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Seasons Greetings is a video Chris uploaded on 13th December, 2015. Here, he wishes everybody a happy holiday then demands gifts and money. In this video, we see a rare occasion where one of Chris's cats doesn't want to claw his eyes out or run for the nearest door. Lucy is notably quiet in this video, and appears to be almost comatose, despite not being particularly old (most cats live beyond 12 years old, while Lucy is 11 at most). We also learn that Pollo is male, and that he prefers being outside to being inside the cluttered hoard of 14BC.


Have a happy and safe holiday season.


Seasons Greetings
Stardate 13 December 2015
Subject Matter HandoutsHandouts Handouts, Christmas
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga Sonic BoomSonic Boom Sonic Boom, Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
Shirt Mighty LesbianMighty Lesbian Mighty Lesbian
GameStop is UNFAIR to Everyone; Not Just Me!
A little song and dance
I'm... telling—I'm making a suggestion to what y'all can, uh, do for me for gifts


Chris is seated in front of the camera, sporting his Mighty Lesbian shirt. Lucy is sitting on his lap.

Hello everybody! It's Christine Chandler comin' to ya live from home again!

Here's my cat. Pussy! [high-pitched] Lucy is a pretty cat, ee. Apparently Pollo is an outside cat, so he's out by the gazebo right now.

It's, uh, good temperature right now outside. About, uh, in the 60s. Anyway, um, I'm just making this video today to wish y'all a happy holiday, and, uh, as under advisement, I'm... telling—I'm making a suggestion to what y'all can, uh, do for me for gifts.


I'll look into it—I'll make a short wish list on, but I'll also accept, uh, gift cards to... well let's say for Walmart, Target, Food Lion... Toys R Us would be okay. Um, um, Family Dollar, Petsmart, whatever. Anyway we're okay.

But, um, cash should be greatly appreciated, I'll remind everybody of the donation listing on my shop on Etsy, I'll put a link under this video, so hopefully, uh, I'll get another big donation this time 'round because, I sure could, among which, use that money to help pay the bills around here, plus, also... [Chris's eyebrows perk up in a look of honesty] yeah, I do have a court cost to pay after the incident... near the end of last year but that's a whole different story anyway.

And, uh, speaking of which on that, uh, we're still doing the embargo and protest on GameStop, d—but we'll just forget about—d—jus... we'll continue the embargo and, uh, think more on, upon the pleasant thoughts like the holidays and everything.

So, anyway, once again, I want to wish everybody a happy, safe holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa... be safe.

Especially when y'all—if y'all are traveling to go hang—to go be with your family... or maybe even to adopt a new pet from the animal shelters. Yeeeea. [In a higher pitched voice] I wonder how many children are getting new kitties and puppies and fishes this year? Hmm? Yeah... oh, they'll be happy. Yeeeea.

Love my little Lucy. Does Lucy love me too? Yea. Oh, wanna get down? I'll let you go. [Cat crawls off Chris' lap]

[Normal voice] Have a good, safe day. Thank you.

(Chris' selfie remote refuses to work)

[sigh] Darn button.

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