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These are livestreams filmed by Chris in November 2023, influenced by Praetor.

The weens become even more prominent than usual in these streams, with the amount becoming almost overwhelming, and stream donors send constant messages about Chris's motherfucking. Notably, some of these streams are named "The Return of Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime" whilst streaming, but are quickly renamed upon the video ending.

Medallion Moulding Q&A

Medallion Moulding Q&A is a livestream where Chris makes some Medallions while reading some questions in the chat. The stream made over $600 from donors, although the actual amount may be lower due to donations being refunded or charged back by donors.


Medallion Moulding Q&A
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Stardate 3 November 2023
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations, PraetorPraetor Praetor
Shirt The Classic 2.0The Classic 2.0 The Classic 2.0
Reading Chaos Crystal Control Act 4
Simple Existential Q&A


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9:13 Chris leaves a door open which shows through the green screen (later the doorknob is found to be similar to a doorknob at a house in Big Island, lending proof to him streaming from that location).

10:09: Chris gets upset over a green screen error saying it bugs his OCD.

13:40: Chris loses it over getting called Ian, fueling the weens in the chat.

25:50: Chris confirms he still hates MLP G5 and will not watch the movie until G4 Season 14 Ep 26 is aired.

28:32: Chris tells the audience that Jacob Sockness is dead after a ween pretends to be him.

29:08: Chris gives a blessing to fellow lolcow Daniel Larson.

34:25: Chris comments that he was in Gateway after jail.

1:04:55: Chris shouts out a fake sponsorship from Welches fruit snacks as there is no chance he would ever get a real sponsorship.

1:14:42: Chris does an abysmal impression of Big Smoke from GTA San Andreas.

1:22:41 A donor asks Chris was a women is and Chris replies, "A woman is the opposite of a man but really a woman is more superior because the woman is not mutated with the overgrown private."

1:36:42: Chris does an abysmal Cartman impression, nearing the level of horrible to his infamous Donald Duck impression.

1:41:35: Chris struggles to remember Cryzel Rosechu's age and goes through mental gymnastics to say she's over 20 when according to Chris was 14 when he got "married" to her.

1:50:40: Chris becomes silent and looks very uncomfortable when a ween donor accuses him of raping Barb.

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions

everybody Prime here

got any one thing it's a million things

why is this

thing who

my what is

that no I don't think so it had to do


this audio set up oh gra oh great now my

body is partially

transparent that's funny anyway Hello

everybody welcome to this uh what is

going on with

the okay this got bu My OC this is my bu

my OCD unless I do

something what is

that okay let's do

I know what to

do that's a little

better I

yeah yeah we're working on my

moderations and modifiers and all that

in regards to uh certain

comments that's another

detail I got this

thing three most important people in my

life you know what

um um past tense as opposed to present

tense I am going to say I am going to


uh Mom and Dad count them as one

individual and uh let's

see um

um I guess yeah Tiffany

and I will eventually be open for

commissions but that'll be but I will

make the announcement officially when I

am ready to do


every nobody needs to be

condemned I'm so gonna have to figure


out that's another detail I'm trying to

get to that I'm trying to say Here There

Will no be there will be absolutely no

shout outs any more during any streams

or in general you want to know why

because I am aware I am aware that some

of these people that I've been asked to

shout out to have quite the CRI criminal

pass so it's like shoot you want ask me

to give a shout out

for if you want to ask me to give me a

I'm shoot if I'm gonna give a shot to

anybody at this point I might as well

give a shout out to Tom crate Y2K

despite what he did over I mean just

what he did over five years ago

now there that's the only one you'll get

from me for this

time all right

anyway details is e closer but yeah what

we are doing tonight addition to uh

q q and a in addition to just the q& a

details I'm going to be molding

the do


stes okay yeah make control comment on

all that yada

yada oh

well blers blunders and live stream just

why not it's okay it's all


anyway there is no Ian there will be no

addressing of anybody by the name of Ian

because there is no Ian here

period all right

anyway got do

something green screen


anyway anyway

so excuse me

one right

later okay all right but anyway yeah

this video is

mainly uh

I'd have to say it's uh I had to say

within the within Malachi and the

revelations just uh both of those books

entirely no just no

no anyway I'm not going to acknowledge

every single uh paid comment especially

those that are bad I have made myself

very clear on that anyway I'm going to

go take safe for work wow even a clay

I'm using is

transparent happy

birthday there that's all you

get I'm not I'm sticking with my

boundaries on everything anyway so as


can another time not right now maybe

I'll do a stream where I do watch that

but obviously will not be right now okay

but for tonight I'm doing qu q&as so I'm

taking questions and

answers you're welcome

anyway and just I'm mainly doing paid

questions and paid questions I'll be

answering those and I might tell a St I

might tell a random story or two just

whatever I have

feeling oh yeah I've heard

19989 album from ter ter it's it is

really good I like


anyway so right anyway with the

medallions there were I made that very

clear and I'm saying this once as I have

said before it's in the record straight

that never ever


earrings all right just I three

piercings simple

piercings ah my day has been very good

thank you

Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin house

I give you that one because that was

funny and cute anyway um


um I'll have to meditate get back to you

on that but right right now we are doing


right you're call him no Trump is evil

he's pure

evil he goes down like Donald Trump



and oh I see what you're good at that in

reference to uh yeah the war between

Palestine the only one delusional one

here is you pretend to be my half

brother in New York City


that's to be confirmed uh that's uh

another detail sort out later but anyway

so anyway so I'm molding the medallions

in these lovely molds that were

made this one is made of this Medallion

and they I have the other mode which the

other medallions do which you'll get to

see the results of these moldings at

least the outline all


yeah I'm not doing shout

outs I'll give you a happy birthday at

the same time as whatever name

appears on the screen there but that's

about it

um no just

no uh how I give me some more brain

bending brain teasing type of questions


I already said once I'm not repeating to

myself never happened it never happened


anyway anyway so I will respond I will

not be responding to some

commentary just regards to their


all right thank

you thank you

Ma see something like that that was nice

that was positive long nose long big

nose oh yeah I watched your oh yeah I

like your channel I like your channel

dude yeah I mean d what um DM DM me on

Twitter and we'll see what we can be

arrange because I do appreciate you and

uh and your friends ining uh the one

that the one that voices uh the one that

originally originally voiced tails in

your channel and of course I love Sona

and the group really good


slop okay that's actually that's just

stupid that's just dumb funny dumb funny

how dumb was it it was so


well that'll be conf that'll be

confirmed if then when it does happen I

shall uh find out for myself in whatever

video if it's officially on the

consoles nope I never heard that

individual fun thing it's like as if the


is shiny shiny that's

funny I can do that

yes bless you Luke you are good

individual continue to follow life power

righteousness and good happy birthday

happy birthday to you happy birthday

fos oh that reminds me just I love that

random thing I did in that one video I


just boobydoo boobydoo random thing


random I thought I forgot something I

forgot the Rings for these I'll be right

back one second um yeah good series good

video game


okay I got the Rings the male rings that

go into the medallions these particular

medallions H obviously I don't dedicate

all my time to but when I do I

definitely get in on painting the wow

how transparent his skin let me see if I

can do something about


um wa let me


um a little

bit Ah okay perfect that's a little

that's a lot better

okay where did the things

go where the where's the history where

did all that

go what the freak happened here

something H hang on one second let me

check a


five okay here we

go um well I will not say I will not be

calling out any names but um this guy

here that was whose name just appeared

on the screen and

that ah spiritually connected on one day

to another eventually yes because I

personally blessed these medallions even

the one that I I do put I do personally

paint a lot of these and yet um there's

outreaching and going on


yeah I like us may too she's very she's

very cool let me try turn that light



oh you know what I can answer that by

way really quick

web bam well best as you can see it

despite the green screen yeah here it is

yeah cursed words are not

great um I don't know what tnd D

is just I don't know what TD is anyway

so I finish my D is made to go into this

melt tin and I warm up in the uh

oven maybe after I I'll give it some

thought and consideration but that's a

whole different thing right there it's a

whole different

thing anyway so that being

said um I don't typically watch hockey

so I'm not consciously aware of hockey

players the only one I'm really aware of

is Wayne


H all right Barbara's doing okay Safe

Life well and healthy back at the old

place wherever that is wherever as

opposed to wherever I


anyway anyway really using the

traditional clay this is not Model Magic

we're not using that on

these no absolutely not G4 I'm not

watching anything G5 until after myo P

friendship is Magic season 14 episode 26

is aired

period uh favorite song Still Sonic Boom

Sega CD long version at the end credits

I like that all

time I'm working these

here there you tell me

look good how about

um eat a

bun H I'll post it soon enough I just

haven't got around to it yet I've been

really busy and I just been drained by

lots of things in the metaphysical my

metaphysical workings and

everything oh no nobody actually visited

me in jail at all on that note period so

you can put that rumor like to rest you

can lay that rumor to

rest thank you but I'm afraid I can only

appreciate you as a kind individual and

platonically okay unfortunately this is

why listen do this guy


yeah okay this is why I got do


five anyway working on me and I'll

take I'm taking the questions and I'm

just doing as I

feel I told you what it was I told you

the truth nothing happened

period um I have not I don't know what

that is consciously I do not consciously

know what that

is yeah

um we have more we have every single

individual in a variety of music between

both halves of our

Earth NOP you're dead you're gone you're

dead period bye-bye clean goodbye you're

long dead I'm never saying your name not

even in justest Period never even say

I'm never saying that name again you're

dead that guy's dead anyway

oh yeah I've

uh yeah I've

I've uh down I've I've tone down the

number of my friends on my

game there I say PR to this guy for that

guy faster than light in time

anyway there's no Curtis

here anyway there you go you see the

other Med

mode now I can appreciate that these get

moded and under my approval as

well you're

welcome um

anyway ah the extra extraterrestrial

individuals from throughout the cosmos

the space um they're just about as good

as good of individuals and creatures as

any other

really you know

what speak for yourself

guy just simply speak for

yourself thank


that is none of your business about

where I live I'm keeping that Offline

that is strictly

personal well that's to be confirmed uh

you just uh we take we'll take

applications uh later when I make when I

we'll take applications through the

Gmail I'm G put that in the queue for

later that thought I just had anyway

thank you

Kimba thank you Kima I mean

Simba happy happy birthday you are very

blessed yes you

are oh um yeah we're working on that

just that's another detail we got

multiple multiple details sorting out

um yeah yeah just well when we get

around to actually further doing on the

Minecraft everybody will be brought in

and to work now we have a lot we have

received very good responses to that I

am very

grateful I let the snow lights out the

Pokeball and it's a shiny snor lats snor

lats you think

I you think I actually left reality no

it's just what is reality anyway I mean

you never really thought about it


um yeah no

comment all those that submit their

submit their responses to their

Minecraft server we'll be we'll get

response soon enough we've just been

busy with many many other

things you will find life you will live

find love someday in some like guy dark

B you

will you just got to follow light power

path and uh




I I am somewhere safe everything is good

you do I'm not going to be any more

specific than that and if you don't see

my car in Ruckersville that means I'm

not there so that's to whole two plus

two half

problem you know what I will say one

thing so you know what it's like that

one it's like I'm making a reference

here to a certain uh MLP fan F fan fan

animation on that's on YouTube just like

you know it's as if Celestia had

banished B

banished rainbow and Pinkie Pie to the

Moon in favor of prince in favor of her

in favor of Luna answering

questions you know what this Rainbow's

response just it's similar to my

response h jok's on you it's safer in

here good luck with the comment

section yeah that's another detail play

random mat memory yeah I go out of jail

I made it to Gateway it took y'all

literally a whole month before actually

taking any pictures of me and I've

actually been to a couple of places

before Rashi revealed myself to the

individuals there you know just I I mean

just telling them who I telling them who

I was it's like nobody it's like nobody

actually that's and that's another

detail entirely right there you couldn't

have just approach me say hello kindly

you had to really take pictures without

my permission or consent

whatsoever and do

that thank you just thank you

anyway I still laugh that fact took all

month before y'all even did that that

was a dumb

thing yeah no I don't know I don't know

them I don't know you



you yes I already did say a prayer to

him for

him working

on this

Medallion oh yeah I have seen the second

Side movie I thought it was pretty

good quite decent uh of course you know

I L really like from the first movie

just so as I crash question of cold dark

wats the Pacific I realized a few things

I back that I'll come back to that

question m a i had no idea where I'm

going B soft water stings c i shouldn't

even be here right now but I am why

because you shot

me I'll take down to consideration you

sh I'm I'm going there's a fish on my

head and clearly on the get just done on


own I am not I am not Liberty to State

specifically where or what I am but just

know I'm safe alive and well and

everything otherwise I would not be

doing this live stream right

now I played some side Frontiers just

have not played completely through even

the fir even the the the original

game I've been busy with a whole M other

details some



ah I like oh Scotland's pretty Scotland

is a cool country I give you that but

anyway I'd like to visit uh London

England no none I get all the I get all

the donations and just they really

needed considering what I need to have

done like I I mean I I I want to get

more traditional frames and they get my

eyes real check um well I would sample

your music at least um that's a question

I gota come back to and also I got D I

have D work I need to get taken care of

so that's well think all right so first

off music dra genre I like all kinds of

music really but um I guess if anything

I like uh I really like just pop music

just something with a really good beat

that I can dance to and like and all

that yeah I'm not I'm not saying much

more than what I've already said about

her period I

mean she has a right to her own privacy

in life as well period oh thank you

anyway oh favorite color Barry charge

blue I've mentioned that before my

favorite color and shade is battery



in particular it's the shade of my san

form's preferred

color no and while I was in jail I was

segregated from the other prisoners so I

didn't really have a so much of a social

life inside jail but at least the

details and all that were fair I I

enjoyed the kosher tray and I actually

did very well on the kosher tray I

enjoyed fish on Friday that was good

that was a good deal and I really like

tofu I know personally I prefer the

white tofu a lot better than a brown

tofu despite me me knowing that the

white tofu is supposed to be reminiscent

of chicken and the brown tofu is

reminiscent of

beef but yeah I like

tofu excuse me one second I gotta warm

up some more some more clay for these

Medallion I'll be right back after these


and we're back everybody


gamble because they did a




anyway I'm holding the sign you a figure

right right here and we have this little


PR one right here as well an ominous

individual oh turn the mic up turn the

mic up turn the mic

up darn I'll fix that later turn the mic

let me see no the mic okay the mic

volume is okay check in the mic check in

the mic one two one two okay check in

the mic check in the mic one two one two

check in the mic check in the mic

all right anyway all right so everybody

can sing and dance for Christmas about

that we have confirmed the might still

works all

right all right anyway

um next


yeah well we are working on the

Minecraft server we just like I said

we've been really really busy

lately another detail another thing

everybody likes to


anyway right when

I oh drawing in

email I don't have Splatoon three I may

consider it I just haven't got amount to

that point


eras I don't know what Aras is

consciously and I would

believe yes it did happen

okay yes and yes and not right now

they're working out on the B but savann

rosu is here in the room with me

I would say she her with respect and

kindness like you would Dr Wolf's wife

his lovely lady

okay but anyway just everybody to their

own individual details and all

that I read a little bit of it I read a

little bit of it I haven't read the



yeah the race cars are yeah the race

cars are pretty

cool my earlier

thought that's GNA to get fits

later Soder

Soder is there Cherry Soder on that


Island oh yeah I have tried makeup

before and just it it tends to yeah blue

eyes Shadow I've actually done that

before it's really good I have done

fingernail polish and coloring my nails

before but I do so much physical work it

just it sends slip up all the


hello there I say hello to that guy's


without being too

specific okie dokie have a good


everybody yeah oh up all up against need

not we have exping experience levels and

we will pick up on those that have the

best vibration and authenticity within

themselves uh that's to be

confirmed uh has not been decided just

yet uh likely it'll be private at first

and then made public

later the only Electronics I had in jail

was an amfm

radio and it was a j wind

brand it looked like an

iPod of all time Sonic




um presently I'm uh doing work in amimal

Crossing New Horizons and I have played

some psych superstars in recent

days I also enjoy I also enjoyed life of

strange True

Colors it certainly will not be drump

he's staying in jail forever

period oh first day I got

out um I adjusted to my new life

where I was at the

time everybody is already in the on the

scene 97 half whether it be through

their self-c counterparts or from their

from their former self-c counterparts

that were alive there that are living

here ah oh yes there will be more and

more other individuals but Le s he lived

back in the days he was born in uh uh

I'm trying to remember it counts



phos name Le is really really really

really old he was born within the 300s

BC within that

century and he lived for happy birthday

happy birthday happy


birthday and he lived for hundreds of

years within his uh with his in this

Village that was not far from the

ultimate Emerald

Shrine thank thank you very

much and he was and he was uh my he was

my friend

and and on Earth's metaphysical guide on

Earth as in addition to uh you know

Emanuel and all the other gods and

guyses uh back when I was Hy Christ back

when my brain my brain trying to blank

out on me good

grief anyway um but yeah he essentially

had the closest links to the uh

everything that there there is and was

and would have been back

time no kameha there you go there's no

cursing because I know that draw it does

like draw back on me

there yeah only plays there you go yeah

there you go that guy



yeah uh I do not know who that is and it

sounds like that would not be too great

of a resulting time

and considering the alternate timelines


oh we have a poot set up I will reveal

that later on on my I reveal that later

on when we are when we are ready to do


yeah yeah they've already done that for

me and I I don't have to stream them but

yeah I mean empathy in itself is a


period anyway H where was I bring oh

yeah Lees uh but yeah he's really really

old he uh end up moving forward uh after

uh a while after my resurrection back

when I jus back when I was Jesus Christ

and all

that you're acknowledged guy you're


anyway he was really really connect he

was very very connected with everything

metaphysical she says hello she says

hello back to

you Hello

darling yeah

anyway that'll be the PO boot which I

will reveal later


thank you thank you very


you yeah I mean but still I mean the the

similarities and differences are obvious

between the two mods but

still oh yeah

just okay but I mean that's all right

he's from

verse yeah well that's funny I can't

remember what you did to me either

Anan I don't know about your

game I don't know about your game as

opposed to other games that have

been bought to my conscious attention in


timeline and all the others that are in

my unconsciousness that would take a

long way


hey I'll definitely take that in

consideration yes thank you very much

y'all have pretty good fun shows here



um yes yes he has been re he has been he

had been reincarnated

and he's actually on the side of good

right now and I sh I forgot the other


um I have not been play many xbot games

recently and I've been have not been

much on the PlayStation 4 I've been

really very busy with life and


yes yes it

is why why not I

mean there's a lot more I have so much

more document about me as a as a as

opposed to my past self that H as Jus

Christ yeah well the Call's coming in

from inside your house

house um at at this point

no but just she had she's safe she's uh

managing and now she getting to know her

neighbors a little better back at the


place I've actually been feeling pretty

good more positive and more spir and

more spiritually satisfied and

everything it has been working out for

the more positive I really it's like you

know I should the old place some time

ago I mean just like

everybody I can't really say not on top

of my head there's a variety of Music

aside from Terror Swift it will take me

a while it would take me a while to

actually meditate on that actually

remembered that yeah stop pretending to

be my dad he's alive on the se7 half as

a s sh

physically and you are not him so stop

pretending stop


okay well you're saying it it's

funny made me it made me laugh inside a


bit can we please get this guy out


anyway um see I believe I talked

about quite a bit I mean I feel like I

covered that PL enough I mean

just that'll do for now um but yeah what

else is on my mind what else is coming

into my mind I'm thinking I'm


okay maybe later I'll check maybe later

I'll check it

outram well that's to be confirmed um

send me the uh send the link to my Gmail

and I'll give it a look



comment not quite all right still this

do do

yes more than times I've been I've

literally been throughout the

Multiverse the point is to Cal down and

not be so high in stress so then Focus

can be better

achieved yes thank you very much thank


your closest best friends are

blessed you want sure M I'm working on

it um I believe I already did I already

told you my favorite song of on time of

all time I guess you want to do a song

for me go with uh liby Newton John's

twist of

fate hello h hello hello hello B

Lassie and all the Irish

Adent um that's to be confirmed

um that would count as a commission

really but that's when I open up for

commissions I will take that make that


option happy happy birthday happy

birthday happy birthday happy happy

birthday happy


yeah will you pleas not pretend to be Mr

C you're not him go somewhere else


yeah I've heard that guy he's actually

decent I'd consider

it yeah I hav't I don't know about that

show but thank you

anyway oh


um well we're working on that later

there will be collab projects to be

revealed and participating in later on

it just hasn't


huh hanging their names on the Christmas

tree evolving as they can


yeah well don't pretend to be me but you

are blessed as

well anyway oh boy all right I gotta

make I got to warm some more clay I'll

be right back following this lovely


and we're back everybody so now we bring

you another sponsor of our lovely show

watch is fruit snacks really really good

fruit snacks these are they're they're

chopped full of vitamins a c and e and

just 10 pieces of these fruit

snacks is 25% of your daily value of

vitamins AC c and e really really good

available your local jail commentary and


everywhere and about the much enough few

I I open this bag

there we

go yeah I know who that is and just

that's a whole different kill of fish


there absolutely not he changed his ways

he saw the error of his

ways I mentioned it

earlier I enjoy all

genres except heavy metal and there's

one exception from that which would be

death clock's Thunder horse and that's

on my

playlist there was no replacing me

period the one that's been replaced by

anybody is you by your own perspective

and perception of

yourself Toyota Tacoma 2009 yada yada


um that's I'm not sure I'd have to

reread that and think about that I'll

read it

later happy happy birthday happy

birthday happy birthday happy happy

birthday happy

birthday happy happy birthday happy

birthday happy birthday happy happy



oh um I'm not picky but I'd say blue

fruit snacks are pretty good cuz then

they could be blueberry


oh he has many times before and I have

seen the episode ohy poopy Butthead got

whole expansion of his character

revealed in that

show oh



yeah the yeah Karma and everything good

and light power and righteous is already

given them their

D okay I'll give you that I'll try to

give you that one if I

can't I mean just essentially I'm doing

the molding on the the in the mold


y just

y my brain just went somewhere else why

am my brain go somewhere


else very good yep you are blessed you

are blessed anyway


I dressed up in a fun Sonic costume for

a little

bit just for a little

bit that's yeah that depends on how open

he would be for the light powered and

righteousness and

good anyway here's another

one be oh oh big is my head oh big is my

head I got news for you it's wider these

days because my psychic powers are

really developing I mean look at

this see this groove that's a big Groove

and what did you say really quick

oh I'll have to reread that one later

but um just pretty much going with the

flow right here happy happy birthday to

that guy



Jenkins there's your word association

right there just felt appropriate just

felt very appropriate right there that



yeah I like the out house it's a good

show I love the Good Ship

there nope

nope I disagree I respectfully

disagree there's a lot there were a lot

of demons and Devils influence in the



all that good light powered and

righteous positivity and flow the cosmos



everything you are

blessed it wasn't just a night he

redeemed himself he repented for his

misdeeds and crimes and

sins and he was

cleansed that never

happened I say it

before it Still Remains true it never



if I say yes will the question not be




spee been thinking



for happy happy birthday


birthday cave Hogs why don't they just

share a


well no more no different than from

those that were others everybody else

that were featured in said

movie why don't you go play Persona five

Now featuring The Joker and that stupid

beem I have two number NES a number nine

large a number six and extra dip a



he shall take his time to recover but he

does need to lay off that night


qu yeah ai's been around for a lot lot

longer time than that so it's nothing

new it's artificial

intelligence and in Japan it's also

known this


yeah I

have they're a decent Bunch but not

perfect stupid dog you made me look B bo


bo happy happy birthday happy birthday

happy birthday birthday happy happy



birthday uh it's I believe it's

available I mean I believe I posted it

on TW I posted on the Twitter when I

announced the request

for M for the Minecraft

modders yeah I'm aware of too good to be

true deals I'm just



we are keeping personal details of the

public life for the time being but when

it comes to the details of which we can

actually trust the personal details with

that be a whole different cish only with

them there is no no there's no local



Lal um a few but I have to get back to

you on


yes Israel is the Holy One it's the holy


zapping it


up I have B feelings about


um I will for


bling that's to be confirmed the holiday

ornaments as to be confirmed I can't say

for positive

yet for the most part and latter yes all

my chakras have been aligned I've

connected with

everything so

yes once we get everything sorted out

yes that will be an option but that's to

be confirmed later

on okay okay okay



so yeah I definitely need to be away

from everything and everyone as I did in

J during the time I was in

jail serving the time for everybody's

sins and

regrets Pro of my power you have to

believe got to have faith

possibly but I don't know those

individuals consciously in this


maybe and if I do maybe I will show it

off but that's a whole different Kettle

fishing to be

confirmed I do read

it but as I said earlier I'm not doing

the shoutouts


no can you please stop pretending to be


else well that doesn't surprise me but

they don't sound anything like me just

like that guy that tried to be my voice

on that episode smiling don't forget

about me Greece I could done it did you

do it oh I toally could have no that

don't sound me and all forget about me

gree I could have done it did you do it

uh well I mean no but toally could

have a stupid thing to say and shoot

um darn it I got so focused and making


CL up up up down up down up down why am

I an

elevator my got blump in this

one um no I have not heard of it

I've been to an alternate

Dimension where it's all


hello and why bad time for that to

happen because I've been in an alternate

Dimension where it's literally just

without Conant says Set set set set all

the time and so much BDSM there just no

nothing ever got done there so


yep what you said not your


um just talk with your mom and uh give

her love and appreciation

regardless and I mean that



and great great thanks great apape I

lost my train of

thought he's been dealing with them for

years if he hasn't F bet by himself

right now he needs to learn

more oh oh thank


there you

go hard lumps in this

one space look at all these


lumps yes I have fans all around the


so that's not hardly worth that's hardly


question and don't fit SES on my breast

eyes up here eyes up

here you know what that's okay if he

wants to be a low cow go

ahead he wants to be low cal go

ahead what was up with the whole thing

with the loow

anyway I'm not doing jups but I got want

some more clay I'll be right back



and we are

back and Now for Something Completely

Different how about we push a little


out there be so much funnier this thing

wasn't green


yeah yeah just everybody can imagine

what this could be but yeah no it's

screen it's lumpy it's a pickle I'm

squeezing a stress pickle that's made

out of

foam Ah that's funny where do my eyes

go ah continue being yourselves continue

love and appreciate yourself and your

soul searching and be kind to yourself

with yourself and everyone and anybody

that uh wants to give you bad details

and talk and just uh don't worry about

them and know I'm going just

like there goes that

pickle and now back to

this nope stop pretending to be criselle

I wish you people would stop pretending

to be those that I know are not within

the stream right now

okay uh nope Karma already bit him down

and out so yeah Q Farms that's dead de

dead unform not dead Antichrist it


fornite is actually an in between

Dimension outside of either 12 outside

of either 128 or c19

72 there you go you are blessed you are

blessed I went down to The


okay that's a date no oh yeah


nope nice

try happy happy birthday happy


no it's not me more for for everything

it's literal it's

physical he shall have the blessings as

he needs to upon his



a prayer has been said for


uh nope and don't pretend to be my

attorney oh it's doing good in fact it's

doing just as good as Hyrule since they

are in the same neck of the woods



I don't have anything against him but it

just depends on how open he is to good

light power and

righteousness and I'm just trying to

keep from uh giving shout outs like I

said no female pronouns

period they them is also acceptable by I

prefer female she


the prayer has been said and he shall be

blessed as he shall

be yes you have yes you are blessed

during your Tri triy during a bunch of

events that are tried emotional hard and



I'm not putting the camera down any

lower nobody's getting any crotch shots

and eyes up


more um I like I like the Sally Acorn

mod for Sonic one and Sonic 2 and S


H I'm sorry to hear


hey look

pickle pick me up and de pickle me I



know I'd say speak for yourself there is

no delusions here

period the only delusion

around here are those that call


neurotypical the only ones that are

really quote crazy are the

neurotypicals where they do not see

within the Multiverse and everything

that is deeper

metaphysical oh yeah um either way is

good Chris or Christine or Jesus

Christ and Christ Chan Christ Chan take

your pick it's all

good you are blessed your friend is

blessed thank


there is no lying only truth is

spoken I have hardly any need to since I


married so therefore I'm spoking

for yeah we'll talk about that later but

we don't need there's no need for Rush

especially considering times of

details godam it

K guys I'm


count your

blessings address put your money to

other things that do not involve the

habit of which you are trying to

alleviate yourself

from and follow like powers and


individuals that's right because most of

the world are not


they may think they are but they are

not oh yes everything does yes

everything has been shifting and is

continuing on in this process within the

ending steps of the dimension merge and

the ultimate miracle and fut Tri and

everything yes yes yes yes yes yes yes



only truth is spoken and there never

ever was any sets between Barbara and I



you are



the fact that they said

that they don't they don't understand

what I mean they don't understand

definition of the word


he shall see the error of his ways and

recover on his own time and


2009 tacle edit I don't know about that

but I your wishes with my taco flavor

KES Tac taco

you know what for that individual that

keeps bringing it up why don't you just

go bring it up with the alternate

distant timeline that never is anything

related to or close to this one

period oh I do have music playing in the

background I have

a I have an oh my brain went blank on

the word the day there but anyway I have

a binero beat playing in the

background off screen I look at my phone

and look at the video it look at the

track I'm playing right now it's playing

in the

background yeah it's a b narrow beat

from Heavenly

eyes Scyther and


sneez Magic chance a prime criselle Ros

Prime sylvana Rosie Prime and the prime

of all meww

period dro the

piece my bring went blank on give me a

moment ah she is

physically quite all she is

physically um she is mentally and

physically well over 20 years old

rain blink but she has been actually

been to the Future developed many many

years physically and then came

back it was a slow progression upon

realizing my my true gender and identity


everything uh the try came around during

the year



goty penis monsters

got nope there there's your stupid meme

right there yeah I said it hey get back

here on this

boat and you know what I'm just gonna

ignore anybody with this word in their

name period I'm just gonna ignore


period nope

one moment at a

time one moment at a time take deep

Rifts count your blessings follow that

which is good light powered and

righteous within your intuition as

opposed to Temptations and all that you

can bear yourself in that way

dude meditate on all that and everything

and all metaphysical connections but

your self-c counterparts out the

Multiverse and everything everything

everywhere all at



and day Chistmas jingle bell jingle B


Bells um I have considered Tik Tock um

but it's not in my present plan at this

time although I do have one that is on

observation alone I'm not mainly going

to be using that as a video streaming

service or platform so don't expect any

videos from me on Tik

Tok Hy doie spy

I want to be





yes I

did I gotta go War some more clay for

this last set of four

medallions um now these will be painted

off stream this is a whole special thing

but these are painted you will see the

final results when they are delivered to

the individuals that they go end up

going going out to

later we certainly got to get that

turn yes we shall consider that thank

you anyway I'll be right back I got to

go War some more


and welcome back to the



show all right anyway let's do some more

I got four more Medallion I got the last

four CU I'm making I was making 20 in

all so I give you all this time I'm TI

looking at blank eyes so let's

do the

oh I'll watch this guy because it's on


now oh


one hard

piece that was

a oh yeah it's a really good show I've

watched both seasons so

far oh but I I don't care too much about

the chaos Sonic in that one that was

really dumb that was


oh um how much talking about really I

just uh don't know too much personally

but he's a good individual for the

ladder he is a good

individual nobody's making comments

about that because this is an SF this is

a safe for work Channel this is a safe

for work thing and we are keeping things

safe for work

oh yeah I've watched uh some of the some

of the episodes of the metal ocalypse

but I have not seen the movie I felt

like uh it was just a bit too

much I mean story I just didn't really

just didn't find be long


oh yeah because Satan has been trolling

has been bugging a whole lots a whole

lot of individuals including those are

fighting between Israel and Palestine

right now but yeah Israel shall succeed

they shall last

longer that is foreing prophesized and

forn ah but he is is cleansed and

blessed all he needs to do is to stay on

light power path of



any we think what else what else what

else which yall see that's just the

whole oh oh I think you're referring to

L bin the one that misheard by name is

uh when I told him my name was

Christopher he misheard it call me

Christian that inspired the name change


that is a thought I still need to catch

up I had the last episode I saw was yes

go ahead and make the jokes the last

episode of J Samuel series I saw was


69 I told you shout


outs what I say my brain oh great thanks

for making me lose my thought


yeah I mean just essentially you already

are whether I drew you in or wrote you

in or not

period I told you I'm not doing shout

outs I'm staying with that I'm sticking


that here here's your stupid New Meme

right now I'm not doing any shout outs

and I'm sticking with

that there

stupid thing stupid stupid thing you

made that's me you this why you think me


dog oh by the way I'm betting on Courage

cowardly dog in the Scooby-Doo versus

courage death

battle you tell with a lot worse than




the original version without as much

details and definitely the one that have

more accurate details when I read when I

redo it into the HD version which will

have absolutely no NSFW content in it

whatsoever despite the circumstances and

details that came about from all of


everybody sing a song bra is trying to

remember what I was talking about

earlier it's been the first it's SP the

first time to have awkward moments

within it and I do not speak of personal

details on my own part period that's

enough of that that's enough it just

spit the awkwardness and roll with

it well he shall progress and heal as

best as he can but I'm that's just a

whole mess of details on that part I

don't want to go too much into without

uh causing Fe causing deeper emotions




I I have help in those I have a little I

get by a Little Help from My Friends in

in regards to my emails but I see some

of them I am aware of them I do get them

and we are sorting through them that's a

whole different Gall of fish right


my head went somewhere else why did my

head go somewhere

else as long as she sees life power and

good and continues forward with that she

shall no longer be

sad there are no Ducks here whatsoever

period that's enough said please refrain

from asking that

question there shall be no more talk

about that it's a poison no

subject and I will no longer be the

victim of


I gota be careful with when I snap my

fingers because they do

manifest I don't need to say anything

but I will clear the room of all

darkness and bad

Tidings I know yes that's the detail

we're working on we're trying to sort

that out I know

look at this whes by's


nopar oh thank you very much thank you

very much


note yeah that one's regular

Sonu but he's doing okay they're doing

okay I'm trying to do

things they are they are

blessed oh pardon me that just felt good

that was a soul belt just in a whole

mess of bad vibes just a mess of energy

just went out of me and I got a little

bit of a cleans from that so take that

as a good



my sing but I'll tell you what if I upon

reaching 100,000 subscribers and getting

a silver YouTube button I will be very

thankful for the blessing it shall be



time I'm doing the


PR lunges and presses up up up up

there's your


uh actually yes that is


true cool thanks that's a

fetish cool than that's a

fetish that was

funny um I guess if anybody a Goan I

don't I never really went to in the

expansive detail Digimon dig digit

Monsters Digimon are real stupid Pokemon

Pock the monsters Pokemon are the

champions like

why nope I will not be I will not be

saying things out loud like loudly like

that because that would just bring on

manifestation that I am not looking to

manifest yeah Karma will see him fall


harshly he shall reveal himself to be

not when you shall have your your period

when the time is right I need not s my

fingers for


no that was a long time ago I have

progressed further matured since

then and we are taking things in a more

positive and safer work direction from

now on


on the one hand yes since it is also my

my fur my furco or my sry form

so I'd say interpret whatever meaning

you will from the calmness and bless of

this I'll tell you what here's a

suggestion holy blue

flame leave it on that you can meditate

on that take your time on that anyway

one more one more



one more time I like to sing


ah H I will speak this for for that one

religious aspect as well as all

religious aspects the correct religion

is all good religions none the satanic

ones only those are positive lifeart and

righteousness and of course that does




Buddhism methodism and so forth the

zodiac signs Chinese calendar all that

they're all just individual pieces of

the bigger greater puzzle put them all

together find

the yeah prise me as Jesus or H is

Christ Chan or Christ Chan or

CHR take your pick it is

good yeah we broke up a long time ago

and you are

dead you get no that guy gets no

acknowledgement from me anymore

period give it time and and his faith

shall be renewed within his vision and

eyes and sight physically tangibly

everything it shall be so it is

D the friend there is

blessed the not sure I could say say

same about you with the with such a

screen name as that one

zap to the ex stream zap it up to the

stream we Zing up to this




oh has to be or not to be

a now I have not played that game within


timeline I am aware of the Guilty Gear

series though and it is quite decent and

good yes I am opening for

collaborations and further and it shall

be as as I mentioned on the previous

stream it shall be a consider it shall

be a Happ sance of don't call us we'll

call you

situation and just pretty much

like that and it shall be a whole pick

and shoose and we shall pick those that

VI good and well with

us but anyway that's Medallion number 20

as I have uh made the bow and promise to

do so I am so this is it for this little

lovely little Q&A I pray that you all

were able to enjoy and everything so

before I close


there shall be no commentary about

that the details had to be said in the

past tense to manifest what needed to be

because I did not want to be attacked


anybody that would have happened had

actually been able to make it to that

convention in that year matter was

from that him that who name shall not be

mentioned again

period or Joshua moon or

Isabella anyway let's clear the



nope stop pretending anyway I do thank

you all for your continued patronage and

everything I shall see you all again

next stream

yall take care and have a blessed and


day and that'll be the last one I

respond to everybody have a good safe

day or night depending on which part of


Simple Existential Q&A

Simple Existential Q&A is a livestream in which Chris primarily focuses on responding to paid messages from donators. The stream is moderated, with messages chiding weens to use their inside voice.


Simple Existential Q&A
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Stardate 10 November 2023
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations, PraetorPraetor Praetor
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7:42: Chris claims to have eaten an apple, banana, and 2 oranges for breakfast. He also states he is not a fan of mayonnaise because it is fatty.

8:33: Chris claims that his autism "has been cured" through meditations and affirmations.

9:27: Chris sings and dances about Christmas.

10:06: Chris predicts the team that will win the Super Bowl will be the team that has earned it.

10:20: Chris claims to be unaware of the infamous Rainbow Dash jar.

12:22: Chris begins to ramble about how he did not have sex with his mother, saying (at 13:42) he accessed the memories of a self counterpart in a distant alternate timeline to ensure he went to jail in Virginia and not Washington.

16:57: Chris says that everyone in Palestine has fallen to the wiles of Demons and Devils.

17:52: Says he did not make up the story about having sex with his mom.

18:48: Chris mentions Megan Schroeder, saying that: "She was not a toxic hater."

19:34: Everyone in Palestine has been blessed by Chris

23:03: When asked about starting an OnlyFans, Chris claims to not know what that is but it is a possibility in the future.

25:42: Claims there are a few Non-binary Sonichu characters (there is no mention of which characters) but the majority stick with their birth gender.

25:26: According to Chris, George Floyd ended up in C-197 after his death

37:16: Chris sings "I've got a fish would you like to make a wish?"

41:52: Chris says those who want to cosplay as Barbara should cosplay as her when she was "nicer and more successful". He does not refer to her as his mom.

46:05: Chris reminds everyone he is already God so he doesn't need to also be the president

52:38: "Cutting your grass is not murder."

54:29: Chris Chan prophesized Covid-19 in Sonichu 10. This is specifically referring to plotline where the Homo Vaccine was created to cure Homosexuality.

56:50: Sonichu sides with Israel



[sonic doing sick flips with text "Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime STREAM COMING SOON!"]

3:16: [Stream Begins]

Hey everybody [claps] yay and merily [points up to our lord and savior] [adjust in seat, heavy breathing]

Right so tonight is a simple uh Q&A and live stream. I'll be responding to uh... mainly the uh paid questions that pop up... and uh during which I'll be signing these uh [raises illegible paper to camera] lovely certificates of authenticity and hey look at that IT'S Not transparent hehe [shows off medallion] and neither is this. So we got that sorted out [adjust hair, pit sweat non-existent]

Briefly, everybody is able to hear me okay thROUGH THE MICROPHONE? [adjust mic] IS IT LOUD ENOUGH? Is it loud enough? You better sing a song about it cuz it might be loud enough... huh [heavy breathing]

Anyway [long sigh] so anyway with that being said uh... [heavy breathing while leaning to grap book] I'm gonna grab a book to get st- to get one of these certificate of authenticity to uh... get going... [lots of adjusting] get going on that.

Anyway let's see today is uh... the 10th of November. Anyway [pops pen cap] just get my thoughts together and everything [deep sigh] as we vibe out with positive good vibes and everything it's so good... [responding to the few positive comments] oh well thank you very much for... amazing day... anyway... [comments pouring in saying "Mic Muted"] do do do doo... [sighs] what do you mean huh... wait what mic muted? let me look. Check the audio on that... [stares at computer] TESTING ONE TWO THREE NOPE IT's Not muted.

4:50: [A Wonderful Galaxy: do you like Fluttershy?] yes I like Fluttershy, she's a nice- she's a lovely nice kind Pony... she's a lovely nice and kind Pegasus.

Anyway let me think [touches forhead] dut du du duu. ummm thinking about alls those things I could talk about hmm [sticks tongue out] but yeah among all the uh details of which uh... I have... thought about and further meditated upon while was- during my time in jail I've also expanded on the Autobot team of CWCville which y'all will remember uh good old Autobot Son-Chu... and Excelina and Prowler of course Bumble-Lumba and Armoraxe. They were the uh main five. Then we got four more cuz we had combiner team as well and three of them had human- had human partners aside from uh Son-Chu and Chris there. So yeah that's a whole mess of uh other details going on.

Anyway let's see... can we please get some paid commentary? At least we got that sorted out... [making noises] Anyway chill vibe and stream bring on positivity. Everybody... [waves had in blessing] bless all of you. It is good... Anyway let me think what else is on my mind. [mumbles something while writing]

6:18 [fearshighted [Sophie Sixx] just subscribed!] Well there you go the first activity of the night... right there as far as the... [continues writing]

Anyway let me think. Think [exasperated sigh] my brain just feels like freezing up all of a sudden

6:18 [AustinAustin donated $2! Hey Christine! Did you have a good day today? :)] hu oh yes [wiggles pen around] I did have a good day today thank you very much actually you know what that's a good point, I can talk about my day today just a little bit but not in too much detail. So essentially today was just uh [scratches back revealing minor pit sweat] kind of a busy... simple day mmmm... got up with- I got up in the morning uh listening to one of my favorite tracks as well as uh Olivia Newton-John's Twist of Fate. Really good- really good song by the way. After all this time it still is.

7:03 [average will wood fan donated $4.99 through super chat! can you send me a sample of your semen?] [Chris leans in to read] [looks away in disappointed disbelief]

Anyways so is anyway going on my day just to essentially um my brain just blanked out little bit uh so I had some breakfast. I had some uh fruit.

7:18 [Clement Eli Gooseman donated ₱249 through super chat! Hey Sonichu Prime pls give a shoutout to Michael Rapaport] [leans in to read] hu okay good. that's good that that worked out a little bit.

Anyway so I have my breakfast had some fruit and uh made- I made an omelette this morning...

7:33 [Rotten Waifu donated ARS 200 through super chat!]

[long pause]

yeah just this uh spicy omelette with some salt and pepper. I had an apple... banana and two oranges.. and uh talk to my friends. Everything's been going good...

7:48 [Vanilluxe TV donated $2 through super chat! Chris, what is your opinion on mayonnaise?] [leans in to read] uh yeah mayonnaise just I'm not totally a big fan of mayonnaise... on that part...

8:03 [Isrulius donated $1.99 through super chat! Christine can you bless with a prophecy?]

[leans in, continues talking about mayo] I try to avoid it because it's fa-

[finishes reading, stops talking about mayo] mmm well... prophecy will come about uh naturally through me just [pats head] um my thought process I'm connected with everything so that's just a whole... thing

8:18 [Armonia donated £4.99 through super chat! Good day Jesus! Out of curiosity what is your favorite all time Sonichu issue you've ever made? Also did you read much Archie sonic?] [makes donor popup larger] oh hum I have read Archies C- the Archie Sonic long time ago I had it- I had like most of the books but not all of them.

8:33 [eUTXO_Pro donated £2 through super chat! Ignore haters! As jesus did you cure your autism?] [smirk] yeah my autism for the most part has been cured just through meditation and affirmations... Just everything has been uh decent good about that

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Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions
hey everybody yay and

merily right so tonight is a simple uh

Q&A live stream I'll be responding to uh

mainly the uh paid questions that pop up

and during which I'll be signing these

lovely certificates to authenticity and

hey look at that it's not

transparent and neither is this so we

got that sorted out pray everybody is

able to hear me okay through the

microphone is it loud enough is it loud

enough you better sing a song about it

because it might be loud

enough anyway so anyway with that being

said uh I'm and I grab a book to get get

one of these certificate of authenticity

to uh get

going getting on on that any let's see

today is uh the 10th of November anyway

just get my thoughts together and

everything as We Vibe out with positive

Good Vibes and everything it's so

good oh well thank you very much

for amazing day

anyway what do you

mean what mic muted let me look check

the audio

then testing one two three nope it's not

muted yes I like Fluttershy she's a nice

she's a lovely nice kind

Pony she's a lovely nice and kind

Pegasus anyway let me think

think I'm thinking about all those

things I could talk

about but yeah among all the details of

which uh I have thought about in further


upon while was during my time in jail

I've also expanded on the autobot team

of quickfi which y'all remember uh good

old Autobot

Sanu and that's Elena and Prowler of

course Bumble lumba and amarat they were

the main five

then we got four more cuz we have

combiner team as well and three of them

at human at human Partners aside from

Sonu and Chris there so yeah that's a

whole mess of other details going on

anyway let's

see can we please get some B commentary

at least we got that sorted


just anyway chill VI and stream bring BR

on positivity

everybody bless all of you it is

good anyway let me think what else is on


mind well there you go the first

activity of the night right there as far



anyway let me

think my brain just feels like freezing

up all of a sudden oh oh yes I did have

a good day today thank you very much

actually you know what that's a good

thing I can talk about my day today just

a little bit but not in too much detail

so ually today was just a kind of a busy


day got up with I got up in the morning

listening to one of my favorite tracks

as was uh Olivia Newton John swis of

Fate really good really good song by the

way after all this time it still

is anyway so it's going on my day just

essentially um to blank down a little

bit uh so I had some breakfast I had

some uh

fruit okay good justed that work down a

little bit anyway so I have my breakfast

add some fruit and made I made an

omelette this

morning yeah this is a spicy omelette

with some salt and pepper I had an apple

banana and two

oranges and uh talk to my friends

everything's been going

good uh yeah mayonnaise just I'm not

totally a big fan of


on that

part I try to avoid it because it's

fat well prophecy will come about

naturally through me just one my thought

process I'm connected with everything so

that's just the



oh um I have read Archie the Archie

Sonic long time ago I had I had like

most of the books but not all of

them yeah my autism for the most part

has been cured this through meditation


affirmations just everything has been

decent good about

that hly somebody had a rough day



mean well you care about your day we'll

care about our day and everybody car

about their day in their own way it's a


day anyway we

think oh right my day

oh M Christmas f is nov yay so I just

heard we had to go s D it for Christmas

wait oh do we do let's go sing in Dan

for Christmas Jesus is coming back Jesus

is coming back I am right

here yay

okay that was the first justen I was in


oh oh yes it was good to meet you that


too why is my head behind the uh

deal art Bon Sy

this the team that wins the Super Bowl

shall be the team that has earned it it

has been predetermined by Divine

fate and

goodness Rainbow Dash jar I don't

consciously know that what that is but

it sounds like it could be a jar with a

picture of Rainbow Dash on it

oh that makes


ah because because PayPal was taking a

piece of the donation for

themselves so it's just essentially to

be sure I get some just to be make

sure we get a good we get a good

amount so just suffice to say sorry the

minimum has been raised but it's the way

it is with PayPal how taking a

cut it's like YouTube they take they

want to cut of they want their cut


anyway happy birthday to you thank you

for your support it is very good you are

kind yay it is good h any let me just

think my

dat um we'll do a stream one day in

regards to am Crossing New Horizons but

that's to be confirmed another day


time Mom and Dad is mine in

between and all that good stuff and let

me think just

um all right so I was talking about my

day so I have my breakfast and and uh

after that I uh sign I signed and add

line art onto the number of medallions

which of course they're all have mail by

the way the medallions they're back in

they're back in restart fully on the


store I will answer that question once

and I will not answer it again upon

repeat but essentially I'll get back to

that question question it's a duly noted

question but

anyway it was essentially to get my it

essentially under one hand in

preparation of getting myself to avoid

having to anything to

do with getting with where I was going

to be in the first place because had I

gone to everfree Northwest I would have

been really interpretated by uh Isabella

and I would let me in jail over there in

Washington state or some


something they okay here we go that was

a good talk anyway let's back to on that


right all right so just essentially

there's that detail and of course no

would have uh St me in the back one way

or another as he did with refunding

everybody when he did not have to we had

the pictures and

everything so there's that detail or of

course you know uh his name who will not

be mentioned who lives on Turk

Street yeah he would have just uh been

really really beyond evil made things a

lot worse at at that point so yeah it

was just better that I just let fate

Divine planning happening so I

just pretty much went with an alternate

a distant alternate timeline and

accessing the memories of that self

counterart of mine and

just yep going through that I did what I

did get myself

so I'll get back to that question in a

moment essentially just make just

accepting the fate and let myself be in

be my jail for a couple of times to get

through all


he hey good guy I remember you you're a

good man you're all right anyway so uh

yeah essentially when it comes to jail

it's just essentially I was segregated

from all the other prisoners so

essentially just treat me like a neut a

just a neutral type of feeling I didn't

have to worry about being

uh bo by too many other prisoners I was

in my own cell I was mostly in the medic

I was mostly in the medical Wing just

that was a whole which that was a thing

so I didn't have to worry too much I

could meditate find my comol for a few

months I was in a different sale with a

bunch of other noisy neighbors within uh


booking so just that's the whole thing

there you're W you are very welcome so

as for the uh the St the gravel and

stones from the old from the old from

the old from the old s Temple and the uh


stones and the other stones of course

I'm not ening the question I'm going to

answer that question in a

moment it just essentially you got you

get a piece of energy from the old San

temple with everything in regards to the

metaphysical energy the portals and

everything and all that

so you get you get a blessing for

yourself in that as

essentially and a piece of the energy

all this good

stuff thanks you may me forget the other

previous big

question no I am not disclosing where I

am period and that is none of your


my brain were blank then the other

question tell about

different oh boy if in order for me to

do that that would be just a whole lot

time to think

about just essentially

yeah anyway how do




okay oh actually yes there's some

positivity going around I'm I'm trying

to in I'm inspiring

that may I'm just trying to find a


question everybody is H yeah just

essentially those that are in Palestine

they have fallen to the Ws of the demons

and Devils so they'll mainly be they're

mainly blessed they follow the light

light power and all that but can't

really save everybody because it's by

Divine premonition we're sorting out

rooting out every single toxic

individual getting and leaving them

behind now if I can just remember what

the other question was I'm trying to

find how do I access the Super Chat

history on this

thing how do I access super

chats oh you it was pretty good just uh

and I was not in prison I was in jail

there's a difference big difference no

prison just jail Central Virginia

Regional Jail Orange

County I did not make it

happened well if you want to say I made

it up that's fine but but that's not the

case but hey would you would you rather

want to end up being in jail in a nurse

date if you're going to end up a jail

anyway one way or

another hey at least I took it by the

horns I suffer for for all y'all sins in

that part and aspect I'll everything

happen there will be no comments in

regards to flutter and when she and I

and when she and I started talking and

everything that's of your

business I do not pretend I

am I have talked about this before and

you should and you should know this very

well and

seriously now I can

only oh them no excuse me a second now

um Megan was not totally a hotk hater

but she she was she was not

exactly right in everything she did and

just yeah that's a whole different kale

fish with those that have blocked me on

social media

because here's a detail which I feel

like should be

explained yeah of course I know Mighty

and Ray they're cool guys but

anyway yeah about those that bought me

that bought me on the internet just


everybody everybody is blessed and

everybody has has died of the Palestine

shall be regu res situated as they are

and all that is good will be with

between the 1218 and c197


anyway do question mark do thanks a lot

for distract


there's uh just whichever team wins is

going to win all right because

that cuz after all it's it's a foot it's

a football

game happy happy birthday happy birthday

I mean also it's just a

nerd if only I could actually get the

if only I can

only happy birthday happy

birthday anyway good

grief yes between magican criselle

Savana and Mewtwo I have found my true


sweetheart there I just answered that

question in


anyway I wish it was like a i an I wish

I was like wa where how do I access the


chandelian um I don't consciously know

what that is but I'm certain that I'm

certain they're like good and kind

supporters and individuals in their own

right and

way okay please I'm not son I'm not Sonu

I'm Jesus Christ Chan Sonu Prime I'm you

call me Jesus Christine I'm not by

swapped with I'm not by swapped with

Sonu he's back in his body I've been

we've been back up back our respected bu

since February



anyway oh yeah I heard okay

see ah Scientology

um in regards to zenu and S in

Scientology that is just one

interpretation of of the greater details

but it's not necessarily going to be

totally in regards to the uh other

planetary species and the flying

saucers not everything that that guy got

in that book was totally

correct okay well I don't know who Aon

Aaron is but please feel better you are

blessed but essentially as going back to

the but all but all religions that are

that promote goodness light power and

everything are good and just the

majority of them are the bigger piece of

the just a piece of the bigger of the

bigger Ultimate Picture which is why I'm

I identify as multi-religious

and I'm open for the the positive

interpretations enlightenments from

everybody and everything

part me

Lassie I don't know about I don't know

what only fans is but it's a possibility

that's to be determined later

on anyway let me think to

remember yeah I'm not going to answer

everybody on


just uh it's a lot of details and I got

my things going on and

everything I'm trying to remember oh

oh okay yeah hey copper I do remember

you I'm glad to see you're doing very

well on

YouTube uh we we'll we might do a collab

sometime but that's that's to be

confirmed I got a whole bunch of other

plans going on as well there that I'm

not going to going through right

now this guy that



not everybody can be forgiven and just

Donald Trump is

Unforgiven I know that one is

ironic yeah tell you what that is a

detail I would only do in person cuz

likely that one is just pretending to be

Megan so she actually wants to reconcile

and everything well find each other in

person that's a whole different kill of

fish we're really really got the

priorities set and we're

not we're keeping our distance away from

the fakers in that if my bra remember

the previous questions how can I answer

wish I could have ACC to all the history

of those questions

oh oh nine non-binary ah you mean know

that I don't that don't identify as


gender um yeah there's like a few but

obviously stick with their birth gender

and whatnot the majority of them

do um well George Floyd he ended up on

the c197 half through his count through

his counterparts

body so that was just the thing of

course Jason David Davis Jason David

Frank I really Li to him as you know

Green Ranger he end up in his self

counterpart so he's literally the uh

present he's literally present Power

Ranger Iration that Tommy end up


being you are blessed you are blessed


wait okay obviously it's not good time

to be doing


keep um I don't know about that but

there are there are functional toilets

in the bathrooms over there on the SE i7

have just

like yeah Cole is not a toxic hater he

just had like some really bad rough

times with his uh

family which G pal I mean I just uh one

answer is

obvious although I'm opting rather or

not to say her name or not because I

don't want to I don't want to have

anybody trying to bug her or

anything but yeah do I do have one in

mind all right well you just pretty much

shied out for yourself hey good luck on

your shiny on your Shiny Pokemon


happy birthday happy birthday


fos anyway D my brain

just obviously this is not a good time

to be signing all certific

authenticity I'm trying at least I

signed a few at least I'm signing a few


them just it's one thing to focus on

these certificates authenticity while

I'm focusing on the questions and


oh um we'll get back to you on we'll see

about that if you contacted us through

the uh Gmail that was provided we'll let


know it just doesn't it's premature all

right G5 is not meant to be existent yet

and I'm not going to see it at all until

after Generation 4 friendship is Magic

season 14 episode 26 is made and aired

and everything with all the other


beforehand and that just felt like a

whole lot of

words you I will not present any further

details about uh what I we have in the

process which uh will only go towards


about with directly with Nintendo

themselves that's a whole different

thing anyway I'm not going to give

anybody spoilers in the risk of any

parodies or

anything um no there is no sonichu the

Werehog and quickfill


all right there you go you got they did


just good guy any

just what was the

routine I have no idea what you're


about on a few of these a few all

this oh I think you mean like uh fan you

mean like fan art and all that

um definitely we definitely got to put

that PO boot that PO boot I have made

available soon enough for like fan art

and positive

mail and uh obviously uh Digital Arts

can be sent to the Gmail address that



anyway oh great apape it's hard to it's

just try to focus on one thing or

another and then it's like I

got I don't know what a I don't know

what that kind what that kind of toilet

is I don't know what that kind of toilet

is all right

I mean I know what bday is one thing

yeah son Frontiers is a good game I just

haven't played through the entirety of

it you're your uh

partner shall come to you at the right

time you can't rush

it you are

welcome anyway just I'm trying to

remember my brain everywhere

I give I can cure autism but the

attention deficit disorder is just a bit

still that's older to kill

fish hello hey

guys have

as I mentioned earlier I am not

single I married to Magic Chan criselle

Sana meww


anyway good grief I thought focus on one

thing and then my shift my f sh my focus

shifts and then just I

got put this back all the way down light


I'm not

pretending I am I have literally

meditated on this we have talked about


before it's hard to talk about Dragon

Ball since I don't really watch too much

of it but I am quite aware of it and I

have seen some of


uh yeah I feel like he's quite decent

I've heard the things he has

done now if you're talking about

redheaded individuals with red hair and

freck red freckles they are individuals

they are not necessarily a race of


and as I said before we're not really

doing verbal shout

outs at least not to the majority I'm

just a oh there's that question that's

been in the chat feed for a while

finally came up no he can't too arrogant

that guy he's just Donald Trump is just

never Donald Trump is just not going to

get he's going to get left behind with v

Putin and everybody just going to fall

the fire and brimstone with the red

dragon that is Russia I mean Russia is L

the country of Russia is literally the

present day B

Babylon I do not know who that is and

I have certainly have not met

him yes my mental health is quite well

thank you very much for

asking still not quite perfect I mean it

goes along with they mainly the

attention deficit disorder but then of

course I'm linked with everything so

obviously you going hear me speaking

tongue and all

that there are no Devil's worshippers in

Ukraine and and there are there are only

very few of

them and essentially this individual

that pretend to use the name of the guy

that's literally going to be left behind

worse and fallone in the fire Brimstone

so yeah that's his old thing

anyway I bless that I bless the

gentleman whose name was mentioned in

the in the feed just a moment ago thank

you not viir Putin either no yep no he

will fall he will die by his own sword


anyway yes I have played son Frontiers

some of it but not all of it I had not

made it to the first island

yet I've been so busy with a whole bunch

of other details and things and

everything I've been able to play that

game that

much oh that's another question yeah I

don't know when I'm going to watch

digital circus I mean that's to be

confirmed and when I when I feel like

watching it I'll watch it but I have I

still have not watched it

yet so yeah that was just yeah all right

so that question came back


finally all right you know what F wish

wish there you go there's that there's

your one reference to

that oh my head

is happy birthday dude happy

birthday I'm trying to think my brain is

just excuse me a


let me

think all right

anyway your friend is blessed and just

essentially you know what a lot of

autistic individuals they are blessed

just hey you know what on that topic I

mentioned uh

your uncle is blessed

anyway and I I rebuke wait I rebuke the


there my brain just went blank



oh just like you know those guys are

really epic stupid but they want believe

that's their thing and it's just like so

there's just l so stupid they believe

that that they're stupid as they they go

their stupid ideology and whatnot is fat

when it's really not so yeah they're


stupid that's the thing and plus it's a

rhyme scheme you know Lucid stupid kind



okay the Poke all right so the poked

entries for Rosie Rose Sho fosa son Sonu

metonic and respectively is 978 979 980

981 982 and

983 and I'm not acknowledging that

comment just

now thank you very much thank

you let's think

about a long time ago some a long time

ago in the galaxy far for away this

thing I

was um they areny drink I have not um I

don't know who that

is and the other

question now lots of good assigned life

updates and everything with the

metaphysical details and

locally just

no tring find any

on you know speaking of cosplays I'm

just going to mention this right now so

I have heard that some individuals we're

cosplaying as Barbara which I really

really really do not like that at all


just where my phone at where I oh there

it is just essentially because the way

you are all portraying her in your

cosplay in the way of uh just

essentially being a

bad indivi being

uh very being old old lady when y'all

should know better she was more than now

she's had quite the life in history

working at

uh working at first North American

National Bank and

everything I mean shoot you know I mean

y'all don't know too much history about

Barbara just uh just everything she left

at and just run to I mean if y'all going

to cosplay as Barbara I say dress up as

her when she was something when she was

a lot nicer and more more successful I

mean there's a lovely

old there's a nice lovely old picture of

her all right if you want to cosplay as

Barbara try to look like that it's a


outfit anyway just let y'all know about

that and she was part she was part of a

magic act also with her with her

ex-husband that that's that's a

different C fish but but she was quite

the financial successful businesswoman

working with the individuals

and whatnot so yeah oh any actually yes

we are bringing the custom amiibos

around they'll be available soon enough

we're working on 3D print options focus


Focus why did I worry all of a

sudden focus camera focus a there we go

that's a little

better thank you thank you very much

focusing all right

now oh actually yes but you want mainly

buy The Medallion through the Etsy store

and they'll and it connects with the

PayPal feet and everything that's does

the donations to the

stream all talking about my day I did

the medallions and I was like being

focusing on all that and I play I'm of

course I'm also playing amoc Crossing



actually yes I am very busy answering a

lot of prayers I

mean billions of prayers do you think

about that you think I can answer them

all at once no we have that's why we

have many individuals doing

that the merge will H merge is happening

it's in progress to completion will

happen shortly from


I believe you're talking about a video

game a video game I've have heard a

little bit about that it came up in my

live stream I believe somebody among my

subscriptions did live that that so but

yeah I don't think I'm G to be playing

that game yet I am I am doing that I'm

doing that just I haven't really given

it further conscious I've been so busy

with a lot of other things I mean shoot

you think this is this easy back in

Jerusalem when I was Jesus Christ way

back when now it's just hard it's hard

it was hard to focus didn't think

especially when finding myself and all

and all that then everything else that

goes on outside that and all throughout

the multitude lives I had since

then thank you very much thank you thank


anyway I me you think about the perfect

life back then no you think that

everything was so Punky do I me sh yeah

just like no I'm not pretending we stuff


anyway just shoot it's not perfect as it

says I mean yeah obviously the Bible is

Holy and good but it's meant to be a

basis it's meant to be a guide a guide a

simp a simple guideline book essentially

eventually everybody is meant to think


that there is nothing there's no

blasphemy and the ones that are far from

Heaven would be those that are closed up

close minded to the details and all that

and as for all right so our commissions

we're going to be getting those up soon

enough just when I'm ready to actually

do our commissions why do I have to be

so busy making medallions all the time

we're Outsourcing and

everything all

right you are blessed you are



I'm already a go I'm already God it's I

kind of need to be president but I


that the guy pretended to be Vladimir

Putin just no don't just I mean I know

you're not actually that guys is this

yeah no you're


nope why do we have to have all


ow ah I see ah in reference

yeah oh

yeah essentially it's um all right let

me answer one question at time I don't

know this game I have not played it and

I don't think I'm going to play it right

now but

anyway but yeah essentially it's like

you know the gods and gods that people

have been praying to they pray to them

that are subsidiaries but they all

breathe they all pray to one God one

deity and that so God that was that

exist through and Beyond the core and

Matrix of our universe and

timeline and I have the one that's

direct connection to all that and then

some maybe that's to be confirmed

another day maybe question's coming in

so fast so fast I'm trying to get my

mind calm and



anyway but yeah just being the one

Avatar of all existence not

easy I just answered that question we

are going to be making the custom


yes we're looking into that we it's

spending on that when we have that

perfected we will be adding them to the

Etsy store soon


well happy anniversary to

you you're

welcome I can't always I can't always


be in a positive state of mind or calm I

can get overwhelmed just like every

single other god and goddess can

literally not perfect but


all right anyway gods and God we gods

and goddesses are not perfect okay but

we all work together as best we can we

serve as best we can that's why yeah you

know hey one God cannot literally do

everybody around all the billions

billions of people that's why we have

like you know that's why there's like

multiple gods and goddesses but there

can only be one Avatar of all existence


you know what I don't care really I'm

GNA I am answering this question I don't

really care low cal It's just hey if

y'all want to laugh anybody at at their

expens that's your thing but hey at

least I don't have to worry about

that well that's okay yes you may you

may cosplay as me as I was in the old

Ralph Lauren in the old Ralph Lauren

short shirt or look alike that's okay



you both are

blessed I mean shoot you think



um the comment

section thankk you

thany you guys are

blessed try to

focus how many times that question we

got I already asked I already answered

that question I said


anyway oh my

head anyway so anyway so I've been so I

was looking forward to another Q&A

session um so I thought I was going to

be able to uh focus on science of type

authenticity happy birthday thank you

obviously obviously during live stream

it's not the best time to be signed

certificates authenticity but at least

you know that I do personally sign them



that just feel like from now one in

future streams I definitely need to have

a better plan in advance for that

oh cutting your grass is not

murder it's like cutting hair all right

you're just cutting hair of the earth

it's okay to cut

grass it's okay to M your l on I mean

after all who wants uh tall tall grass

blocking a path in the

fields his soul and his children are are

blessed and shall be guided better and

well as they need to and self-defense


future I appreciate the compliment but

uh I'm not going to exactly hook up so

easily because I'm already taking and




for yes thank you very much I'm doing

the best I can between metaphysic ality

and right here on Earth and everything

physically and

everything everything everywhere I

once yes we've already done that

but we had just done

that so many details many

questions think our


oh ah my predictions have occur I mean

you guys you mean just think about it

there a lot of predictions have here I

mean just while I prophesized in book 10

a lot of details have been manifested

literally I mean oh yeah just look at

this we actually did have a we did have

a virus that we end and That vaccine was

developed for it more recent years that

end up going to the that end up going to

the Future for to get the cure for and

going back for the Cure with the Cure

where to prevent that happening on the

SE i7 half I'll definitely consider

watching I'll definitely consider

watching digital circus but that's a

whole for cattle of fish right there

upon when and what how and what feeling

I'll have when I

do L that's uh we are continuing on the

Nan series we are going to we are doing

the books and I'm working we're looking

on we're expanding it's just a slow

process I'm going to I'm going to

Outsource and have other peoples we're g

to have we're going to have cabs and

everything but that's just the it's only

with trusted individuals and that's to

be confirmed the details that'll be

revealed later

on feel a little tired right


open oh boy that's

a thing um they would work to get her

Sonu and

Goku I'm just going to go ahead and just


through the other Super Chat

comments I'm sorry I just feel a little

fatigued right now but I'm I'm okay but

doing the best surviving move

forward remain

optimistic anyway so got happy birthday

here happy birthday

Tim just going to the Super Chat I feel

like I just want to finish this

early is right uh what um he's Soni

Prime is neutral but we're signing with

Israel really I don't know know I have

I'm aware of Chainsaw man I just have

not watched or SE seen

it it's my it's personal choice all

right my choice and

just hey Jesus Jesus you know what I

mean and all the other names and

variation all the other names that means

the same thing as I was way back when

all right anyway I do appreciate all of

you very much just and thank you all for

coming we will have another Q&A stream

soon enough or I'll just have another uh

uh maybe maybe maybe next time I'll play

some Anal Crossing news Horizons but

that's to be confirmed

anyway okay interpretation

oh oh right

right same individual same individual

just different names all right right

anyway same God it's different names

happy birthday happy birthday all right

anyway all of you all take care and

thank you all very much for contined

support and blessings and all of you all



blessed cuz Jesus Christ of Nazareth was

the Avatar of all assistance and I am

the one Avatar of all assistance

literally anyway thank you all so much

you and every one of y'all have a

blessed and safe day thank you

First JCWCSP Gaming Live Stream ⚡️💙⚡️

First JCWCSP Gaming Live Stream ⚡️💙⚡️ is a livestream in which Chris answers questions and receives donations while playing a few different games on his Nintendo Switch:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Chris shows off his house and wanders around "CWC Island" gathering crafting materials, picking crops and digging for fossils (all things he would never do in real life). Later he talks to some NPCs, tries on outfits, places a few streetlamps, and finishes up by purchasing a bunch of in-game items (using in-game currency). Chris mentions that he feels AC:NH is an improvement on the prior games in the series, but neglects to provide any details.

Tetris 99 - Chris plays an online battle royale version of Tetris. He does quite well, placing 9th out of 100 in the first game (though he says 8th) and 3rd in the second game. He remains calm and focused throughout, even while answering questions. Notably, he has 999 tickets earned from completing daily challenges, which is the maximum. This is likely after he has already spent enough tickets to unlock everything in the game.

Sonic Superstars - He plays through a few levels as Sonic, taking quite a few hits, and refers to Dr. Robotnik/Eggman as "Namgge."


First JCWCSP Gaming Live Stream ⚡️💙⚡️
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Stardate 20 November 2023
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations, PraetorPraetor Praetor
Shirt The Classic 2.0The Classic 2.0 The Classic 2.0
Etsy Comments Review
Figure Painting
You are blessed. I gotta focus on the game, though.
Chris, struggling to balance his goddess responsibilities with winning at Tetris.


Support the stream: [links to Streamlabs]


26:50: Chris mentions that he did not have his estrogen gel while in jail, but did have his estradiol and spironolactone (remarkably remembering their names).

30:32: How to become Chris's friend.

30:51: A donator asks what Chris has been doing with the OfficialCWCmart and stream money. Chris replies that the funds have been doing well and go towards investments in the house and food, and that a lot goes towards paying a mortgage.

35:52: Random autism noises.

41:50: In response to a donor's comment, Chris talks a bit about being forced out of his house in the wake of the Incest Call.

42:27 A donor asks Chris to add them on Discord and Chris replies "well yes that will be part of the plan with uh adding people on a private server on Discord but won't necessarily be just to play games with there will be collaborative works and efforts in the process."

43:27: When a donor inquires about his pronunciation of "Jesus," Chris quotes Shakespeare's "A rose by any other name" line, which he likely learned from voice actor Mike Pollock at TooManyGames in 2018.

44:19: Chris lists the components of the Thanksgiving dinner he just ate: "Turkey slices with gravy, green peas, mashed potatoes... and a Hot Pocket."

46:12: Chris talks briefly about the loss of his prior Medallions. Bluespike was a "whole different kettle of fish."

47:24: Chris expresses frustration at Ralph Lauren's failure to sell his favorite shirt anymore. Also, "a number of Australians will survive the Merge."

50:15: Chris's current grubby medallion stands the test of time, and will not be replaced.

53:21 A donor asks "what happened to Futter Cabbage" and Chris replies "just leave it a calling her Flutter for one thing please, but she's doing her own thing and we are living our lives at present and we sh- and that's a whole different thing, but we, but rather we are keeping touch and all that and all the other details is none your business"

54:00: The incest never happened, he appreciates Barb despite the abuse and sabotage to his life, and "Somebody touchda my spaghet!" All in the span of about 30 seconds.

1:01:36: Chris shows off the Idea Book Case 2.0, a folder he made out of duct tape to hold his Nintendo Switch game cards.

1:05:15: A ween tells him that he is "Gay af." Chris then repeats it using the full term "gay as fuck" and then proceeds to pretend to suck his green pickle stress toy.

1:12:05: Chris states that he still does not have a PS5. "There, I said it, and that is fact."

1:12:48: Rambling about the off-brand instant coffee that was available to him in jail.

1:17:00: Chris does a terrible impression of Ice King from Adventure Time.

1:37:50: Chris says that during his stay at Central Virginia Regional Jail, he heard a baby being born at 5:00 AM on January 1st, noting how loud it had been.

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions
hey everybody coming to you live from

their lovely Place once

again okay this I might have to fit down

a little

bit white

background that's an easy fits anyway

for got my old arwing from starlink here

I still have this thing also I do have

this my

controller I'm playing from this to got

my joycons on here anyway so yeah we're

doing the Q&A stuff let me just uh do

system signs and change this from white


black see display


langu remember I'm only reading the

positive comments where is that

display change no that's display

colors also screen colors where's the

one that changes the background from

white to

black no perfect I

Andes oh that's right steams here we go

Ah that's better so yeah only responding

to do positive

comments that's what it says right there

okay remember

that oh I forgot I got the I got the

inputs on so I got I forgot to put the

headset on so yeah hey everybody sorry

about that one reason why he's been

quiet I switched the uh microphone input

from that mic to this

mic oh and uh got change the setting

really quick put

down headphones there we

go all right anyway so yeah tonight uh

I'm I'm taking q&as from the paid

donations and I'm able to actually

access the history behind of all that so

that'll work out a lot easier and

tonight we're going to be playing Trio


games she's at the old place simple as

that she's still safe alive and well

thank you for asking anyway so those of

youall didn't see the dream code we're

going to play some ammo

Crossing thank

you arwing I actually have the arm wi

and I got this one it was brand new that

was a long time

ago as I mentioned before I'm not doing

shout outs because consciously not aware

of every single individual because I

could be saying something to somebody

bad but there you go shout out to you

cuz PR his

name never happened I'm always saying


once anyway so let's see

so floating island un floating tree

floating tree so


anyway questions topics um any I've been

having a good day so far just uh kind of

a simple pleasant

day doing my thing oh that's what I

forgot um forgot to reset the

clock guys it's like uh where I am it's


o' yep I did have a good day today just

simple Pleasant though I did kind of

sleep in I suddenly woke up about uh

during the 3:00 hour last night after

falling asleep in and being asleep for

like about nearly 3

hours and just like you know I was

psychically connected with


614 tell you that's what time it is

where I

am oh

label no I have never watched that

individual I don't know who they are but

I have become aware of uh Mr Boogie

lately and watch his documentary I

appreciate him I feel sorry for what

happened to him before but I am glad to

see how he's progressed and is doing


now he found his own spiritual ways and

I applaud

that anyway so just

yep I'd say that's an alternate timeline

but we'll just leave it like you know

you know what it is anyway just going to

check my

mail the low ordering for the look

shopping okay there the lag is obvious

cuz but yeah I'll show yall around my

little island for those that haven't

been to the dream code let this

yep yesterday was Sunday I bought some

turnips go look forward to that Prof but

oh I like that we have a car in here

look at

this I can't get into it but it's

there yes oh y hey thank you very much


anyway all right anyway

so thank you yes thank you very

much anyway so I'm just going to show

youall inside my house right now I found

the Hello Kitty pack so I got all one of

each of the lovely individual the lovely

Hello Kitty furniture and

stuff oh the drive board church history

is all very good and holy as it was

meant to be and served as it did but

obviously we are meant to proceed


the vi to Bible and all that we're meant

to think outside of that in our religion

so right so Pokemon Yellow butw um I say

just leave it as uh

youw like with a capital M

obviously but I suppose if you were to

give it a nickname

um i' say MBA or something like


um all right well I have to see the fin

product but I'll look forward to seeing

that all right so Thanksgiving plans um

just keeping it simple here my friend

and all that it's all

good so bamboo shoot

soup okay well you're saying that I did

and oh you all notice look at this it's

not red white blue but here's a rugby

shirt I guess I better just uh put

Safari in the storage

so there's no I in here we have already

discussed this anyway so this is my

house got the uh thing there HGTV there

put like a little something under like

maybe a


happy belay

birthday sorry we missed it but hey oh

look at this so yeah we have a little

Nintendo switch right there

oh oh i' see it's i' see the regards to

the psychedelics and and all that it's

de say it's it's obviously as yall aware

as some of you aware I did partake in

weed once or

twice but that's just the whole

different kettle of fish leave that in a

positive vibe there but yeah it opened

me up spiritually further more more so

than I was

before it it helped them Mountain there

so oh that's actually uh what we've been

doing in the in regards to the mold with

the Silicon

mold but we're not but The Medallion are

not made out of

plastic but I have grateful that we do

have the policy available in which

uh we are able to replace the med to DB

but of course the uh

simply do you there

miss I pray for your manifestation of

your sweetheart to come along you shall


well any so that was the uh kitchen we

just left and just back here is just uh

simple kind of anra ex room for now I'm

thinking about making it into like an

entertainment room but I hadn't fully

processed all that yet but it's like

kind of a little

mess anyway so yeah then look like we

got this a a pudding table with pudding

on top of it on yeah hallowe was

recently so I did get these recipes to

craft all this and Fortune ding kit

your card is the Knight of

Pentacles anyway so that's the back

room faor band to the current moment oh

uh stone roses that could be do um uh

well that's to be determined I'll do

friend requests later on on Discord but

that's a whole different that's a whole

different thing

um but yeah I like uh uh what was her

name again but yeah obviously this the

uh bathroom right here but yeah I got a

few uh new singers and uh bands I've

recently become interested in thank you


music but oh yeah I definitely love to

appreciate next talki who did the theme

song for uh Scott Pilgrim takes off

speaking of

witch half orange juice half

cocacola celebration that's Scott

Pilgrim streak did you know Sonic the

head shot he had two cartoons way back

in way back in the day they at the same

time one was dark and Grim the other one

was a comedy about chili

dogs anyway that is a pretty good

combination I do a test to that oh

that's a washing machine right there

that black thing that's the pie

plant but yeah okay since yeah but

obviously I got my house fully upgraded

so just presly just this is the

bedroom comy rainbow rainbow yellow key

thing and just lovely little unicorn

plush yay and hey Ran desk

music a moss rug the app gave me this


hey drawing table to work

on oh oh it lights up it's a

lightboard I can't to draw I don't need

a light board only if and when I'm

tracing but that's a rare occasion yeah

just a few toys there in the corner of


lamp yeah it's not full of trash we're

being more conservative but

downstairs it's more or less like the

room I'm

in right

now but we got a lovely

little walls monitors art table

stuff behind there it's a bit more pants

but yeah there's your camera and


and just in L of a green screen we got a

Mossy wall that works

out and that's just my house that's my

house that's this little

house on this lovely little island in

the tropical Seas B the coconut cheese

the air is freshh and the people are

free but here in the mountains there's a

freedom like that there's a man in jail

and his name was

hat yeah yeah just

uh Little Island that's the


and rard still is frown upon but anyway

so who's my next door

neighbor mint yeah

but yeah I have a couple of

gyroids well that was a long time ago


the with the three

youngsters at least they were good to me

at the time uh uh I'm not going to I am

not going to do them by

name but y'all know them look don't

anyway well I'm open for collabs but

only with those are authentic takes so

it looks like my shovel just broke so I

got to go make another one it's time to

craft a

shovel speed up speed it up press say

twice just speed it

up yep oh and I got an invincibility

Star right there got some Super Mario

items pardon me

yeah anyway so

we right I do that

see yeah I just answered that I just

answered that question a little while

ago but I guess uh no Brook is another

good name for

Mewtwo as opposed to what I said

earlier well just suffice to say not

revealing any specific addresses or


but let's just say kind of a copy and

paste I'm living somewhere in a lovely


local anyway I'm just going to go around

the island like do my usual look for

fossils War my crops and all

that um yeah we are still looking we are

still looking over the applications and

all that and getting things further

sorted out and all the additional

details but when we uh we call out for

admins we will do so it be a little

while blame that on the uh sealant that

we used to keep the paint on the Medan


uh you know just molding

off yeah but anyway just obviously with

in transition after the uh all that

stuff is dried

up it might gets a little sticky so

that's we apologize for


anyway so that's the reasoning behind

that it's just a byproduct of the

sealing we

use anyways so let's see I'll just place

my new gyroids over

here just put them on the Rocks uh kind

of a way it's like if I find any if I

see any obvious doubles I'll definitely

be able to pick them up and uh but and


them ah well that's a good that's a

decent question of which I have answered

before essentially uh initially would be

upon my discovery of son Prime Rosy Rose

Prime that would be Rainbow Dash and

Apple Jack they're both tied at the top

is my favorite Pony but in the back with

and I identify Princess Twilight

Sparkle and then

uh my favorite background p is muffins


Derpy alavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch I

not heard of that Pro yet so there so I

can't really answer that question as for

so yeah uh in discovering science Prime

I ended up uh having the art project

back in back in my senior year of high

school making a custom CD cover for a

random album merry Merry Christmas F

naad I'm still focusing on answering the

question I will not be

distracted but yeah it's like I wanted

to do something original along with my

uh Pokemon I end up making cards be

before that at the time since the just

the train card game was quite the good

thing anyway I end up

discovering Sonu Prime in my thought

process and what to do with the CD

cover and then uh a little bit further

down the road I end up finding Rosy Rose

CH Prime and then I connected ir

dimensionally and everything onto the C1

i7 half the Earth discovered their but

the remainder of their backstory over

time so that's essentially the long and

short of

it and I end up just uh

thank you for that and I end up just

being uh uh at the time during the

drawing during the writing and drawing

the books I end up being more uh

consciously thought process within the

uh that old outdated love search thing

which I did not need to do and I poor

pipe I'm going to

just I got four of them so I can go

around the island if I wanted

to anyway so that was like this the

reasoning why on the one hand but then

that all that did also happen to myself

counterpart on the

c1972 eventually maybe but that's uh to

be confirmed and determined but I

haven't really gotten a thought process

yet just the only fans

website web

page I mean we may renew the patreon but

that's also to be determined and


anyway I let the war pipe distra me just

a little

bit I guess I show you all the rest of

the town so yeah right in front of my

place is the is a the cranny I put coins

right there one else you money to go

spend in

there Museum right next

door let none your

business and there's the uh Town Hall

Hall I forgot Theo so I can invite

lovely random camper oh oh some

floaty anyy I got the little

balloon oh look there's bid doing Yogi

yog Yogi

yoga um no I have't play the pizza Tower

Games I moves a bit more

leisurely I've heard of it but that's

not my present tense thing right

now because present let's do a thing

with label let's do a thing with

Lael actually

what I have in the




hello I think it's when you say spad you

mean like the card game that uses the

typical playing card

deck some formal clothing

formal thank you very

much thank

you thank you Isaac

anyway so something former formal

formerly formal all

right I just don't know what that wrong

hi how can I help

you I'm just going to go inside and



meditate and uh do exercises

workout and just take your

time let say to spiritually

open okay anyway


norble um no I do not have the estrogen

gel and obviously I did not have that in

jail but I did have my extra dial and I

and my SP Napal and I took

that let me see formal

formal that me I guess maybe a good

dress to

do sometimes s but just like at least

once a week still to be determined other

details and

facets formal formal think about

formal okay that's actually funny oh I

got end up with a superhero outfit looks

like a Power Ranger that'll

work but yeah no that's not

formal yes eventually quickly enough we

just been busy with a whole lot of other

things to clean The Medallion

making yeah I suppose for oh yeah career

career skirt that's a good start find

nice STP to go with

that R codes too

much four

for actually yeah that'll work that's

well that's formal Tire that'll

work H wonder what I going do maybe for

changing the head piece or different hat

maybe too flashy that Co H pieing though

I have

it you know what let's go with the hard

hair P that'll

work YY sassy business form formal oh

um see what I get from that balloon oh

say that for lat I might end up uh

finding the uh tree spot sweater

vest anyway I get a few more Street

lamps cuz I'll be going to be putting

them in place a little


uh I'm actually that one in

advance oh I happened to Chuck-E-Cheese

one time um but I did not necessarily

see the animatronics but as for the

question I just read in the chat feed

that was a super chat how do I become

your friend well for one

thing I'm not pretending I meditated I

know I'm him I'm the one Avatar of

existence as he was it's a long detailed

thing I outlined that further there's no

blasphemy in all that



cart I think you mean Super Mario Kart

but that's a whole different


um well maybe I could maybe that that's

that's an idea I could probably do

little Co on their podcast but that's a

whole different thing anyway answer the

question there you go how do you become

a friend meet me in person actually get

to know me over like a while and

actually be kind authentic honest with

me without any

deep-seated sending sinful dark

intentions and maybe we can get along

and been doing pretty well they'

actually been going good in the in

Investments for the house for the things

and keep me stable and food fed

everything and some and a bunch and a

lot of it is actually going to the

mortgage as well we're paying that

off anyway yeah oh oh

mushrooms oh yeah I guess top about the

hous is here on the island so yeah you

can see Master Leonard there

oh weed

weed yeah there's Leonardo's house I'll

put a football in front of his name


oh don't be a bone head sck up


bones let's answer that question ADV EV

this the and amross New Horizons is an

improvement in regards to the Past games

I'd say it's good for what it is as a

present tense

Point well I have to take a look at my

email but yeah so obviously I'm just

going to go around and read the name

plates so you got Agnes house right

here there's

benedit I definitely want be on the

lookout for that

for that message in the bottle on


shoreline that's

Toby uh there's the uh Able Sisters

Taylor and then right here we have at's

house the

elephant uh one way or the other I feel

like it's a good Improvement upon the


games looks a bit better but yeah look I

got a little Carnival right by the beach

side oh there's the message in the

final well that's a ship Shadow and

Sonic itch itch itch oh cooking that's



a 40 cups of coffee and a

skun anyway just uh ship my focus

back oh there's the money

Stone but yeah you notice I put some

fences around so I can actually do this

without falling backwards to get all the

goods from this jum

don't yeah I put like a projector right



chill chimps I don't know what that is

or what you mean by that unless you mean

like chill chimps oh in today's weather

forecast we have warming the South going

the top and just joyful in the

middle a pound

that's a lot there that's thank you for


pound and yeah there's a

spook oh I


um yeah maybe maybe not likely that was

that probably be more like a PC download

game and now I got this balloon to worry

about this balloon I miss the


there you

go so what we got this

time I believe pstone okay I'll put some

of those maker leaves I nutted to good

use let's go look for some let's go for

the remaining

fossil and

mushrooms all around the island this

lovely little island in the tropical

Seas I like to sing with

you a leard gecko Leo

Leopold Leonard there you go those a few

good names yeah there's


fre it yeah so got this one place

already I need a place CLE

more these Street

laps yeah that's

okay oh

right I suppose now is a good time is


um yeah after the stream I will post

this on I'll post my

Poots on

Twitter she

her and yeah that was past tense but

since but ever after having been

Jesus and going to the portal into my

next form and then all and then among

the future forms I


only the one Avatar of all assistance

can really Ascend as high but for those

that can Ascend and do very good like

that is to be spiritually mentally and

heartfelt deeply open honest and

authentic I say that's uh strictly

confidential I'm not going to comment on

that question especially since I don't

remember that right

now level one Center left talk show on

television right now really cable Our

Lives cable our internet

stream well maybe that's completed that

uh no I have not totally completed the


yet still some more fossils to dig up

some more bugs to catch some more fish


catch some

more slur zuren to bgen

Nan that's what it's good at answerers

fluger horn some more fluger horns to

play yes we just answered that question

a little while ago didn't

we what was I doing oh one more Street


place I don't

foret well actually this is decent just

you know being night time good time to

actually place these Street l


um I guess for now I just I guess I

could place that last Street Lamp right

here at least for the time

being I did notice the uh golden hole

over there I'll come back to


oh and

made oh the certificate of

authenticity I feel like is more

overdone with the pieces that are not

necessarily signed that is like um we

didn't have enough for print I'm going

to say we'll bring them up we'll add

We'll add certificates authenticities to

the medallions later

on that's to be confirmed later on

anyway but maybe we'll be able to preat

to see if in is these for of

mallion Elsewhere we'll just leave it at


elsewhere house


it's oh please I'm starting there are

more talk shows that are more top rated

than that it's certainly not number one


first anyway

this K in place of a


ton let's Bell that D no other trees

nearby so this side grow

okay oh where are my other crops

that's around over

here here's some more

mushrooms oh some


fun that you can catch leaves like you


catch paper

butterflies for a limited time only

during this part of


nov and Z kind of compassionate

Chine likes to roll

her and even

her hello hello hi I say hello to

you Coury of your strawberry

friend whether she make short Shortcakes

or not that's another


no I would say but now I've ordered me

away had the rumor not been found spread

wide as it

was and everybody needed to be tested

anyway and I did need to be away from


regardless but she is doing quite


yes that will be part of the plan with

uh adding people on a private server on

Discord but won't necessarily be just to

play games with there will be

collaborative works and efforts in the

process uh yes Sarah interviews are part

of the collab as collab idea and project

as well but that's also to be


wonder what Bon head left this

here that was a pretty good


they keeping an orderly flashing of

things yes I just said that

flashion flashion there let that be your

present tense mean

flashion not C

flashion it's pronounced in any way

regardless of the way for what's a rose


for what's the name for a rose by any

other name would still smell just as

sweet and the Jesus or Jesus or whatever

local country pronunciation of my old

name be

said it's still the same

anyway oh get ready to laugh cuz we got

something fun up here on this

hill Oh I just had turkey meal with some

I just had some turkey slices with gravy

and green peas and mashed potatoes and a

Hot Pocket it's not the statue


but well we'll consider that Adam

fridland show but that's to be confirmed

later on we have other priorities in

mind as well and it looks like Mr red is

not visiting today of course not leel is


town leel leel La Bell La Bell I love

the stick I miss the

stick okay we got that

stick all

right oh and if you don't know you press

C out to go into these options to look

at all this and you can see what else

you where else you can learn your Nook

Mouse from these feature was like they

were not doing diamond for sea


got couple stor oh we can talk to a

couple more that'll work uh look Mouse

oh yeah I suppose I got to do

that she did not personally help with

the tools of the stream

but still good things

happened hello Fe compos happy

birthday happy happy

birthday so let's see what Bone Heads

we've dug

up well the first Medallion happened it

lost it got lost to Blan of ice and the

whole dipped in pickle brine chopped up

and burned into that and second

Medallion was lost due to the events

involving blue Spike that's a whole

different kettal fish and number three

lasted the longest

time hang on I totally missed that one

but fortunately I know how to look that



three I guess I got hit F5 on this one

I'm doing a thing where I'm looking up

damn it damn

it help map 25 that's to be confirmed

and just everything's going to work out

along the

way yeah we're going to do certificate


these I don't have a red blue polar from

Ralph Laur and I have to replace it oh

here we go lab record label I don't know

about I don't know consciously know my

night mode so I don't have a favorite

release and I haven't been on Soundcloud

that much yeah I just answered that

question I don't have the red white polo

that got lost I got to replace it if

only Ral Lauren would actually bring

that back then I'd buy like two of

them yes the number of our joans Will

Survive the

merge so let see

take close look oh something new for the

collection right we will donate that so

what's do Scoopy too or

R mid-2000s want this mean

back yes custom Mion would be an option

would be a thing in the uh Etsy Mark if

you want custom Medallion just um make a

not of it when you purchase the purchase

The Medallion that's made by me and

we'll see and we'll have one craft Pally

craft it in that

sense I'll leave at

that mealo mealo mealo

Sol the right megao side megao oh we

just completed the

megalos yay we did

thing everybody can learn from this

here's your educational moment about a

random dinosaur happy happy birthday

happy birthday happy birthday F

onos dear relative is the deer

megalos it's a good way to pronounce it

and actually one popular way as opposed

to other ways of of saying Jesus Jesus

hey Zeus same word let me I pronounce

it's like tomato tomato potato potato

let's Call the Whole Thing

Off happy birthday happy birthday to

your friend it is good the


onion a dear with lur that

work okay well that's one for

you 10 feet that is quite the distance

but 12 ft

longer now it's the one that stands the

test of time it's not g replaced and it

did survive a fire so

there the house fire


anyway it's not get replaced especially

the B Stone and everything spiritual and

all the energy that's within this

one we're keeping things positive like I

said I'm only responding to

the only responding to positive

comments well restock certificate is

authenticity and put them with Medallion

in the

future that'll be a thing later on but

we can only do we can like we only had

like certificates enough for at least

the uh rocks and stones and the

pictures can't necessarily do everything

just couldn't have necessarily done

everything just yet but we will get

there let go with us we'll make it


I'm sorry we we got the wrong side of

the rec there what you heard was cl

Williams famous the pearls famous the

pearls oh thank you Mr C for that lovely

little blooper

reel I love that from the radio shout

that was

cute yes I am that is exciting and when

that happens I can show it off on one

video and we'll see that and that's

definitely less than what I pay for

those turn-ups on

Sunday only if you really would like to

get a shout of the Hedgehog attitude

that is your choice and I would not

discourage you from doing so if you

really really want

to but you should also be aware of those

of the reasonings in

behind the cost of having removing

tattoos in case you ever change your

mind about that later on so definitely

meditate long and hard about

that says a neurotypical that's not

getting anywhere in life right

there I'll take this speaker this


Twinkies oh happy birthday yay

twinky twinky sprinky minky sinky dinky


poo I bless your friend he shall find

His blessings shortly

enough just leave it a calling her

flutter for one thing please

but she's doing her own thing and we are

living our lives at present and we sh

and that's a whole different thing but

we but rather we are keeping touching

that and all the other details is none


business I just totally missed that one



see oh watch this

video as we have as I have stated

earlier that never happened so I can

talk about Barbara and I can talk about

Barbara and Weston Chandler who is my

mother of whom I appreciate much very

much despite the abuse and what and and

other sabotage she done in my life but

that's whole everything somebody touched


spaghet yes that's a fun little Meme and

a fun little cartoon past but yes

spaghetti with meatballs are good and I

also like it for cheese I can also

appreciate hit the


hello I know you're your stupid me hello

Ian why is your last name Brandon



it it

itch we need the Poo we need the


Poo was it the Poo that took a

pee oh good graef South

Park oh dear did I just miss that


oh well all right I'll go put all this

away and save my game and then we'll

move on to our next featured game of the

day oh I am going to need to take a

break at at that point as

well anyway just get all this put

away oh pardon

me let's

see go to storage go to storage go to


probably I'll refresh my w regular wood

let me take care of that really quick

well I'm thinking about



what all right save my game save the



oh no not fulltime but at least just

like like once a

week and just all the other things and

details but moreover everything's going


be progressing and all that um I don't

know what i f what I Funny is not

consciously any anyway so yeah I do not

have an account

there anyway any further uh pay comments

uh that may that may have been made up

to this point that I have not caught

just yet they will be addressed after

our return from the short commercial

okay the individual in question

question it's helping me in one way or

another but still none of your business

anyway we'll be right back following

this lovely but short


and welcome back to the show yeah I just

swapped the cartridge

out anyway I'll show you this as well so

I made this here's another lovely little

creation I made out of that

tape and paper in the ink it's based on

my switch console control uh control

split Control Pro that I painted and

yeah obviously it's holding my

cartridges in it that's a good way to

store your

cartridges I made the lovely pockets and

I send it

too anyway just that's cool any let me

see any

other ones I missed I miss

anybody okay I did not miss anyone okay

good all right

anyway let's take a look at some let's

play some Tetris for a little

while and y'all can see how good I do I

don't always get number one but when I

do it's a good

thing I think a lot of individuals be

quite press hey I did want sh the D

missions already completed two with them

and yes I do very well at making the

triples see my combo three and oh okay I

was plan play a couple of times anyway

so that'll work out all right let's load


up I have played Red Dead Redemption

back on the PlayStation 3 and it was

pretty good I heard a few trophies in


game uh let's see um it's not maror

quality it's just that it's not supposed

to exist in this timeline it's

premature G4 is meant to continue on

it's a whole metaphysical detail thing

and if it does not get remedied it shall

be forced in the

manifestation there's still



anyway do this thing


we go play I Love the Game Boy thing

it's quite the classic


aesthetic maybe but that's a whole

different thing for right now oh darn

I'm missing the I'm missing the boat all

right let's get some tetrises going on

and clean

up combo


breaker okay that's

nice thank you for

that hello few hello and all that


play and y'all get to watch me play this

Tess well you know what I buy I buy Seal

so yes I am gay as thank you for



there go ahead mean that

up uh no you'd have to be already my

trust in order for that and I'm already

spoken for so so


there oh if you see Scott tell I change

the locks and if you see Wallace remind

him to change the


locks I'd have to make myself

consciously aware of

that but met physically

speaking that individual does not pose


threat oh Canadian money I like Canad I


Canada Oh Canada

but don't blame

Canada they have some pretty good

animations going for



them and then there were

57 wa while that might might be able to

say they dead there were

two um nope you're not stop pretending

don't fake I could see through your FAA



disguise um

no actually I personally do know liquid

Chris and he's definitely not had any

set to change

whatsoever he is


blessed not sure making triples but I do

that yet I can do

that yeah so is the case with Tess 99 in

the Battle Royale

style speaking of

which I go that thing



a reminder to everyone I respond only to


commentary and

such not to s papus or anything but I

just accidentally slipped into that

town not bad



bad yeah apple

woohoo I me that was so much better than


redo felt more

authentic I just don't know what went


and yes we do have the sensors in place

to not promote any not safe for work

conduct and actually yeah I did speak

like that because I was having a thought

and process while was many was many

focus on the tetris

here that was why they fell

part you know what um I got to buy I got

to buy

CH the freaking T


the why

though but then I also like oh forget to

bring a

towel h

you are blessed I got to focus on the


now focus on recovery


focus on recovery don't do

recover despite the lag this is actually

decent I GL I use the joyc I tried using

the uh I tried this earlier today using

the uh wir controller did not quite work

out so well those the lag was worse

between the controller and the game

itch you are

blessed I grant you the blessing you

shall do well in your next thing and

your manifestation shall be

blessed um steam deck I have heard of it

it's okay it's uh just essentially your

game your little thing where you

can play your Steam games on the go it's

decent for what it is for what it's

worth PlayStation portal not so great I

still do not have a

PS5 there I said it and that is

fact number eight one more time

yeah one more time number

eight you

Gino would you like a

cappuccino that reminds

me oh now I remember so in jail they had

they they had this uh offbrand

coffee coffee grounds instant

coffee I have for a lot of fun but you

be safe and

well anyway so they had this off brand

coffee and that they offered to the Jail

commissary and it had like a little fun

play with it so it was so the wording

was the name the brand name of the

coffee was Cafe genial g e n i a l and

then I knew what I and then I and I just

saw it's and they what they were going

for as opposed to

capucino very

clever oh but I want to watch my watch C

build this week's out heard this week's

episodes features a Monster based the

bicycle chain I guess that gets the


turning puns I like puns puns in work

play is so

good anyway



oh yes people of oppos of opposite

characteristics are tend to be drawn to

each other and

actually prove to be the best prove to

be the best in relationships like you

can have a one partner one be shy and

one be outgoing and very a social

butterfly and The Quiet One becomes more

social and the more and the more

outgoing one becomes more

humble I mean classic example right

there but yeah it does

work obviously can ATT trap but things

in common do make it better as


well I

mean but yeah definitely be careful on

how on who you have your relationship

with you definitely don't want to be

having a relationship when so bonding

with anybody that's really really epic

Tas sick or bad because as I mentioned

in as I mentioned from my meditations

with the godess law

Pages a good a good individual that so

bonds with a really bad individual just

would not actually heal them as much and

it would just make the good individual

feel further tired tired and slip

towards the

bad it's just that's qu totic

relationship right there

anyway listen



what's up

guys welcome to the AR

World well speaking of which I have

heard of the former first lady passing


that's just that's a


shame yeah I think it was uh think she

was Jimmy Carter's wife if I remember

correctly I know her last's name is


anyway any wait that's another one that

wi mate and and merge with her c197 self

counterpart or otherwise uh she'll


be reincarnated as a new


G why you do steal my flies


Frank G why did you steal my

flies Fu

cunter I mean go every right to party

and have fun for himself when I s about

to go

disrupt Princess Bubble gun's

party but Le Simon came around that's a


thing he came back around when he got

that Crown off his head for a

while I appreciate you very much my

fellow trans

individual I pray kindness and many

blessings upon you as well

continue to live on and

prosper anyway let

see oh please of all the pickles in the

comments right now here's another one

despite the green screen doing its

job you are blessed G why you steal my

flies but it's okay I bless you

anyway cuz you're a good


guy and you're not a

penguin oh we have our fun of delights

despite it all just let my little Random

Access humor work from time to time it's

entertaining but can be quite annoying

at times but when I embrace it it can be

quite delightful delightful delicious

but not

Insidious or just whatever word play

comes to mind there it's just a word

play I meant nothing by

it anyway so no it's question that'll be

coming up momentarily but right now just

those random things that pop up in my

head let's see what else did I do in a


geni oh of course oh hey buddy we had

some instant doodle Ramen that we could

that we were able to offer for the Jail

commissary apparently uh individuals

like to just crunch on the dry noodles

which that is an option but I like

actually like having warm water and

making actual soup with it and using the

spices happy birthday happy birthday guy

it is the

no that was a good low

random and speaking the advance for the

uh PID one that just popped up in the

chat we are not cursing


period That's to go ahead and answer


question answer that

query the only ones that would end up

being cursed are those that are

close-minded and end up cursing

themselves conspiracy theor

is not all that

great cuz a lot of times they're only

half right

half and then the then the rest of the

time they're just making mainly invading

privacy and

whatnot they're worse than the ninja

Paparazzi on on Sky Pilgrim takes

off I loved episode three by the way I

really loved just the coming around full

circle making a m between Ramona and Roy

that works really

well anyway just really good times and

also I love the uh Jam between Kim and

knives just that was really good I like

that knives end up becoming a member of

sets bomb 1 2 three

four hey and then there were two and

then there were one and at the end of

the day we had our


yay that was a good couple of


anyway cling that

up and for our final Feature

Presentation in this lovely game should

play some Sonic

Superstars I actually have completed the

main game but I could just but mainly

I'll just uh speed through some

levels I mean tripo trip story just it's

decent this becomes a lovely powerful



your girlfriend is

blessed count your

blessings the woman a woman is the

opposite of a man but really a woman is

more Superior because the woman is not

mutated with the overgrown private

kind of

yes a hot dog can be considered a

sandwich little old

Tails opening animation Hy and a p


come rougher than the rest tougher the

lever cloning

process or multiversal

counterparts manifested in this timeline

Universe it's Knack the



I did not have any roommates though I

did have uh mag Chan and the others come

in from time to time to psychic Squad

help to protecting me and keeping me

safe there as

well I'd say the uh best part of it was

having the time away from technology

being applied and making further

progress and everything involving the S

ru's NE I have not been able to catch up

with Family Guy and I'm not necessarily

particularly interested at the moment

especially considering how

worse Griffin

is you know what just

because Lego

Sonic sh I didn't want to bring up Lego

namay as well just because oh

well now I loading loading loading now I

got back up a

bit anyway let's let's do



oh have a little Lego fun cuz why

not the wers needs a fruit to allow us

access to the dorm behind it


fun loading

loading all the

yellows oh you're welcome thank you very



birthday happy birthday

guy you know what why

not for the viewers at home we do one




Sometimes the best way to get to

something is to run away from it and go

in the opposite

direction and be it in the middle I told

pass H off for the

pass we headed them off at the B and we

got some



yes I like pineapples on pizza but my

favorite pizza toing would have to be

spitch of

mushrooms oh lovely fruit and then


Sonic got that


this we got a few more ring ofing

things am for Every Act

cuz why

not you are blessed so is your server

and everything good there follow the

light power path of everything that good



I run as fast as you


oops I hurry up before that fish does a

thing that fish did thing and I made

time yes we made it we more 50 things

just there

yay de in the saw you and you walking in

the rain the rain in Spain falls mainly

in the

plane you I say the bonus s since I got


flute that's a good combo combination

orange juice and

Coca-Cola drinking


cocaa about

the what about the daughter looking for

the Yankee

doll and all the other good stuff bed

upon the from childhood that was old but



okay looks like I might make that but

that's all right we do it

thing oops oh

dear I send your friend Positive Vibes



noooo is blushed and all the other no

news like a blue blue in the

snoo yes I said that that was a big

to-do or was

it not a big


yep o a lovely s medals


yay based on true events now because it

related to something that happened in



happy birthday may you be

blessed any we'll do another

act as we want to say n


um made some acquaintances with the with

the staff there the more positive of the

staff but not with too many other of the

other inmates cuz I was segregated I was

in the medical

block and it was still good cuz I was

able to think and be prosperous in

that although for a few months because

of a

certain portal manifestation that the

staff could not appreciate

I end up spend a few months in

booking and Ash was there when uh

literally a baby was born in jail on


1st so boy there you go that's aive born


jail that's one baby that's going to be

feeling that

later what was that that was a loud time

at 5: in the morning

I knew what time it was cuz I checked my


radio uh

no click f is actually

neutral and moreover we agree with


despite the lgbtq part of which the

political parties of Israel shall come

around and actually accept the LGBT qia

much better and not blame them for

anything well if you wish to invest some

serious redit gold you

may and if it is towards me it shall be

put towards of sound good idea it shall

be used

well your friend is

blessed oh look it's Lego num

gay I thank you Sam I

Am as opposed to guy am I you got feel

sorry for guy am

I but put up a Sam I

Am and now we go

super uh huh it's Lego Sonic but super

form just goes back to


regular what they could come up with


Lego Des

rese you are

blessed oh and that would be the uh Lego

back Lego Tech that Lego set was based



ni went back went back to Lego for being


super I'm going to answer that question

in the head since I just caught it in

the uh chat

section so all Lego OC's are within are

existed within their respective Lego

dimensions in the Lego Universe which is

a separate

Dimension away off of this one right

here so they're not on the c197

half bionical

included cuz bionico is definitely a

whole other

thing I feel like I know what all

consider I feel like the scheme of

bionico was actually similar to peace


oh I sense your friends and their

marriage that relationship is possibly

good but there is a chance of being on

the bounce there on but I shall bless

him none nonetheless with their with

their relationship and Frid that

actually ends up for the

better but

still it shall be as it will

be your bical OC's are not in quickfill


right they are within the Lego

Universe which is separate from


that's a whole different dimension of

a different

brick and yeah I know I know I'm playing

Lego Sonic so I knew I was going to get

a Lego question or two but that's all

right oh yes I am still writing and

drawing the comics and we are spending

further on

them and that should be part of the

collab which evolves the artwork and

further writings of the later books

while I'm still working on the HD

versions of the of some of the past

books what you SM well for

me did you buy a hat for you did you buy

a hat for me what we doing buying hats

that's a good


your friend is

blessed Mr

Darden is

blessed and I'm trying to be like

focusing on these vs and getting up in

this detail

and yeah go ahead make the joke up

yours nope we're not upping anybody

we're just trying to get up the Bine

path s

smile I what you smile the well for me

for you are

blessed smile

I don't have to I'm not pretending I

mean I'm not pretending to be an

astronaut and I don't have to cuz I have

traversed the


yeah at least I'm not lying around

pretend to be an astronaut there you go

we have said it and you are welcome to

the meanful moment that came from

that CU it's present

TS as opposed to hey 26 called they want

their my brain is trying to remember

give me a

moment yes you are Sarah you are blessed

thank you very much

oh that now I just remembered yeah hey

2007 call they want their kick the

autistic game

back there I said

it I said govern I show some poke and

the and the good show hey poke I said

it there goes NE the weel flying off




yes that was easy

ah I don't really particularly have a

favorite uh

vuber but if I had to

say let take a moment on that I trying

to remember their names right now

but oh actually now I can think of I can

think of little fur actually yeah I like

Tails and Sonic Pals Bumble Bunny and of

course uh

projectt you know I as go for that

ring and of course uh Danger

Dolan H but yeah obviously Fe tubers um

yeah bran blanking out on her name at


moment I have been actually grooving

with their video with her videos

recently um I guess I can mention her

Franco she's okay too

OU Cho the dog girl that's the those the

only Clues you'll get without my

directly addressing her but yeah she's

cool somebody will say it eventually and

then they'll be like oh yeah and I'll be

like oh yeah that's her


I have not watched that I have not been

consciously made aware of that and for

the record I still have not watched


circus we are keeping contact

information private but you may contact

via email to my Gmail as previously

described and talked


oh dear oh there is a bottom at these

special stages


though that's okay we'll move

forward everybody sing everybody done

is thinking we are thinking we are doing


thinging singing

and round two of knack the weasel

and I have played Sonic triple trouble

back when it was in the game

here good luck to you both you shall do

very well in your college education

especially you follow the light power

path in intuition and

righteousness and of course

steady an alternative second language

May beneficial for you both to

appreciate as well to expand your mental


with pick a good language dual lingo can

help you with that but if you want the

lesson plans on conjugation you might

want to look elsewhere on the

internet maybe somebody did a speedrun

in that


I mean not necessarily going to be a

professora de

espol but still

decent I should do wish dingo would

would uh take their app back to where

they actually did have all the

conjugation details within it like I

noticed from that one guy that actually

got to see got to read all that makes it

a bit easier especially for those that

don't understand conjugation as


oh oh well we have an infinite number of

lives we have infinite chances which is

spawn spawn back at the previous


Bo I'm definitely not going to spit for

anybody but just I could appreciate just

the concept of where where Scott was

when he took

off I feel like that was quite the

experimental success that happened in

that show quite the alternative take


good I still love episode three with

Roxy and Ramona that was really

good and that's actually a decent thing

let Ramona change her hair C don't I

feel sorry for the cat for the cat cuz

the cat put up the smell of the bleach

every time and I know for personal

experience that bleach it

smells it's sank never a smell to

it but can't be helped but still I

empathize with a


cat yum yum yum yum yum y yum yum yum

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum

Yow and there's your meow Ms go ahead

mean that up meow meow here you go meow

meow meow meow meow meow meow

meow we're just having a little


ah it's the timing of when Sonu Prime

came about and it's and manifested all

the eggs and everything past present and

future and

multi-dimensionally so it's not the

matter of being the one in the

assistance I'm or Chron chronologically

wise but it's just like you know he was

just the first one in all of existence

as well as Rosie RI Prime being the very

first one in all of

existence in this timeline and

throughout all the timelines and

universes and dimensions otherwise in

all the alternate universes alternate

dimensions and Alternate timelines

they're just called Sonu the first

they're just called Sonu the first and

the Rosy roseu the first or otherwise

SAA SAU the first or Rosen rosu the

first and it is he doesn't necessarily

Rose R when you say rosson but still you

know uh gender bend self

counterparts he's really good it

good oh boy you you guys are getting

Crash Bandicoot Vibes with the dark

levels and The Limited lighting those

were fun

levels and how about the extra hard

level that came about thanks to the DLC

in the insane

Trilogy ow that was

fun come on let's see we get a few more

Ms in this special


special yeah that's what S&A is


special also just because superal

fragilistic espad

docious super gistic

ESP even though the sound of it is

something quite

atrocious if you say it enough you



sound come on


all oh man I couldn't get the ring no

ring and I'll come up to that question

when it comes to momentary that I just

caught in the live

chat it'll come up momentarily because

it was paid and it would be a good

question to

answer but surpris to say I am all for

progress and moving

forward and most everybody should be too

present T future T despite the appre and

despite the goods the bads and the

indifference and whatnot of past

details anyway get


oh there we go yes

so it's in the past I appreciate that

happened I don't necessarily miss

it but what's in the past is in the past

and we'll just leave it at

that cuz we are in the

present and we are very progressional

with these for

Progress oh what fun is there making

sense yes your dog will survive cuz your

dog is

good good



you sure you are blessed follow the

light power path in common sense and

affirm that you are good affirm that you

are well affirm that you are healthy and

it shall be manifested

so now mainly it's just the feature of

these three games this time I'll be

ending the stream a little bit after

this level cuz I don't want to go too

much but this has been good it is good

actually I feel like this is not too bad

I mean Q&A at the same time of playing

video games and having one focus on the

other yeah this works

out spend Dash on the

vine that's a moment that was

mine hoay

ho stretchy

Vine Here


robot it's like do I want to lose a ring

I don't want to lose a ring or I want to

keep as many rings as possible so it's

time to go

super and I know that just I know the

lay out of this thing can't do they hit

it but this save's getting

hit and I can likely very well likely

have 100 frings by the end of this and

there itch

oh that worked

yay oh I don't know I just might uh

chill for a while collect my thoughts

appreciate count my

blessings and all the other good

things oh Superman's going to survive

the mer you don't need to worry about

him as well as everybody on the Justice

League everybody on the

Avengers and so

forth they all

survive the ones are good those are


here hurting small animals is not

good you can make aend to the animals

stop hurting

them and you can Pro and you can do

promise do better by that

you can even donate to your local P

organization the protection protection


animals I know I sound a little bit like

Tamela Anderson at the moment but why

not I appreciate and support vegetarians

and those that work to support and save



I three that's not

bad likeo

n and know his brick legs and his brick


jetpack yes all of them will survive the

car Bears and the clouds she she rot on

the other

on the other on the other


world and of course uh the P of course

the ponies Equestria and the Equestria

Girls on

Earth everybody survives there res

intense and so

forth knock the weasel Phil for that

trap trip is

blushing I'll son you as gone super

before Sonu OC's will actually be able

to survive the merge for the

latter especially those from this 128

half that merged with them though those

that are regular s and Rose met Pro s

and Rosies that are OC's they may not

survive they end up merging with their

128 self counterparts here but the

specialist are more immortal and we


respawn so



anyway let me see I'm going to check

the CU see if we have any more questions

any more

comments let's


all right well anyway I feel anyway so

this was a pretty good experiment we'll

consider doing this another time and

maybe play another game in the future

but that's to be confirmed but for right

now this say is CHR te W Channel SII

Prime I thank you all for joining me and

I'll talk to y'all again another time oh

and of course uh shortly a little while

I'll post the PO box that y'all may send


physical fan art positive safer work fan

art and kind intention

gifts and Good Vibes and

everything sagy Dy usagi dny usagi D

it yes I just answered that

question I guess I better double check

this see any more details come around

any more questions come NOP yeah that's

it I think in the prevention of the one

I know is coming up and you're not going

to get refund so everybody don't

stupidly do a thing but anyway I bless


Lumis he's a good that's a good

individual all right y'all have a good

safe blessed day thank you all very