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In Autism Tutorial Part 3, any pretense that Chris's LittleBigPlanet tutorial has anything to do with informing the public about autism is abandoned, and Chris instead goes into full-on sob story mode about his struggle. First he revisits his magical high school years. He admits that he's bitter about not getting china in high school, and reiterates his desire to have had dating education. Chris then reenacts his graduation tantrum, and rambles about how much his life has sucked since then. He finishes by wishing that Mary Lee Walsh get fired because she refused to accept his insincere apology after he slandered her all over the internet, and that the Game Place burn to the ground with Michael Snyder in it. Ironically, in 2014, Chris's words would come back to haunt him, as his own house would burn to the ground, by his actions, no less.

tl;dr: Chris hasn't gotten over high school or past grudges.


Autism Tutorial Part 3
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Stardate 13 February 2011
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Back in my teenage years at Manchester High School of Midlothian, Virginia, I really felt emotionally rich, because I had a great number of friends, the closest and majority of were some sweet girls.

[Long sequence of Chris and a Gal pal looking at each other and smiling.]
[Subtitle: Hey, Chris.]
[Subtitle: Hi, Tiff.]
[Subtitle: How are you?]
[Subtitle: I'm just a little bit tired; it's been a long day for me.]
[Subtitle: Well, I hope you're not too tired for Home Ed. Chris.]
[Subtitle: No, I'm good. Let's go.]

My circle of gal-pals was the best asset and blessing anyone could ever ask for. They understood me, and I understood them. We appreciated each other. We hung out, conversed, and hung out y- between within our classes, like home-ec and, uh, science, and math, and even English, and sometimes we would help each other out. It was the best of times... pretty much. And even though I even had a high school sweetheart like most would, and the quality throughout was great. And would be most appreciated by any person, autistic or not.

Sadly though, about my high school years, of which I can only complain about were two things, and I did not realize these til after I graduated. Actually, one I realized, uh, mid-graduation. But after graduation I realized that I was naive on the subject of dating throughout high school. The mandatory sexual education class is good for after date number three and so, but how do we even get to date number one? That's my question. I really would've appreciated a mandatory DATING EDUCATION CLASS, alongside sexual education. Also, abstinence is a JOKE. The virgin-breaker needs to happen BEFORE adulthood arrives, because being an adult virgin SUUUCKS. Even for us autistics and mentally challenged.

And the second thing about my high school years that can- can- I would complain about is my high school graduation ceremony. It was a very depressing day, it was raining, it was dark, it was dreary. Anyway, I went got- went up and got my diploma, and uh, I did not shake anybody's hand. It- I mean, there were important people there, I did not shake anybody's hand, I just grabbed my diploma, cried, then, ran off the stage, went into a back room, sat at a- sat at a table by myself for a little while. Then my best gal-pal Tif met up with me and uh, she made me feel a little better. (voice turns wistful) Really love to, uh, see her again, at least hang out or a little while.

My high school years were the best and most emotionally encouraging for me. But after graduation in 2000 and moving back to lame Ruckersville... it was all downhill for me. My adult years suck. And I'm soon to turn 29. I left my heart back at Manchester High in Midlothian.

I grad- I also graduated from Piedmont Virginia Community College with a uh, degree in computer-aided drafting and design, but that- and that graduation went better for me, because I did not have so many fr- I did not have many friends back there. And plus, Mary Lee Walsh just plain hated me. [voice creaks on the verge of recognizing own faults] Obvi- And obviously I uh, talked ill about her in comics that I drew, portrayed her as a witch... [voice fills with self-righteous rationalization] She made it apparent that it was illegal to find true love in the state of Virginia! And that Virginia was a state for VIRGINS... (stress-sigh) She still ticked me off, I mean, even after I apologized to her for portraying her the way that I did in my books, she would not accept my apology and she banned me from the grounds of Piedmont Virginia Community College! That's a- one hell of a thank you for an apology, or an apology acceptance. Obviously she did not accept my apology. I hope she gets fired, period! And I also hope that the Game and Hobby Place in Charlottesville... BURNS TO THE GROUND! ALONG WITH MICHAEL SNYDER!

Agh, that's all my ranting for right now.

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