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Unlike Chris, Tiffany has only one face so you know she's honest.
Tiffany Gowen; she was really good to me. She reminded me of a Peanuts character, Peppermint Patty, and she and I were close, yet separate, like Patty and Charlie Brown.

Tiffany Nicole Gowen was a "Peppermint Patty-type" gal pal of Chris's from high school, as well as "a bit of a tomboy". Despite the fact that they haven't spoken in fourteen years, Chris remains obsessed with reestablishing contact with her.

In High School

Chris remembered that "she was really good to me" in high school, and has described their relationship as "close, yet separate, like [Peppermint] Patty and Charlie Brown".[2] They sat together for lunch, and she attended his eighteenth birthday party. Tiffany was the only student to console Chris when he cried and ran away during graduation.[3] Presumably she was one of the few individuals to willingly show kindness and tolerance for him, whether out of sympathy or genuine good-heartedness.

Chris's greatest memory of her, which he will never forget,[2] concerns their senior prom where Tiffany was dared to play America's second favorite game – dance the autistic:

But that night, my trusted "Peppermint Patty"-Type Gal-Pal, Tiffany Gowen, asked me to dance with her. I hesitated at first, but she grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. We danced for what felt like hours. It was the most pleasant experience of that night, and I thank her for dancing with me then. I hope to return the favor at our Reunion.

Since high school

The emptiness Chris found in life after high school caused him to idealize that period of his life and the people he had known then. Tiffany held a special place in his memories because he believed that her request to dance meant that she was attracted to him. Unfortunately, because he was "naïve about dating", he had not asked her out. When he discovered the concept of dating at age 21, he became convinced that if only he could see her again, they could become sweethearts. Alternatively, he yearned to travel back in time and ask her out in 2000.[5] "The High School Story" features a gender-switched Tiffany, "Tippanston Gowen", who dances with the female main character at Senior Prom, and follows it up with not only a "long and good" kiss, but a marriage proposal. Chris's efforts to organize both the ten-year and fifteen-year Manchester High School reunions were largely driven by his focus on "paying her back" with another dance and "finding closure" with her.[6] He called her "my closest friend", even though, remember, they hadn't exchanged words since the millennium.[7]

Chris habitually refers to Tiffany admiringly as a "tomboy", leading many to suspect that his focus on her is somehow related to his gender issues.

In 2011, ten years since he had last seen "Tiff", Chris made a special LittleBigPlanet dedication to her, in the hope that she would see it and contact him.[8] For most of 2013 he intensified his efforts to track her down. In August, Chris posted on the CWCki Forums to ask if any trolls knew how to get in touch with her.[9] In October, Chris stated on Facebook that he has been attempting to contact Tiffany but had been unable to do so.[10] "Tiffany Gowen...Where are you? I feel so lost right now...", he lamented.[11] A leaked email suggested she was disturbed by his activities post-graduation and had purposely made it difficult for Chris to track her down. However, this email was probably among the gal-pal material fabricated by trolls, so even if it isn't true that she's in hiding, the trolls have saved her from being contacted and harassed by a washed-up autistic transvestite.

For better or worse, in October 2013, trolls impersonated Chris's former high school gal-pals and persuaded him that none of them had been real friends, that they had pretended to like him out of pity and/or because Bob had, via the principal, asked them to. The shock of this revelation caused him to reevaluate Tiffany, but unfortunately made him even more eager to track her down and interrogate her. In September 2014 he forwarded at least one email to "Tiffany", saying "I still want to be friends with you again". Her recommendation that he "kindly fuck off" only puzzled him, and he still wanted to "clear the air". Only when his sweetheart Catherine became upset did he drop his pursuit of Tiffany.[12] He finally admitted that their storied dance at prom had probably been a "set up arrangement" like the rest of her sham friendship.[13] However, now that Catherine is out of the picture, his mind may be drifting back to his favorite tomboy.



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