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Between 10 April and 30 October 2020, Chris livestreamed himself reacting to the multi-part episode "Red vs Blue" of Analysis Anarchy, an animated series by DRWolf and the TF2 Analysts using Team Fortress 2 and My Little Pony-themed characters. Chris watched each video shortly after each one released, meaning that the long period of time that it took to watch the entire series can't be chalked up to Chris's usual laziness.

Fiona's depiction of Chris's usual, erm..."reactions"

Chris opted to simply point the camera at himself, lacking the video editing experience to set up a side-by-side video, and made cartoonish faces overreacting to scenes. Chris's livestreams would usually begin 10-20 minutes before the premiers of the Analysis Anarchy episodes, and to fill that time, he ranted and babbled about everything from technology problems to being Sonichu. In order to 'prove' that he had seen the videos in other timelines prior to their releases (this fractured timeline visibility a component to the Dimensional Merge), Chris would often mumble lines of dialogue as soon as they were said. These were attempts to appear like he was quoting characters matching perfectly in time with the episodes, and truly had seen them before, having knowledge of the show's events before they happened. Instead, what resulted was a disjointed zombie-like state and the least entertaining reactions of all time. Chris asked for donations and livestreamed all six parts, which now exist as videos on CwcvilleGuardian.

He promoted the livestream by announcing via Twitter:

On a different topic, I Will, however, be personally doing a Live Reation Video today, and once every few weeks for the Six-Part Episode of #TF2AnalysisAnarchy. I had seen part one at @BronyCon of ‘19, but that was Months ago. So, it’ll be like going in anew, but mildly familiar.

It will be a Streaming Video, so Donations of multiple Dollars during in Super Chat would be appreciated (reminder: I can’t read the responses or chat while recording). Tune in less than a couple of hours from now.

A fan called him out for requesting donations during the COVID-19 pandemic, to which Chris shot back:

Did I say it was Mandatory? I could spout back at you for spouting hatred at me when you, yourself, supposedly demote and oppose hatred and bullying. I do not care for such negative Trolling.

The streams were received incredibly negatively - even by Chris's standards - as hardly anyone following him has any legitimate interest in My Little Pony, let alone an obscure fan-made offshoot. Chris rarely interacted with the disgruntled chat, disregarding enabler-and-ween-sponsored superchats as well. Chat itself frequently spammed questions about Barb, declaring her dead or murdered, or demanding Chris get her on stream. "FEET REVEAL OR BUST" was another commonly posted comment. Viewer numbers would decline as soon as the Analysis Anarchy premiers began.

Reaction Video: Red Vs Blue Part 1

Ironically, his first stream was deemed to be for children by YouTube, thus locking his superchat and in turn him from donations. This is the only video in the series where he doesn't pretend to be possessed by Sonichu.

Reaction Video: Red Vs Blue Part 1
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 10 April 2020
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown
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Sonic Rebuilt
Chris Chan & Max Mandu LIVE / Leftovers Tonight


You can watch the RvB video on DrWolf’s channel at


[hops onto his bed and sighs; his voice is obscured by fans or some furnace running loudly in the background] Hey everybody, this is...Chris-Chan Sonichu, comin' to you live from home, in a little bit we will be streaming a lo-lovely video! This is a reaction video to...Red vs. Blue, part 1. So, hope you all are as esited as I am checkin' this out, if wan--and if you're...obviously...vide--I don't have video, uh--video opportunity or options right now. [long awkward pause; his last sentence is repeated briefly on his computer] So, yeah. Workin' on...details and...stuff. Ah, pfft. I don't really...see the channel on this thing.....oh, I get a sound. [speaks intelligibly and talks in Spanish, then another pause] Where's the option for...? "More options"...comments [?]'re not givin' me an option! Ah, dammit. Ah, well anyway, uh, essentially, I guess, regardless of comments, but, if y'all wanna watch this video at a later time after its premiere, which will be in a coupla minutes...y'all can do that on your own accord, but I'll tell you that you're just gonna see me.....and I have Rosee right here-Rosee Rosechu right here sittin' next to me... [smiles and points to the left as if he were in an '80s sitcom opening] oh, and Magi-Chan's sittin' right here. Hey, man! Hey, Heavy[?]. Aight, so anyway, I'm gonna be watchin' this video, so...I do this also in response to...Dr. Wolf's earlier video where, he wanted reactions to it, so...this'll be the first one I do this se-series sev-6.

[pauses and does something with camera] I just...put a...little commentary in the chat yeah, anyway, beginning shortly, Analysis Anarchy, Red vs. Blue Part 1. Ah, and you know what, I'll take my glasses off so you can actually see my reactions. 'Cause I don't know how well they'd do with the glasses reflecting light in my eyes. [?] so it's not getting in mah way...very shortly, [does a fake fanfare] So yeah, not reading your...commentary or anythi--if--if--am not able to enable that at this point, so...oh well, it is what it is. Y'all gettin' to see live reactions! Note that I have previously seen BronyCon, months ago, so I pretty much forgot--HEY! I'M RECORDING! Not right now, Barbara! [stress sigh] Sorry, I don't like being interrupted, especially since [breaks into falsetto] this is the beginning! This is FUN! Uh, live video STREAM! Yee! Ah, here's the thing! [the YouTube premiere countdown music plays] Okay. Alright, two minute now...two minutes. Agh. [fiddles with the camera and wipes his brow] At least the music is always nice when you...[?]

...Oh you're gonna try to pull that card, huh? well you know what I could say to your little boss status? it can kiss my.. (Chris: ENOUGH!!!) Both of you, please calm down. (blue pony character walks in), (Chris: Hi Finn[?].) Character makes awkward face and dances away (Chris laughs maniacally)...[?]

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TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 2 Reaction Video

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Starting his act of pretending to be Sonichu, Chris brings an imaginary Rosechu along to watch.

TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 2 Reaction Video
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Stardate 15 May 2020
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown
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Chris Chan & Max Mandu LIVE / Leftovers Tonight
Watching TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 3

Raw captions

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Ah hey everybody there's a site you live coming from this house once again and today we're doing a live stream of analysis anarchy part two my live reactions to the video yeah just kind of like you're doing some [unintelligible] yeah so make sure everything's set up is my first time using the laptop. First time using the laptop for our streaming at this point. Um so try so I don't know how to do screen on screen in this thing but at least I'm able to see the video still and y'all should be able to hear it loud enough [Music] yeah anyways so yeah I'm doing exclaiming I'm just like a finger it's time to kill something allow me for the option of us application hmm they don't not don't know how this thing works anyway so there's that I did that just put coming in on me I'm dr. wolf strain so now I wait for the video the 81 minutes no just something on the phone I'm topic dead I know I mean but yeah by being early bird type of individual and I don't know that's new to me this video using a laptop for this I'm this is the first time using this laptop for this type of thing but at least the camera does work microphone works she's upstairs Barbara is upstairs okay kill time just flow into comments yeah well you're too loud she's upstairs alright stop asking about Barbara this is a reaction video for tf2 Mouse's anarchie red versus blue part 2 and we starting very shortly at least I have a little time to do this alright yeah Thank You vanderrocks Oh point our super chat thank you at least well there you go that's the first time this body gets to see some of your comments so yeah last month when we were when I reacted while watching part 1 it allows me last month it's aren't you yeah yeah we like to psych movie it's really good almost time it's progress the merge continues to be in progress everything is happening only fast my dear - I guess at least yeah I'm back on the tf2 window so no longer reading your comments sorry hey Lise y'all get to get the pleasure - they seem to the perspective of the laptop camera this time [Music] eight seven six five four three two one Sheldon honey [Music] so earbuds won't fit seriously technology is so bigoted sometimes DSi and they had cable and penis I'm sorry you want to repeat that nothing nothing creatures repent hey sweetie are you sure it's a good idea to bring me along I mean I been with you guys for that long and we really haven't any boys my cookies hunters reunion Oh will eggs ninja I want in here the professional atmosphere the sneak on have fun and you'll be fine [Music] greetings you good sir thanks for your request I have gathered our greatest mercenaries and we stand ready to fulfill the most dangerous missions and open up vocations how many we be of service today gracious employer you know I'm surprised but this is just perfect casting focus please so how can we help you today mr. um please just call me blue man red man will do just fine here for this one I triple dog I was just offering you a biscuit yeah I may be an idiot but I'm not stupid this guy works for the company that makes all those stupid robots if little toys trying to kill all of us what that was him are you certain mr. Boies 100% or my name is snuffleupagus manga some extent this my company does manufacture those robots we didn't use to but one of our lower managers the director made a non unintentional joint operation with a competing company that actually made the robots we didn't really have a saying what he was using the robots for so we kinda overlooked it but rest assured we open bug on this little operation so even bother you lot anymore it seems to be time the truth Jasper so I think Boston now so put the gun away from now [Music] wait a minute you there from the suit the suit yes Billy what's dr. Cobb well since you want we're the only ones available I expect nothing but the best from you I have a very difficult mission in mind and honestly if you can get halfway through this one in one piece I'm certain there will be nothing but with the opposition well thank you your confidence in us is overwhelming I'm glad you asked here is retard Josh hi guys oh there was an incident I wouldn't underestimate the power of Disney if I were you hey don't see there's advertising I mean somebody's got to pay for this flop and movie to happen full details know is it's personal nothing personnel you a position in bronies react totally my purview even though I don't edit the videos what is that is a good thing is it for you it's a good thing when they buddies react to whatever like us we're reacting to this video right now already oh yeah does this mean you might actually kill your teammates this time [Music] smirks ela smirks I foresee them going to get each other this both teams [Music] [Applause] drug is always a NY [Music] up here we go make the middle it's gone what are you guys doing here to be continued yep continue absolutely been waiting for next week next month next month battle or discussions your choice to keep it whatever but yeah yeah why reaction from the left up birthday so thank you all for watching in chop it up it's they say

Watching TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 3

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Continuing his act of pretending to be Sonichu. Barb makes a brief "proof-of-life" appearance.

Watching TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 3
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Stardate 12 June 2020
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Baby blue shirt
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TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 2 Reaction Video
Chris's Last Will and Testament


#TF2 #TeamFortress2 #AnalysisAnarchy #DrWolf #MLPSilverQuill


CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the content. If the media is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.

hello everybody this is sonichu in moms body coming to you live from home once again

and we're about to watch we're going to be watching red blues

versus blue part three in just a few minutes

about ten minutes and fortunately i'll

be able to do a little video on video

on this ipad about sugars like that one

side of it i would look at all these

stickers huh

that's fun and that's what you see

what's propped up for what's

ghost and what's on the bottom i mean

look at how i look like a yearbook or something

anyway i gonna leeway and enough

from edge on my right leg in order to do this


i do believe this will work for picture and pitcher again this the video and audio from the actual video

that we played on

the laptop right here might not sync up

with what's shown

on the ipad here and this is your basic 32 gig ipad pro 7th gen

i'll eventually get a higher capacity model

let me go to wi-fi not 3g

but it works well for 1e4 basically so

it's good for what came out trump's wallet that's all i'm going to say about that

anyway so i'm just showing it throwing and

waiting for the show to start be another

eight minutes or so of six minutes

yes it's the minute and a half yada yada

uh cochleario complete elisha

there you go there's your shout out

barbara's doing good

she's in good health and i'm in good

house as you can see

you're speaking with sonichus sonichu

i'm zapping it up right here

Barbara's not coming downstairs anytime soon today so chillax on that

i'm reading some of this

and they all go by so fast hello


possibly responsible for the civil unrest

she's upstairs barbra weston chandler

is upstairs all right

she is alive and well stop asking about her

she's right here hi rosie

rosie's right here

she's not dead shut up

barbara's upstairs she's not going downstairs so

chill out on that asking about barbara

fine hey barb

hey barb

she's right upstairs everybody wants to

see you everybody wants to see you

just come down there say hello


hey barb do me a favor would you come

downstairs for a minute please because

you couldn't hear me up the stairs from here

so i use the backup option

yeah you'll see here shortly all right

hey barb come here come here

i'm on a live video stream and people want to see you so just

come over here sit right here there

Say hello to the world!

Barb: Hello to the world!

Chris: There's Barbara, see! She's alive and well! [to Barb] Give 'em some- give 'em some wisdom!

Barb: Oh. Take care of your money. Don't make foolish investments.

Chris: Um, anything else that's not financial?

Barb: No. Not at all.

Chris: Aight. How are you feeling?

Barb: I feel great.

Chris: Good. Oh boy, ev'body's just- [to Barb] You can go back upstairs. Thank you, Barb.

Barb: You're welcome. [leaves]

Chris: See you later. There, is everybody happy now? Do you believe me?

she's not a robot shut up

anymore now let me get this stream up

that didn't have warning they'll be coming up shortly

it was 60 second warning but then that comes up to the

minute and a half thing

i can finally put down screen on full screen here

as soon as that thing comes up

somebody said 30 seconds on their live chat

red blue yellow green see what i mean

get that man and a half blurb is going to begin shortly

put your eliara in in the pony in our super forms

who wants to take a bite out of that gingerbread hug of too much goodness me

i begin to think shortly so i can go full screen on the ipad

a thing is happening



hmm uh

it's not the best i have this

all right that's better now i can see it

everybody can see that


right there


all right


the conflict begins oh


well this is awkward yes what are you

doing here

i'm pretty sure we told you all to stay put

well i took an initiative and made an executive decision

i'll show you that we're more than

capable of effective teamwork

wait i'll show you well i'm sure your

teamwork is going swimmingly

oh shut up ninja you haven't been here long

valid enough the newbie

yeah you're not as experienced as i am


or receiving hey

what is your guy's mission anyway we're

going to roast some probably named blue

well shoot oh shoot

hold your fire

great now look what your team did my team

i got this

there's no way you're gonna let this

stand right

the red team is being completely


and the blue team needs to realize that we were here first

so what if you were here first we had

better storylines

i'm sorry would you mind rephrasing that


i think you need to do something i'm

getting ready


this makes sense


it catches


i need to figure this out

over stupid reasons here no one can get on each other's nerves but is that

really an excuse to come to blows like this

especially considering most of us have super forms we don't fully understand

i don't know about you but i prefer not

to turn this into x-men 3.

did he say x-men that actually sounds kind of cool



forever chaos

what have i done ow

what have you done you did what you always do

yell the problem expecting it to

brandy you should have listened to me

i told you something wasn't right but no you ignored it

you ignore it boys

90 of what you say should never be taken seriously

if you just listen to us and stay punched


i know we analyze all

i do my brand you really do

i do what i'm letting you supposed to do

i tried to lead and keep my team safe during matches

to keep our friends safe but when can I do that with every time every moment

you take that away from me they listen to you they follow


where did everybody go

where did everybody go good question

let's find out

maddie lying in the box health mode

don't fail me now dead shot sniper


lines of truth it reveals hidden objects and enemies

right have you never played ocarina of time

nope i was too busy upping my arsenal

and the mirror shield reflects any kind of element though

okay what i need


how about we try something new

son of the mask yes i haven't seen that cosmetics before where'd you get it

just on the holy altar in the mouth of carterus


here he goes

i'm sorry i didn't mean to set you up

like that but come on

it's not like i said


why did you put it on

adequate timing he puts it on now where

he just lands face first into it



yes yes it is

i lose

i don't know she don't know it's not her

memory right now


oh i don't need any encouragement ellie

i'm already feeling the happiest i could ever be and i'm


so we can all get back to being friends

that is an absolutely splendid idea

although why don't we go and help the

red team with some sucking therapy

before someone gets hurt

then let me go and help the blue team

i'd love to ellie but i'm sure my

bestest of the best hugs will be more

good than your touch of scent

actually i agree with ellie sounds better so uh

are we supposed to be fighting each other i don't

feel like fighting we've barely even had a proper conversation together

yeah i get the sense that spidey pyro

doesn't really work in my match-up

probably but what else is a spy and

a pirate supposed to oh

hey do you want to go play video games

why would a spy and pyro fight make you

want to suddenly go play video games

got any other ideas

i am sensing a dark presence



hi newest voice in my head hey

i'm trapped in the sword sweetie please get me out

yeah sorry man i would rather not get involved in some cursed sword business






jasper take out your power coin

one day can't the universe just


there's a reason i'm the headliner for a tv tropes page

why just this morning i tripped down the stairs into a box of oversized bear traps

they'll ask me why i had those skinned into an unexpected oil slick

laying his face first on a cat distance somehow grew overnight

fell off my window into a car full of sandpaper



don't argue with an idiot he will drag

you down to his level

and beat you with experience




i shall now take this opportunity

hey that's gotta hurt

perfect timing

angry birds



i am your enemy

oh yeah that that is the thing

very well all are connor bounds in the


you expect such a pitiful weapon to harm me


you forgot what this dagger is


it's a dragonzord


beneath the ocean for over two decades



for this day at least you are the

greater punching bag

i shall leave you alive which is the

coolest statement


so y'all better hold on to your nut now


because this is



nothing like a fresh paint job on your hot rod am i right


good night everybody


now what i'm happy again i received my



i meant what you said to me earlier today

what are


ah don't worry about me i didn't get

both teams to stop fighting and listen with my impressionable points

after all that's what makes me the best

announcer ever

by the way if anybody questions how i

knew that all of you will be here

you know like the other time you try to intervene

what is beautiful


i shall take you to my tower



for the rest of my life hey

man did i get one of those

are you sure about that yes i'm sure



what in the name of princess big mac has

gone into him

he's obviously possessed by a demon you must exercise him

a demon you mean like

a yoma

well there's only one way to purify yuma

wait no no no no


please kill me so


i must

why don't i have automatic z targeting

oh come on isn't your very supposed to

help you out with that



all right that's fair however unlike you

i managed to bring all of my equipment

and what is that supposed to do oh it

could do a lot

fight surveillance hack electronics


and it's a gun that shoots guns

well as the saying goes turnabout is

fair play

so uh

in tartarus then keeper develops her own

uber form right when despite junior

suddenly threatens cooldown

but that would mean someone must have

been sitting all of this up behind the


hello doctor

how convenient that you managed to

figure all this out right in the midst

of your precious mercenaries tearing

each other apart

and that you'd come back here all by


so this talk show


to be continued

and that was tf2 analysis on our key

part three

and depending on the quality of

the thing between there and here and oh

my gosh that sun is reflected off the

forehead and isn't it

i need to put the current back over

again or something anyway

good thing this timeline's going to change

i am beside you within christine's body

thank you all for watching and have an awesome japan day

zap it up to the extreme

Watching TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 4, plus a few thoughts.

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Watching TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 4, plus a few thoughts.
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Stardate 4 September 2020
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Baby blue shirt
Other LiveLive Live
Bonus short update from Barb 09/04/2020
To Cole Smithey, from Barb, and Sonichu (Prime)


CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the content. If the media is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.

Chris: [sigh] Hey everybody, Sonichu here, coming to you live from home once again for. . . another- t- another mo- another. . . stream video! Where we're gonna respond to. . . [sign] Analysis Anarchy part 4. It's pretty much- a lot- a bit of away right now, so. . . everybody just relax, we're all good. I'll probably offer some thoughts along the way, just, you know, randomly, whatever, yada yada yada. [whispering and in reference to Analysis Anarchy part 4 YouTube premier] Let's give it a moment.

[long pause while looking at screen] So, yeah. I gotta. . . do the thing- thing. Also setting up right now. [mumbling about tech stuff].

[in reference to livestream view count] 220. I already have 220. How do I have 220. Just- wow, that is a lot. That is a lot!

[more mumbling]. Keyboard. [brings over wireless keyboard from side of bed].


And all the- and all donations. . . to the superchat are greatly appreciated, so. . . thank you. Do do do do do do. . . [strokes hair] I showered a little while ago, so that's why- looks like the hair is a little wet. That's why. [whispering] and so. [sigh]. [taps side of head repeatedly]. [mumbles]. [puts finger to temple] Alright. . . I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking. [sigh].

[reading chat].

[shouting out name in chat] Fielez Compagnos Eduardo! There you go. That's a random thing. You actually made it through.

[reading chat].

Um. . . [mumbling]. Well someone's doing the thing. [strokes hair and sighs]. Why is everybody going on with the "NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW" meme? Oh well. Phhh. What am I doing. . .

Oh well, anyway, guess general thoughts [takes off glasses] and processes. . . well. . . [puts on glasses]. Yeah, I need my glasses. So I can read or. . . Still waiting for my mod, my mod guy. Anyway- uhh, so, yeah.

[taps side of head] Still Sonichu here! Ehhh, it's not- Chris- it's not your Chris- it's not your Chris-Chan- it's me, Sonichu, the prime of the species. Yep. Hello. Hello. So. . . [sigh]. [puts left hand to temple and furrows brow, sighing] I- on my mind- too much on my mind, [unfurrows brow] I mean, this this is the show where you learn- where pretty much. . . [lowers left hand from temple and raises right hand up] you have so- [raises left hand and places both hands on respective temples] you have SO MUCH ON YOUR MIND. . . you can have so much on your mind, and you're constantly- and things and processes- yet AT THE SAME TIME. . . [arms fall] there's nothing on your mind. . . [sigh] It's an oxymoron. Eeaaaah.

[babbles and raises hands to side of head, rubbing skull]- it's hard to think for myself.

[more mumbling and head-rubbing].


[mumbling]- doing a thing, doing a thing. [sigh].

[in reference to settings] I feel like I need to have that on now.

Pfffff. Okay.

[sigh] Well, aside from that, I did have another thought to discuss- just, pretty much- um, general way of- you know, responded to. . . I mean I've done my visual reactions to all three of the previous parts- to Red Versus Blue. . . and y'all s- and y'all are witness to me having literally- go in time. . . to their speech more or less, because. . . I literally have seen it all before. [taps side of head] this bod- is mine, this brain, this body- it all has, cause, you know [sigh] multiple timelines and such, I mean what's left of this timeline- I'm still doing- I'm still putting- [raises and lowers arms] so, I'm here. Doing this thing.

[readjusts stuffed My Little Pony doll near head of bed] I'll just pull Night Star, just for the hell of it.

And- um. . . yeah. Mmm. So yeah. I've done the reaction videos personally for the past three videos, and- uh, when. . . I mean, not to be- sounding like a complainy-pants or anything, but. . . [blows air]. . . I mean, of all the people that- you know, the- and listen, I'm not gonna drop any names, cause, you know who they are, they knew who they are, and they know who their- they know- the wh- those that've been good, they're- st- they know who they are, those who have been moderate or neutral, they know who they are, and those who have been. . . trollish, they know who they are- they know who they are. It's just- throwin' it out there, but still, I mean, I just feel like. . . egh, I give 'em this good content! Aaand they're not e- they're not even givin' me- givin' it an honorable mention. I mean I've. . . done this on behalf of [taps top of head] Mama Chris-Chan- on her behalf! And. . . [eyes widen before going back to normal] what- I mean I'm still gonna do it for the remaining three parts- counting this one. . . but I'm like, "Hey, guys, guys, analysts, come on. . ." [readjusts self on bed] [points to his right, indicating Rosechu] You're seeing Rosie right here- right here, right here- she's right here sittin' next to me [there is no Rosechu of any form sitting next to Chris]. And, you see me- like, you know, taltin- talkin' the lines in sync. . . so. . . I mean, that's good- I mean, that is more than enough good stuff for you even if- [waves hands about] regardless of the fact that, you know. . . it's all true. You know that. Everybody knows it. I know it, I feel it, everybody feels it. . . Speaking of which, [points up with right hand pointer finger] you can see my- you can see the aura through this video- just- and everything else- and. . . you're psychic, and you're awesome [gives thumbs up to camera].

But aside from that, I just feel like, [brushes hair] you know, go ahead and give me [waves hand about, gesturing towards self]. . . you know, at least- ONCE? Within the remaining three parts of. . . where they just [waves hands about, trying to find the word "compilation"] do the compamation of fan's reactions- I mean- I mean. . . [voicecrack] they've also- I mean, those- the analysts, they have. . . pretty much more or less [points to self] they met Mama at the past few BronyCons. . . aaand she knows- I know- that. . . she hasn't been a watcher of An- Analysts Anarchy. . . f- f- she wasn't aware of it that much until, like, 2017. . . and she wasn't playing TF2 at the time- but yeah, she's played many games- many games before, including FPSs, so. . . [holds palm open in air] yeah, that's a thing. [angry] But still- STILL. . . she's enjoyed THE SERIES. The entirety of the series MORE THAN ONCE! She's FINISHED IT more than once. . . [takes a long pause and calms down some] So. . . yeah, pretty much. And. . . [holds hands palm-up aloft in air and drops them]. Ahh. Could do with at least an honorable mention, guys- you know- I mean, WHAT? Is Chris-Chan [points to self]. . . [uses pointing hand for exasperated gestures] too famous. . . Have you all feel like- you know, "Hey, if we talk about Chris-Chan, theeennn. . . WE'RE GONNA GET TROLLED!" THAT'S NOT GONNA BE THE CASE! Cause, you know, everybody- EEEEVERYBOOOODY GET'S TROLLED! [slams hands on bed]. And the way you handle it- just says- Mama has told you all- and has personally experienced- [repeatedly slamming hand down with each utterance of the word 'time'] TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AGAIN. . . [long sigh] [in a high pitched voice] just ignore the trolls, ignore the bullies, ignore the comments! Come on! And just because. . . [pointing to self] she's famous. . . doesn't mean y'all have to be scared. . . Okay? It doesn't mean you all have to be scared of. . . [brushes hair back] being associated- scared of mentioning. . . her name, scared of, you know, being like, "Hey, le-" let's forget about- talk about Sonichus and Rosechus- DON'T BE SCARED! She's- [points to head] she was here- she's. . . a b- she's a fan, I'm a fan, Rosie's a fan. . . [holds hand up and counts on fingers] Roberta, Christine, and Sarah- they're all fans too. We like the Analysis Anarchy series. It's a good show.


[sigh] But anyway, aside from that. . . other thoughts, other thoughts. Uh, lemme see, my mod- my moderator- got on here. Mm. [in a butchered singsong voice] Where are you? Where are you woman? And. . . [blows air] I mean- I dunno- there's too many things on my mind, I mean I'm- just, whatever- wow, more than 500 watchers. Oh- and there's- h- there's [unintelligible stuttering and slurred speech] so I'm gonna just take that in moderation, and be like, yeah, that's cool. . . so, there's that. I'm doin' a thing, doin' thing.

Yeah, [angry, raising hand to camera] You've already seen Barb in the- f- in the video THAT I JUST UPLOADED a few minutes ago, so- YOU HAVE NO REASON TO ASK ABOUT BARBRA because that's her, she's okay, she's safe, she's well, and [slams fists on bed] WE'RE NOT HO- SHE'S NOT BEING HELD HOSTAGE either, so SHUT THE HELL UP YOU FREAKING FRICKEN' FRACKIN'- FFUCKIN' HATERS!!!

[entirely calm] Wow, closer to the time than I thought- I mean, eight minutes to go. Eight minutes plus twooo for the. . . [in reference to YouTube's premier countdown feature] deh deh deh deh deh deh deh deh deh. . . so, yeah. Um, I'm just gonna leave a comment.


How yall doin', Alice?



[typing] "I am reasonably excited for part four." [typing] "The previous parts have been very good." [typing] "So good that I literally" [typing] "watched them again after having- or seeing" [typing] "I watched them in blurred timelines" [typing] [sigh] "on my way [unintelligible] [sigh] [typing] "Many Déjà vus incoming." [typing] "Déjà vus incoming." Fricken' auto-correct!

[shields face from sunlight coming in from the window] Sunlight! Sun bright! Why is the sun- ss- why is the starry sun so bright- just- [waves the hand blocking sunlight to intermittently have the light hit his face] [looks at camera wide-eyed] [sigh] I think I'm going to do something about that. I'm gonna do something about that- [gets off of bed] 'scuse me! [flops back down in bed after adjusting blinds or curtain] Pff- pff- a bit back. Ay- [looks out window] mm, okay- yeah, that helps, that helps some. Hm.

[adjusts camera] Adjust the camera, adjust the [straining] camera- little bit.

[sigh] Let's see what else- what else [brushes hair with fingers]

[points to head] Phhhtbbt! [sigh] Light thoughts, light thoughts, light thought thought thought thought thought thought thought thought thought thought thought thought! [repeatedly taps head] This whole body- it's numb. It's been numb for months. It's been feeling numb for months. So, [pounds top of head with fist] I ain't hurtin', no pain! So, lots of stress mmmm [tenses up] I'm still alive- I'm fine! This is an immortal- this is literally an immortal body that's staying alive for. . . a long long time! You know. . . like thousands of years, and so on- beyond that! Infinity! Definitely for the remainder of this timeline.

Ehh- [angry, raising hand to camera] NO, WE'RE NOT GETTIN' BARB ON THE STREAM, STOP ASKIN' ABOUT HER! If you wanna go- if you wanna go- if you wanna- if you wanna see Barb, go look at the previous video I uploaded a few minutes ago. Well, less than half an hour ago. [exasperated sigh] That's the only moment you're gonna get Barb! That's the only moment you're gonna get from Barb today- so, SHUT UP! STOP ASKING ABOUT HER! [sigh]

Oooh. [furrows brow] Yabba-Dabba-Doo boinga boing. I get it. STOP IT WITH THE BARB ME- I mean, stop making Barbra a meme! Alright, that's enough. S- stop talking about Barb. [leans in] I don't know how to disable live chats from. . . phone or- maybe- is this it? Oh. [disables chat] Pshew! [raises hand in triumph] Hooray! I don't have to look at 'em anymore. [18:26]

Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 5 Reaction+

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 5 Reaction+
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Stardate 2 October 2020
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Gray with Purple Sleeves
Other LiveLive Live
To Cole Smithey, from Barb, and Sonichu (Prime)
Sonichu Reaction TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 6


CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the content. If the media is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.

Chris: Hey what's up everybody, gone live once again for another TF2 red vs blue part, we're on part fiiive. Five and alive, we'll be starting up in about half an hour, so... [Chris adjusts the camera] it is a good angle anyway. [more camera adjusting] If it's a bit lopsided one way or the other, my bad I got this thing on the body pillow. [moves his hair a little] But yep, live from home once again it's Sonichu and Rosie. So let's; and also with that said... shout outs with a... [show an orange cupcake] happy birthday to Barbara, her birthday was yesterday, she just turned 79 years old. So... toast to that, she should have quite a few more to go. And ya'll get to see me eat a cupcake, so whoop dedoo [grossly eats cupcake]

Hmm well anyway I've asked Barb about if she wanted to do a Q&A video, and I did get the list of questions that's addressed to her. [takes off glasses] She is not immediately at the moment positive towards the idea, but she might change her mind, we might get such a video out of her, sooooo that's a possibility. I'm not going to make any promises though. [scratches face] anyway let me think um... other topics of interest well one thing I guess I can bring up is, yep just as literally foreseen by [points at themself smugly] Mama and all the psychic types and all around and everywhere. Trump... got it. He got Covid. It's not very likely to end up good for him in the longer run so... in this timeline that's the way it goes. The alternative method would be one that ya'll would think 'wow this came from uh left field or something'. But ya'll can put 2 and 2 together since you know that Trump's counterpart literally, his self-counterpart is Herbert Garrison, from South Park, Colorado. Yep so, there is that. And on that note I would like to bring up that, yes I did... yes Rosie and I, we indeed watched the Pandemic Special. We just watched it last night on HBO Max and [shakes head] there's just too many things, I mean sure I can comment; oh sure, [quoting Randall Marsh from South Park] "Hey everybody, I want to talk about something that's very special something that's very meaning and deep about this whole pandemic mess, but you know what, I can only talk so much. It affected me and yet I got and yet I prospered and ya’ll [Inaudible] uh ya’ll prospered. So you know how I’m going to try and help? I‘’lo give you 10% off on all my weeeeed.” [raises and eyebrow] [shakes head] [flicks the camera] There’s my flick on the head. Flick Randy Marsh on the head. Just for that. He’s not thinking. He wasn’t thinking. Or at least that’s the way they portrayed him in this special, even more so than the other stupid things he’s done before, and even more stupid. If I’m going to bet that watchamacallit animal that looks similar to an armadillo... I’ve forgotten what’s what’s animal species name it is. Yeah sure you can you can even look to the point/viewpoint of Eric Cartman like [quoting Eric Cartman from South Park] “Hey I can be lazy and be in the house all day and shit, yeeeee. Six feet. Here’s a six foot pole I gotta make sure you’re six feet away from me.” Yeah anyway so aside from that aside and boy we definitely get to see a prominent figure from an earlier episode of South Park, that tried to attack Kyle’s grandpa you know; yeah, Death on a tricycle. Ya see him a few times, but yet he didn’t claim those that he was lingering around. But yeah, oh my god, the police shot Kenny! You bastards! Oh my god they killed Kenny! What? It’s happened so many times it’s not even funny anymore. [impersonating Kenny]. Yeah okay so...

It’s just a brief rundown on that, but that aside, at least they did manage to get in a few of the actual details of how this pandemic started down. I mean, definitely in China with uh... those creatures. The bat and the whatchamacallit, that looks like an armadillo. So that’s gonna happen, we’re gonna go back in time making sure how the actual events of how it got from them just... the one person it affected got to set put subjects patients zero. Gotta make sure he doesn’t get infected. There’s all that. Yeah, all right let me think. All right we could talk about Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin going on an airplane ride with Bob Belcher. I don’t know it just came at random. Ahhh let me think let me think. Anyway aside from that, today’s been a pleasant day. I’m feeling pretty good as you can see. Got all the energy. I’m all jazzed up and things. Hmmm. No but this brain this brain. I feel like I wanna talk about something else, but this brain can be... this brain can be a bit slow at times. So it’s like... I’m in the process of one thought, but like another thought comes along. I don’t know and then it just draws a blank. That’s the point when it’s drawn a blank and it’s happened. [adjusting the camera] Trying to adjust the damn camera and this happens. [makes robot noises] Anyway. [more noises] Okay something just happened, something definitely just happened somewhere in this world. [Points at head] If ya’ll could see my aura, you’re awesome. If ya’ll can see my aura in this video you’re awesome, and you can definitely tell that everything is genuine when I feel something. I’m literally feeling something, I mean I feel it in resonance of something that’s happened in this world. Oh well I guess um one thing I can tell; another thing I can talk about is uh, yeah Dimensional Merge. It’s still happening, it’s happening it’s continuous progress you’re seeing everything happen, one moment at a time. Literally, and I am speaking and to Chris Chan and to all the other deities. But yeah essentially to just be like ‘hey what’s the Dimension Merge about? I mean shoot didn’t Mama go through it enough already, on Twitter and Facebook and whatever, about months to a year ago or something yarda yarda. But long story short we OC’s and FC’s, that’s Original Characters and Fictional Characters. We all exist to coexist, right next to an invisible curtain divide that’s invisible for the most part, but you can sense it. If you watch the movie Donnie Darko and that liquid metal barrier. It’s essentially that. And obviously a number of people in this dimension; only a few could be this sensitive as that. But not obviously a living receiver, because I’m very conscious and aware of it all, because; I mean Mama’s been very conscious of it all, and then guess what? Clearly over 6 months now it turned 6 months in just 2 days ago on the 30th of September.

SIX MONTHS! I’VE BEEN HERE FOR SIX MONTHS! I’VE BEEN IN THIS BODY FOR 6 MONTHS! Since Mama and I swapped last March! [adjusting camera] and this camera keeps going all over the place. But yeah essentially all right so all of us over there and all of us over here. Ya’ll chronicle us and we Chronicle all over you. But yeah in the Dimension Merge, we’re all coming together, in the same dimension our dimension, which is C-197 and your dimension right here, which is 12-18. We’re all going to be existing in the same dimension together working together for greater days, future things, and so forth. I feel a burp coming on. [burps] Excuse me. Just has some veggies.

But that’s the basic rundown, we’re all going to be together same dimension our 2 dimensions merging. Of course as ya’ll witnessed, the big and large number of people that passed on in this Dimension. They moved on to their self counterparts which pretty much the majority of them are literal background individuals, that would be considered background in C-197 and we did not lose as many. We just lost like a handful or so in C-197 to suffice our share and those of us who have literally merged with out self counterparts in this dimension, and this is the obvious exception. Because Mama and I, we’re not the self counterparts of each other obviously. WE just literally body swapped. Soul swap whatever you wanna call it, take your pick. [Sigh] [Slaps head rapidly like a maniac] I HATE IT WHEN THIS BRAIN GOES BLANK!

Anyway, the Dimensional Merge is still happening and it’s gonna complete within the remainder of- [Camera falls] oh damn it. [adjusts camera]

And Barbara is not coming on this stream at all, so shut up nobody’s- Barb’s not coming down here okay, this is not about her. Except for the beginning where I gave her a birthday greeting and all that, but right now... [Sigh] Dimension Merge, it’s still happening in... what’s left of this timeline. Within the same time as- or prior to when- this body and I- we literally go back in time to undo this pandemic and make sure it never happens. Now I know it sounds like a catch-22 or whatever you wanna call it... 4D Chess, but yeah Trump [inaudible] regardless of a different method, in the new timeline. Which again- if I told ya’ll now it would be spoiling it and I’m not giving out that spoiler, at this point at all how. But yeah if I told you it would be like “oh well that’s just something that would came out left field.” And of course haters, comments, yarda yarda yarda, and guess what. These eyes, even though they’re the eyes, literally camera zero zero just says Mama talked about it at some point before. So- took off the glasses and I’m not really reading your comments anyways so... it’s like partial blur. Your comments are a partial blur to me right now. Sooo keep talking! I’m not listening. I’m not reading. Anyway so I covered the Dimension Merge, yet again and it’s a lot more complicated in details because if it was just a simple thing. It would just be done and over with, but now there’s just a whole lot more complicated details. We all have foreseen it, experienced it in other timelines, and so forth yarda yarda yarda. So between conscious memory, subconscious memory and what’s saved up in our backup cloud space in the cosmos. It’s only- we can only get so much of all— all those details, into the conscious. It’s like, do you want me to explain the Dimension Merge between Mama has she typed it up, in those multiple tweets and this brief explanation, that I just gave you on quick initial brain recap. That’s pretty much like all we can tell you right now. Especially without spoiling too many details of what is needed to happen, what needed not to happen, all that good stuff. And I do believe that was it for that topic. And I’m trying to think of something else to talk about. Aside from that, got some lovely wire art. [shows Sonichu wire art] This is a lovely ring she did a really good job on this. I did post this on Mama’s twitter a little while ago. This thing is really cool, and right there that’s where it is. Right next to Aether.

And we’re catching up on orders, the transition on how books are going to be distributed and where they’re going to be online, it will all be linked on the twitter very soon. We are almost complete with the shop and setup process there. So ya’ll will be able to buy books again and we are still catching up on those orders everybody who has ordered will previously get their books. It has just been a financial mess, I mean even PayPal. Because ya’ll been taking- send money in and Mama’s PayPal has just been taken some away. Just a loan she took from them in order to help with the orders and other things that happen. I mean shoot, if you’ve been in my shoes, you’d literally be knowing what’s going on. We’re feeling everything and we’re just monitoring it. I mean between visions and what’s right in front of us and things that these eyes- select eyes amongst every one of you all. Everyone that’s still alive on this Earth and yarda yarda yarda. That we all could see beyond the iron curtain, okay. This body essentially works on mood and feeling, so it’s not gonna- I mean it also works on fate, so it just follows the timeline trail it goes for the most part and just what these do each day, so it’s not like I could just, stop all that, and be like “hey I’m gonna write and draw today”.

Sonichu Reaction TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 6

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Sonichu Reaction TF2 Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 6
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Stardate 30 October 2020
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Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 5 Reaction+
Goochland Library Sermon


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