Apology for past homophobic comments and homophobia.

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Apology for past homophobic comments and homophobia. is a video uploaded to YouTube by Chris on 29 October 2015. It features a supposedly-complete turnaround in his opinions on homos and homosexuality. However, he still stresses that Sonichu and Rosechu are both straight, possibly hinting at an element of his old self still being present.

As part of his apology, he discusses his recent retcons to his Sonichu comic, which had involved, in part, removing his many criticisms of the "goddamn gays." He refers to his ongoing effort to produce print editions of his issues with the resources of Lulu.com and sell them on Etsy.

It may also be of some interest that his painted fingernails appear to indicate that he is "flagging" to indicate his sexual preferences. If this site is to be believed, Chris is into oral and piercings.


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Apology for past homophobic comments and homophobia.
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Stardate 29 October 2015
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I Vs a horde
I do sincerely want to apologize for the homophobia and the past misinterpreted outrage that I had felt at the time


Hello everybody! (waves to camera) Good day. This is, uh, Christine Chandler once again coming to you live from...home. Well, I have been, (scratches head and inspects it) I have re-, come to the realization that I should, I have anudder apology that I owe to everybody, especially those that have, that definitely know the pages and, of, of my later books as still yet, still months away before I put them on paper-publish, but I have updated some of those pages. Uh, but anyway, they uh, were (removes glasses) reminiscent and reflective of past homophobia. Anyway, I wanted, anyway, you see, when I, when I originally drew and wrote those pages, I was...quite homophobic at the time, but then when I came out, uh, in July of 2014, as myself a lesbian transwoman, (holds for applause) I have uh, realized that I am part of the uh, LGBTQ community. And I definitely felt like I fit, like I fit in when I went to the pride festival in that same year later, after I came out. So anyway, I had since uh, edited those changes and changed, changed the content to uh, away from that and, well, *pft* I had a cure for...homosexuality put in dere, of which I was (adopts stupid voice) re, which was end up, what I came back from the future for. But anyway, (intakes breath) I changed that to just essentially (shrugs) preventing a zombie apopcalitz. Pocalypse.

But anyway, um, I do sincerely want to apologize for the homophobia and the past misinterpreted outrage that I had felt at the time, because....You see, originally when I was homophobic, it was because the mislabelings that were put upon me and Sonichu. Because Sonichu is definitely not gay. Sonichu loves women. And Rosechu is a woman, and...she loves her man. But anyway, aside from all that, I had uh, edited that, there, there was a spot of that in Book 9 as well, uh, of which those edits and updates can be seen within the respective albums on my Facebook. I’m sure that uh, my followers have uh, taken down, have copied those pages for their personal viewing and reference. But anyway, I’m sorry for my past homophobia and my writing about that in my books. And uh, hopefully, I have uh, taken all that out of the uh, (farts) original content of my books, (phone noise) and if, and I’m still going through them one at a time. Unfortunately, the later ones will be months away from paper viewing from the time this video gets uploaded. So hopefully I’ll have all of the uh, updates remedied dere.

So anyway, (scratches head) I wanna thank y’all again for your continuing support (replaces glasses). It’s b-, it’s uh, most helpful, but still...more help can be appreciated very much. Alright, so, (makes hand gesture but can’t decide between a wave, an index finger, or a peace sign) thank y’all again and have a good day.

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