February 2024 livestreams

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These are livestreams filmed by Chris in February 2024, influenced by Praetor.

Very First Media Share Suggestion Live Stream

"I support Israel! Palestine[...] they have more... demons and devils within them"

Chris intended for this stream to allow viewers to share various media clips with him. However, he was plagued with technical issues ranging from being unable to play the clips, to having the audio cut out on him, and after failing to get it to work for about 15 minutes, he gave up and switched to the regular Q&A format. About halfway through the stream he was finally able to get the clips to work, although the audio only played for him, not the viewers.

Very First Media Share Suggestion Live Stream
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Stardate 4 February 2024
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
Past Ideas Reemerging - Part 3
Round 2 - Media Share Suggestion Live Stream


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  • 02:12: [Stream begins]
  • 26:44: Chris unleashes a behemoth burp. Chris: "Mhm, pardon me."
  • 28:09: Chris: "Oh, I actually- you know what, I answer the que- I will answer this one question that's not a Superchat, but I just saw it in the side-stream here, but- yeah. [Dramatic pause] I SUPPORT ISRAEL!

Palestine's there... or they have more... demons and devils within them- they have lots more doubt within them as opposed to Israel. So... there you go. [Snaps fingers and sings an aria] [Claps hands]

  • 28:23: User "Jenny Reads" donates and says: "you hurt snorlax. how do you sleep at night?". Chris: "I don't know what you're talking about, all my Snorlaxes have been kept in their Pokeballs within the

Pokemon home-storage... and within my games and whatsoever- at least the... ALL the numbers of boxes I have... on the C-197 half of the Earth." [Trademark Hm]

  • 29:10: User "Azearia" donates and says: "do your dimensional powers change your hair color". Chris: "In a way... yes. Yes, they do."
  • 35:28: User "Moosequester" donates and says: "Christine what do you have to say about the Israel Defence Force blowing up a few of the oldest Christian churches in Israel?". Chris: "Hm, yeah... okay, that's not... great."
  • 38:06: User "tealichu" donates and says: "chris do you have a discord that True and Good hearted fans can join :33". Chris: "Um, we're gonna- that's- uhh... not at the present moment, but we may end up bringing

that back up as soon as possible."

  • 38:20 Chris brings his hands to his temple, clearly distressed about something. Chris: "I- I'M GOING TO SAY THIS RIGHT NOW, SO... I... have a discord... I still do, but... I don't use it as much. There, I said it."
  • 39:52 Chris changes his background and rants whilst muted until switching back to his original background and regaining sound at 40:38.
  • 41:03 Chris adds the widget to his stream to show his media submissions. It cannot be heard by the audience.
  • 41:40 Chris and his audience learn that his very first media submission is a soft-core hentai video parody video.
  • 42:00 The second video shared with Chris via media share is a "Skibidi toilet" meme with a spinning Neo-Nazi flag. Chris is aware of Skibidi, but not the flag.
  • 42:14 Chris changes scenes and is once again muted for 5 seconds till he changes back.
  • 44:06 Chris drinks a can of regular Coke with one pinky raised, eyes closed and loud, powerful slurps.
  • 46:43 User "TedKaczynski" donates saying: "Hey CWC! Hugh fan!!!!! Can you shout out my bestest friend ever Nick Gerlips?". Chris very nearly falls for it, saying the first name and stopping just in time.
  • 57:45 User "TwentyRex" donates saying: "Christine!! what conventions do you think you will be going to this year?" Chris: "I told you, I'm taking a break from conventions. I will not be going to any more

conventions for a long long long time. Period.... Anyway..."

  • 1:04:28 Chris says that the Israel Palestine conflict will affect the dimensional merge.
  • 1:04:37 Chris sings: "One way or another, I'm gonna' find ya... and you will not take any pictures, CAUSE I'LL SMASH YOUR CAMERA" [Imitates smashing someone's camera]
  • 1:12:55 Stream ends.

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions
hey everybody he is CHR team Western Channel sence you prime here and yeah obviously today as it says

in the tile we're going to go for uh media we're g to we're testing out the new media share option and as I

mentioned in Twitter we're going to look get some videos from Mr Gibby himself oh I had a moment ago in particular we're

going to start from the uh video here we go okay good all right anyway so

essentially we're starting off from where in one of Gibby's videos of which uh I'm aare I'm quite

aware of he has watched my videos darn if only I could see that in real time oh

well now obviously doing desktop share so I'm not sharing so I'm not seeing that so easily so there may be a delay

but that's why I have my phone right here it's watching my live it's I'm got my live stream viewing from here as well

anyway ah so so initial response I'm going to uh let's see if I can find it yeah

right here this particular image this piece from my J from my jail art right

here and now oh I forgot about the camera I forgot about the camera um oh

hang on a second I'm all right just testing testing hello

ah like oh darn it I need the camera just dog gone all right so there's your

little Boer real moment alleviate that okay okay here we go I'm my bad and I

probably should have the uh audio on turn my headph for my

headphones minut ah all might yeah

something oh well we have these moments I should thought got this shortening up

beforehand oh well there oh

darn chat history okay wa okay I know I missed a detailed there

so put all right anyway okay oh it's POS here we go all

right I think we can hear that okay good anyway so I want to comment a bit on regards to this piece for

starters and uh hang on you know what let me just backt track a bit see if I can

find D

nabit I got do this I gotta find the history where is the paid Super Chat the

details did live stream start they did the

details spam spam spam okay okay W just all this is stuff

now here's a little behind the scenes mod just because I'm trying to catch up with comments right now H not best timing whatsoever but oh

well blooper moments what you got do all right well uh slight delay

technical diffic ulties we'll just leave it that definitely a reason for me have second screen at this point

anyway all right let's get back on point I'm going to watch for uh the comments

on my phone here keep an eye on it so let's talk about this video and want listen the Gibby introduce it for for us

here uh he mispronounced say FIS Romana

rosu or V for short the psychic Squadron has a lot of psychic types and not just

limited to psychic side and Ro shoes which were regular side and roastes but upgrade with the psychic plate as they

we also have guardar alasam and other types of various psychic Pokemon other psychics in there


okay SPO

yep oh okay

oh I just love the way he laughs response to yeah that's Goku oh but that

just essentially that's not a girl that supports Ukraine that's a girl that's a Ukraine Refugee escaped from the war

between between Russia and Ukraine she's an escape be and Lisa Simpson adopted

her cuz she lost her parents unfortunately but still that was a nice thing

anyway still not perfect I'm missing out on the details look grief you know what I

probably need a where's how did I get

that what am I doing on this phone ah here we go live stream oh now why not to

it this sooner just oh okay I got this one thank yes

you're welcome for uh the streaming yeah thank you if I can find the more recent

super chats in the chat history I'm looking my phone

here filter top messages up oh D na I'm missing

one ah good grief I got that at least I got that one

maybe that was the one I just comment out okay well there you go we got one I apologize for any for all the comments

I've missed so far obviously we're missing a detail it's like ah well this got really mess

up the media share option

um okay what what did you say one good

grief man history where's the history on this thing WN win

wnk d ising that one I acknowledge that one

that just came by good grief okay this could be more perfect H

I'm going to just get this one okay well that's possibly yeah well

we'll see about that this a dumb thing all

right it's a work in progress all right trying for Media Share I'm keeping my

eyes open here second moniter would be great oh

good grief I mean y'all me I know yall able to see this okay

just second monitor just delay because it's on my phone good grief anyway yeah I didn't

want to clear that up just where

oh wait wait this FY

son oh talk oh

yeah oh man okay I managed to get okay

well what do you expect when you're in jail and you had to work for memory I mean I had to do Goku for

memory I missed this one take a look at

the all right well I

mean maybe I just get a little warning next time just how am I supposed to see the videos on here

when when what that uh

yeah partly Cannon bavers whatever just details so for

oh that finally caught up I just got guess gotta catch up with the timing my phone here

multitasking multitasking groovy groovy

groovy anyway any what do you expect when you're drawing from memory not the best deal maybe I should

have done like a gaming stream on this that would been an easier time I really wanted to do this where I

commented on Gibby at one point or another at least on this one

yeah yeah halfway so you know what um me pause it right

here I'll come right back maybe I will switch it to a gaming stream just that might be easier than I can actually see the videos y'all suggest uh so just give

me a moment um oh which one was this oh yeah I will be right


all right get my switch on gear right

now oh let me HDMI is in

um you charging cable I knew I was forgetting something I knew I was

forgetting something


okay maybe that's got it um come on work with me here work with

me work with me work with me get on the

screen good grief

okay that was fun well well at least got we got one we got one so far that was a

good start for this video that was actually fun let me just camera down a little bit

okay well that was fun little start um I guess for

now Rosie in the background that do for her now cuz I'm having technical difficulties we get my switch on the

screen I should started that okay well let me think let me

think um okay all right was still that was a good F that was a good first video

that was not bad all right so I guess at this point we can let's keep keep the comments and the suggested videos

rolling I'll take them as is well I mean at least you know except for the NSFW

ones they're not being included whatsoever anyway of course all the comments Inc

coming this one I think it be popping up shortly

if oh oh okay that I think that might been the early

one like I me shoot stream history

um stream let me see if I can do something

here regards to finding the

history of

uh doing thing doing thing yeah

okay so right I just check that um really that's all you have right

there hello one okay yes um well thank you for

that thank you okay it looks like that's not going to work right all

right all right all right anyway so I guess we'll just make this a general stream at this

point anyway so I'm doing okay everybody I'm takeing y'all are doing

good too okay I'm just making as a note with the white the light reflecting off the

uh board behind me and the table maybe it's not a good idea I have that up in the background of my my streams I'll keep that in mind for future

reference making still too much background noise in the way here along

side the room than NAIT H the map monitor got

rotated random thing random neus

oops oh well oh don't we all have a little fun few pmps in the road there

all right anyway we waiting for the another video

um yeah doing okay doing good um I'm just let's see I could just talk about

recent uh um well

yeah we yeah lots of stress and details recently but yeah we are going to get G4

resumed period regardless of situation and I'm not exposing myself to anything

of the uh that was shall not be taught about details [Music]

whatsoever speak of the literal demon itself within

that anyway what was

I but yeah we're got to get that g we're g to get G4 and equestri Girls

friendship magic resumed period I'm seeing that personally is going to be manifested along with everything else

regards the dimension merge completion everything wonder if I should get my

GL I know time I you don't know why I look like with my glasses on it's spite the new

frames I really I really need to get these swapped out cuz like I really liked the wire frames underneath so much

better I just haven't been able to uh since I got since I got moved in I'm

still working on that I well I will mention this I got this while I was over at Western State there you go that's

where I was for a few month for a couple of months that's where I was and then

was back in jail I suppose that's okay talk about a little bit hey

yeah anyway good times I I end up making some uh friends

and deta and whatnot and just I remember some of them but nobody will be

mentioned oh okay I'll definitely wait for this one to come up and uh just of course I will comment on that this

lovely little comment the Super Chat just a moment

anyway that thing's really distracting excuse me for just one

moment there problem

so all right anyway

um um

ah okay that wasn't the one I was talking about earlier but thank you

yep Lev one in the all right any let me think let me

think what was I talking about I was talking about what all right anyway so I

suppose I will mention this much so uh yeah there you go I was what you what

one might be call a mental health care facility or what others might be called a mental ins here we go yes I do

remember American rabbit still my first favorite superhero my hero character of

all time before Sonic the Hedgehog before Sonic came to my consciousness of

course I remember the American rap of course I remember Robert um

now I have not missed give to it he's in the background wherever he's living and

my and I have not watch any of the videos featuring that thing so yeah

anyway anyway what was I talking about yeah anyway so yeah I was there so that's

where I was for two of the months no no names will be mentioned but essentially I with the flow I prove myself mentally

and everything although I will yeah that

place just the only one real bad thing I will mention they strap you to a chair if you're really at bad if you really

were like possessed or really outright just do anything they bad they will do that which I have not done anything of

the sort I was blessed to not have to suffer any of that I mean but just an empathy I mean

can you imagine this having your restrain of your legs restrain of your just restrain that's no

good that's no good that's not even a good thing to have in any facility of

the sort whatsoever um oh yeah of course I do

remember you copper you're doing okay I saw anyway anyway thank you very much for

that um I'll take that into consideration but right now we're just going with the flow of the other details and

events NOP you know what the one that is the Ian that would be Barbara and Weston

Chandler because she had the IB a Weston license plate that's where that stupid

thing came from there is no such there is no Ian there never ever was the they only one that came about this is because

all of you made that up oh and thank you very much thank you very very

much beside from that that one little reaction there keeping it calm keeping it cool everybody is

blessed well that was a little thing I saw that during the

moment okay but that was a little video there you go Slide the chair sit down

yeah I've seen the comment is like Kyle and of course that makes me take a

okay don't K Kitty you bastards

yeah yeah any all right let's recent events so

yeah there's all that just wow let's talk about this for a moment the M the planets all the planets are not in

retrograde for a few months so I mean that's a good thing for those that are

looking to be spiritually healed and everything making further progress getting out of the slums getting out of

the H bad vibes and whatever as long as they know what their attentions

are pardon me


anyway yeah anyway uh I'm bet just weird off

track oh I mean that's what you get I mean when one it when one is really good

it pyic Powers genuinely authentic and all that

just you're very sensitive to things oh boy we got a few Super Chat

comments coming in I am looking forward to spawning oh oh

positive affirmations meditations maybe cut the habits of those bad things I mean you take the first step in

acknowledging that they were bad for you maybe go like a supportive support

group to help you get out of that habit but anyway you are blessed and you

will be blessed as long as you keep on the light power path and help and help yourself in the recovery

anyway oh actually you know what I answer the qu I'll answer this one question it's not super chat but I just

saw it in the side stream here but yeah I support Israel Palestines they they

have more demons and Devils within them they have lots more doubt within them as opposed to Israel so there you

go huh I don't know what you're talking about all my Snorlax have been kept in

their pokeballs within the Pokemon home storage and within my games and whatsoever at least the all the numbers

of boxes I have on the c197 half of the earth

otherwise yeah I would be able watch I would watch that but obviously if I put that on right now I would not be able to

see the super see the super chats or the videos coming in I do not know who this

is I do not know who that is well I mean if you want me to watch that video you feel it's like mentioned

it's the tip link just uh copy the link to that video and pop it in there I'll

watch at least a little bit of it in a way

yes yes they do

anyway be

think [Music]

oh you know I will mention this kind of a Oddball random thing but kind of a

metaphysical thing but hey so you're at a con so you're at a convention you got some fan art for one of your f for one

of your favorite individuals there

oh there were bad things for you which you did not need anymore there's going to be better things for you down the

road if they if they were removed from your life it's just things that were not going to be meant for you working out

for you long term so count the blessings along the way and find more blessings that would be coming your

way not long from now anyway so I had some f so like you

know hey so I got like fan art so it's like want to give it to some of my favorite people while I was there were

at a convention years ago and I managed to give them off to to a few uh you know

here and there especially like in the vendor Halls so like this one individual I had this lovely little uh s lovely

little unicorn piece of whatsoever which it had them and their unicorn I see

within right beside them hi hi guy all so it's like so okay I thought I

believe I recognized him in the vendor Hall I had the picture in my I had the drawing in my hands I was going to give it to him but it's like I could hardly

tell couldn't confirm it was him or not because I could see his name name tag I mean shoot for all I know the

[Music] individual ah on the way yes I was a normal

individual as it were but hey nobody I mean what's normal these days and all the way back down in Jerusalem

literally but anyway but a certainly service level normal but the within all

the powers that were coming out to be then and so forth I mean there's details

in the Bible that maybe

ohos so the Bible takes one things one way in regards to my life back then but takes things another way but they were

interpreted by it in those respective books it's just from their perspective as opposed to my perspective directly I

mean you don't see you know I mean there's the Book of John and book book of uh Matthew and so on and so forth

that those are read from their perspectives I said from my own personal perspective way back then I mean you

don't see like you know Book of Jesus within the Bible for one thing but still holy

oh ah well I mean okay so normally I would be open for energy drinks but um

Prime's okay good I have showered last

night I showered last night and I'm gonna shower again

tonight anyway what's up oh yeah so I could so

back to the thing I was talking about a moment ago some me just an empathy uh so I was like trying to recognize the guy I

wanted to give him the drawing at the same time was like okay so maybe if he was Maybe Might been a little paranoid

maybe just like oh this person looking at me I feel very Comfort

uncomfortable okay maybe maybe on that I mean of course anyway yeah I feel very

uncomfortable I don't know why they look they looking at me more than he like thank you you know

it's mentally emotionally everything yeah I like the three stoes

they're fun I got of them I'm

mortified yeah

anyway I de memory so far

oh uh um yeah I would consider that NSFW so I

so that's my response to that question so anyway just just where my B Miss

interpreted me in that in the in the moment just obviously that was from their perspective and they had misunderstand they didn't know I had a

drawing to offer them so they might just uh had the wrong impression about me at the moment but hey I what do you expect

you don't know the already you don't know they didn't know I was autistic at that point and they might have been in their their they got their own mental

problems I mean who doesn't have a mental problem these days I mean what's normal these days period I mean who's a

normal individual nobody is neurotypical oh yeah I have watched the

entirety of Sci Prime really good you could be donating and putting

the link into the tip jar so they can watch at least a few seconds of that that's the point of this media

share and I am not responding to that whatsoever I'm not even looking at this

because you're the fake and I'm the real

deal um you know what that's a good question

because considering what happened at the anime rally I'm thinking that yeah might

be taking a Frank from conventions for quite a long time

so y okay thank you just I wish I could actually watch the video in here I mean

that's what we're doing with the tip jar we man get that one video that two videos so far why can't you just put the link in there and

and pay for a few seconds oh yeah okay that's that's not great I

mean if you want you want me to watch the video right here right now this pop up in the cor corner here along with

that Matthew John I Consciousness I can't remember

them all at the same time I'm only focused on what I need to know in a moment H but it's like I mean you go

from one you go from one incarnation to a you're not going to remember every single detail as you were in your past

sh hello hi thank you oh

yeah I gladly accept that I mean my PO boot address is in my Twitter can say it

there something that's positive safe safe for work

good my brain's going on the blank of the word at the moment there compassionate you know

kind you know something that you would want for yourself you know just you know it's good positive

thing I mean just you know just obviously it's bad you mean you know I

don't I mean you know I don't like

if why you me a Peppers PE Peppers pepp

Peppers PE peppers that's

why ah happy birthday happy birthday guy thank you thank


anyway oh okay well I will answer that question in a moment the Super Chat that just

came up and then also I will go ahead and say this though so say a quickfi it's one

city and then it's the rest of the world that's not so it's not just the one city

it's the rest it's also the rest of the world that's far vast I mean literally the city of quickfield is almost half

the size of New York City and I literally check this out so

it's like uh just about somewhere between 700 and 1,000 square miles it's that

big it's that big and plus Z so you got that big

city and then you got the rest of the world the rest of the entire

Earth um we're gonna that's uh not the present moment but we may end up

bringing that back up as soon as possible um that just I I'm going to say this

right now so I have a Discord I still do but I don't use it as much

there I said I don't use Discord that much cuz I got a lot of other things going on in my life I got all the things

and thinks and metaphysical and details I'm psychically iny sensitive all right so here we go I'm answering that

question so Mega Man does not live in the city of quickfi but he is somewhere else where he is on that Earth on the

Earth planet okay cuz quickfi is one city of all the all the the infinite

number of cities and countries and all that same mer oh look at

the what where where is wa what BL

blop where's the widget on this thing

oh oh good grief I'm not having that on here right

now where is yeah where is the link thing where is

that ah good grief you know what me try one the other backgrounds might be over

there grief yeah John and Nick I saw them I

saw that a little while ago I said hi them thank


was it on here was it on there okay gra uh widgets widgets ah good

grief hang on go now I gotta find this thing to Media Share

widget adding widgets

okay there and ah there you

go oh

Dutch so exaggerating the features reminds me of the SpongeBob

anime sheesh okay tentacles h

i okay that was silly uh um did that did that actually come up now I got to look

on the phone okay there now I'm seeing it skippity t

whatever okay good that worked okay well good at least I'm

getting me get that over here screen down I

Tex that source

ah ah good gri all right well Le I'm getting stream

don't attention attention deficit disorder

duh any there we go now we got that

it's like if you got have it on one one these things M I'll have it on all these

backgrounds all right there you go There's the link just what they did answer the

question anyway oh

um yeah fin night pH so details so I am quite quite that just the point click

jump scare type of thing and it's just it doesn't Vibe with

me very well so maybe maybe not that's just depending on the vibe and

everything but I am aware and I've seen the actually the uh animated video which

uh put in their perspective from what they saw I believe it's somewhere on YouTube I don't remember exactly what it

is but I have seen that


pardon me better out than in pardon

me there we go that helps a little bit I'm a little wored too get a load of

this get the load of this

pardon me yeah anyway just going to put some more water

from the plasy bile in my glass bottle so that a water could

be charged the MFS that's in there and Bess it say me a trip to the

bath to the kitchen sink filtered water I have a water filtration system on my kitchen sink so I do get filtered

water and i r reuse repeat recycle Reduce Reuse

and all that pardon

me okay anyway um you know what I'll

mention this so I have watched the has Hotel series um I've watched the pilot years ago I thought it was good i' also

watched Hill the boss I thought that was good you know what there's definitely going to be a crossover between

oh okay okay first do of

gum uh meet the view

count well I don't know too much about that right now just I mean all I know is just

you copy and paste the link you pay for the number of seconds for the videos video till I watch it just yeah I

mean like I feel like you can use common sense in that

one you know what here's your signi reference oh pretty good not bad I gotta get

out ah thank you very much [Music]

yeah okay humorous username you got there

guy and yes I was being sarcastic I said that we just did this didn't we I did he

Nick oh wait that was a different Nick okay by anyway hello there you go there's your shout out and as I'll

repeat again I don't typically do shout outs because you know for got these

question questionable individuals mentioned I don't consciously know who what they are are so like they think

it's all that all anyway uh let's start so hus been

hotel I have not watched that I have not watched that I have not watched that don't know consciously what that is

anyway yeah of course I like Charlie and uh and vaggie that's a really good

they're a really good couple I'd like that I like that vaggie was an angel

I can't you just copy and paste your link to the URL thing when the dipping

jar under that straight to the

tap if I was too loud videos you well

buy the car I want to say use common sense um

if you can afford that car now great otherwise I suggest you wait a little

while [Music] longer maybe get some help on that obviously you can if you got if you got

the credit you can take out a loan for the

car paron me what am I

doing yeah I like

baggie like you know best of wars and I love to spoiler the one individual from

the has Hotel Lally went up to heaven in the last episode one million

times how did you you okay that was a good one that was

good okay thank you for that okay um

okay that song's going to get stuck in my head now I've actually heard that song

before okay that was good upside downside

yeah well essentially we're filtering out the NSFW videos as well so if you're putting in the video for the that has

some NSFW or questionable content in it and it's not getting through well because that's

why okay that was a thing that was a thing

at least we know it is working and I'll consider that mildly

this FW but I'll let it slide it's all

good yeah oh a dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick

dick here got there your Nick shout out that's enough Nicks

and and that's enough shouting

outy thank you oh thank you there you go that was

simple was a that was a good

one toat H you know

what okay I'll give you this one it's just like you know yeah the one time it's un ref

[Music] reference over there oh please who who hasn't thought

about sending in word from time time anyway thank you thank you so much Ethan there you go I mean I think it's okay if

I just read the username and as long as it's a safe for work

username anyway

goodness um all right my brain went blank I'm

thinking think about what about next I know something's GNA come up

shortly something come up shortly

well this came up I kind of feel like this is a repeat of an earlier thing I

mean what you know what I can to try to answer that question so what's a song that often randomly gets stuck in my

head because you know I'm B about that b Canon b new channel I'm about the B Cy B

no CH about don't


okay puppy okay okay that was okay that was fun and also remind me from just

from that one little bit from Star ver it was so nice we had to see it

twice anyway driver put this bus over right now and get me m can't traffic I

love the voice of that guy the voice that bus driver I mean whoever voiced him I love that

voice not going to be a over I get out this

traffic very good voice I love that voice so fun

anyway all right another be com out

shortly anyway oh you know what go back to that don't show somebody that you

don't even know in this music it don't matter in this business it don't matter if your music's fast or

slow and by the way you know I just put that out there no

whacking but anyway I heard your story I just I appreciate your back I appreciate

your background what you've been through that's very very harsh I'm not going to go into spoiler I'm not going to talk

about detail ocal gima's

good I'm not going to say anything right now but just you're a good man noing you're a

good man although I will ask this if just if you respond any point whatsoever that'd

be great otherwise I won't worry about it but would you actually consider voicing DJ Pon Tre again I have a

feeling in my intuition that despite the Deep tone you my put

up but yeah I just in my intuition despite the deep voice you can always pick up your F your chit and F in the

nose so that you can still get the old DJ part 3 that is good you did the DJ part 3 the

best I feel like even do it better than I think it was the Lost n rare that did it it on that Magpie Pony ass Pony video

I mean just just so much better anyway that's a good song to get stuck

in your head it's not a good one sonic boom sonic boom sonic boom TR keep

running faster sonic boom sonic boom sonic boom save the planet from disaster

favorite song of all [Music]

time money Sarah star theme I may not

remember I may not speak Japanese but hey at least it's decent


okay I things my mind just just past few days and everything the

meditation t

massive damage on that guy little five

Flames all right cool

you know I also mention this as well hey everybody has drama whether you whether

you block me on Twitter or not drama's just going to follow you period

everybody I told you I'm taking a break from conventions I'm not going to be any

more conventions for a long long long time

period anyway I was I say earlier and enable this stop on OBS it's not

enabled I mean so okay

well okay well make a not of that enable desktop

audio my Powers is not to be used for personal game


I'd say put your money on the

minor put your money on the miners the minor I just talked about

that a little while ago but oh yeah overall opinion just I feel like it was pretty good I love the

music and I love the uh song from between Angel and

uh my brain it's not right I'd remembering on all the names and everything but yeah the guy with a

really good voice you know the popular voice actor and all that but yeah the guy that was the Bender yeah I like that

song that was a really good song

anywayyy I love you the minor

49er good to be a minor in the old 49ers

you are



and let's just I said minor as in uh I was making the pun in reference that old

classic song and talk about the minor the minor 49er like you know I'm working

the salt and the mines with the picka and

I love Fraser and Home



hey I can appreciate that he's got a good taste I like

Frasier I don't think this one's loading properly

um okay what's wrong with you why aren you playing apparently you got something

in you but you're not showing us show the eyes at home what the video

is well that'll clear out shortly enough or maybe another video

popping can you hear me now can you hear me now can you hear me now can you hear

me now because I can hear myself now and I'm seeing the yellow cling up when I

talk into the microphone right there

there all right so [Music]

there random random all right so something $20 $2 two

two B two bucks


Sing a Song Sing [Music]

yellow anyway yeah so yeah I'm a fan of classic songs I like to I mean I by Mr C

you know he raised me on music so how can I how can I not love classic Sons I love all music

genres and the one that said being just a heavy metal and the one exception for that would be Death Clock Thunder horse

AR that just like you [Music]

know I mean maybe I mean sure RX sk's got the chops for

it I did that just just to make the reference to MCG greto I like that anime that was really good that was really

cute and fun okay how much longer is this thing

me up here I'm just going to put it partly off screen so I'm not totally

distracted by it all right give we get another one

here give we get another one can buy something else

anyway [Music]

okay yes I did just sing the yellow rosea Texas I just answered that question a

little while ago and a part it does actually along with other events that shall be

confirmed later on this year and as you all will see ready to be in the news or ready to be in person one way or another

I'm going to find you and you will not take any pictures cuz I'll smash your

camera anyway let's get let Dr po oh

okay that finally disappeared good I can put that back on screen

oh okay this is a random turd okay that was a that that was that

thing silly silly stupid thing silly silly stupid

thing poor Spike having have to belch out

those Scrolls from time to time that was a real gas the bility to just ended

coming out like that goodness oh goodness

me okay ski ski skippity skippity skippity stupid silly thing all right

fine it's just a head in a to to go s whatever

ear rap aside which might do apologize for

that me yeah I need to brush my hair

oh wait oh yeah think I

again did I I forgot I think I might have pinned something oh

yeah Justin is the winner and there's your hint for your


dinner you know what I like coron and

OU just leave it at that they good streamers they're good [Music]

vtubers H but they do good do really good stuff I appreciate them they're good

individuals anyway uh what was I doing all right checking my profile oh yeah I have the

uh that might that may or might not be confirmed but don't necessarily have

to but that's whole another thing oh uh yeah sorry because I had the shout out

pin to the top oh H you know what I can remedy that real quick that poot situation and I'm

just checking my phone here

here yes I have disciples and Bowes and all the

others put that TW up when I put that up six days ago

okay to Temporary for I try January L

night like gu I PE Bots okay so I put that up oh here it

is okay November 20th guy or


try hard try hard but don't buy L

anyway that is the microphone it's right here that's to my mouth how can you not hear me loud enough and that's I'm

actually shout it to you

anyway anyway so what if I talk a little loud I talk a little low I give you a

thing and then we're on the go and I'm trying to get this fit out

copy uh no I don't know what that's about I

don't know I don't know I don't consciously know about that I know

something but I don't know about

that can you hear me now minute I try can you hear me now is

this thing working I'm trying the other microphone h i you I know you can hear

me through this can you can hear me through this marker please part to the

floor why the sh mic the the sh mic's not working working here this is the only mic that works it's the only microphone we have if you can't hear me

now that you've got problems with your phone maybe turn the volume up on your end I don't

know yeah okay um I never met everybody

in my high GR in my high school class year fit okay so I just got the put the

mic's right here I'm getting the input audio input capture sure it's going to

be through this thing you hear me through this thing okay either I'm being either I'm

get justest it on or anyway I know some of y'all can hear I know y'all can hear me I answer the

questions you know what it's been about an hour we got a

few good videos in all

right [Music] um I'm mening this one Advance just uh

no lson will not win I'm getting the uh other super chats

out of the way here and we know just yeah fits the microphone we're going to work we'll

work on this I me shoot desktop audio and all that anyway H let me just take

care of this really


why you making me sound like coach mcgurk or

just darn it my brain I mean okay so

John Benjamin why you making me sound like John Ben making me sound like John Benjamin anyway there you go I just uh

fit that by I just copied the PO Bots back onto the video back onto the

Twitter so that's not the latest tweet there all right so I'm very much going

to end the Tweet right here from in the chat right here by now but thank you all for coming this is this is a good

experiment we'll have more video more video more streams featuring this and uh grayy we'll have things more perfect by

then thank you all again have a blessed safe night peace love and peace love and

peace love and


Round 2 - Media Share Suggestion Live Stream

Round 2 - Media Share Suggestion Live Stream
Search for video Youtube, archive
Stardate 9 February 2024
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
Shirt The New Age Funk
Very First Media Share Suggestion Live Stream
Christ Chan Return Live Stream Highlights


Support the stream: [links to Streamlabs]


1:06:00: A ween plays video of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark. which Chris flips out over, covering his ears and chanting "Lalala".

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions
hey everybody he this Christ Team w Channel son you prime here once again and I'm taking more media requests

obviously you got the link right there so you just donate copy and paste the

URL post the time limit you want or just as much as possible what you're paying for but anyway we're doing this trying

to get this ner try so as you can tell so simply put so I'm trying with two

mics so I'll read from the comments and let's see does this definitely sound like it's a stereo to you and there's

definitely no mic issues I can confirm that from this sense so I'm ignoring all of

that anyway so ah so where we

begin my brain is blinking out ah okay anyway so we got the

speakers going so I'm not going to hear anything from here I'll be hearing it from the computer

speakers anyway so aside from that I'm continue on with other with my projects

as usual and just it's been such delay cuz I had to focus

on sleep varing sleep schedule for one thing I'd like to be able to get up earlier but then just just another

thing gotta be a try to go to bed earlier so Le so I can get up earlier I

got readjust my time back to as it was when I was over at Gateway but

anyway anyway so yeah trying again for the media live stream I'm afid for with

do better we're going to go longer this time so more time for the commentary between the paid comments and uh the

paid media share so without further Ado so I do have a little bit of content

just obviously random thoughts and whatand but I thought I might start off with a little something from the old

guys log Pages share with y'all about uh my experience my very first time I

survived Co I survived Co literally more than five

times I'm strong I meditated I affirm anyway I feel I feel like y'all

would be able to benefit from my experience as I wrote it down so when I

first had Co was back on February 5th 2022 obviously I was in the jail at the

time anyway h so yeah it's like got a supplemental

pages okay thank you all right so on February 5th I tested positive with

covid at around 9:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

precursor my body was working very heavily lately in some reprogramming of

this universe to be less restrictive and all that plus there was some heat from

frustration on her part when I refer to her I'm talking about my body at this

point all right from her part anyway her part it went up to a massive flame prior to the

court date on February 3rd at least it feeling that way so day one which was February 5th my entire body felt really

weak and partially limp like noodles moreover we felt quite disassociated

from the reality of the 1218 half of the universe we felt a scratchy throat after

midnight the previous night and between about uh 2 or 3 and 5 a.m. we were awake

and felt really like we were separated and going faster than time throughout the past night and that day but my body

was massively even more sensitive to the vibrations we also experienced some coughing and coughing up bits of flam

some disorienting dizziness we felt chilled even under the three layers of thermal tops bottoms and socks and the

and the uh thick blanket yeah it's just a in the jail it's just like a general

you know uh single layer blanket also had like a pair of sheets and the mattress but yeah thermal Toops thermal

bombs pairs of socks I wore three of each three pairs of socks three thermal

bombs three ther it got that cold it got really cold there's no air conditioning in the cells period it's always cold in

fact the deputy that work there even in the summer he comes to work in the office he has to wear a jacket because

it gets cold in there period go figure J's in there looking to

cut cut cost and everything anyway so where was

I and socks and think blet mild decreased appetite as my B felt only

able to eat the vegetable and fruit sides from the trays felt able to stomach the spicy bean meats and Rice

and Noodles fever yes but also psychic headaches as usual and my right side

broken to Broken my right side broken Toth nerves you know prior to it being removed I got to get that replaced at

some point it's going to happen shortly enough anyway and the gum line underneath it were sore like hell not part of the

virus but having this alongside that was most UNR was a most unrestful [ __ ]

and the virus affected my voice from the throat and there were mild hits in the chest prior to the swab we must look at

consciously as a chest cold February 6 day two my body had

recovered some strength energy and stability we were able to stomach and eat the spaghetti from the lunch tray we

experienced some diarrhea and increase in flim being coughed up and some deliriousness for a while after waking

up from another of our analytical process processing dreams though this one was partially a fever dream as well

throughout the day we have managed well and good to find our focus and bear thoughts and insights amidst the

processing of and recovery from this virus I listen very well to and work

with my body and what we were we are able to do and able to consume keeping epic observ observant that keeping epic

observant that neither my body or I are demonic influenced and we remain

continued strong on Heaven Universe cors inner light power and rainbow power with

our divine and God powers and abilities as I I stated sa supplement pages about

greater Divine truths and reasoning of the virus I forget which part that might on these Pages anyway Co is a great test

sent down as described in Revelations of the Bible to sort out the stronger

capable and highly enlightened individuals with at least good sense to listen into their body and working to

make the beer choices on how to heal and recover of the virus based on the

vibrations of good viruses I mean good versus bad felt by their Aura energy

field so they can survive and continue onward towards their destined and Faded shift while staying alive and within and

with their bodies with the collective who are the better enlightened and able majority from this 1218 herur have to se

when ie have and the com and the combination of the

two I feel like more over my Uncle Tom and a Harry are more the NASCAR fans

but this guy um yeah I don't think it'll come in first

place I I had to be from uh think episode four the song that angel and the

and the bartender sign together

and you are

blessed anyway find where I left off yeah

survive continue ah and and decrease the number of toxic

individuals Left Behind from those that stayed strongest and survived the

virus day three last night was without sleep sleep yet with physical rest and self-healing from about 2: to 600 or 7

a.m. the meditations while sleeplessly resting proved mentally stimulating and

entertaining pardon me I also note my broken toothache linking with the nerves

and my right ear being uncomforting I've had to stuff the tooth Gap repeatedly

with chewed up chewed by me pretzel D at least it works the covery exposed tooth

nerves for uh or up to a decent amount of time before slipping out and being

swallowed the the pretzel do being swallowed also to know from getting up

at about 10:30 a.m. to this present moment as upon ryness our throat is feeling no longer as scratchy mild like

a Whisper In The Wind now coughing and Flame appears to have decreased the wavering in the chest area has decreased


well just a m be kept but don't expect them

to win decrease decreas our appetite store

remains cautiously selective and not wh the richness or high spiciness of The Bean patties are filling foods such as

rice noodles and bread a lot of the time the mock chicken tofu strips I was on

the kosher tray I volunteered myself to be put on the kosher trays after after

staying there for a while and I found out I like the kosher trays much better than the regular trays and we got to eat the fish on the Friday so that was a

good thing that was a good thing anyway my chicken tofu strips were safe and go by the way in regards to tofu I love

tofu by the way I like the white bear than a brown I mean I realize I realized between the two the brown is meant to be

like the alternative to beef and the white alternative to chicken but just obviously The Taste between the two I

like the white better they were safe and good from today's love lunch tray as well as the

tuna from yesterday's Oliver we still very good thank you overall we do

still eat the vegetables and fruit sides as well as grits or oatmeal so cautiously we've been feeding the fever

very well I wrote quotes around feeding the

fever my mother and I

my ignore

that yeah power world did a mockery more over on Pokemon than of any the sa and Rose shoes

period anyway so was that easier time oh okay I had started this page so day four

my body and I had an easier time falling asleep the previous night this morning at brunch we felt some mild disorientation and had to lay back down

for a meditative healing rested at the brunch ate all but the bread on the tray the typical symptoms had lessen but with

my further hind psychic senses we ended up sensing blood pressure spikes a few

times as the bond suddenly suddenly literally lit up like a light bulb and I had to consciously

focus and ground myself well to hold on partly virus effects but as lar

confirmed on WTOP 107.7 FM radio news station a rocket was launched during

that time and my literal Rift and solar storm I mean and a literal Rift and a

solar storm shocked the rocket and not for satellites at

orbit into the Earth's atmosphere yep another met sign of Vladimir Putin's

World War III attack on Ukraine either way I'm still going to recover of the virus stay alive and save

the majority of the earth's population in the collective shift

which was going on at that time between those that were moving forward from 1218 half to se I 7 half to C parts so

counterparts body and so forth as opposed to those uh of the toxic

minority yeah just obviously the survival of the Fizz there between the two halves anyway day five last night

was rough as an internal attack by virus cells attempted to hit my heart the upper half my left lung my throat

bronchial tubes and even my core which by the way the core is between the heart and solar plees so it's like the

core is right about here the core is right there and not something off not the Inson controller off pardon

me ah okay I have watched has been L I went

over that the last stream thank you for asking thank you for the donation

anyway I was in meditative rest and focused on healing my body destroying the virus and infections and remaining

spiritually grounded at the time after about 900 p.m. in the bed under warm blanket with felt these impacts and

contined to stand strong for ourselves and consciously focus on the counter measures inspiring our white blood cells

and defenses to fight we had some help with a few very kind and hardworking angels and Heaven

soldiers as well as a few Herer type Souls from our pocket subdimension my

body and I are genuinely most humbled and thankful for their service I also personally struck down a good number of

virus cells spiritually we won the battle and

fight all of you are blessed thank you for your support and

kindness all right I also personally struck down a good virus oh yeah and we

contined the healing and viral cleanup Works throughout the night and onward we awoke this morning feeling more even

more recovered and in better health but we continue to remain onc conscious meditative guard and spiritual physical

defensive also at present our octave note singing is's clearing up slightly off key from my normal now but

improving it's a good show it's a good show and yeah Adam definitely had what

was coming to him on that front he's not me he won an avatar

period anyway continue day five we had another

attack it targeted the center bronchial tube core and throat round two was enduring but we survived throughout the

day the shifts events Cosmic and metaphysical and the sore flares and storms did not do our brain much help

made more tough on top of all this we contined to remain focused strong wield and spiritually grounded on healing our

body and destroying the virus and clearing the infections day sits we last night we saw

encount encountered a round three from our core up the Broncho tubes and Center

to the throat and mildly annoying disruptions in the brain from that after hitting the hay but I am my body with

our anog and psychic allies and on backup continue to stay and stand strong grounded healing and subduing the virus

attack keep on practicing you get better with your hand drawing skills and even if it may not per look perfect just

obviously nothing's perfect nobody's perfect everybody is flawed what is

neurotypical these days hey guy hey guys all three of you shout out to all you

your names are mentioned right there but yeah I mean so there's really nothing for you to be mocking anyway so

just stop it the cringe and then cringing just thank you very much the

only thing that's cringe is all of you

cringing on me on anyone and even on yourselves

period okay didn't just saying okay for that

okay anyway there is presently very little remaining of the co virus infections in

my body had naturally all my life and it became more conscious of it within the

past half to full day decade and I've been on practice and and

further endurance and progression of it ever since

mhm the individual has their own blessings let them be on

that I'm going to see that for later anyway what was

I on the upcomings oh I have heard that yes the multiple things multiple

creatines even out even a gun mode just yeah that's a really good figure I agree all right

anyway okay great you rake that lawn all there's very little remain of

the co virus infections in my body my throat became less sore my co core and respiratory areas feel less stressed and

be [Music] stabilizing breaking along breaking

along perfect look like

Waluigi wait why are we doing with two of those hang on a second I'm going to check

here in the tropical Seas with the coconut trees the air is fresh and the

people are free but here in the mountains there's no Freedom like that there's a man in jail and his name is

hat oh I see what happened

in TW in there twice sure

anyway all right feel less stress okay waking up

this morning my body my my throat is almost fully healed and the rest of my body feels even more healed and

recovering lots better also the first time since day one of this infection back on February 5th my poop has become

green of this I know green poop means well virus in the body virus in the

belly but in this instance I do believe this green poop symbolizes virus

recovery they of your

blessed as well fireus recovery as destroyed fire remains get released and

dumped we remain on continued healing and grounding meditations on guard and observing until better confirmation

last page of last sheet of paper I promise so day seven still

recovering ch's best pizza yeah they're good I kind of feel

like it papa johnas is good quality although of course the better quality is from

those that are individually

established I feel like I am safe from that even though I do not consciously know what that

is anyway still recovering throat is no longer feeling sore and my chest feels better yet slightly tight from the

remaining fading infection spots progress continues very well as my body's healing and cleansing throughout

the day I've been feeling mild tightness in our core and Center column of the chest I shall be on guard and Eng

grounded healing and cleansing meditation to ensure this is relieved and cleared day eight the that chest

tightening has lessened though there's still some Shock feeling at present the 15c expanding breathing technique

somebody else in jail whose name might be mentioned here he had enlightened me of is helping as well day nine feeling

back our old self and state going to conclude the co journal on that note I for know that the supplement shall be

most helpful to someone else down the road from there thank you very much the good time okay anyway so that was the

very first time I survived Co and wow just the first time just you know literally thought it was a camine I just

felt chills straight out my body I feel that was only from the first time the

the future times after that that feeling didn't come out but still I recognize the feeling in my core and

chest ever nobody should have to feel

that no

oh [Laughter]

it origin meant good luck and Hitler had to go ruin it but it

can be cleansed just associate with something more

good that's all I will say in response to that one

[Laughter] anyway there you go there you go and now

it's time for

water oh gross we can hear her swallowing the water big deal

deal mid deal I watched that scene from species 2 on how the uh knop hooker and

the C that alien child the individual is blessed upon the

respect the terms and whatever they lost and H and all the way as long as they follow light power

and goodness they will recover [Music]

anyway [Music]


anyway let think other things anyway yep y obviously a lot a

lot of you seen my Twitter post recently and I was just a little figure not I knocked over just now and readjusting

the monitor here get back up guy D okay

good so yeah obviously yeah G4 is going to return continued on continued on

everything it will be good very much and I'm going to have a personal hand in that metaphysically and

physically anyway h what else what else what


um so I have seen the knuckles the kidna series trailer looks like a good show and they'll be and they'll be good

for to I mean we get some continuity from the Archie comic saying some of Knuckles video

player well depends was it safe for work or was it not safe for work if it wasn't safe for work then that's why it didn't

play because filters our water filtration units are

on point anyway here I come tougher than

the rest of them the rest of them very tougher than Le your gone Knuckles un like Sonic he don't chuckle he his

musle that muscle very

good hey guys there shout out your name's right there your name's right

there yeah as I remember everybody I don't do I don't typically do specific

name shout outs in general so there you go I give you that one this is pretty

much your shout out it's just me acknowledging that your name appeared on the

video what else what else um

H it's okay but it will not be Canon not canon with this timeline you're just

assessing an alternate Dimension alternate universe and just that's essentially

it like it was with how seic Farland continue just going on with

alternate pet Griffins and this F and the family from throughout multiple

timelines just to make the continuity of do being continue to be young

mathematical yeah Aventure Time come on grab your friends go to fairly distant

land with Jake dog and fin the human and Marceline the queen and B bubble G the

fun no never it's adventure time C thank you very much thank you

very much yeah

you anyway what else what else what

else she but never my things going on lately I've been doing lots of work and

painting and whatnot

anyway I am looking at everybody that's that been submitting for the contest and

obviously after the 24th the uh winners will be submitted and they will be contacted

personally and they shall receive their prizes so it will be very good p on a

three song


I'm down I'm going to D the breaking up I'm on miss riding up whatever it is got

to do riding up me ring up I look up in SK asking not a while but never let it

face me I'm keeping good VES one on the road watch out for all surprises what ites put B but nothing one day in the

night let me the down with my

life whoever you in the day and never

fully gone to be back again until it

over days ahead of us put your hands up w

[Music] like this put your hands up the from always got my back and of course

got don't wor about that it's been a good day good night it's going be a good

day I not heard of it and I may consider

it this sounds good I love me some music NOP Soni Prime is alive you're

talking about just a regular Soni and a special Sonu when they

quote faint they literally just get they just go back to their Pokeball that they are

linked with and they get responded that's a respond generator the special ones are indeed

import so there you may say that but she has not

really I'm still watching hello

hello I'm we're wrecking alarm again with while Luigi look

Alik the guy took the guy's


[Music] okay H just where am I that was how

Courtney ended up when she literally went back in time to 26 along with a lot of everybody

else anyway let's see what

this [Music]



breaking yeah breaking the lawn I think I feel like that's a parody of just Beav

but going breaking the lawn fre you know what I'll give you this one

I'm going I got to take this off one second you sh the short mik y'all can hear me here you go I'm going to do


I fun fun times fun

moments stupid Dar smart anyway uh what next

thank you very much

guy um acoustic

acoustic you know what I'm going to take this opportunity so I'm going to change I'm going to

switch gears a little bit so we're going to turn this from we're going to make this the interval be a gaming stream oh

okay stream the link is up there and of course we got all that I went ahead and

plug this in in advance so we're just going to play a little something from one of my fans C the SL start date 04

92024 everything continues to progress very well I'd say just pretty much uh whenever I do a live stream or whenever

I update consider those like a CL mhm thank you very much anyway so

let's play a little bit of this let's play this for a little while

personally provided by the individual behind the game he knows who he is so thank you for

this game the two other games and the other lovely merch and he's breaking the lawn

again break it the break it the break it the LA break it

and there he goes Yep this

guy in the gum and his mother lived alone in a

small house on a hill Isaac kept to himself drawing pictures and playing with his toys as

his mom watched Christian broadcasts on the television yeah obviously Isaac did

not have the best upbringing and they were both happy that was until the day Isaac's mom Heard

a Voice from above maybe I can turn this up a little become corrupted by sin he needs

to be saved I do to save you my lord Isaac's

mother replied rushing into Isaac's removing all that was evil his life poor

guy again the voice called to her Isaac's soul is still corrupt

he needs to be cut off from all that is evil in this world and confess his sins

your nanny I will follow is blessed and healed I have faith in the like this little larger his mother replied as she

locked Isaac in his room away from the evils of the world one last time Isaac's mom heard

the voice of God calling to her all she did just big and watch TV but I still

question your de that I will ask one more thing of you oh yes did anything oh

that's possible I did go to Mission Barbecue a few times for a gway happy birthday happy birthday happy

Happ Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy his life

as an offering to me to prove you love me above all else she she had some

demons in her head there was a bit of misguidance in there KN from the kitchen

especially this Isaac foror Isaac threw a crack in his door trembled in fear

scrambling around his to find a hiding place he noticed a tra door to the

basement hidden under rug that door without hesitation he flung open the

hatch just as his mother burst through his door oh I do not you I do not misuse

it because I work between the cosmos throughout the Multiverse physically and

an astral projection and an astral manifestation so I really do

so I wish you could appreciate better but not everybody can appreciate and understand

mathematical I played some of this

before yeah we'll keep it on Isaac uh gu maybe try to down

normally oh I suppose we can come back to

this you want some Tetris 99 you got we's switch over to that for a little

while good at least one did oh I can collect some Platinum

points I'll do that later all right so we'll play Tetris for a little while let's see if we can get

uh number one all right so time for the

matchups turn it Vol down a little bit I turn it up so we can hear the uh

cut scene from finding of Isaac


[Music] Maximus attack the target the


attackers oops that's [Music]

okay [Music]

oops we ended up watching Skiby toilet last stream so yes I have

[Music] oh actually I'll give you this bit as

well so Isaac had better blessings at [Music]

[Applause] [Music]

hand Isaac I had better blessings at hand that were coming to him but he had to be rid of his toys in games at the

time so it's like he had to had her survive to get to the

outcome and his [Music] Destiny H and nope nope I don't think

I've seen that [Music]

one and so yeah I survived and I got

everything back oh romantic killer that's a good

anime just I mean that lady that girl was deprived of her games her chocolate and even her cat and her

family but she did find love she found friends and then she got everything back

I see that was a really good deal despite the visard being so naive yeah let's go with that work

naive I mean seriously that wizard really knew nothing about true authentic

love and relationships and friendships all that wizard knew was

just essentially get it to the outcome and that's


50 [Music] H you know what I wonder second season

I'd say that's a good thing there'll be more Adventures for the girl on her new friends now and she could even be

potentially gaming with some of [Music] them more Slice of Life fun and school

and everything

oops okay well maybe not this one so I'll try again for

Maximus D and Ruby whoever they are there you

go down there you go town one you

show oh you know what here's a good one who's a silly Pony you're a silly Pony

who is you is Apple Jack bu Gat and knocking over fences who is you is Apple

day all day long you're Ching around looking at the apples on the trees dreaming all your Pony dreams theing

lips so greedily oh a Sil Pony you're Sil Pony you Opie

joke any okay nothing thing uh just the

notification I sh off screen all right all right [Music]

now get this oh you know what I'm surpris nobody's done like that just try

to get me to laugh that was kind of one idea behind this Media Share thing just

try to make me try to make me not laugh challenge but just obviously we'll see we can save that for another stream make

it like that he's like at that point I'll be

like just straight stirred face or lot be all like let be all

like trying to make me laugh how easy is it if anybody can find

that Cliff where but you keep reaching for my heroin needle to try and get it away from me and I'm not liking that

John it keeps me comfortable I'm feeling like you you're not you have some

ulterior motives you'll be a little comfortable hey keep your hand away from

my drugs all right that's your last warning listen I'm just going to take this and I'm going to you know what I

got a gun here John ow [ __ ] Jesus Christ John what did you [ __ ] do go deal

with the [ __ ] body all right we you clearly can't handle this heroin guy I got [ __ ] [ __ ] shut shut up deal

with the [ __ ] body all right go deal with the body my wife oh ouch Jesus oh [ __ ] I think he's

dead we got to [ __ ] n he safe got to take care of two bodies is John dead John is [ __ ] dead you got to deal

with John's [ __ ] body now Tom take all the money out of that guy's p on get

the money get the [ __ ] out of here you know you know this job Take the Money and Run the house we live you know what

Tom yeah let's go let's go talk to Sam what happen samtha will deal with it yeah

Jesus Christ John's [ __ ] dead C my name he he was pretty damn

good pretty good you know what you know what Dad I I don't want to hear it but I I will say you cleaned it all up you did

a fine job gentlemen I'll split John's John's pay you both get 10% of it I get

the rest obviously wait a minute I'm supposed to retire this week well John's

dead so uh you're going to have to pick up the slack you're going to have to

pick up the slack well so much for that retirement

[Music] plan well if I my line to it I can

actually be hard to tickle


okay oh no she'll change your mind shortly

enough it is [Music]



anyway she you know what she only bought me because she didn't want to avoid the drama of you guys I mean shoot is she

really wanted to avoid the drama you guys she block you all cuz I know you all I know amongst all amongst all of

you the minority yeah y'all would just continue attacking her anyway so yeah

mood Point she should have just blocked all of you that you attacked her made the bad comments you know who you

are and only that need to be said back to you Ted faster okay D there's your

[Music] reference from the old radio show I did on audio

tape you know what that might be fun just seeing somebody try to replicate that little radio show of mine I did way

back when just like yeah I think it was high school I did both of

those oh yeah I still like Yogi y That's a good game I might be interested in playing

again it's been a long time but that's no problem I still got my original deck

thank [Music]


[Music] anyway top

[Music] 10 now it heats up the heat is

on the heat is on and we have lots of M screws because without M screws you're

screwed that's right oops I missed up oh well I'll give

it another try binging bing bing binging Bing we did the tasks two

of them

oh then as she blocked me why am I still seeing her

update July

hg9 big sale without

ale [Music]

anyway hey there I'm Samantha you have a job that you need done but you just don't want to get it done yourself I'm

sorry I take pride in my my [ __ ] job Chad what do you take pride in huh you

sitting jerking off I do take pride Jer the new uh you know what that reminds me so

pride is not the sin it's arrogance arrogance is the real Sin and that about

when you have too much pride and sense of self and whatnot which which ve on

into the narcissism and all that done done so again pride is not the sin it's

arrogance I'm getting sick of this [ __ ] I don't want to get [ __ ] every

time I turn around just obviously you don't want too much pride CU otherwise then you can become like Smur it oh my

gosh I [ __ ] Jesus Christ God what did you

[ __ ] do get what you want done done at the handyman okay so that's what that

is that's the handyman so that's what that is okie

dokie we have watch some handy people being handy and

Brandy whatever that means it means whatever you want to make it out to me okay and there's your new series it's a

show about nothing [Music]

yeah even though heavy Meadow is my least favorite genre music I'll still

tolerate it I mean it's just obviously otherwise I would not watch a gret

go H well perhaps another time

but right now I'm doing [Music]

this doing this thing with Tetris talking to y'all and singing a song and dancing for

Christmas y ERS in the park hamsters in the park

got say hamsters in the park

do hey look gst's in the park that's rare you don't see that every

day they commission that there's like amers in the park while son Sonu and Rosie were on a

picnic and yeah essentially there's not too many hamster type Pokemon in nor ham

Taro or a h look alike in quickfill or in Virginia really

I mean there's no more P or Den they in the United States of America a bunch of Pokemon but there were obviously that

was just somebody that brought them in came from another region or like you know just traed in

from the [Music]

[Music] GTS

Okie do in yeah she Stupid

s imagine yourself curing just talking about random

Electronics just like why am I doing this I don't want to do this I can PID some money so all this

do this what they be like what they

said in the end what [Music]

it they really had to heal themselves after let their energy be drained out

all that

[Music] boom boom goes the thing does it like to

sing Bing

[Music] and you know what I will answer that

because your definition of trolls and trolling that's been around a long time

just all throughout the history of time I mean look in the in the musical movie Gigi The Spectators were just trollishly

looking at the incoming people that came in the that came into the party that

point possibly but I don't know about that I mean just all the gossiping rumors going on

so yeah I mean that's what y'all essentially were doing just gossiping and and making [ __ ] up I mean you know

what here's a burn for all you all the minority and even those it's on the Reddit I I read that formula for from

time to time if I was essentially sharing

everything I do with y'all like y'all kept on going then I would be doing that

more often and you would actually know what i' be doing presently y'all would actually know what's going on with whoever may be involved or whatever

not and I told yall everything that there was and what happened in the past and so forth in this timeline and

everything and what's to be as needed as y'all are needed to know it's on a need to know

basis but yeah essentially you don't know everything cuz I'm not sharing everything with all of you you don't

know you don't

[Music] know

anyway oops okay time to make a recovery

move y um okay I'm going to give it one more

try I'm going give it one more try for Maximus on this [Music]

stream I got a we're have to make a r okay there you go all right you got

your fish but you can't order you can't wish for a side dish because you're already get a side dish with that

wish so the wish for a s side dis just all you're doing is getting fat off that

you don't want to do that you don't want to do that anyway all right one more try

see if we can get Maximus on this string

[Music] oh and just poor Elliot he paid a100

paid a lot of money to get 100 copies of Texas another one the menuette

versions but still that was a good effort it's like trying to get a base set borderless

Charizard out of out of a $1,000


okay well it's your move you play and then you get to stay well let's see that's to be

determined and confirmed we'll figure it out how we can do Yu-Gi-Oh one

point yeah anyway down

there because I didn't want to be involved in your melal drama if your drama did not

exist then nobody would be blocking you

either and who's the manifestation who's the individual that

manifested that drama it was you I did not cause the drama you

manifested by literally commenting and saying bad things in response to it

if there was no penis draw there was no drawing of Rosie Rose chew with a

penis then there would have not been none of that drama either so that was on you

[Music] all and I reiterate I'm not into

anything in this FW anymore except for the fact just to be blunt and directly mention it


I little change soon enough I'll be laughing out the other side of your

[Music] faces

[Music] oh I think the last time I played Tetris on one Tetris 991 streams I did get

Maximus yeah yeah play a little bit of Sonic

Superstars we play Tess 99 and we play something else hey that was a fun that

was a fun time


what the matter with

youing that was a fun episode for part

two my name my address my phone number every stop

as long as you understand it yourself and if you do then

Kudos otherwise to most that would be just playing

gibberish you know what that's okay she was not meant to be long turn anyway and at

least she knows that I have progressed and developed further immaturity which is more than I could say for her at that

point in time but at least she's still enduring on her

[Music] part boy is she enduring I sense an

empathy [Music]

anyway okay not going to be able to do it this stream sorry guys oh well we

tried well that was fun who's for Chinese said the Joker that one

episode and yet the Batman did not die he bounced back as did

Isaac [Music]

any because you know I'm all

about pardon me I think I will have a little water thank you all right tell

you what skip the introduction first file first file there


go [Music] Souls all

right yeah May me next time BR all

right all right which way do I go up up up down down left

right I think we go

north got the item I'm going go this way hey

money and yeah if you have money to donate

okay let see then I'll try

South rainbow poop okie

dokie he look [Music]

Bitcoin [Music]

cool guy buy something for a

nickel okay well there's your

nickel goes down see over here


cool okay MMO no I have not consciously heard that

but i s that I'm thinking that must be some sort of multiplayer online

version a Pokemon yes I do do you know

it and there is nothing wrong with that it's okay to be gay

combining no no no no no no no no no get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out I'm not

seeing it I'm not hearing it can't hear you I want to the

[Music] filter

I turn back time I never saw

that anyway looks like we found a boss room my intuition tells me too I'm get a

hold of that 14year old daughter too when I get done with her she ain't going to have to worry about where she's going to have or I'm going in here ow that was

painful get these

spes come on hit hit hit hit hit hit

hit or they just meant to be regular spiders they don't hurt yeah okay sorry Isaac my

bad oh they follow okay maybe they're support team all right let's do this versus the


fight oh don't step on their blood oh that was

[Music] easy all right


one L yeah

okay bement do all right maybe I'll skip that door

hello okay you know the word gay T to be around a lot I know I used

to be homophobic way back when but now I'm

not wait okay I'm at full health so that's why I'm not picking it up okay

all right oh get out of here

you what is this fale

Alchemist um

oh I got a key there we

go all right let's go this

way if only I could do the shooting at diagonal as opposed just up down left

right make it bit easier I'm just saying

raino arus O bck

coin okay B up durman

flies I can repent make them feel better by healing them there

WS the tears the young with the tears the young

one all I got that

fly there we go oh another key oh speaking of

witch giant cell oh oh my

gosh I feel sorry there t much

bber man close it

up he farted that was


okay money room I see w ouch that went all right well didn't eat

that may you find Enlightenment wish I could and I say same for some of the individuals

okay let's have a look in here I have two that's a nickel and

that's a DI maybe a maybe later all right or maybe not boss room

Gemini now we use a bombb that didn't


bomb Oh I have actually watched smiling friends I thought was a decent show oh

I'll give you this one don't forget about me gree a good time well did you do it I mean no but I toally could

[Music] have no absolutely not I'm tired of that

Meme why are yall still continuing on with that it's just

dumb and I can't get to that thing oh well that'll be a

ner ouch okay I definitely need healing here ah here we

are thank you I love you too my heart goes out there

by oh obviously it's like just appreciation type as opposed to like

relationship so just so you know

anyway good grief oh yeah the little guys are

helping me there you go all right full health again ouch

okay oh we got another one coming

[Music] in yeah okay these guys are not are they

definitely have a must must sins in them they're not

righteous oh no not again

again I'm not see it I'm not see it KN KN KN KN KN

knock there H great that messed me

up okay that was something else Okie

do maybe the filter could be more

Hello observ observing word

okay before selecting that which can be

displayed all right boss room good

good all right Dodge some things all right that thing's not moving so I can use a bomb

on it

ouch Friendly

Fire okay anyway take another

level level four more

caves oh

okay [Music] really that's it oh well maybe I get they go back

somewhere all right oh got a key oh there we go again


do H aost room already I'm going to come

back I'mma come back I guess to

get oh what's coming build I heard this week's build is based on a bicycle chain

I guess that gets the wheels

turning yeah it's like obviously these things that power up

abilities anyway you already got my two

bits my relationship um well that depends on what you mean with whom

specifically anyway my relationships are on good levels friendships and acquaint ships

and similar oh okay waay for

it okay these spikes are not going down well in that case I guess that bitcoin's

out reach all right next

question oh this coin came

in B bomb only bombs that be

useful [Music]

okay see if I remember correctly yeah this way and this way

yeah and boss room Mega

funny good grief okay where


okay great okay H okay little chubby has appeared

in the basement okie dokie HP up and full

health groovy groovy want to be groovy because see

your booy everything is groovy okay that kind of looked like a male finger I saw

that okay well thank you for the donation

off I'll take the pain

see okay not quite


okay where well that was

fun all right go this

way ah yay

bonus give me some comments give me some videos I show you D or treat well that

bleach did not do anything to me o

forense ah no no no

no okay that don't work either

no okay good I cleared up

that was distracting okay one more hit be very

careful okay that's not going to work

okay okay H key oh I ran out key so next


question all right groovy H

bomb all right needs a key okay I got this power

up don't get hit don't get hit don't get hit don't get hit don't get H don't get ah oh

no oh well by that thing in a dark place

okay okay to do you know what that's actually I feel like a decent time I

need to use the I need to use the restro so I will be back in the little


all right I'm back guys all right so I'm taking more comments and

I'm going to play oh no no no no no no no get out get out get out get out get

out yeah yeah no no that's definitely that

was definitely

bad I bless you your

girlfriend thank you all right H well anyway give you all some more

content so let's take another crack it this oh bonus

item all right um okay I'll check this room

here okayu

as aute girl Mye okay

anyway ouch first point damage at least it wasn't one of these

fart boys this one one of these fart boys get out of here come on get all

right bomb pick up take a look over [Music]

here ey Shadow

right what is this dude it's like I got to put some money in it in order for do

anything okay all

right give me money I'll give you a

thing okay all right so let's see yeah

so a penny a penny I think I use a bomb on


okay oh well okay now I'll find another

bomb I

um um well he would not necessarily borrow any pow so I'm sign you because

Mega Man copy from those that are Technic as in you know mechanic

mechanical and Sonic cheese and Roose cheese are not mechanical so essentially moot point I

really should save the bomb for that one no I do not you want to know what I

eat I eat more vegetarian options so I still eat the meat an options from time

to time so I'm not totally vegan but anyway earlier tonight I ate a happy

foodie dinner I forget which one it was but had some good potatoes in it

ah digital art well presently as mentioned on my Twitter I'm accepting uh I'm accepting

individuals arts for an art contest we are holding there are prizes and possibly

have and that was all I will say about that okay come on come on come on all

right all you thank all right it come on come

on okay good don't get hit by

that okay I want to get

hit oh man oh

well let's give it another

try ah okay come on come

on all right all right anyway oh oh

bomb okay I guess obviously there going to be a technique that I can find like game facts or something on how to

dislodge bombs without from Stone without throwing it

up that thing was that thing was a trapped it was a trap and that was a

victim yeah all these are

traps yeah you know what that's past tense and the house has been cleaned up

ever since so that's a move point

and yeah I'd say about 2008 or n called they want that stupid mean

back Isaac clones zombie n n zies are

[Music] stupid look at there liptick that's not

safe where you drive and here come the train now sleep feding sleep jumps the

train look at that assle but he supposed to be

oopses okay so that's where the boss room is for this one all right get out of here Cyclops

cycloptic monster oh a penny two bombs you know what see wrong

button okay I'm going to say the other one um all right there was that gold

room all right let's see here I'm definitely not going

there friend zone the fli is in the friend

zone that's a lot better to being dumped friend zound is not bad still I

used to be in contact with that Ally that you tried to make the relationship with so don't misinterpret it don't

misinterpret friends oh this guy again

okay first piece of

crap okay these guys can all right actually I feel like that's some

decent timing considering what game we're playing right now

oops well are you sure takes I mean this thing is essentially like a CH FY can

take a lot of special attack hits and what we're doing is

using bubble that's the move that Isaac is using bubble oh

no oh no oh no

ah all right let's try again dungeons are Rand randomized for

optimal fight

okay that was that was a little bit easier all

right oh yeah that thing was like a jumping body

and this thing is the head and the two the meat and they go

they divide and try to conquer and thank

feel yep all right I blow it up

then all

right I got a key that's anything

else yeah another door dungeon exploration

all the Adventure Time oh I'm glad I came back for this

that was a good

deal all right

nice [Music] fly

okay all right let's see all right guess now we'll go to the boss

battle it's like why did I think that I can find money in in the room that

only accepts deposits does not have any all right anyway boss battle ah

Gemini at least that be easier that ass piece of

crap okay all you have to do is take a into

the mix now just take a little

a never get your fak soet and

[Music] salak well that was stupid

enough a come on oh oh lucky Rock has appeared in the

basement okay I mean so a lucky rock is appear

the basement so does that mean I go find it I mean is that where I'm at I feel like

I'm in the basement all right I'll look around and

see lucky

Rock lucky Rock luy

luck I answer that question when it comes around to it oh


PhD oh that's a

mask try feel with these Amnesia range down um you know what


special [Music] going to this

thing no lucky Rock not even in that room all right

let's move on Lucky Rock appeared in the basement unless that's the

basement went down the door to the next

level okay basement two

friends cuz they're Heroes they fight for a common goal of justice and that

which is light Power Righteous and

good right

anyway key let to go get the key clean up all the turds get up all the turds

all right I'm going to go left ah troll face bombs that was easy

enough oh I pressed the button I piit up a charm

[Music] okay what's about his eyes there that's

probably Amnesia effect okay all right freak key and I got to take all these


out oh okay

bom all right I have four keys so let's take a look in here oh 10

bombs I like magician so dark magician

Dark Magician Girl oh mucho Dao great maybe I'll find a iron room

oh all right

cool oh look like a shortcut okay

well look at that big money cool very

nice that's more I could sa for ah bomb bomb

bomb okay

I just noticed his hair is on [Music]

fire okay I cleared that room out anything in here I didn't see anything

oh there we go um here's the key


okay I's see the oh the lovers that's a tarot

card if I have 15 cents I get that thing I don't so I'll just move

forward okay there you

go okay okay boss room's over

there work on it do you realize do you let me tell

you Department of Green County

yeah yeah maybe all right there's money in

there oh I see if I blew up the bomb then all right let's try this then

okay grovy all right let's see here oh

great A Penny short from that thing oh it looped

around cool um

[Music] oh I have two options I can face the boss

or oh another door I was there all right

um you know what I'll take the free I'll take this

pass oh

all right you may have three cents you may have three

cents I'm going to go back and get that thing since it's

there Skipper what you doing bu what you doing destroying the r for why does a man climb a mountain because it's

there habit oh okay that's neate

okay now find that boss room again all right

gurglings all right maybe especially since he had

cross path before all right don't step on

their ouch

okay ouch darn all right wait a minute so we going on for

about two hours I say that's pretty good all right I'll tell you what I'll try one more round and then I'll get ready

to call it all right let's look in

here Spider Baby H spider with a top

hat spider with a top hat gun it's going to get a little weird

going to get a little wild I'm up around here from another dimension get a little

here can I have a good time okay all right I'll make that boss

room being there wait was that door south or all

right well going look East all

all right that was the first hit this time

around all right another

key talk about a narrow gym well

okay all right heal the that guy was hydrated oh a penny and

a heart that works right so we's try

fresh all right we hav let South yet

okay second hand all right what we got

here is it all just for show or is there

something oh found something there's a penny all right

groovy groovy what The Groovy we go see your

movie there you go monstro man okay

all right oh so much for

that okay H

okay all right

guy okay

you feel like you damaged yourself enough times from those tall

bounces hitmon missed and hurt himself with a high jump

kick wa


okay oops all right oh no this thing no no no no no no

no no no no no no no no not Smile HD nobody likes

that I've watched that thing once and that was enough

period I got a belt all right that's level

oh no that was a bad dream all right

spacement two now he's wearing a

belt that should more accurately be called with

link yeah I mean I mentioned it earlier

ouch okay got


it get out of here get out here oh I'll answer that question a

minute okay feel like something would have been good have something good come I have

to why did I do that H wait time I'll go one

more out okay spikes pits nothing here all

right all right

oh what' I do that for I accidentally pressed the button did not mean to do

that ah good grief all right

Lord wish okay I I dare say well you got to

be of extra HP out of that

well you know what you know what you know what you know what you can take

them and put them in a sandwich ah Amy S Mercury I also like

meiru s Neptune and Haruka was very cool too I

liked her oh nickel all right I can buy something oh discount three

the empress nice a this dingleberry

again I say if anything have [ __ ] l that

thing I got get all these minions out of the

way all right H are you H all right

you special defense heavy

one come on call for


right oops okay there we go all right

I'm trying with this thing ah ouch okay we almost got it ah we got

one very cool we got that one and stem

shells let be up next

level oh man that hurts

all right all right I feel like going this way all

right all right darn I only need bombs there's a key over

there oh ah

okay there you go oh nice couple

bombs right come on

guys these tear can only hit so much oh another

[Music] Empress

okay ouch okay

open more all

right all right and no Penny

Penny CH friendly stop the name of WW sorry about

that chief your mission should you choose to

accept it is to put this in the tube pile right Chief and don't call me Chief

sorry about that Chief the journal they've uncovered it

already nothing but all right let's see if I can cover anything

of these likely not we'll give a

look yep okay I did I it right going this

way ah four bombs five

cents H try

something ah

groovy bomber man bomber man does whatever a Bomberman can as he

gets the show on Nintendo 64 Lookout it's the brand new bomber

man that commercial was everywhere just bomber man 64 decent game though I liked it okay

what do you have h s cents you know what let see mom's coin purse

oh XX oh no I may have be a floor

tears okay so it was r that does that okay not ZR all

right yeah no um okay looks like I I definitely need

to all right ouch well that was

fun we you I can blow that bomb Rock was

there one to blow up was there one to blow up even this

way nope nope you know what I'm saying nope nope

I don't know what you're saying yeah ah okay all right I'll bite

um or I would if I had bomb to do it with oopsies too bad so

sad no problem oh

well all right well let's do this then ah these again all right

I I can only take two hits I can only take one

hit let's see ouch

okay don't get H again I made

it oh shoot okay I think that'll do for

now cool H oh that's in the movie okay infil of the god Emperor our undying

Lord and by the R of The Golden Throne okay well that was an interesting

parody let's see all right is there any other let's see before I end this for this time

around all right I don't see other comments um is there any more videos is there any

more videos just maybe I do need that up so I can

see that get that my to reference maybe I'll see them up in

there come out of queue later all right well anyway I suppose that'll do it for now but anyway thank you all kindly for

watching and uh briefly I got to answer your questions they actually resonate and stick with you so that uh they need

but they not be needing ask again next time I do a string anyway I'll do for now yall take care

and have a safe blessed day and everything continue follow good light

powered and r

Christ Chan Live Stream: Legos, Games and Media

Part 1

Christ Chan Live Stream: Legos, Games and Media
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Stardate 17 February 2024
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
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Chris Chan Highlight Stream 2
Christ Chan Live Stream: Legos, Games and Media Part 2

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[Stream begins at 2:25]

Chris: Hey everybody, hey-zeus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime here once again. [Stammers]

Hang on. [Mouse clicks] There, I think that turned down the echo. I can tell the audio is working so I'm going to ignore those comments. [Chuckles]

Anyway, so, as you can tell from the title, we're doing something a little bit different. [Adjusts camera] Ok, technical things, I'm still figuring things out and all that.

Anyway, so as you can tell from the title, hm we got a Lego set right here, we're gonna put together, on-screen. So in a moment, I'll be switching to the uh... other camera.

Just offa' here it's gonna be uh [pats table] table right here. But just to give ya'll a little bit of preface and mentions, so, of course, we're doing the uh, media share and options. [In the business we call this foreshadowing]

Oh, I [Clicking with mouse] gotta' check a detail right quick. Alright, good speakers, make sure y'all could hear the uh... video... the videos that come into the media share as well. [Nervous breathing]

And uh, obviously there's going to be... there's likely going to be time- cuz we're going to go on for like a few hours. So like, obviously, you can click the... [Points to onscreen donation link] this link.

You'll be able to uh, [exasperated sigh] donate and make your comments. Whatever, i'll read the ones that are good. I read only the positive ones and uh... yada yada yada.

Whatever that means, just details taken care off-screen. Anyway- um. [Nervous breathing] And all the other good stuff. Considerable to the pre-considerable related to the previous times... adjusting details yada yada yada.

Ya know what um, just I'll slide this keyboard over here. That'll make things a bit easier. ['Sighs and hums a tune]

Alright, but I moved the monitor closer to me so I can still read all that. Read the comments as they come in, so anyway. Without further ado. [Switches to view of workspace]

Right, [pointing], table. [Nervously giggles]

And I've got some, some, some special guests that are gonna' roll in as well. I'll show you the Lego set in a moment. [Moving mouse around] I'm gonna put the mouse over here.

Off-, just nearly off-screen. Got my water right here. But yeah- [Mutters]

Here's a little blast from the plast[sic]. [Rolls a toy car into view] The go-kart. [In a childish voice] It's a go-kart. With a glow-in-the-part, dark, tailpipes and the classic... me mini-figure.

With the airport torso. We actually did have the airport set. I built aeroplanes way back then. [Laughs] Fun. Fun times, good stuff. [Nervous breath] I like that, just, ya know, I just feel like it worked my, little mini figure.

I liked it, [Piece breaks off the go-kart] doh! [Fixes it with nervous laughter] I like him, my little orientations. Anyway, we gonna' have some fun with that.

And of course, here's a bigger thing coming in. [Rolls a much larger toy car into frame] Woo! My big carrrrrr! [Holds car to camera] And with meeeee, [In an insane voice:] driving iiiiiiit! Yahhh!

Cause I broke the door off. [More high pitch talk:] I broke the door off. Boy, doy-oy. [Talking like a baby:] Make it a little easier to get out by popping 'dis off, now it's a convertible.

Now we be like, [Holds lego figure Christine to camera] [High pitch speaking for the toy:] 'Hi guys, welcome to my live streeeeam.' [Chris laughs at own joke] 'We're gonna build something cool today'.

And the auto-focus works good. Alright. [In an annoying voice:] Without further ado, let's close the door! Gonna' close the door. Fun. [Childish voice:] Just fun, fun times. Good times.

I got another surprise, that'll come up a little later. We'll get the car outa' the way. Iiii'm in the action. But yeah, I'll show y'all something else, uh, you know my lil Power Ranger deal back in the day. [Holds a lego knight to camera]

That was my C-197 half, so, here's that mini figure of mine that was the Power Ranger that drew- that drove that one go-kart that made the head of... the cart Megazord. [Chuckles]

Lovely little pieces going on... Alright well, I'll respond to that pay- that pay wall later, little bit later, but anyway.

There's that. We'll show you all that. Alright so, let's- so... my lovely assistant [Addressing lego figurine of himself] my lovely little, [unintelligible] you're gonna pull in the, watch. [Makes straining noises, moving something off-screen]

[Talking for the figurine:] This thing is heaaavyyyyy. [Scoots a $40 Indiana Lego set on screen using the toy]

Ta-da! Indiana Jones! [More high-pitch speaking for the toy:] Adventure tiiiime, come on grab your friends! To go to fairly distant lands with... Indiana Jones!

[Adjust headset cables] Oh, my bad, just, I knot the... it's the extension cable of my headphones, um. Yeah, knot that off, that's what that is, anyways.

Ok. But anyway, we got plenty of table space so... [Playing with lego box] Let's find where you open this thing.

[Receives a donation from "Jon Arbuckle" that says: "I love Sonichu! Can I get a shoutout? Emily"]

Ah, bottom of the box. [Chris leans in to read donation] Again, I don't do shout-outs by specific names... but you have been noted. Thank you very much.

And uh... [Laboured breathing] [Makes high pitched childish noises]

Anyway, uh, [Opens box with nails] I'll just open it up from the bottom, that'll work. [In a strange voice:] It's like opening a present, at Christmas. Yay!

I watched them go recently build that Polaroid camera which I, really liked that, that was fun. Anyway, we're gonna, bring in a little Indiana Joooones. And, uh... get it out the way.

We're not just jonesin... [Laughs loudly at own joke] There you go. You got your one... Anyway, let's see. Number of bags... I like... got my own little... thing- I don't organise the pieces... I just pick them out as I need.

So, obviously you do have them numbered, you got the four bag. That's the one bag, that's the two bag. Alright, there's a three bag. We'll stack the bags on top in order, so that's two, three, four going down.

Ok, we got... we've got some... decals. I like decals, they're good. Alrighty! So... We got a couple of... plates to work with for starters. Let's uh... [In an annoying voice:] open up the baggyyyyy.

And we're gonna have some pieces to fun. [Catches breath] And we got the bigger pieces right there. We're gonna- oop- hm. [Talking for the toy again:] Put me right there.

Put smaller pieces... just outa the way. Just outa' the way. One bag and the other. But yes, as I- just- like I said earlier, the comments and the paid comments and the... media share, they're in here, you are encouraged.

Up, okay, the link [Points to the donation link] is up there, and of course, the Etsy store is stocked. Alright. So let's uh, open up the [With a Spanish accent:] instrucciones.

[Extremely loud and high pitched:] Ayeeeee, que instruccioneeeeessss. [Laughs proudly]

Alright, lets have a look here. Ooh... ok so we don't get Indy just yet, but we get like a... the... the guy there. Um... I've only like uh... watched some of Indian Jones, but I am quite aware of Indiana Jones.

Just to give you that little... nori... description there. Obviously, we got a little mini figure here of the... kind individual. [Repeats in high pitch] Kind invdividual.

Oh! His name is... oh... Salah. Alright, good. I was right... uh... like from Arabia, Hindi, I don't really know. And I do apologise, I do not mean to offend anyone. But I appreciate all cultures very much, [Quietly] I do.

[Mumbles while struggling to assemble] Anyway, we got the head piece. Fit down there. [In a happy tone:] Ah! Hi, guy. hm. [Talking for Salah:] Hello. Do a little fist-bump. Boop. [Fist bumps Christine toy]

Friendly fist-bump between nations. Boop. Yay. [Again but in high pitch] Yay!

[Breathes heavily on mic]

Friendly, friendly fist bump.

Oh yeah, I liked Lego, and I'm gonna mention- yes I like Lego movie, I've seen both Lego movies with Emmet. I've also seen the Lego Batman movie... and the Lego Ninjago movie. Was there another one? Oh yeah- um.

[Thinks for a few seconds] I think that was it.

But anyway, so obviously, as you know, all know, I'm a fan of- Le- all- alot of things Lego. Oop, don't wanna hurt our new little friend here.

[A donation from "Dark Mammoth" comes in asking: "Favorite Sailor Scout?"]

Oh! [Chris leans in to read the donation]

Favourite Sailor scout... I like Ami, Sailor- which is Sailor Mercury. And uh... Michiru who is uh... Sailor Neptune. Haruka which uh... I like her too.

[A donation from "Galileo Potato" comes in asking: "Will you invite Mega Man to Cwcville one day?"]

[Chris leans in to read] [Chuckles nervously at the question] Oh! Oh he do- he uh- he came- he comes in from time to time. Alright just [Sounds audibly concerned] alright I think we got a detail here.

Oh... um, something wrong here speaking-

[A second donation from "Galileo Potato" asking: "Would Mega Man and Sonichu be friends or enemies?"] Hm?

Friends, because they are heroes... ok? Ah, I think we got to ditch outa here because I'm not hearing... the... I'm not hearing the... ba-bing. Hang on a second. [Aggrivated mouse clicks]

What's going on with the speakers here? Oh don' tell me... hm speakers U... SB audio should be... why are they not... coming in? Ah, don't tell me. [Exasperated sigh] Dang nabit.

We... [Laboured breathing] I do not want to have to end the stream because I wanna' make sure y'all are able to hear the audio... try something here. [Speaking what he is doing:] Switch headphones...

Alright then, switch back to... USB... speakers. [Mutters for a few seconds]

Okay, speakers... USB audio. I should hear a noise! [Accidentally drags camera screen across stream]

Just then, oops! [Corrects stream] I shoulda' heard a noise just then. Okay, we got a situation here... um...

I'm sory guys, but just um, I'm gonna pause right here, there'll be a part two for this stream, coming up shortly. Let me just check on the... on the other... pay ones that came in. I don't see any...

Alright, I apologies[sic], guys. [Switches stream view back to Chris front and centre]

I'll be back in a- in a minute or two I just gotta restart this app really quick.

[Screen changes to "Stream Coming Soon" page]

[Stream ends at 13:12]

Part 2

"I have not watched any hentai whatsoever in YEEEEARS!"

Christ Chan Live Stream: Legos, Games and Media
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Stardate 17 February 2024
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Christ Chan Live Stream: Legos, Games and Media Part 1
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  • 09:08: Receives donation from "alfredwoden" saying: "I want to come enjoy your streams but chat is really negative. Just mentioning again if you need moderation, get with me on Discord (same name) or maybe I email you?"' Chris: [Celebrates fixing donation audio] There we go! We solved it. Yeah, [Addressing donation] I know! That's why I nuked the comments on the uh, videos I upload. [Chuckles] So dumb. [Trademark sigh]
  • 10:35: Recieves donation from "Total_Nick-Ker_Deth" saying: ”JULAYYYYYY” Chris: [Scoffs and hisses at the camera with a Lego snake]
  • 11:17: Recieves donation from "KnexIsBetter" saying: ""F" is for Finnish! "F" is for Flutter! What a coincidence!" Chris: [Trademark Hm] If it is such a case, it might be, but it's not, so therefore [Singing:] everyone can sing and dance for Christmas.
  • 21:11: Receives donation from "KoolKid" saying: "Would you ever make the Bible again but like for autistic people? Would Sonichu or the other OCs be involved? Chris: Well, the Bible is in progress. It will be written by... other individuals, which I, I did inspire individual pieces here and there from within my 'God's Law' pages. [...] But you don't need to be putting Sonichus or Rosechus into it.
  • 25:18: Receives donation from "Rhodesians_Never_Die" saying: "You are not a woman, Chris. You are not God, you're just a man with Asperger's. You will always be Ian Brandon Anderson." Chris: [Ignores it and continues to hum; "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel.]
  • 28:12: Receives donation from "KK" saying: "What would you say to the people that think you're a cult leader or will start a cult?" Chris: Hm. Oh. Ok, well um, there are good cults and there are bad cults. And the bad cults are the ones that do the sacrifice and the blood and all that. [Makes grossed out sound] And the good po- good cults actually promote goodness, light, power and righteous[sic] and in fact religions [Points to camera] literally... the good ones, they start out as... cult followings. Based on the scriptures, based on the predictions, based on the prophecies... so... you meditate on that.
  • 30:14: Receives donation from "Total_Tr00n_Deth" saying: "How do you feel knowing Liquid Chris is a doctor, while you're just sitting at home in your dirty crapped briefs pretending to be a woman?" Chris: I'm not pretending to be a woman... my panties are CLEAN. And Liquid Chris is not a doctor. In fact he's just trapped in his own stupor and mentality and arrogance and everything... bad. So. I feel sorry for him. He's disappointing.
  • 31:02: Receives donation from "TheRemedy" saying: "Considering that you're career is now being a streamer now. And that You're making money from donations now. No more tugboat tax payer money Chris!"][sic] Chris: [Signature hm] Eh, [In a childish tone:] you don't know anything. You don't know anything.
  • 31:18: Receives a donation of ₱125 (Philippine Pesos), (roughly $2.23 as of 18th Feb 2024). Chris: Hm. Yes. Thankyou for that, that's nice. [In a bad accent] Lovely British Pounds. That's a bit of tea.
  • 35:39: Receives first media share donation. Video is titled: "My Little Pony - Friendship is Gic: What a Story Mark Crusaders." Sent by user "sweetiebell" In the video, two ponies check in on a pony called "sweetiebell" Sweetiebell: "We are the cutie Mark [N-Word]s". [Chris laughs]
  • 36:38: Chris admits to having two phones. Chris: [Singing in a strange voice:] I got two phones, one for the trolls and one for my homes. I got two phones. [Shows a silver cell phone]
  • 39:28: Receives donation from "Samster86" saying: "Hi loving the stream here is a family friendly joke what's another name for a Jewish discount? A hollow cost haha" Chris: [Laughs unconvincingly] Ok. That's a decent pun.
  • 41:17: Receives media share of a video titled: "G**ks of hazard" (The title was not censored). [Chris laughs uproariously] Oh I called it, it wasn't the Dukes of hazard, but still, that was pretty good.
  • 45:03: Receives another donation from: "Total_Tr00n_Deth" saying: "How does it feel to have a 35 degree bent duck?" Chris: Well, I tell you what, how does it feel to have a short one?
  • 53:08: Recevies a donation from "Chris_Belongs_In_Prisos" saying: "Is Borb [[1]] a squirter?" [Chris completely ignores this]
  • 54:07: Receives a media share of a few seconds of the song "Skin O' My Teeth" by Megadeth. The Youtube video now lists this song as having been a part of the stream Chris: Okay, you know what, that sounds like a song from Shadow the Hedgehog despite it not being from Crush 40. Really good band, by the way, I really like Crush40.
  • 1:04:38: Receives a donation from "Snorlax_Squirts_Hard" saying: "How many times did you crap your briefs today, Chris?" Chris: NONE. ZERO TIMES.
  • 1:14:21: There is a visible superchat that says: "what's flutter like irl?" This never makes it onto the screen, proving her name is filtered or his donations are moderated
  • 1:22:01: Receives a donation from "ICameforCWC" saying: "Hey Chris Chan, I purchased a medallion a month ago only to find that you are now offering Certificates of Authenticity. Can I purchase one separately to go with my medallion? Chris thinks about this for some time. Chris: So on these medallions, that were personally crafted by me, they don't necessar- they do NOT... really need the certificates of authenticity, it's just that it became by popular demand so we started adding them... so. [...] So, tell you what, hm... [...] alright so, I tell you what, so, anybody that has purchased a medallion that was officially from me personally... one of the ones... um... as opposed to the other ones that are less expensive... that I have personally approved and authorised and everything and I do get the money and proceeds from that... if you uh send us a DM in the Etsy store, only if you have purchased one, in the past, we will confirm this within the order detail... then we will see about sending you a complimentary certificate of authenticity to go with the medallion.
  • 1:24:57: Recevies a donation from "Total_Tr00n_Deth" saying: "Where's Kimmi?" Chris: That balloons been popped... A LOOOOONG time ago. There's no , there's nothing like that around here either, so therefor... [Makes mocking sound]
  • 1:27:58: Receives a donation from "Dnoot" saying: "Did you hear about Geno's Sonichu series he is doing? And if you did, what are your thoughts?" Chris: Umm... It is not authorised, it is not canon, therefore, I do not need to worry about it. And I only have to read about it because... essentially that's one alternate universe, one alternate thing, just [Blow raspberry] Eh. I can just take it or leave it. Very much like a certain other individual, who lives somewhere else, who put his own address all over the place. Pretty much lost his onions a few times. Yeah, that was just awful. [Who is Chris talking about here?] And then of course there is the guy who was behind Asperchu. You don't... do... you don't do fanfictions or stories where you've got a lot of gore, and all that in there and then just, uh, lack of continuity throughout the series and all that. [Proceeds to scold the creator of Asperchu like a child]
  • 1:31:37: Receives a media share of an old video where Chris says "Gaaaay" under duress. [[2]] Chris: And that was back from when I was... homophobic which that is no longer the case since I came out and realised myself. It is ok to be Gay, it is ok to be lesbian, it is ok to be bisexual, polyamorous and whatnot, cause you are identifying as yourself. LGBTQ even queer is good, I, A... plus. Everything, it's all good. As long as you are happy and content with yourself and everything. I never really could identify very good being... within the, [Clears throat] maaaale identity. [Chris does not see the irony that he mumbles "Male Identity" the way he used to mumble, "Gaaaay"]
  • 1:50:47: Recevies a donation from "kakyoinzbich" saying: "Will you ever resume your love quest?" Chris: Oh, I don't need to! I'm married to Magichan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo. You see these four rings? [Shows his many finger rings]
  • 2:00:31: Receives a donation from "J" saying: "Have you watched any good hentai recently or recommend any artists?" Chris laughs angrily. Chris: You know what, I am switching to the other camera to answer this question! [Camera switches to show Chris front and centre] [He removes his glasses and raises a stern hand] [Speaking as though for an official record:] I have not watched any hentai anime... what-so-ever in YEEEEEARS. So I can't really answer your question about recommendations, at all, ok?
  • 2:21:50: Chris changes to streaming his Nintendo Switch. He plays the Mario Vs Donkey Kong demo and then Tetris until the stream ends at 2:42:55.