become increasingly deluded about his place in the universe, solely for your entertainment, is not something that should be encouraged at this stage in his life. Likewise, it's repeatedly been established that the vast majority of attempts by trolls to try to trick him into improving himself in the long term end up being futile at best and damaging at worst. At this point, it appears that Chris is the only person that can seriously work at fixing his life, and tragically enough, he seems to be more comfortable living in his own little world than rethinking his life to ensure a stable future.

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