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After a successful interview, Sonichu fan CatKnight/Master Disaster aka Sir Arthur Spatchcock, interviewed our favorite TRUE and HONEST Christine Weston Chandler on 26 January 2016.


THE Cole Smithey.

Chris mentions his half-brother Cole Smithey after a long time, mentions his infamous Toy Story 3 review and disagrees with his half-brother's opinion only to after mention that he hasn't watched Toy Story 3. Arthur is impressed to meet a relative of THE Cole Smithey. Chris and Arthur talk about the CWCki, Chris's time at jail, Bob's death, THe GAMe PLACe's shutdown, Chris's art, Sonichu: The Animated Series, as well the reveal that Chris has a friend that is apparently able to hack the CWCki and make it more "positive". Chris also talks about Megan after a long time, claiming to have gotten over the grudge he had against her.


CatKnight Interview
Stardate 26 January 2016
Featuring Chris; CatKnight/Arthur Spatchcock
Audio Recordings
CatKnight Interview
CatKnight Interview 3


The audio is also available here.


Arthur: Hello?

Chris: Hello?

Arthur: Ah, that's much better.

Chris: Yes. Okay, so, what do you want to talk about?

Arthur: Oh all kinds of things Christine, all kinds of things. I got a hold of my superiors and we sat down and we had a long meeting.

Chris: Mhmm.

Arthur: And we covered a lot of things, they listened to the conversation and they were impressed, implicably so even. But they do, have a few issues. And well I can't deny it the biggest thing working against you right now is the C-W-C-I-K-I.

Chris: I think you mean, yeah, you mean the CWCki, yeah.

Arthur: The CWCki, is that what it is? Okay, so the CWCki, yes. Now I told them that that website is in no way whatsoever affiliated with you professionally.

Chris: That's right.

Arthur: But even under that guise they still took the time to look through it themselves and they did come across a few things that they can't deny as fact. So, I told them that I would contact you and find out a few more details about a few particular aspects if you don't mind.

Chris: That's fine, fire away.

Arthur: Alright, the first one that comes up is your alleged court case involving GameStop.

Chris: Oh, yes that was uh, unfortunate. But, um, ah, that did happen but in my- but in my defense I was, very much, spooked and quite surp- and quite scared upon the event, and upon having encountered similar situations before, I had not been able to defend myself as bet- as best as I could. Um, but unfortunately yes that has happened, but the court case has cleared up and ah.

Arthur: Really? How did that turn out?

Chris: I, I went to each of my, went to each of the court trials as scheduled and everything and ah, you know and anyway, everything's all cleared up and I just have a few, just have a, the old court fines that I'm still paying off.

Arthur: The court fines? Though no sentences or anything? No incarceration?

Chris: Right, no sentences or incarceration.

Arthur: Okay okay, and how long were you arrested before you were released? That's just a small question.

Chris: Ah, yes, that was, you know I was arrested at the night of December 26th, 2014 and uh, I was put, I did not, I was not able to get back home until the following Monday

Arthur: Oh my!

Chris: So, yes so I spent a weekend hibernating in, jail.

Arthur: I hope they fed you well.

Chris: *Sigh,* Ah, yes.

Arthur: Teas and biscuit or ah, cheese burgers or pizza? I don't know, I've never been arrested.

Chris: Um, well actually it was more like, bit of, bit of meat, um, little bit of fruit, and some milk and juice, and water.

Arthur: Okay, alright, sounds about pretty common jailtime grub I guess.

Chris: Quite.

Arthur: Alright. So we covered the little bit of, the jail indecencies and all that stuff. Now they mentioned another thing, and this one really caught their attention, because this was the big court case. Michael. Snyder.

Chris: Ah yes, the previous, the owner of the, closed down Game and Hobby Place, ah.

Arthur: Oh it's closed down now?

Chris: Yes, it's been, yes it's been closed for about a year or two now.

Arthur: Is it? Ahh.

Chris: Yes, it's now been, it's now a, it's now a, ah store for chocolates...

Arthur: Really? Do you go there often?

Chris: Ahhh, no. But I've drove, no but I've driven by there so I have, so that's how I, that's how I know.

Arthur: Hey you should stop by sometime, take a look around the place, see what they've done with it

Chris: Yeah, I don't think it is, I don't think it's as good a justice as it used to be. But anyway, um, aside from that um, yeah, two, s, yeah, pretty much nearly true except for exaggerations and the obvious fantasies they have from but yeah, um, about April, Snyder had a ship, a chip on his shoulder against me so he banned me from there, and ah, then, then the couple of years later I came in there asking, I came in there and talked him and asked him to lift the ban and he said, and he was really cold-hearted and said no so then a couple of years later I tried again, still no, and then ah, shortly after my father's passing in 2011, ah, it takes a, my brain's a little slow you'll have to forgive me there

Arthur: It's no problem. Take your time.

Chris: Yes, anyway, am so after his death. Yeah my mother and I were out and we were driving by and we noticed a sign that said 'under new management,' so, so I took a guess that Snyder was out of the picture and then, my mom and I we both went in and he was there and he immediately called the police against us and my mother and I ended up having to spend a night in jail because of that, but yeah, after ah, the months with the uh, with the court trials and ah, ah shoot I'm trying to think of it, um. Uh, we were not, we were not sentenced to prison or anything bad like that, we had, we had to check in with ah, somebody every once about once a month or so, um, pretty much, uh, I, I have to plead closer to mind as far as the term that came up to my head. I would say, um some sort of parole but supervised, but then after that trial went about it became unsupervised so, and then we became free from that.

Arthur: Alright. Sounds good to me.

Chris: Yeah but it did kill us, pretty much nearly all remaining fund that Mr C my father, had left to us.

Arthur: Yes, God rest his soul.

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: Now we've covered that, the next question that came up was um... do you actually have a brother by the name of Cole Smithey, or is that just a horrible troll joke?

Chris: Oh no, it's true. My half-brother, Joseph Cole Smithey. My mother gave birth to him, um, yeah, has his own mental and physical traumas, um... He left uh, he left my, he left our mother and had a chip on his shoulder against her, uh, moved to New York, and became the mo-- became the movie critic with his own website, Cole Smithey dot com.

Arthur: Wait a minute, he's THE Cole Smithey, the movie critic?

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: Oh, he's quite well known over here, he's like a celebrity.

Chris: Yes, the world's smartest movie critic.

Arthur: Really? The smartest movie critic, that's an impressive title.

Chris: Well, well that's what it says on his website, anyway.

Arthur: Oh, I see.

Chris: ...Although at least, uh, even though, um, I might disagree with him on the review of Toy-- of the Toy Story 3 movie, but at least we agree on, uh, Inside Out.

Arthur: Yes, I've heard a lot of people disagree with his review of Toy Story 3.

Chris: ...Quite. Umm, I still have not seen Toy Story 3, but I've seen Toy Story 1 and some of number two. I-- it just never came about to my point of view yet.

Arthur: ...Now uh, one of the things that one of our interns who was checking the site for us came across was Sonichu the animated series.

Chris: Uh, yes, that had nothing to do with the online animations that have been currently released yet, and that have been currently released, except for the one that I approved of, of which, uh, was a fan animation, computer-generated, and Sonichu took down a robot on his way to rescue Rosechu that I end up, uh, with the per-- with the permission, uh, quoting and re-drawing, and re-wri-- re-writing a little bit, in my number nine book.

Arthur: Okay. We were concerned about that, we wanted to make sure that it was legitimate and NOT associated with you.

Chris: Y-- But yes, Sonichu: The Animated Series is not associated with me whatsoever.

Arthur: Okay. Uh, another aspect that came up -- and this one is the one that made them feel a little uncomfortable -- and that's your, how do I put this eloquently? Your extensive adult gallery?

Chris: Hmm. Yes, I have drawn a few pieces of, uh, se-- of sexual taste and whatnot, um, but mostly-- yeah, mostly in the nude with, uh, women and female characters, but I've mostly keep the-- uh-- I've, like, I-- was, I was, kinda like, just, I was kind of like, umm, yeah, I was just trying it out for a little while. And then also, umm, was the theoretical exes, a theoretical ex being, um, one of my past, uh, women friends that I've talked with over the internet but it turned out to be an-- an-- one of the internet trolls, cyber-bullies, and then, uh, and then-- and then that whole schlemie-- and then that whole schlemiel communication, uh, ended up being quote on quote 'exposed.'

Arthur: Oh, how horrible. Someone pretending to be a girl to get your affections?

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: How deplorable.

Chris: And-- yeah, and-- yes, and among which they did req-- they did request of me to draw the things that would go on between her and me, respectively. But that was so long ago and I just put all that behind me, the last time I ever really drawn anything of the... SEXUAL tendencies.

Arthur: Oh well like I said, we're just making sure we've got all of our bases covered before we make too many steps forward. We wouldn't want to accidentally get associated with something that might be construed inappropriate for children.

C: Quite. Quite. But of course the uh, big difference between-- uh, between any, anybody else's, uh, redrawing of my characters and whatnot is definitely the drawing-- hand-drawing style. I've never-- I've never drawn anything within my comic book pages on the computer except to, uhh, to make sort of a collage or to quote from past pages.

Arthur: Yes, I noticed that a lot of your art seems to be colored with markers; a very intriguing form of, uh, you know, coloring.

Chris: Yes, I like using the Crayola markers. The ones that come in the fifty-pack, and they're uh, thi-- and they're thin, with the little pointed tips. Th-- th-- it's easier to stay in the lines, definitely.

Arthur: You wouldn't want to go outside the lines.

Chris: Yeah. And then some of them even are-- are scented, so that's a little bit of fun as well, like I--

Arthur: Ooph!

Chris: --like, coloring with yellow, and you get lemon.

Arthur: Oh man, I think that would get like, crazy if you used all scented ones.

Chris: Yeah, but, it's-- it-- they're not all scented, it's just like, you know, with a select few out of the fifty.

Arthur: So are you saying that Sonichu is lemon-scented?

Chris: Ha ha! That would be fun, wouldn't it? But umm, uh, upon the original coloring, at some-- at some of the time, I would say so, but I would tend to say that the scent from the original ink has faded away by now.

Arthur: Do y-- uh, I do have another question. Now this is out of concern, but the associates and I came across that horrible little article about your house catching on fire.

Chris: Uh, yes, that was, uh, January of 2014. It was electrical, my mom and I and our dogs and one of our cats, we got out safe, and our insurance company helped us. Uh, we stayed in a hotel for about a month, and uh, we-- and we ended up moving into a temporary house for nearly the whole year, and we f-- and our house had finally been finished, reconstructed, uhh, about near the end of Decem-- about near the end of December, so we had gotten moved in just in the nick of time there, before the lease run-- ran out on the house we were temporarily residing in.

Arthur: That's good, that's good. Because uh, I noticed that people [tend to?] have a large collection of your property. It's kind of almost creepy. But uh, they uh, did you lose anything extremely important in that fire?

Chris: Uhh... yeah, among-- uh, yeah, we, we-- to my-- from my mother's perspective, uhh, she had lost and, uh, we ended up finding two of them. Uhh, she had lost a pair of shoes that she'd liked, but we ended up finding them, and she ended up losing her purse; we think, uhh, somebod-- the, the child from across the street living from us, came in and stole it, so... uh, but then we moved back-- but then upon moving back in, we found the purse, so it's like, re-- it was likely returned, but with some of the, uh, iden-- some of the, uh, money and whatever, was-- had, had been removed from it. And most importantly to my mother, we had a, uh, painting print copy, um, uh, expensive, one of the numbered editions of, umm... shoot... oh, S-Salvador Dali, the uh, one that, the one that's, tr-- that's a tree made of hands?

Arthur: Oh, it's a remake?

Chris: Uh... Well, it was... Yeah, yeah, I believe by uh, Dali himself, but it was one of the, uh...

Arthur: Because if you honestly had a Salvadari-- Dali picture, I wouldn't have wanted that sol-- uh, you know, lost. That's worth a lot of money.

Chris: Yes. But that was-- but that was lost, uh, we think somebody came in and stole it. Mostly the same kid that came in and stole my mother's purse, then returned it.

Arthur: Oh, quite a rapscallion.

Chris: But that's just spec-- that's speculation right there.

Arthur: All right, no proof, no, you know, no loss. So we've covered quite a few things that-- a lot of the things that the associates were concerned about. Uh, one last, little thing that came up, and um, honestly, I don't feel comfortable asking about this, but there was one name that popped up on that list quite a few times on that CWCki, as you called it -- uh, Miss Megan Schroeder?

Chris: Ah yes, uhh... when I was going to Pokemon League at the Game and Hobby Place, uh, she was, uh, she was, uh, crush of-- she was kind of a crush of mine, and I had wanted to start a relationship, but she felt-- she became uncomfortable with me being close to her, and uh, and then all of this and that, and then the day when Snyder banned me, she did not step up to... to aid me or anything, she just stood by-- she just stood back and watched, but anyway, um, a few minor, uh, heres and theres against her on my shoulder, but I have not sp-- spoken to her, or had not been able to speak with her very much at all since way back then.

Arthur: Yeah, and we noticed that there was a couple of recent videos in about the last year or so; you seemingly still holding a grudge against her. Was that just a minor thing, or...?

Chris: Uhh... I'd-- I'd say I've mostly for-- I've most-- I've mostly gotten over the grudges. But aside-- aside from that, I just say let her, wherever she is, live her life, and I'll just stay here, liv-- living mine. It's all done and over with.

Arthur: Good aspect on life to have.

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: ...Now, is there any chance that you can have the CWCki removed?

Chris: Umm... oh, X number of times back in about 2007, [?] when I first found the uh, pages and whatnot, um... Yeah, I've tried personally to take it down, but umm... Yeah, it's not w-- it's not very much within my powers, definitely dependent upon the troll webmaster of the actual website there.

Arthur: Oh, so somebody's forcing that to stay up?

Chris: Yeah, pretty much.

Arthur: How atrocious.

Chris: Quite.

Arthur: Have you tried pleading with them? You know, trying to take advantage of their, uhh, human kindness?

Chris: Umm... yes, I have tried, and of to no avail.

Arthur: No avail, that's a pity. Try as you might, seems you can't succeed on that front. Because we were hoping that if you could get the CWCki removed, that would definitely have a huge impact on this being able to take a, uh, leap forward, essentially.

Chris: Hmm.

Arthur: Because right--

Chris: Yeah, that's--

Arthur: Oh go ahead, please.

Chris: Actually, uhh, my-- my uh, my friend and associate, uh, who has been helping me, uh, with, more recently, um... yeah, she has a friend who... could, who could have-- who could hack into and take down the, uh...

Arthur: Oh my.

Chris: Take down the CWCki website?

Arthur: Well let's not delve too far into that, we don't want to get implicated with any information about that. You keep that your little secret, all right, Christine?

Chris: Yes. But anyway, um, aside from that, aside that-- if we can h-- if uh, we are able to hack into the Cwcki, umm, we would actually-- I would rather have it, um... sev-- I would rather have it severely edited and, uh, trimmed down to where it's more positive than negative against me.

Arthur: Really? So you wouldn't even want to take it down, you'd just want it more... towards the, uhh... positive approach?

Chris: Yes.

Arthur: After all, that would reflect your current lifestyle, in a way. You were more negative when you were younger, but now you're more positive.

Chris: Um... I uh, I was-- I would tend to say, um...

Arthur: I'm not going to lie, Christine. I've seen some of the videos you've made in the past, and you definitely had a little bit of an 'anger issue,' if you want to put it nicely.

Chris: Okay, okay, yes, then on that note, yeah, I was more negative in the past, but I've matured. For the better.

Arthur: Oh yes, definitely for the better. I'm impressed, extremely impressed.

Chris: Yes, thank you.

Arthur: ...I mean, if you keep u-- if you keep this up, I can only expect great things in your future.

Chris: Yes, thank you.

Arthur: All right, Christine. I believe that's covered all of the things I have on my little footnote here from my associates. I'm gonna have another meeting with them later this week, I will contact you, and hopefully this next call we have will be the last one we need to make.

Chris: Okay. Bye--

Arthur: Before we start moving things forward.

Chris: Yes. Thank you, Arthur.

Arthur: No problem, Christine. You have a nice day.

Chris: You have a good day too.

Arthur: Thank you.

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