I'm sick; we need money donations; no video requests for a while

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This is the same voice we all used to use to convince our parents we were too sick to go to school.


—Nemt, a YouTube commenter.

I'm sick; we need money donations; no video requests for a while. is a video Chris uploaded in 18 October 2016. In this video, Chris appears to be sick, begging for donations, not unlike what he and his mom did back in July. This beg comes only about two and a half weeks after spending over $160 on some Transformers toys. So much for not "spending it all on... frivalities".


I'm sick; we need money donations; no video requests for a while.
Stardate 18 October 2016
Subject Matter HandoutsHandouts Handouts
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
Singing Ascension Millenium
Eid, Pmurt, Eid!!!


Please send donations via PayPal to my email, ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com. Thank you.

And FYI, on my head is a Turbie Twist; a Hair Towel; I also use it to keep my hair clean while I sleep.


[Raspily] Hello, YouTubers. This is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home... once again. And... in case you can't hear me, I am sick—with a cold in my throat. And I am currently unable to talk above a whisper... all righ? So anyway, that's my current situation—just as I'd described in my recent post on Facebook. [Looks away, breathing in] This is day three... with not being able to speak above a whisper. [Eyes widen] It's been quite difficult on me.

But my direct—but I've been enjoying some chicken noodle soup... but we're running low on chicken soup too... but we're also running low—we're also low on money.

So... donations would be greatly appreciated... you know how to do it—through PayPal—to my email address. I'll put that email in the description below. So yeah—please help. We need a little more money... for this week or [looks away again] two.

All right. Thank you. Have a good day.

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