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Is this necessary?

We've already got pages on Chris and sex, the Tomgirl saga, and homos. The page on JERKS already says everything about what Chris thinks about men. All these pages already deal with gender in some fashion. While I think it would be a good idea to have the issue of gender addressed in a centralized place, why not just restructure one of these other pages? There's already a "Chris and transgender issues" section on the Homos page.

What's more, the discussions on the Forum indicate that there is a huge debate about Chris and gender which make this a difficult issue to tackle objectively. One of the central rules of the CWCki is to avoid speculation. Chris hasn't received a psychological evaluation on this issue. So far this article has no citations. I am not optimistic about this page not descending into a useless clusterfuck.

Finally, the "Chris and..." pages are high-profile, and I believe require (or should require) admin approval. Why not create this as an experimental page for now on your userpage, and see what the mods think of it?asperhes, 4/5/15

I understand and appreciate your critical analysis. I saw this article as requested and tried to put as much in as I can at this time. As you can see this article is far from finished and greatly appreciate contributions to the article. I will try to moderate the page as much as possible. If it does devolve to what you fear then I will gladly wipe it from existence.Also if the admins find it in any way unneeded or innapropiate I will delete it. Skurvypete,4/5/15
Well actually you can't delete it. Only the admins can do that. I would check with them about how to proceed, especially since you don't waste your time working on a page that an admin unilaterally deletes (which they have been known to do). There hasn't been a new "Chris and..." page added in over two years, and that time it definitely required admin approval. asperhes, 4/5/15.

I'm rather new to the cwcki so thank you for notifying me of this. Do you know where I can discuss with the admins (I don't know any) about the page? Skurvypete4/5/15

Okay iv'e gone into the rules and they say that you do not need direct admin approval. I would like for other people to give me feedback on the page NOTE: Im just getting started on this. If many people feel like this page is irrevelant then i will get in touch with an admin to delete it skurvypete 4/5/15

I don't think it's an unnecessary page, but it's probably going to reiterate a lot in the JERKS and Women's Right's pages, so a three-way merge may be necessary. If the merge occurs, it's best that the page has this title, his attitudes towards gender are definitely "Chris and" page material, especially with the recent intersex fiasco. The "gender" in the page title needs to be "Gender" though. I've written for this page and will pipe to it where appropriate.Res (talk) 16:54, 16 January 2016 (UTC)


Does anyone think there should be a section about Androgyny in this article? Because Chris has shown both masculine and feminine traits all throughout his life, even as a tomgirl.

I think this kind of section should be tongue and cheek. I really don't see any femininity in Chris. The dated meaning of androgyny is "having the physical characteristics of both sexes." The more modern definition is "being partly male and partly female in appearance." Chris certainly has a desire to appear more feminine, but he's completely failing at it. I don't see actual femininity, I just see autism.--Galilean (talk) 12:56, 1 August 2017 (UTC)

He does have manboobs, which may be considered a feminine trait, I guess? -Camille 18:42, 5 November 2017 (PST)