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A little song and dance is a bizarre video of Chris showing off his masterful choreography skills by dancing "seductively" to Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg. It was uploaded December 15, 2015. In the video, Chris never speaks, but can be seen shaking his chest in front of the camera, bending over backwards, and generally displaying his complete ineptitude at dancing and/or being self-aware. His facial expression, while undoubtedly intended to be sexy and seductive, looks pained and uncomfortable.

The audience is treated to a stunning view of Chris' fupa and plumber's crack. At several moments throughout the video it is made clear that Chris is making it up entirely on the spot – it's no surprise to see that once again Chris has no idea what he's doing. Noting the quality of the music track, it is apparent that Chris recorded himself jiggling all over the place in complete silence and then layered the track on top.

Chris' motivations for creating this video are unknown.


A little song and dance
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 15 December 2015
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Turquoise Tank TopTurquoise Tank Top Turquoise Tank Top
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Twelve New and Old Things of Christmas


0:00-0:10– Music fades in. Chris begins to shimmy, and approaches too close to the camera to where only his chest is visible.

0:11-0:20– Chris jiggles his "breasts" in front of the camera and backs away from the camera, trying to shimmy in the same fashion as before, but simply cannot.

0:21-0:30– Chris spins around once causing his tank top to rise. He then proceeds to shake his ass in our direction.

0:31-0:40– Again, too close to the camera, Chris spins twice before treating us to more boob jiggles.

0:41-1:00– Arm waves preceded and followed by hip gyrations in a counter-clockwise motion.

1:01- 1:15– Chris appears to have changed his mind on the last turn, stands awkwardly for a moment, and then turns again, this time violently shaking his ass.

1:16-1:25– Chris lifts his arms up to the air and bends over backwards, causing us to worry that he might fall. Then he turns and bows toward us.

1:26-1:40– Another shimmy. Chris fixes his headband, and then starts shimmying closer for yet another boob jiggle. When will it end?

1:41-1:50– Backing up and bowing toward the camera again, Chris tries again at the arm waves followed by shimmies.

1:51-2:00– Chris is now a belly dancer.

2:01-2:09– Chris concludes with shimmies and then attempts to turn off his camera with the remote. It doesn't work, and he approaches the camera to turn it off manually.

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