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Sonichu Headquarters Google Intro Video is a video uploaded by Chris on 20 April 2019. As part of his effort to have his house listed as a Pokémon Go Pokéstop dating back to March, Chris created the video to celebrate Google's recognition of the Sonichu Headquarters and begs them to make it a Pokéstop.


Sonichu Headquarters Google Intro Video
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Stardate 20 April 2019
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This house is also blessed by me... and... my soul and spirit and eveything... keep it STRONG and going as it is, and ever will be, and continuing on forward! 'Cause I got the superPOWERS!


[Video recording sounds]

Hello everybody! This is Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, coming in late to you live from my faithful and loving Home in Ruckersville, Virginia, which is now been- correctively- and recognized officially by Google as, and with fan support bringing the name up, this is officially Sonichu Headquarters!

This... is not only... my home... for me, as the creator... and author... of the books and artworks and other featurettes featuring Sonichu and Rosechu, the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon, and their evorushen fayremel [sic]- Families and all the other special Sonichus and Rosechus aside from that, but also... this is... a loving... kept- fairly well kept home, at least my father, the late Mr. Robert Franklin Chandler Jr., has been... keep- uh- kept it up well.

We had a daylily garb but yeah, it's a mess. [Dog barking in the background] I mean, I'm not gonna show the mess, but obviously what was daylilies and now a bunch of... forest [sic]... during summer time that I would illiave- I would not devise going to whatsoever.

Hmph. Anyways, aside from that, this house is also blessed by me... and... my soul and spirit and eveything... keep it STRONG and going as it is, and ever will be, and continuing on forward! 'Cause I got the superPOWERS!

Believe it or not, I am... a CPU, a Console Patron Unit, a Goddess... of the Commodore Consoles. [Puts hand over forehead] Ooh, the sun's so bright. Anyways, so- Anyway... that this- at this house... this home... bet I am messing with y'all... becomes a-an official Pokéstop, or even better, a Pokémon Gym. I'll keep maintenance so the Gym by battling a two- by battling... any blue or red team members... Pokémon, clearing you out. I'll do that twice a day and bring in one of my favorite Pokémon, including my beloved 32+ Ribbon earning, that I had raised from the original Ruby Cartridge, back in the Early-2000s, my Blaziken Inuyasha.

But anyway, I'll definitely set up benches for everyone's comfort so that they can enjoy the Pokéstop and Gym Challenges and the raid ba-and the raids and all that good stuff. Now, one more thing I will mention for this introductory video for this thing: the haters. I'm follow- I've been followed for years by Internet Trolls and Cyberbullies and definitely worse among them: The Haters. They're going to leave a whole bunch of negative comments and low ratings. So, I just- you know... indecisive in the final decision making just ignore all hateful comments, people who make the Pokémon GO app and people of Google because.. I do f- I do as well as I can with my art and books and everything.

I'm just- one individual with pa- superpowers still in development, with only my- loves nearby: Magi-Chan Sonichu, my Blaziken. They will be fully visible soon after da Dimension Merge.

Beside from that, this is the Sonichu Headquarters... and I will remain here for quite some time, keeping it blasting and everything. Even when I'm in this f- even when I'm in CWCville, or a nation and comma, anywhere else, this is protected, safe and sound and everything. [Dog howling in the background].

Uh, this is Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the CPU Blueheart of the my [sic] nations of CWCville and Comma.

Everybody have be safe and have a good, safe day.

[Peace Sign] Thank you!

Later developments

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In recent years, Google Maps has come under pressure over fake and fraudulent listings,[1] so it was only a matter of time before someone would take down the Sonichu Headquarters for being fictitious.

On 3 December 2019, a ween removed the Sonichu Headquarters from Google Maps by reporting the Sonichu Headquarters as a private place, but made a mistake of bragging about their antics on Reddit, to unsurprisingly negative reception.[2]

In short, we know that the Sonichu Headquarters is fictitious, but don’t brag about removing it.

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