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I idol Sonic! I hate Eggman!
a complete list of things I hate

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Let's look at the facts- He collects Chaos Emeralds with the intent of harnessing their radiation. He uses this to power a friggen' huge laser. This is obviously an attempt to create clean, perpetual, and free energy. The laser clearly has two functions, it is to put the power source through a stress test and as defense against extraterrestrial threats (What would he gain from blowing up the planet?).

In a completely unwarranted fit of jealousy, Sonic consistently runs in, causes massive amounts of gratuitous property damage and scatters the emeralds across the planet. Understandably, the Doctor eventually lashes out at him.

Another criticism Sonic uses to justify his asshattery is how Robotnik puts woodland animals into robots in a process called 'robotonization'. This is an unjustified statement, the process actually creates a mechanized shell that is bio-chemically powered. The animals are so grateful for this mechanical suit that they sympathize with the Eggman and try to defend him and his research from the blue hedgehog.

From these truths, we can make the inference that Sonic participates in corporate espionage for an unscrupulous oil company employee.

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