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The Solar Eclipse Vlogs are a series of two videos Chris uploaded to YouTube on 21 August 2017, during the solar eclipse that spanned the continental United States, with Chris's location experiencing an 85% partial solar eclipse.[1]

Crescent Eclipse

In the first video, Crescent Eclipse, Chris tells the audience about what he is seeing. Surprisingly, he is seen taking the proper safety precautions for the eclipse and is actually wearing protective glasses for the event. The same, sadly, can not be said for Sorbet, who has been let outside despite the risk to his already-damaged eyesight from looking at the eclipse. Sorbet also sounds notably ill in this video - his attempts at meowing to Chris come out as gurgles and crackling sounds, indicating that he has fluid in his respiratory tract and/or lungs.

Crescent Eclipse
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Stardate 21 August 2017
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Television, OtherUnknownIcon.png Solar Eclipse
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl
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The Eclipse Enjoyment


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Hello everyone on the Internet! This is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, right outside waiting for the solar eclipse. I look up at it, at the Sun through my gla- through my special glasses I got with a little guide book.

[at this point, Sorbet can be heard making loud gasping and snorting sounds in the background]

It looks like a crescent. It's a crescent sun. Like it's grinning down on us.

And as you can see, from the noise making, that's my little boy Sorbet.

[Chris points camera at Sorbet and starts baby-talking; Sorbet's distress grows more audible]

See? He's alive and well.

[camera pans back on Chris, who coughs violently]

Anyway I'll record a second video closer to when the eclipse actually happens. So, stay tuned. Thank you.

The Eclipse Enjoyment

On the same day, Chris uploaded another video about the solar eclipse called The Eclipse Enjoyment. For most of the video, Chris sits there watching the eclipse, but makes several quirky comments on occasion.

The Eclipse Enjoyment
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 21 August 2017
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Television, OtherUnknownIcon.png Solar Eclipse
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl
Shirt The Blue ClopperThe Blue Clopper The Blue Clopper
Crescent Eclipse
A New, Fun Trick!


via YouTube Capture


We are approaching so much closer... to the... eclipse over here! Live. Abov- above our heads, it is smiling down upon us the sun. Hmph, I'd say just like in all Equestria celestain, smiling down, while Luna's covering her [puts hand over mouth] [laughs].

Aaaanyway, I could feel the chilly winds approach. It's just a matter of- it's just a matter of... a few- it's just a matter of a few minutes or so now. It looks like... a real... tasty... Cheshire cat grin. Okay, there's a thundering noise coming out from a distance! Outside of the sun, the skies look mostly clear. I do see clouds!

But like I said in my- in my tweets and Facebook posts just now... this is a great view. Right here. Perfect sunglasses! It's like the best way... to view the sun, period. If you ever just wanted to look up at it, find somebody with a pair of these and... borrow them. You don't hurt your eyes so much this way. Cause anytime... real sunglasses, though they don't work for you when you're going anywhere else, just (total?) pitch blackness. But... you could definitely look up and see the sun, in all its bright... glory, or in its... grinning glory right now. Y'all probably watching this... looking up.

(b- gotta- check?) It's like, in the total blue sky, that can only be viewed throu- through total blackness, we got Cheshire grin going on. Poetry in motion.

[stares at sun for 12 seconds]

Ev- Actually, at one point, in a few minutes, it's gonna become total blackness out here and... gonna be- and you'll be already able to see my... face, my head, but when the eclipse happens, I'm gonna do something very special. I'm sure a lot of people will probably get a... do it as well, but it's like, [singing] TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART! Just art in motion. Art and poetry.

[soaking it all in for 16 seconds]

Just taking a moment... to give my eyes a... little break, and also watching for further... sky differences.

It's a great day out here. Comfortable temperature... right now. It was hotter, but definitely getting more comfortable.

[from 03:47 - 05:35, he looks at the sun and around the sky]

[from 05:35 - 05:48, he rotates the camera around, giving a panoramic view of the skyline]

Just a little look around for y'all too at this point. I'll give y'all another look around when the skies are definitely more... different.

[from 05:59 - 6:26, he stares at the sun]

The grin is getting smaller.

[8 more seconds of staring at the sun]

Right now it looks as... thin as- as thin as a... clipped fingernail. At least from the perspective. I'd say upon closer inspection, it's still... just as... thick as it would be. Considering [points] 'bout that way is the north, the clouds appear to be moving in an... eastern direction. I was partially right though, being I'm getting a view, just to the south-west... of where... the actual north pole... if you point at with any compass, including the ones on your phone.

[from 07:25 - 8:03, he resumes looking around the sky]

You might hear Sorbet's playing in the nearby bush.

[from 08:06 - 09:25, he stares at the sun again]

I pray everyone... after... it's happened, they get to watch me enjoy this as well. Cause I know I'm recording this, I'm not streaming from my phone, you know why? Because, SOMEBODY MIGHT CALL ME, and interrupt the streaming, WE DON'T WANT THAT NOW DO WE?! We do not! [looks up] ugh, Darn cloud! OOH!

[quickly rotates the camera, pointing it at a cloud that is covering up the sun]

Look at that though, see that dark cloud... you can see the grin without needing glasses! THAT'S A MOMENT IN PERFECTION RIGHT THERE!

[turns camera to now face a tree]

Yeah, the clouds blocked it, but to the dark patch? You didn't need glasses to see that grin! That was a fleeting moment! It was awesome! Oh, there we go. The sky's cleared up.

[points camera back at face]

And right now I can look and feel around, there's a definitely darker... sense approaching. As a temporary... night is going to fall upon us, any minute now. Oooh, the chills. HERE'S THE WIND! THE TEMPERATURE BRO- DROP! It was so much HOTTER! And now... it feels... comfortable, like a autumn day... or spring day. (Any take a pic?). Like in the uhh... mid to upper 60's right now, feels like. That's what it feels like.

[from 11:27 - 12:03, he goes back to staring at the sun/sky]

What're you doing driving? The eclipse is happening! There's a passing by vehicle right now. [sunglasses fall down face] Whoops.

[looks back at sky] Oop. A little brighter. Blame fickle clouds for that! But definitely feels like... upper 60's right here.

[looks across the street] Where y'all goin'? Y'all gun go get a better- better view? Alright, good luck! [waves] My neighbors! It's alright I look up and see it! It's like, "Alright, let's hurry up to our... perfect viewing spot." But for me, I don't thin k you could get more perfect view then right here, right now, or wherever you are, and you're able to look up with glasses and just... see it.

S- clouds coming in and out, covering the su- covering the grinning sunshine... and yet during those fleeting moments, with the darker patches of the clouds, makes th- makes the grinning sun... visible with less damage to the eyes. Couldn't ask for anything more perfect than this.

[stares at the sun for 11 seconds]

Just a lovely moment to chillax. Enjoy... a once in a lifetime... chill, during a hot summer day. And a once in a lifetime moment of... darkness... that you can actually... everybody in... mutuality can just... smile upon. Except for the few that may or may not- that may not be aware... or to think of it something different, but, perception is different upon every person.

[looks around the sky for 12 seconds]

Chilly winds blow through the trees. [audible wind] Now there's a nice one, nice little gust of wind.

[looks at the sun for 18 seconds, then sings for 5 seconds]

Oop! Getting a little cooler right now. An awesome kind of cool.

Now... the moon... is making the sun... almost... pen line thick. Like half a... perfect circle. In just mere moments, we're going to have a... thin circle, with a bright emission from it.

[from 16:01 - 16:34, he looks around the sky some more]

If you wanna add music to this, I recommend a Shake Ups... All Aboard the Friend-Ship, cause that's the song that's playing in my head night now [a leaf falls off a tree and lands on him], for the past little while. A leaf upon my breast. *chuckles*

[Starts unintelligibly singing "All Aboard the Friend-Ship"]

[still singing] It's an awesome song! All Aboard the Friend-ship, by the - Shake Ups - PONYVILLE! AND BEACH CITY AND BEETLES! They do a lot of - their music - THE SHAKE UPS! DOT-DA-DUH-DOT-DA! [stops singing]

[from 17:29 - 20:27, he looks around the sky and at the sun some more]

[starts singing] Not gonna miss a moment! Any minute now.

[goes back to singing "All Aboard the Friend-Ship" and then stops]

Another moment to- Another thought I have about this... lots of people, coming together in unity... if not for at least the once in a lifetime moment, to actually share, and enjoy... looking up and seeing... this eclipse... and watching it as it actually happens.

[stares at the sky for 14 seconds]

I could see a big difference...

[quickly rotates camera towards the sky]

...right over there in that set of clouds. You can see varying shades of blue, going from the top- from the middle of the cloud to the sky. Thinkin' that's probably a diff- that's probably a big normal difference at least round here. I'm sure we'll get to see something more, ANY MINUTE NOW! Regardless though this is a moment I'm just... enjoying, and I'm chillaxing. Anybody just... this is the best way, once in a lifetime, to just chillax. Enjoy... life as it... is progressing. (Up yourself?)... grateful.

[from 22:41 - 23:09, more sun staring]

Hmm, I feel like I kinda got a little thrown off though... the grin was more to my- [camera cuts out]

Hmm, yeah, I think I'm feeling a little throw off as the curve... was to my left, now it's to my right.

Barb: Are you coming in?

Chris: Hi mom! Just a moment, yeah.

[Dogs begin to howl]

I think, yeah, the book did say we're getting a partial eclipse then, I think that's all we're having.

[rotates camera to a different angle of face]

Hmm, oh well. Oh well! At least in this neck of the woods we has a constant smile down upon us from the sun. Christine Chandler coming to you live from home! Y'all have a great safe day.

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