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Autism Tutorial Part 1 is the first in a series of LittleBigPlanet levels Chris uploaded on 13 February 2011. Chris once again reads off of Wikipedia's autism article, this time adding his own two cents. Of note, Chris seems to be aware of the accepted cause of autism, and semi-correctly blames his father for it.


Autism Tutorial Part 1
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Stardate 13 February 2011
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Christian Weston Chandler, alias Christopher. And I am autistic – high-functionally autistic. In this animation, with Wikipedia facts and book diagrams and in my own words and opinions, we will look into autism: What it is, possible causes, and treatments and cures. And how we autistics SHOOOULD be treated and respected [voice deepens with gravelly rage] in real life social situations. [Subtitles: "An Autism Tutorial" A LittleBiGPlanet animation by , and Starring, and Voicing, as himself, Christian Weston Chandler" "of Ruckersville, VA. U.S.A.. PSN: Sonichu. Creation and Production Started on January 21 2011. Facts on Autism provided by Wikipedia's Autism page at Diagrahm of brain and other facts comes from the hard-cover book" "Autism", by Peggy J. Parks, published in 2009.]

First, autism: What is it? In a nutshell, it is a malfunctioning in the neural development that impairs social interactions, communications, and restrictive or repetitive behaviors. In the brain, autism affects many parts. Autism especially affects the connection between the amygdala, the social and emotional behavioral gland, and the cerebral cortex and maybe cerebellum, the logic and goal-making parts. [Subtitles: Other facts and stories of other people with Autism can be researched from this and other books at your local Library, Educational Videos and online directly at, or through search engines.]

The connectors between the matter is called the corpus callosum, which I believe is the most effective. In my theory, a cure may be found in repairing this major component of the brain. The facts also state that autism occurs pre-birth, sadly in mutated genetics within the chromosomes, which can happen when the pregnant mother smokes, binges, takes drugs or certain meds, and other non- or real environmental factors, such as car exhaust. Ladies, get off the drugs NOW.

Another factor lies in the father’s age upon child conception. The mother’s age is not a factor here. DUDES, HAVE YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE LIKE FORTY OR FIFTY! Anyway, the mutated chromosomes can involve deletion, duplication, and/or swapping. Scientists are still researching if- [abrupt jump-cut]

Common symptoms of autism include, and should be observed to notice: Little-to-no eye contact, mal-communication with delayed babbling, unusual gestures, low responsiveness – try calling their name. At that young age, they seldom respond if they have autism – as well as unsynched atypical vocal patterns. They also would have lack of intuition of other people, lack of attention to social stimuli, and little-to-no smiling. Imagination and imaginative play is often blank in autistic minds, but with training they may be able to think in pictures at least, like the famous Miss Temple Grandin. By the way, boys are more affected with autism than girls. That’s just the way it is.

Compulsive behavior, or a type of A.D.D. Attention Difi-Deficit Disorder, is also common. In worse cases, self-destructive behavior such as self-cutting, hurting others, and bullying possibly, may be apparent. Fortunate for me I do not go into self-destructiveness. I do not hurt myself, and I do not hurt others. The worst for me is essentially biting my fingernails… sometimes. Feeling restricted is also common. Staying within their comfort zones with realistic behavior – oh, ritualistic behavior, and such. And with repetition in play, we may as well be walking around in circles… for infinity time! And some of us actually do.

Parents and guardians should be very watchful and cautious of any autistic symptoms [camera pans to a picture of Chris with appropriately meaningless labels], as they can be obvious by the age of three years old. I myself spoke first at six weeks with the word “monkey”, in an attempt at saying “mommy” [said in a very toddler-like inflection]. My vocabulary and speech grew great until I stopped talking at one-and-a-half years old, and I did not speak again until I when was seven. The other infant symptoms followed in suit.

A controversy began when they blamed mercury in MMR vaccines. Though it was removed from all vaccines in early 2000, and yet the autism rate still grew over the decade. [Subtitles: The LBP 3D Layering glitch used throughout was found by Bakscratch and tools and [...] of the glitch was aided by TheAdipose, who also credits Compermc and Teebonesey.]]

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