Selling Vintage Comic Books (Cole Smithey’s Comic Books)

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I do not need his consent to sell them
he had expressed that he no longer needed his old crap, so these comics, among other memorabilia, are safe and mine to sell.
The Certificate with Barb's signature. Note that Chris refers to himself as Cole's half-sister.

Selling Vintage Comic Books (Cole Smithey’s Comic Books) is a video uploaded on 14 March 2018, in which Chris and Barb advertise Cole Smithey's comics for sale on eBay. For some reason, Chris places great value in the fact that Cole owned these comic books, as if Cole's former ownership should make buyers eager to purchase them.


Selling Vintage Comic Books (Cole Smithey’s Comic Books)
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Stardate 14 March 2018
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Christ to Barb


Barb, from the video

I have found my half-brother’s collection of comic books; he had amassed quite the collection. So, I am selling them all for average current value per book. Half of the sale price will go to Joseph Cole Smithey; there is No Free Shipping. Each Book will be packed in a comic book sleeve with back card, and with a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity from our Mother, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler. Pleas Buy them and help us Four Out (our mom, Cole, his wife, and I). Thank You

eBay Listings are on:

Cole’s Movie Review website:

Cole’s YouTube Channel:


Chris: Haheverybody, this is Christine Chandler comin' to you live from home once again, and today I offer you a very special offering! (Chris pans his camera over a large selection of comic books) Not just a whole, bunch of comic books. Look at all of them. Eh? Very, very old and lovely comic books, with some aged, but they're all in quite good condition. (He pans over to a box with more comic books) And there's more over here in this box. And, believe it or not, these books were all by none other than, and with official confirmation, too, because it was also in the box, which I dug out of the workshop recently... (Shows a certificate of authenticity) By Mr. Cole Smithey himself! Yeah? You know him, and I'm gonna put a link to his "" website in the b- destri- description below, as well as a link to his YouTube channel. But right now, also, I'm gonna turn this over to my mother. (The camera moves to Barb, who looks like she's just seen a ghost) Now, Mombra Ann Weston Chandler, do you personally t- do you personally recognize all these comic books in front of you?

Barb: Yes, I do.

Chris: And do you attest that they each were, and belonged to at one point, to your son, Joseph Cole Smithey?

Barb: Yes.

Chris: And not only that, but with each book, you're gonna get a signature from this lovely old mama of ours. (Whispers to Barb) Smile. (Barb hesitantly smiles, then Chris lets her go) And a certificate of authenticity that backs it up definitely, and so furtherly, each of these books belong to Mr. Joe Cool Smithey himself. And also, each of these books will be packed in a comic book sleeve with cardboard backing, with that little certificate inside each of them. (He fans himself with the sleeve) I'm a little warm, pardon me. Heh. Anyway... (Looks around absentmindedly for a second) And there will be no free shipping on any of them, and international shipping of course will be optional, but it'll be more expensive, so that's something else to consider. These will be going on eBay, each with its own individual listing, and for the average current selling price of from everybody else, you have my official guarantee, (Moves the camera back to his traumatized looking mother) you also have my mother's official guarantee.

Barb: Yes.

Chris: (Chuckles) Alright. Thank you all very much for your consideration and helping us with the household, and the bills, and everything. Y'all have a great, safe day.


Chris answered several questions from his fans regarding sales and the ethics of selling Cole's belongings.

Two fans asked if Cole and Chris would offer autographs. Chris replied:

Our mother will be personally signing the Certificates of Authenticity for each Comic Book, I can add my signature onto the certificate backs as well. As for Cole, he is not here; He’s still in New York. To get His Sig, you’d have to support his Patreon. Sorry.

A fan theorized that Barb or Bob could have bought the comics for a young Cole, as a way of defending Chris. He took the True and Honest route:

No. I do believe my Bro has bought the comics for himself, but he left them behind with our mom when he made his Career Move around ‘80. He certainly did not want to be near Mister C. (my dad). Cole left a LOT of his old things behind with our mom and I.

And, yes, all things considered: Cole left his belongings behind, and he had expressed that he no longer needed his old crap, so these comics, among other memorabilia, are safe and mine to sell.

A day after uploading the video, Chris posted:

Listen, Everyone. There is No Debate: Joseph Cole Smithey does not care for any of his old possessions. Otherwise, he would have taken them with him. And I do not need to talk with him for any sort of permission. It is Safe and Good for me to sell his comic books. Thank you.

He then replied to Kenneth Englehardt's comment that he should have gotten Cole's consent:

I do not need his consent to sell them; he left them behind and has no care or regard for anything he had left behind that belonged to him whatsoever.

A fan asked if he would be selling the rest of Cole's things, to which Chris replied:

I pretty much Will. One at a time, and each certified personally by our mother and I.

On 16 March, he replied to a suggestion by fans that he withdraw the sales and attempt to reach out to Cole first.

I HAD Tried to reach out to Cole multiple times; he Never Responds. He Really Has closed himself off from me. I have many good rights in selling his old possessions. You do not know how much of an asshole Cole was to me. I Am Set in selling his things.

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