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EMERGENCY HOME UPDATE is a video released on 14 April 2017. Barbara Chandler makes her fourth on-camera appearance during the Financhu Crisis, following July 2016's Donations Further Requested, Please.

This time, she claims that Rappahannock, a power company in Virginia, is ready to cut service for 14 Branchland Court. She and Chris attempt to guilt people into buying Chris's stamp collecting album for the absurd price of $1,000. One week prior to this video, Chris had received $1,500 after selling the Sonic Totem, and within a week had burned though all of it with $750 worth of Skylanders junk for his stamp raffle, $400 on a gold necklace for Barb, which she is wearing in this video while begging, and a few hundred dollars for his credit card debt and food.[1]

This video follows a similar pattern to Donations Required, Serious. Please help, released less than a year before, in which Barb and Chris had begged to have money for her medication. At that time, Chris had wasted $250 on Transformer toys two weeks beforehand.

Furthermore, the Chandlers have a habit of being late on their power bill. Arthur Spatchcock found that, in June 2016, they were at risk of having their power shut off due to only paying minimums for months and allowing the bills to pile up.[2] At that time, Chris was known to keep the PS4 in his Work Room running 24/7, and it's evident he's learned nothing about conserving electricity since then - the next video after EMERGENCY HOME UPDATE shows a large space heater and showcases various expensive electronics.

The video has a nightmarish tone to it. Barb, sitting on her bed and staring off to the side, slowly speaks, and appears to be extremely frail and feeble. In the next video, Barb still only eeks out a few syllables per breath. Not blinking is also associated with both parkinson's and dementia, as well as staring and difficulty speaking. With parkinson's the person loses control over facial muscles, so they have a blank expression and difficulty trying to express emotions. Smiling appears forced and is of short duration.

However, in the next video, shot during the same day, she is seen walking around (entering the frame from the stairs, indicating she can walk up and down steps without aid) and is more cognizant, entering the room to inform Chris they are out of cat food and even whispering to him to use a "new bank account" to pay for it. This suggests that her appearance in this video may have been affected to manipulate Chris and/or his audience.


Stardate 14 April 2017
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Chris: Action.

Barb: My name is Barbara Chandler. We are... in an emergency... situation. Rappahannock is getting ready to... cut our service. That will... stop... us from doing anythin'. Cooking... [five second pause] ...whatever. Please, somebody buy the stamp album for a thousand dollars, to help us with our emergency. Thank you.

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Stardate 20 April 2017
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