Autism Tutorial Part 4

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In Autism Tutorial Part 4, Chris uses his LittleBigPlanet soapbox to rail at society at large for ignoring him, not letting him do whatever he wants, and shunning him for being creepy.

Chris starts off by describing Charlottesville, and how it should be what he wants to replace the internet: "a social hotspring." However, Chris being Chris, he doesn't seem to understand why people avoid him in public, and blames some moral deficiency present in everyone else. Chris tries to demonstrate how socializing with him should work (SPOILER: everyone else does the work). He again demands respect, in what must be another ineffectual attempt to restore his reputation.


Autism Tutorial Part 4
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Stardate 13 February 2011
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[Chris's voice is trembling with obvious stress throughout the entirety of the presentation]

Only about ten miles south of Ruckersville, Virginia, is Charlottesville Virginia, historic home town of Mr. Thomas Jefferson, Mr. James Monroe, and Mr. James Madison. Lewis and Clark also started their famous expedition from this area.

The expensive mall of downtown Charlottesville houses a number of small businesses, as well as the show-stopping pavilion tent and the Paramount Theatre. This, as well as the Fashion Square Shopping Center, should both be social watering holes, but for me, sadly, they are not.

Anywhere herein, even including the bars and events like Fridays After Five, nobody will even look or say hello to me. And of course the internet reputation I have against me... sadly thanks to those gross people that have taken my information... and... s-s-strew it around in their misconceptions of weirdness, twisting everything. I've already gotten into how bad that has half-fected me and how emotionally scarred I have a been. Back to social life, the autism increases my shyness, so I hardly have even the basic instinct to just say "hello" to anyone, or even open up so easily with trust. I need other people to come up and talk to me fir- (Abrupt jump-cut)

Chris being a good friend.

Allow me to make it perfectly clear about who I am so I am not misunderstood erroneously with the internet that's against me: My name is Christian Weston Chandler, high-functioning autistic artist. I am kind, caring, empathetic, emotional, a good friend, a loyal friend, cautious and weary, trustworthy. Mostly honest. I do not like to lie. I would only lie to protect the other person's feelings out of care and respect. I AM NOT A MONSTER! I am a caring, emotional, feeling, heterosexual human being! And I should be treated equally, and respected as SUCH!

[stress sigh] Sadly back here in real life, everyone is in their own dang world. Snobbish, snooty... to even give care to one person who only has few friends within the city, uh- that is Mr. Jefferson's hometown. Not even as much acquaintances, I feel invisible in public, and it's very sad to me. [stress sigh] At least I do have one friend who cares about me around here. Unfortunately she refuses to go beyond just friends, but I care about her just the same anyway. [a sack person walks up to Chris] Because that is the kind of guy I am.

[The sack person waves at Chris] Subtitle: [Hey, Chris.]

[Chris looks at her, and they stare at each other like retards while subtitles are shown]

Subtitles: [Hey, Chris.] [Hey, Mic.] [I have friends to introduce you to. Follow me to El Kono.] [Really?! That Is Awesome. Let's go.]

[Chris and Mic walk off]