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Life is a cartoon; we are all the characters of the larger; the cartoons we make are part of our own universe; we're all a reality cartoon.
Chris setting the record straight[1]

Accepting the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit as an accurate depiction of reality, Chris believes that established media franchises and fictional characters, including his own, exist in parallel universes that he calls dimensions (labelled alphanumerically), reality cartoons or toon worlds that are inhabited by OCs and separated by the iron curtains that make up the Fourth Wall. Such an unusual metaphysical system has been with Chris since at least 2010,[2] and was roughly in its modern form even some months before the Idea Guys publicly exploded onto the scene in November 2017,[1] but has become the agglomerate it is today largely with their and other enablers' leaven since. This article seeks to catalogue the various unusual, often self-aggrandizing, alternate worlds that Chris believes to exist.


Chris’s belief in multiple cartoon dimensions existing may have stemmed from the South Park episode "Imaginationland", which involved a realm where fictional characters and imaginary creations could mingle with one another. It may also be noted that Toon World is the name of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card, providing yet further evidence that Chris has no originality whatsoever.

Chris accepts multiverse cosmology as objective fact and uses it as a vehicle to justify his belief that cartoons are real. He was likely exposed to it for the first time in the Family Guy episode "Road to the Multiverse".[3] It's important to point out that the infamous second call between Chris and Alec, which took place on 28 January 2010, occurred only four months after the original air date of this episode,[4] meaning the idea was still fresh in Chris's mind.

In recent years, Chris has become much more vocal about his belief in multiple universes. He invoked the existence of an alternative reality when expressing his disapproval of President Pmurt, in emails with DoopieDoOver,[5] and in an interview with Count Dankula.

Much of Chris's modern lexicon of the names of dimensions come from the Marvel Comics multiverse. This possibly comes from a discussion with a Marvel Comics writer in July of 2018, even though the writer stated that the Marvel Multiverse is a fictional construct. It's also notable to mention that Chris was so easily manipulated by the Idea Guy in part because he had invoked the multiverse theory;[6] which immediately garnered Chris's attention.

In reality, dimensions are not parallel universes, but rather directions you can move in within a universe. Our current reality contains three dimensions of space (length, width, height/depth) and one dimension of time, though recent studies into relativity and quantum physics may suggest the presence of extra time dimensions. Dimensions are also relative to the observer, and speaking of the "third dimension" is like looking at a water bottle and asking "which ounce is the 3rd ounce." Comic book physics ≠ real life physics.

Main dimensions


C-197 houses not only Cwcville, but also the ton of our other “fictional” individuals of the Simpsons, Captain America, Batman, Eric Cartman, Kim Possible, Meg Griffin, Optimus Prime, Papa Smurf, Inuyasha, Ash Ketchum, all of the Pokémon, Digimon, and so forth; Sunset Shimmer and the Canterlot High group, with the Portal to Equestria there too, the CPUs, and all the many others as well. You imagine it; (unless it exists in an alternate setting, like where World War 2 never happened), It Will Be There!

C-197 is the primary dimension of Chris' fantasy. The name is based off the fictional dimension of C-137 from Rick and Morty.[8] It includes CWCVille and all other creations Chris has produced over the years, as well as various creations by other companies and people, such as Transformers, My Little Pony and all manner of Sonichu OC, as well as non-Sonichu examples as well, though only conditionally. The geography of this dimension is dubious, with CWCVille itself behaving much like Springfield from The Simpsons, expanding and contracting as need arises.

As Heaven

Chris considers C-197 to be his version of Heaven, an afterlife populated by characters from his favorite media franchises as well as the spirits of his deceased pets and father, and possibly those of others as well.

In a May 2019 tweet replying to someone whose father had passed away, Chris attempted to comfort the woman by telling her that her father's spirit was likely in C-197.

I am really sorry to hear that about your father. It really is a shocker when someone passes on on-the-spot like that. Apparently, in cases like that, destiny and fate needed him and had plans that are out of reach or negotiation at the moment. But, rest assured, your father’s soul is serving a good and greater purpose where he is right now (likely in C-197 helping out there through his self-counterpart’s body).[9]

Fortunately for the bereaved, Chris's account was private at the time.


Animal Crossing representations of Chris and his creations.

According to Chris's "Animal Crossing Antics" TSSSF card, any and all realms featured in the video game Animal Crossing exist in a sub-dimension of C-197, designated "C-139".[10] Taking this into account, this would therefore include the villages of his pre-infamy Animal Crossing videos of yore.



1218 is the dimension we reside in, consisting of reality.

Chris asked Marvel comics writer Seanan McGuire which dimension number represents the Earth that we are currently occupying. Seanan responded with the Marvel Universe canonical answer "Earth-1218",[11] while Chris interpreted the answer to mean she was speaking about the literal Earth. Chris then began using 1218 to refer to reality's dimension.

According to Chris, 1218 was inhabited by fantastical denizens alongside humans and animals but was divided into other universes by the wizard Merlin during the reign of King Arthur in the 14th century.[12] This is Chris's way of explaining why mythical creatures do not coexist with us today.

Chris believes that 1218 and its Earth is temporary and slated to end soon, presumably within his lifetime. With the Merge allegedly currently in progress, Chris believes that, though he is only a normal human with no supernatural powers or abilities, some powers from his C-197 counterpart have seeped into his 1218 body.


Main article: Dimensional Merge

A mash-up of the other two dimension names, this would be the combined dimension of the "fictional world" C-197 and our reality, which Chris believes will occur with the dimension merge.

Miscellaneous dimensions

Chris believes in several alternate dimensions, flimsy stand-ins to cope with inconsistencies or to dismiss any conflicts with his safe space fantasy dimension of C-197.


A universe where genderbent versions of the familiar characters exist, including Lady Màgíc Sonichu, Sonicha Sonichu and Rossen Rosechu. Chris's counterpart, the female-to-male transgender Christian Chan and Sonicha are have been noted to have successfully time-travelled to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic there and completed the Dimensional Merge.[13][14][15]


R-687 represents the universe based on the fanfiction Sonichu Vs SNT, written by opuscon987(known in Kiwi Farms as somethingrandom987). This is brought up on 9 October 2019 after Chris declares his disapproval of the series and his attempts to distance anything SNT related from his universe.[16] It's described as a home for a "Batman who laughs at everything from the Joker" and a "one, great massive Mess."


S-642 is the universe where the fighting game Skullgirls takes place. It was first mentioned in the TSSSF card "Plotted Device", where a robot of the same name was created to house the soul of Magi-Chan of the dimension.[17]


X686 is the home dimension of Kiwi Farms user Cedric_Eff's OCs. Known residents are Daedalus the Degu, Derek, the dimension's counterpart of Magi-Chan, and Kepler, a shape-shifting counterpart of Blake.[18]


C-911 is a dimension with another doppelganger of Magi-Chan[19].

Lego Dimension

As the name suggests, the Lego Dimension is the home of the Lego versions of Chris and other OCs. Having played the toys-to-life video game Lego Dimensions, which sees a plethora of licensed franchises interacting, Chris' reason for declaring the existence of this universe is clear.

In June 2018, during the Count Dankula interview, Chris expressed his desire to visit the "Lego Dimensions". In the midst of his TSSSF card-producing spree, Chris produced two cards for the Lego Dimension Sonichu and Rosechu.


ZX-49, also known as "The Macbook Pro Dimension" is the home-dimension of all of the OC's created by AquaDiamond8. Kylechu is from this dimension.[20]

Chris also noted that the dimension has "fallen" and that Kylechu is one of its survivors.[20]


Blake Sonidemaru of the Universe CS-89

Home dimensions of Dungeons and Dragons. Used by Chris as part of his rationalization on his tantrum over ProjectSNT's redesigns of his OCs.


The home dimension of cartoons such as Teen Titans Go, Pony Life, and other similarly-styled cartoons[21].


The home dimension of Isty and Topher, a counterpart of Cera Rosechu and Robbie Sonichu respectively.


The only major difference between this dimension (1218) and 1214 is that pop singer Michael Jackson lived a few years beyond 2009 and put out two final albums, singing about old age and the feeling of veering on death and not wanting to be old while feeling young. He still ultimately died of an overdose. "Ride or Die" is one of the 1214 Jackson's songs. The Chris from Dimension 1214 has, for a time in mid-2020, possessed 1218 Chris's body, so that Chris wouldn't have to pretend to be Sonichu.[22]


C-194 is the sister dimension to 1214. The Chris who was travelling between these two dimensions was slain during escaped from the war between Neo Milwaukee and Cwcville, after C-194's Chris conducted the Soda Rain Holocaust. This all happened in the alpha timeline, though, not our one, which is the omega timeline.[23]

F-789 and 5769

F-789 and 5769 are sibling dimensions that have since merged in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic there. 5769 was populated by people born on the opposite side of 1218's Earth, hence Chris and his family of that dimension are Chinese. F-789 was presumably where the OCs made in 5769 resided. When the COVID-19 pandemic devastated 5769, The Magi-Chan of F-789 managed to use his magic to bring 5769's Chris into F-789. There, that Chris would go on to prevent the pandemic from happening, restore 5769's population, and merged the two dimensions. Chris, role-playing as Sonichu, would considered this story as a reason for coming up with the convoluted plan to end the pandemic in the real world.[24]


N-641 is a "nightmare" counterpart of C-197 where Chris (as Sonichu) claimed opuscon987 sent him along with ProjectSNT by force. The dimension is also notable for airing The Chris-Chan Show.

Sonic.exe Dimension

Sonic.exe is a popular creepypasta which featured a hellish pocket dimension inhabited by a eldritch/demonic version of Sonic. Although logically it would have made ideal trolling fuel since 2011 (the year Sonic.exe was written), Chris isn't known to have mentioned it until November 2020.

On 4 November, Chris (while role-playing that he had swapped bodies with Sonichu) fantasized that Sonic.exe attacked his dimension and that Chris-in-Sonichu's-body was rescued by Magi-Chan and was seeking refuge in California with The WCT and Naught. Chris, believing his fantasy, sent DMs to both The WCT and Naught to tell them of it.[25]

Later that month, Chris replied to a tweet on a Sonic.exe animation, commenting he had watched it and found it both haunting and inspiring.[26] Chris again mentioned the eldritch OC from Sonic.exe in January 2021 as part of his extended fantasy over spirit possession.[27] The idea of such a dimension terrifies Chris and he apparently spent some time using his goddess powers stopping entities from invading the multiverse as stated in Jail Letter - 9 May 2022.

Empty Dimensions

An "empty dimension" is a concept by Kyle, who theorized in a 2 December 2020 chat about how such a dimension would work.[28] Chris was intrigued by this, and suggested Kyle watch the animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths to flesh out the concept further. In a 14 December posting in The Place, Chris brainstormed about empty dimensions further, complimenting Kyle for his thoughts.[29]

Shattered Glass Dimension

Named after a Transformers franchise featuring evil Autobots and heroic Decepticons,[30] it predictably houses evil counterparts of protagonists and possibly heroic antagonists as well as an evil counterpart of Chris, who is still male and is permanently stuck in his Sonichu form. Their invasion of St. Canard and Florida was the subject of several jail arts. On a 22 December livestream Chris claimed that his counterpart in the Shattered Glass Universe was the one who committed incest with Barb.


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