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After leaking the Doopie E-mails on Kiwi Farms, Doopie responded to questions and comments from members on her interactions with Chris. Messages from Doopie are colored blue, while those from other members are colored yellow.

On Taking Chris's Commission

A lot of people have wondered why you even bothered to take chris art commission, it sounded like you knew who he was but allowed him to pester you until he got super clingy

any comment?

I treat everyone equally. I try to give everyone the benefit of a doubt. I knew about Chris for a long time, but as we are all aware, he's been drugged up as hell recently so I figured he'd mellowed out enough. I deal with people like him every day on a regular basis, and I treat them all fairly and as human beings. Chris continues to surpass my expectations, however.

Final Straw

Welcome to the farms.

I'd like to apologize in advance for literally everything we are and do.

So if you don't mind, what was the final straw that lead to today's shutdown? Did he attempt contact again?

I feel like my kindness was taken advantage of. I told myself I wouldn't leak the emails and that blocking him would be the end of it all, but after reading his tweets about me and him still being friends, I needed to push myself away from him as far as possible. Maybe he'll get the hint that I'm not interested. Probably not, though.
I also never told this to anybody, but he's had my boyfriend blocked for a very long time which has made me so fucking uncomfortable lol


The more one reads this, the more one wants to see what else Chris emailed to you. How much more is there from emails?
That's all. He'd never emailed me again after I told him not to contact me anymore. Surprisingly.

Leak Reason

Hints may fly over Chris's head in regards to all of this. By leaking these emails and Chris finding out about it, you may just get branded as a troll or traitor in Chris' eyes. Had you not, Chris could still keep trying or eventually just see you as some jerk.
Exactly why I leaked them.


Is Chris the craziest client you've had so far art-wise, or is he merely one of several at the top tier?
Believe it or not, he's not the craziest. He's just the most persistent.

I have respect for my clients though, so I can't really tell you the shit I've seen.


I've noticed in your correspondence with Chris you continuously referred to him as Christine - out of curiosity, do you believe he is truly transgender or was this out of kindness?
It's hard to say. A part of me wants to believe that he's found something of himself and I want to believe that he's trans, but a part of me doesn't believe it for obvious reasons. When i talk about him to other people, I refer to him as "he" and "chris chan" because that's just what he's made of himself on the internet. It's nothing to really do with whether I believe he's trans or not. I don't really care either way.

Chris Unblocks Jess

Update: Chris unblocked Jess (my boyfriend) and just followed him.


Have you thought about warning your fellow Planet Dolan crewmembers to avoid him, I remembered him mentioning Ladybot in his "National Girlfriend" tweet.
They're fully aware of him and his shenanigans. Chris has Hellbent blocked, I'm pretty sure, for being a dang dirty troll.

Hellbent Follow

He's been following Hellbent for a while now, actually. You can tell by how far down he is in Chris's follow list (newer follows are towards the top).
He must've unblocked him a while ago, then. Whoops.


On Twitter, Chris just followed these, including the Lazycast podcast that @Doopie is part of.
I feel like I'm in a chinese finger trap.

Jess Blocks Chris

Update: Chris has unfollowed Doopie's boyfriend.
Jess blocked him.

Turning Point

Seeing how you are now part of Canon, in your own words, what was it about Chris that really led up to this moment?

We all know the third person versions of how these things go, but what in your mind was the real tipping point?

Was there a turning point? We can all agree that you didn't lead him on or anything, but do you think there was a specific time?

What I mean to ask, was there a time where Chris just out of the blue bombarded you without provocation? Like things going okay, donations, then emails or what?

Honestly I think it was when he started following my nsfw account and begging for the exact amount of money. And then the nationalgirlfriend tweet, etc etc. It felt like things were escalating really fast and it freaked me the fuck out.

Kiwi Farms

One question for you; have you visited the Farms much before now, or did you only start visiting when you finally got sick of Chris and his creepy bullshit?
Once he started following me, I took to the farms immediately.


Out of curiosity do you think you'll get any backlash from your followers for this? The leaking of emails and such to trolls, I mean. In all honesty it was worth it to get him off your back I'm sure, but I don't know your audience. Think there will be any fallout?
I will absolutely get backlash. But it's kind of the situation where I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't. Had I just played along and not said anything, I'd continue to get harassed by fools and others trying to defame my name because they think it's funny, and Chris would continue to treat me like a girlfriend. The more he would talk to me, the worse my image would look anyway. At least this way, I can cut contact with Chris completely. I'd have to deal with "backlash" or "harassment" either way. I was apart of christory the moment he followed me on twitter. I tried being professional, and look at where it's got me, lol.


did Chris have any requests that you wouldn't draw or was the Rosechu and the avatar the only drawings?
He didn't have any particular requests other than those. And that oddly specific comment he left on my nsfw patreon about what he wanted to see from me. Something about fingerin' and music.


I think it will blow over and benefit you in the long run. If anybody isn't going to follow your projects over this, don't consider them a big loss. Obviously you've gained supporters here. Things always have a way of working out.
I'm not really worried about it, to be honest. My personal morals are more important than what people think of me on the interwebz.

Hair Depiction

I've got to ask...was the swamp green hair you gave his icon a dig or just staying true to life?
I honestly thought that was the look he was going for with his hair. I wasn't trying to be mean.

Not Taking Commissions

Just blue-armed Sonic. Please, just blue-armed Sonic. Lets all chip in, gang.
I will not be taking commissions. I'm sure everyone is enjoying themselves here, but the harassment on twitter is overwhelmingly annoying, since I have to go through my feed everyday and reply to my actual followers and such. That and I've been really busy. Sorry!

Creeped On

Has anyone before acted really creepy with you on the internet or this is the first time?
I'm constantly being creeped on. This really isn't anything new aside from the fact that it's Chris Chan


Are we going to see you on here from now on, or did you stop by just tonight to do a cheeky email leak?
I probably will only remain if I'm relevant. That's not to say I'll reply, either. I'll probably continue to lurk until my name disappears off of this forum for good. I don't really care about Chris Chan enough to stick around.
Thanks for all the welcomes and all the questions. I wish I could answer them all, but I don't really have the time. I'll probably still lurk around here for a while but I don't think I'll interact much. I just wanted to drop the emails off and explain my intentions.
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