Reaching Out to Game Developers.

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Accept no substitutes!

Reaching Out to Game Developers. is a video uploaded by Chris on 19 November 2015. Following on from Doxing Jeff/Francine, Chris shows even more of his old self, as he returns to his e-begging for gaming companies to pick up his idea for a Sonichu game. Chris still seems to believe Sonichu is copyright free and would make a good game.

Soothing muzak plays throughout the video.


Also, currently, I do not have Anyone Else Developing any games, Nor selling any Sonichu "Merchandise" online or in person, besides myself personally. I do have people and friends. But there are haters who pretend and whatnot. I will personally vouch for my people and friends, but Without that vouching or verification, accept no people pretending to be me or Selling for me.

Christian/Christine Weston Chandler Address: 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545


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Reaching Out to Game Developers.
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Stardate 19 November 2015
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Doxing Jeff/Francine
I Am me; He is not
I'm outreaching to the game developers with this video, regardless of anything else that has been going on recently.


Hello, good day, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live once again from my house here in Ruckersville. Ric-, Ruckersville, Virginia, 14 Branchland Court. Anyway, accept no substitutions, I am personally making this video to address, and uh, I want to fully initiate working with any game developers that have past made video games for a potential Sonichu and Rosechu video game, maybe one about myself, as well as DLC character, DLC of my characters, maybe myself, for Smash Bros.

Anyway, you ca-, accept no substitutions, you know very well I can prove and identify myself with my driver's license. [holds driver's license up to camera] The face matches, at least, even though the hair style's not current. As well I also have everys-, I have, all of the original hand drawings that I have been drawing of Sonichu since as early as March 2000. And, I have witnesses at Manchester High School from that very day that, uh, will attest to that as, attest to that creation as well.

[Camera shifts downward to a black binder in his lap. He flips through the pages of Sonichu #0.] Anyway, uh, all of my original, all of the original hand drawings, the very things that made the comic book pages exist, you cannot subs-, you cannot substitute these at all. You can put these under the professional's microscope like they do on Pawn Stars, and tell that they are all from the time era of within the past few years and everything. [flips through a giant pile of black binders] All of my books, right here in there, up to date, even up to my eleventh book [shows off Book 11] and, you know the cover's not hand drawn, it's a collage, but it's of past hand drawings and everything. Yeah, of which I'm still working on, book eleven. All that. Definitely you can tell.

So many of the uh, of all that.

[opens another binder] And all the original drawings as well from the more recent artifacts, like the covers of my Amiibo figure packages, those uh, character drawings right there, for all that, and everything. I can attest personally and everything. Again, accept no substitutes!

I also have the very big, well two-part, but this is the first half and mo-, most important, the uh, the, buh-, the big binders of everything Sonichu, and of myself and everything. [shows off his copyright certificate] Also has the original certificate of registration of my copyright with Sonichu with the D.C. Library of Congress. And I possess all my own intellectual rights and everything. Classic. And, heh, the old hand drawn Nintendo Power magazine, yup, and a few new pages is, there, but it's still incomplete. [displays his original Sonichu CD cover.] Anyway, that's, anyway then there's the ri-, printout, the very first thing I did with Sonichu, the CD cover for that computer graphics class which my litt-, way-, witnesses will come in from and everything. Yup. Everything right here in this big book, and only this book. Nobody will have, nobody else will have this very book.

[camera moves back to his face] So I, sh-, uh, you see my face all over the, uh, internet. Even in the meme pictures and everything, since as early as 2004. And then, and then near the end of 2007 when I started being picked on by the internet trolls and cyber-bullies and everything. So anyway, yeah. Uh, so, this is me. I am Christine Weston Chandler, legal name Christian Weston Chandler at the moment. I still attest to everything in my copyright. And uh, also, the other things that best identify me is why I'm putting links, I'm putting links in m-, below this video to my shop on Etsy, and my Facebook page, and my Twitter feed, and everything else I personally attest to, and back up, and everything.

So anyway, you know how to reach, you know how to reach me at my home address: 14 Branchland Court, in Ruckersville, Virginia. I'll put that down here as well. You can email me through uh...yeah I'm definitely going to let you put that thr-, let you email me through my new Gmail address, which I'll put that below here as well. That's my screening process. And then the, and then I'll, then after I have that screening process go through I'll, we-, I'll start communicating with y'all individually from my main email address. So anyway, I have my people and everything. We're working, and I'm outreaching to the game developers with this video, regardless of anything else that has been going on recently.

And I still am accepting donations and selling on my Etsy shop and my figures and everything. And I take commissions as well. So, that's, that's about it for right now. So please contact me, game developers. Thank you very much and have a good day.

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