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"And she enjoyed sharing our DNA during the movie we went to see."

On 19 April 2010, Chris created a page all about The Wallflower on CWCipedia, the day after he created a page on all his gal-pals and sweethearts. In it, Chris tells his side of the Wallflower story, replete with the usual lies, shirking of blame, and exaggerations.

As one has come to expect from Chris, he lies frequently, claiming that they went out on a date (they spent time together), "shared DNA" (most likely meaning they shared a drink), and that she never rejected Chris until the discovery of the CWCki (in fact, she "friendzoned" him and told him repeatedly that she wasn't ready for a boyfriend, a la Megan.) As a result, Chris blames the Wallflower for having a Facebook and a Fanfiction.net account for the trolls to discover in the first place, and claims that it's the Wallflower's fault Chris was hurt.

Chris also quotes the CWCki article on the Wallflower in a manner reminiscent of his butchered ED article. Notably absent is the section on the Wallflower's anonymity, which contrasts the CWCki's policy on keeping personal information on her to a minimum with his inability to stop constantly using her real name.

When the info on the Sonichu Forum was made public, it was confirmed by Chris's own words that the Wallflower had firmly friend-zoned him as early as 29 January, making his words about all the things they did post this time a blatant fabrication at best or a stalker fantasy at worst. In addition, the kiss he claims to have shared with the Wallflower would have been his first kiss- a huge, monumental occasion in his life (one step below losing his hated virginity in importance). However... in e-mails sent to Jackie and subsequently leaked by her, Chris admits (nearly ten days before this article was written, but LONG after their 'breakup') that Chris had never been kissed on the mouth by someone outside his family before. As if that wasn't enough, in a later chat with Jackie Chris outright admitted he and the Wallflower never had a french kiss.

In essence, aside from the Father Call this page contains some of the biggest flights of fantasy, blatant lies, exaggerations, half-truths and flat out delusions seen yet from Chris- except, of course, this time there's nobody here to call him out on it. Except us.

The page

[Chris originally uploaded the page under the Wallflower's real name, and then thought better of it, wiped the page, and reuploaded it under her pen name. The content, aside from the page title, was essentially unchanged.]

The Truth


Firstly, in reference to the Trolls' "Introduction" on their page, "Heir to Megan Schroeder"? W.T.F. are they trying to imply here? I had LOOOOOONG moved on from Megan. I have met MORE WOMEN that those trolls will never learn about; it is none of their D*** Business anyway. And my virginity is NONE of their concern. And it was their doing that made "Damien" aware of their original page of c*** and immature put-downs and insults.

What had happened

I met "Damien" late January, 2010 in the first of a few Social Group meetings in Charlottesville, VA; we enjoyed each other's company that night, and we started pleasant communications between us. We successfully communicates over telephone and e-mail, and we went out on a few dates.

Being careful on NOT revealing her identity, and out of glee, I made a note on the C-Log about the relationship and not stating her name. I do not need to prove myself to anyone on the internet. I respectfully requested that NO ONE INTERFERE in the relationship, but NOOOOO, the Trolls HAD to stick their n***** noses into my affair.

"Damien" did not reject me at all before the page against her was created. She welcomed me Massaging her Shoulders, Neck and Back. She did not object Holding Hands. She appreciated the Kiss I gave her. And she enjoyed sharing our DNA during the movie we went to see.

For your information, "Lovely Weather" in my 10th book is NOT BASED ON ANYONE; SHE IS PURELY FICTIONAL.

"Damien" and I, we were even starting work on a book of a series; I gave her the scenario idea. I wanted her FanFiction Fans to get a foretaste of the book series, so I started creation of a LittleBiGPlanet Level, and stated that it was a "Chris Chan/Damian Anteria" Production. AGAIN, being careful NOT to use her Real Name.

Then the trolls upped and googled her pen name; I had thought it cool. But there was a Monkey in the works, and that was "Damien"'s Doing; SHE HAD TO HAVE A Facebook Page with her REAL NAME and LINKS to her FanFictions on it.

The Breakup

The D*** Trolls then made their page against her, then made her aware of it in a "Review" entry. She became very angry at me, like I had control of what the Trolls, themselves, do, of which I DO NOT. Time passed, and she was still angry at me; she broke up our relationship and friendship.

I was left having to Suffer Linger Heartaches for Over TWO WEEKS.

Later on, this "Tito" communicates with me, confessing that it was HE that created the page and that HE informed "Damien" about it. And HE makes up a Fake Photograph of him and her together and sends it to me. That mother f***** son of a b**** can go rot in hell right now for all I care.

And to make it all worse, the trolls called her and her family up, PRETENDING to be me with their Voice-Manipulating Devices and their Camouflage Devices changing their Phone Numbers/"Restricted"/"Unknown" Status to my phone number to appear on their Caller IDs. You Trolls WILL see JAILTIME or DEATH soon enough.


At a future Social Group Meeting, I was able to let "Damien" know about my pains, and I would have appreciated an apology. But NO, she just ignores me like the plague. Now she'll have to live the rest of her life with the recurring memory of hurting me like she did. Got-Dang Asexual Woman!

Their Version

Note: All links were red on the CWCipedia except for Megan Schroeder, Mailbag 46, CWC Blog, Mailbag 56, and 15 January 2010.


"The Wallflower" aka Damian Antaria is the heir to Megan Schroeder, a female friend Chris met some time around early 2010. She is one of the few girls Chris has managed to associate with in his post-high-school years who is not (as far as can be seen) a direct result of trolling. In March 2010, she joined the long list of would-be sweethearts with whom Chris has failed to lose his hated virginity.

Whether or not the Megan-esque ending of their relationship is actually to blame on the trolls or is a direct result of Chris being himself is unknown. There is evidence that the Wallflower has been made aware of the CWCki.

"References by Chris"

Exactly when Chris first met her is not clear. While he jumped at the chance to advertise his involvement with some of his other women friends to the world, he initially made only oblique, passing references to this one. (Also, less information was forthcoming about this particular sweetheart than some because unlike, say, PandaHalo, she wasn't actively leaking every detail of her communications with Chris to fellow trolls.)

The first signs of Chris's involvement with the Wallflower showed up in late January 2010. In Mailbag 46, answered on 26 January, Chris claimed to have joined a "Young Adult Social Group" and "met a lovely woman there who likes me too; we are hitting it off like two hip wallflowers." Around the same time, in Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 3 (which took place on 30 January), Chris said he was expecting a phone call that may have been from her.

In the 14 February 2010 edition of the CWC Blog, Chris declared that "currently, my girl friend and I are getting along great; the relationship is progressing. I only ask for y'all to leave me with my relationship, and not make me feel intruded by inquiring constantly." When a correspondent in Mailbag 56 challenged Chris to prove the existence of his new "girl friend," Chris replied "She does exist, and I do not appreciate your tone at all."

In Sonichu 10, Chris mentioned that he had met up and had sex with his future wife, Lovely Weather in a page that was uploaded 9 December 2009. As it was considered unusual for Chris to write about an entirely fictional sweetheart, it's possible that Lovely Weather was based on this person.

It's not clear how far the relationship actually "progressed," however. Chris, we can be certain, had designs on a physical relationship with her from the start. He has no truck with the notion of "just friends." The Wallflower may have felt otherwise, which could explain Chris's angry remarks on the subject of the "friend zone" in the 15 January 2010 edition of the Mailbag. His plea to her from 14 March supports this supposition — in that video, Chris says that while they were acquainted, she told him she wasn't interested in a boyfriend.

Even with all evidence to the contrary, in his C-Ya Later video, he refers to her as his "girlfriend", despite outright stating earlier that she had refused all his advances.


When it was found out that Chris had a possibly non-troll gal-pal, most of the trolls agreed that the best course of action was to let the events play out on their own and have her find out herself about Christian. Despite this, one troll decided to f*** it all up and link her to the CWCki.

On 10 March 2010, Chris released A message to the Trolls. Emotionally distraught, he speaks in vague terms about troll interference in his life, and of the pains of a broken heart. At the same time, in a Captain's Log entry on the CWCipedia, Chris mentioned "BREAK-UPS FROM BEING EVEN SIMPLY FRIENDS WITH ME", which presumably refers to her cutting off all contact with him.

In the wee hours of 11 March 2010, Chris released a second video, mentioning a theoretical meeting between him and an imaginary Clyde Cash. He beats the shit out of himself and the air, pulls out a tiny little pocket knife and cuts the throat of his invisible enemy, making it seem as if he blames the loss of the Wallflower or some other troubles on his old nemesis Clyde.

On 14 March 2010, Chris uploaded a new video and appeared to shift the blame to another troll, Surfshack Tito. Chris makes a resolution to "regain the love and trust and friendship" of his gal-pal.

Later that same day, Chris made another video (in a different shirt, suggesting he woke up in the early afternoon) where he again referred to The Wallflower by her pen name. The fact that at no point did he say anything along the lines of "Ignore the trolls" suggests that, ultimately, Wallflower finding out about the CWCki was not why she broke contact with him. Especially so when you consider that the video was about him singing about how he hates her boyfriend despite knowing nothing about him.

In the Surfshack Tito E-mails, Chris is mocked by Tito claiming to have had sex with the Wallflower. While Chris was initially incredulous, in a later video he expressed outrage at Tito for "taking her from [him]", implying that he believes that the Wallflower is involved with Tito in some capacity.

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