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In Autism Tutorial Part 2, Chris continues his non-interactive extravaganza in LittleBigPlanet, and advocates that autistic children receive the same loving care that he did growing up. He then goes off on a tangent about the CWCville universe, before launching into a rant about the dangers of the Internet. He ends by calling his autistic viewers to arms to abandon the internet as a social mechanism. He also mentions how trolls "have their own sad, disgusting origins from being molested as children to just being crazy," which just shows how he doesn't think trolls are normal people, which is also the reason why his JenkinsJinkies disguise didn't work.


Autism Tutorial Part 2
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Stardate 13 February 2011
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Going back to what you could do for your autistic child, you could do a number of things, but of course, the most important thing is to positively emotionally encourage them. And tra-and give them hugs, anyways, even if they don't want it. They will feel the love eventually, cause I know I have, my mom never stopped hugging me.

Another thing you can do with them is floor time. You get on the floor and you play with them. You should build Lego sets. I had my own city made out of Legos. It was a very big city too. It was pretty much an early version of my city of CWCville that I housed my electric hedgehog Sonichu and Rosechu in, in the comics I had drawn. I put all the bricks and pieces in the boxes under here, but they were over there, on the other side of my room. One big city, [Subtitle: "The city of Cwcville, VA still stands strong today within my own mind and hands."] it was massive, it was great.

Egana-and of course there's also therapy, psychiatry, and special autism places. [Subtitle: "Fit in within normal places and have friends who are normal to better influence the autistic person"] I highly encourage, [Subtitle: "In my opinion, with one autistic person having another autistic or mentally challenged friend."] mainstreaming 'em. Letting be norm-letting 'em try to fit in with the normal places, [Subtitle: "I feel it is Not beneficial to either, because with mental influences,"] like high-like high school and middle school. I fit in perfectly after I, [Subtitle: "being able to move forward socially will be less likely."] I settled in. But never EVER send them to a [Subtitle: "Normal friends for Autistic People are Better."] mental institution. It's just wrong, it's a dark, evil place. [Subtitle: "We autistic people have been mistaken as psychopaths in the past , but that is Rarely the case. We are Not Crazy People."] I was almost forced into there once but my parents would not have it! [Chris's Sackboy visibly reveals fangs]

Anyway, on a more modern interest note, according to the, uh, Wikipedia article, the internet helps autistic individuals bypass nonverbal cues and emotional sharing they find hard to deal with. They also apparently point online communities and work with locally.

Listen, on extended personal experience with internet socializing, I can tell you the truth of the internet. There are a lot of sick minded, twisted, evil, [Subtitle: "These people of the internet who make the world's societies corrupted, look for innocent people to talk ill of..."] dark, sloppy, gross, weird [Subtitle: "greatly."] individuals out there, and you can never tell [Subtitle: "and they also trick or steal personal and private information, footage and gossip, mostly solely for Laughs at our individual..."] who they are from anybody else, cause they hide behind their mother's skirts of the anonymity that is also [Subtitle: "expenses."] know as the internet. [Subtitle: ""LULZ", they call it; "Laughs Under Lucricities"."] They go online talking to random people, [Subtitle: "They go by many sub-labels; naturally, they are Anonymous, hiding behind their "Mother's Skirts" like scared..."] deceiving, tricking, blackmailing! Just so they can drag our clear, [Subtitle: "children."] just so they can drag our once clean names [Subtitle: "They each have their own sad, disgusting origins from being molested as children to just being crazy in the head for real."] through the worst mud, blood and bodily fluids, makes me sick. UGHH!

They are ungrateful [Subtitle: "These people seriously need Mental Health Treatments and Therapies of their own."] immature. They need to grow up. The-they-they, even [Subtitle: "I became tired of the enduring, emotionally damaging stress from these corrupted people."] range from the young, the teenage, even some adults! I swear! [Subtitle: "and after all that, I took down my own website personally, including the majority of videos I had on YouTube"] I had my own website for my Sonichu comics, but then they hacked in there and then, took 'em away! I grabbed it back, but after a while I got tired [Subtitle: "These people also use YouTube against us as well"] and decided, took the websites down myself. [Subtitle: "On Internet Safety, Keep ALL Private and Personal Information and Footage of yourself to yourself alone."]


And I also had my own Myspace and Facebook, gone! [Subtitle: "If you can not consciously, morally, seriously tell a very close relative about it or share it with them."] They can hack your computers, your game consoles, laptops, cell phones, and maybe even your iPods! [Subtitle: "It need to stay Offline. Period. This is a terribly Serious Matter: There is Nothing tolaugh about."] They just do not let up. I have been a victim of their ways [the Sackboy visibly trembles]. I nev, I have never socialize online again. And I screen my phone calls, I hardly ever answer my phone call anymore. And I am emotionally damaged by them. Just this, ter-pitiful. Horrifying!

Online gaming, on the other hand, is different. The other players, they just come and go while I accomplish my video game goals. No friendships are made. And information searches and shopping online is fine. It is the social websites [Subtitle: "Not only is Facebook a joke, it is the complete opposite of true Socializing."] like Facebooks and Myspace that are travesties. [Subtitle: "Staying behind the ******** monitor like that only makes one more Autistic-Like."] The only way to socialize is in real life. [Subtitle: "Down with Facebook!!!"] [Volume raises] Fellow autistic people! I encourage you to man and woman up [Subtitle: "It is Socializing In Real Life or Dust!"] respectively! Go out into the real world, and make real friends with full, great quality friendships! Do it now!

Socializing tips and also little more history on myself, to be revealed in the follow-into the following parts, in the remainder of this tutorial, so stay tuned. Thank you

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