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In October 2019, Chris began livestreaming himself playing the fanmade My Little Pony-themed card game Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder. During these streams, he generally plays the game alone, using his own custom cards.

Chris Chan Sonichu plays Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder, Solitaire

Chris Chan Sonichu plays Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder, Solitaire
Stardate 26 October 2019
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Card Games
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Watch the chaos unfold as I personally demonstrate how to play Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder, with the addition of my own first few cards in my expansions and promos so far.


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Chris: hello everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home with a complicated camera view we're gonna play a card game on this thing hey because people are curious they wanna know we're gonna play Twilight Sparkle's secret pick folder and not just with the old core deck which we have all the cards I hit but with the expansion packs we have collected so far so among which included alright so yeah we've got the could be currently dead guys printed by the children I could fence a version 1.1 points it's no sup star mayor's Attack of the Clones the Shiba raw lien pack last night stitch TJ poems blue dog starts Royal Academy D hoodie full art cards and the author arias art cards as well as I don't have credit cards you know if these things come with us I have the cue cards for the out of ink expansion be a question of girls horseplay and Pony Nagi Octavia Magica the previously released its finishes that we had out so far plain thing and as will last a few promo cards in this action we have also the Arizona slime expansion pack and massaging oh shoot Oh Sees pack as well as my three promo cards so far these are just edges took me a long time to settle this up you know just I sort out everything so I can make sure I had enough sleeves for everybody I managed time management was able to get all that so guys this is I can't work and I'm an offer a bit of commentary phone oh that's what that we didn't miss awake so yeah as you could see I have a few lovely pink boxes for my secret ship fixed folder cars now I'm gonna be sorting my son shoot deck into this into this box later after I'd get that crate out but we have we have so far we got all the Pony cards and the few start cards and this bonnets and have the going ship cards and this box were against that it's pollution in a moment - which reminds me I should probably bought the new cards so I could read those for commentary but yeah nothing to note I definitely appreciate for the boxes I recommend you all go with these smaller boxes that came in the previous packs like you know nice lay this ultra prism because they had this Ridge on the inside - the warm ones for tag-team types they don't hand awesome yeah those carts out so easy out of the taller boxes so put it out there let you know that's my two cents on that and that's bits you sense because there's presently no limit on the number of cards you can have your duckling playing secret thick folder you just get if you just count the diviner to two dividers well that's how tall this Pony deck is gonna be the 103 notes it's gonna be this big now that's a mighty meaty sandwich I mean I don't know if that oh yeah there should be a limit there's gonna be easier shuffling look at this you got to divide you mean if I had if they divide between me my expansions the other expansions and the core deck those are the pony cards yeah you pretty much see you would have to divide this up and like we're to care about your other players or your friend across the table from you just a shuffles the pony deck I mean I'm just putting it out there maybe those from the secret ship thick community can help me sort this out so I can put this on me expanded role cards I'm like I'm assigning those figuring this out I got a few roles additional rules and details sorted out that I'm going to be adding on to the world course on including the Sonic Youth deck but for right now I can't I have this pair that came with the court dr. Harris pretty much the same details as those six cards don't stitch will card images are still for fronting back so I mix three cards and we're in the original court deck they just had a little bit more details looming this is what compressed it's nice I like that I can appreciate that yeah but download from a secret ship fake website horrible people games they give it they give us the Oh free cards so to do so I just work from that baby I got I have to fight us on my external hard drive don't forget your flash drive don't forget your eyes drive I mean obviously unscripted this is lie I'm not gonna worry about a script I don't worry about a script but yeah you good pretty much I'm free mechanic demonstrate a game of Twilight Sparkle's secret big folder I'll be at play solitaire which I case you're wondering what that was that's a cat baby our gold cat baby he has a bit of a nasal problem okay we taking him to the vet he's alright okay we're taking care of him so don't ask about that don't troll me about that do not tell me about that nice guess what that's really all back trolling the trolls big yeah there so we go back if you know troll me you patrol me for years maybe aside from that time I'm gonna go over the just the cards pretty much the title card so everyone can reference you pretty much use this is your how-to video so so I essentially have the start card which when you stop when you set up a game of secret ship big folder but these have one start card you pick wine and put in the center of the table which obviously want to like card side like a card table or a moderate-sized round tables on us everybody can at least reach into the center of the table arm's length and I mean obviously going to secret shipping folder website for figuring out what's on the card but essentially there's the gender of the individual that's the race eater unicorn Pegasus earth or alicorn wait a minute that's in one instance and those the keywords you can even have a racial keyword like I know I had a keyword like unicorn oh I'm like a unicorn the key word unicorn I'm an earth pony that's called a unicorn and of course so you got your talk about the power and effect that's yeah every start car is gonna be your place in the center to see what start again can under move to remove from the grid power cannot be copied though it can't be moved by other cart effects and how much somebody wonderfully one card definitely specify bring in a second start card pushing though everybody put done punch in their own start cards so it's a good thing to do is like give me a big competition between fanfic authors in this thing man anyway can a pony card so how much the same thing is that these have the effects and of course everything on the bottom these small words on the bottom that's the flavored sets pretty much tells the story of the situation in that card for example and alright and these aren't the ship cards you have them with effects and then without effect so which knows Kate in this case it's just a basic ship but you could but we've got a special one there's an effect that goes into play and which in that case you going between the two Pony carts but starting from the start card and that's pretty much the situation of playing between two point cards are the one start carding and the initial thing anyway so it's like okay so Oh are there Twilight a dying wish to bring Violetta into play that's an example of shipping in this game and the gold cards I'm glad just pretty much take my chrome acardo's in that sample that's lovely full art right there I'm surprised myself just you know I still read the flavor text in this essentially this is where you know minimum of ten sign shoes and or Rose shoes with the OC keyword and Christian on the grid at the same time three points and a person who gets to achieve disco increases their hand signs by one just why not three where that's one example there's other ones like mmm you can win this goal after collecting another goal and then increase your hand by one up back to that when just go buy a pony car a definitive keyword is discarded from the grid and that's just oh okay I love this one shipping a horse famous for the sign she famous mainly me oh well there's lots of Twilight Sparkle's in the cortex so essentially there is no crime in me having multiple versions or myself or more than one magic chance sonnet you in the side to deck and the expansions and all that sort so I'm pretty much done I should demonstrate how to play and I'll talk as we go along so first up I'm gonna just put everybody together so good start playing I'm gonna start by shuffling the gold decks together to smart you don't need to shuffle the start date many start cards do not need to be shuffle cuz you don't technically do often start cards in this game but pretty much me at least most like of start cards but if they're just kind of set those decide for there's a reason I have this box still right here I'll get to that in a moment I'll show ya I'll just save right now pretty much make concerning signs the pony deck and pretty much gonna be storing that in here as opposed to direct horse vertical stacking like that like that's tall anyway nice to having sleeves nice to have a bunch of the matching sleet or so yeah I know it's thinner if you don't have to sneeze but hey it's not I like the play this is one way of doing it and it's a good way of doing it so all right well there's the deck of go cards with Kazaam on the back and get to set up shuffling the ship deck all these cards together you can watch me shuffle you watching me Christian sunshade shuffling des has wine nuts it's good it's awesome have fun but these out here because whatever it's something free go Sonos we often look at her we have a sizing to do the other artists that have made expansion packs just do not troll them no spoiling allowed haters you can squirrel your hate and I'm not reading your comments either so I mean but then the camera is and why am i I've got to read from the opposite side on that side so you're falling on deaf ears or hater comments but still sitting up okay Pokemon from TC cheaper a long time there gonna be a limit how many cars core deck cares like 65 Pony cards 55 ship cars 41 goal cards my dad's gonna ask you more pony cart still have like 68 I'm just putting it out there let y'all know huh shuffling the shuffling my expansions into the core deck has combinations of all the other expansions I've collected so far this is fun food abyss now there is your meeting right there are shuffling monster sized meaty decks together oh this is why you have limits on deck so fun yeah this should be covered in the rule cards as well take comments on when the official people on me Heights boater offense I just cut this court slippery when wet oh and that's a good reason to wear clothes so you don't cut your finger you don't cut your hands while you're doing this work hmm that cooked bring in the other expansions I already did but just shuffling around here so this is pretty much down onto this and it's a good thing give this a cut and now here comes Godzilla and Mechagodzilla [Applause] I heard something failed there that was easy Oh and rule covers sort themselves you know this sound the way yeah hmm just get the backhoe right and I hear somebody commenting there that's cut he can't stand the test of time yeah it's easier just to yeah that works there see the box huh yeah that was fun all right so let's step for love beginning solitaire style because typically this is played with more than one player but I've learned and practiced that can be played solitaire just by yourself so yeah we separate shuffle of the three decks between Pony ship and goals and we take three gold cards and put them face up so initially our three goals are and that's generation is it's what you achieve it when Twilight Sparkle is shipped with any alternate timeline homie and then friendship is leadership which assists ponies with the main six key worships in the chain this goes where four points if no pony is a different version of a nerve pony in the chain and then just as permanent witness go wooden Rainbow Dash is shipped with three girls anyway those just stay off to the side there and those will be attainable as the game progresses alright so yeah we're starting to put we put a start card the center and the other start cards here and do you H player a hand up one two three four Connie cards one two three cards more pony three ships so the game starts up from the left going clock going clockwise starting from the left side of the dealer or otherwise just the person that didn't deal oh and the objective while playing this game you will construct elaborate floats are relationships between Twilight or whoever the start Pony is and everybody else completing competing to bend those relationships in the shape of 2004 the fanfic portage go you learned the number of points turned by the difficulty of that go you're going up to three players you point out so you have eleven until the first player to gets 11 points or giving more to four players for more players you and it goes up to nine points so yeah i'ma turn each turn precedes a swamp play at least one card for your hand and at the end of your turn draw up to D up to our discard down to your hand let me which is usually so it in any combination of ships and ponies let's make drawing before looking at down if you want amigos turn over new ones you progressed so I will shoot I will show my initial hand so initially we have these cards so that's the first hand for this solitaire game it's a good mix up funny but I mean with that 3:06 treats such a little o'seas here and a pony but it's gonna miss so alright so here's how this pretty much goes so we have two basic shift cards and we have a shift car with the effect of a special keyword change where both pony cars touch the ship game day eq g or Equestria girls key word to the end of the Turnus when you pushed your girls horseplay so now let's do that just to show you and effect so perfect neighborhood beat is getting some neighbour adjustments with Violetta and now that's another thing about these effects I'll just read that about shipping power pony power so yes essentially the ship on your slide the ship card halfway beneath the pony cart already a good place to fight on top of the exposed have big no space between them to show there's a shoot carpet to meet beneath the pony can have four ships attached to it above left right below my pony powers activates and evening after is added to the grid from the players stand the exception is any car that says well this cart is still in your hand upon his card can also affect itself and those otherwise stated and of course they shipped I'm working don't go in the bedroom don't do that mom that one I'm doing this removal this our difficulty okay so two point Carson are adjacent but not connected by car not consider but sliding your car between them is the other play but we'll get to that another time alright so anyway we take you to effect the effect so now let's the status at unless it doesn't say buddy you may if you can take that isn't as you must it has to happen so we pretty much now both of these cars have the eqg keyword until the end of this turn now but this won't know what this one is another keyword change so when I attached his cards the grid I'm a had the hero keyword to the pony cart or all Pony cards shipped with this card until the end of the turn so that's essentially not counting this one so now hoofbeats here is a hero so we got two Equestria girls this one's a hero and that's until the end of the end of this turn [Music] all right so we do a basic ship for next example we'll put a ring on it between Violetta and DJ poems and I was psyched now it's like this is a you may option so I don't have to do this I was essentially I can take it power so many honey card on the grid except for those that cannot be copy and you say effort and use that for this thing's power except for point cards with a changeling keyword can't use those hours or effects as fanfic card sir hoofbeats has read that in the book once great read that the book once about ready and it's like now i'm a shift up the street honey cards in the grid so it's like I can just swap these three around yeah over there she's over here and she's over there that's a three-way ship three ways swamp alright so now Romeo's effect is essentially replace so why it's in my hand i discard it I can just card it pop I'm a pint this got a card from the grid played his cart in its place so sorry TJ posts we just somebody out God this struggle friendship well there's a pony discard pile [Music] alright so now that there's no cards in my hand pretty much into my turn so now I can draw up to seven cards to make combination for the ship and or the pony pile I'm gonna take three arts there for ship cards and in return all key word changes are nullified not a question of girls see what I kept her keyword on that into the end of the turn and if he's no longer a hero now let's look at the next hand here and let's turn or you know if there was like a player be their turn so essentially I think player to my turn I got a basic ship and to look I have two basic ships and two low poisons all right this is my hand recently let you off with a be bubbly blow the art on all that anybody recognizes it's good my prison hand right now all right so hmm to not poison 2:36 well anyway let's do this hoofbeats is trading up for pudding Lyra and pretty much I may draw a car for Nepal your ship KITT ship deck so I draw Pony deck now your Pegasus changeling boy okay let's do a shotgun wedding now between Romeo sturdy what can I say my enough narshall let's build it better and swap a goal out so we've got a discard one goal card and replace that with a new goal the award for we must go when you play a ship between anypony with the OC keyword and anypony without the OC keyword now there is a ruling about this in the rule cards okay completing uncle if the gold cards conditions are already met with his drug then that go-kart goes to the final Ecotec and image structures replace it but this can happen again cuz we have plenty of Oh seeds and 9o season this dick so pretty much believe that out there otherwise the instant of those conditions are met that goal is achieved this can be in four point powers activate or after but not during when the goal is achieved the current player at Quantico but played on table in front of them face up a pony's card counts towards achievement goal if the cards name symbols you know I'm just going to back for ultimate timeline thing and or keywords match the requirements for that goal hmm now we did that this will be kind of an easy win I do believe so let's do this I'm gonna say we have an odyssey oppression that's a love poison that which means to sit playing this ship with a pony card from my hand or connecting to pony carts and I quit like I could have slipped that between these two or been a better point no new condom no new Pony carts little bit and put into play just shipping those two together by themselves anyway so but it's simply this ship where the pony car my feet are connecting two pint cards already on the shipping grid I might take a point card from elsewhere on the grid and then reattach it house we don't like this ship and that card's power activates okay now this is where things can get another idiom an iced tea I'm good move right over there I kind of I'm not gonna activate her effect I'm not going just I'm not going to do that but essentially what we just did we broke up two ships because there's no way attached to this ship so she's not attached to anybody and neither of these abyss and a longer applicable so they bought a discard pile all right and then we'll do a dream crashing we'll do that between putting the wire up you know I'm not gonna do anybody for my hand but we'll put a nightmare that he brought he brought changeling with them a Pegasus changed me so a changeling comes onto the grid or is moved elsewhere it gives the name symbols and keywords of any single Pegasus and my choice I'm gonna say guessing from either for my hand or feel prison that you son we could say this is that Pegasus over there sturdy so I'm just being like that until the end of the turn is power off so at the basement parties move to a new place in the grid you need the other card saying would not dip we just quick change thing on the grid that's it I'm gonna have one Pony carb lift but I could achieve to go I didn't think of it and I'm just having fun here come on I don't sound fun here anyway so my turn so draw some more cards I draw three 20 cards and three ships all right take loose all keyword effects and that sort next turn alright so this time we have two basic shift cards you know what I could have done there I could shift the changeling with this OC and one that goal was that's my mistake like I still make up worth this term mm-hmm I didn't know what to think about that and we have two basic shifts we have a gender change and booty - TB Tom we still have no luck so I'm essentially this is just a blank Pegasus changeling now so let's do this now we're gonna say great boy she's got to stop meeting Octavia like this so now what this happened in this instance we shipped a regular I know I know seat with an OC so now we gain to go we just put that in front of us the flare and now I have one point out of 11 it's not cheating when this go with Twilight Sparkle a ship with any shining armor horse famous meets aren't you famous first time first one my card my ship gets play now there's a piece of my arse on the deal works not a piece of my art on this game it's been everybody else's no gold card yeah we'll see how this plays out [Music] okay well I'll say what here comes Tom replace your plates just know what that does I can't do this just because like somehow the rock get sick with a life-threatening illness and guess who comes around-- you know love those two okay no everyone just full of that so if it ships with an object she shipped with an object that card gains the special keyword as long as this shipped with this part so pretty much as long as it remains shipped with no it up at this point lists until she's moved to the metal object this thing is special this is a special rock dude that's like lady do that between hoofbeats and pretty dense so first up the gender of change of beverage when I attach it to the grid I might choose one Pony car attached to this ship until the pony car that car becomes a business dinner so what dudes a lady dudes of lady know who - so I may draw a card from the shipper point deck all right so in my turn and keyword changes are known boy that's it for this one it's Stella special rock this special rock it's known that take take to pony cards and warship cards all right this time we have two more basic cards we have one love questions and special none of these people need gourd all right so fair apply now dear okay well I'm going to split a ship car between booty - and Tom so now those two are shipped together [Music] it still fits practice so I could still I'm gonna join that so all right let's do this so she felt so hoodie - fell in love with some hot girl this thing so essentially touch this part to agree that she was one point car touch this today a mentor-mentee time between a female earth pony and gains the Octavia you were alright so there's that why not then I say why not and get all my stuff here I'm gonna be clear about all right okay Louie - no kiss timber and Bruce aren't you now this was a special effect which any and all pony carts with the billing keyword shipped with this car it's a changeling keyword so essentially they're just changed things into them so essentially just now thank you know anybody said we heard get that wrong they've gone shake the hurt get the raw end of the deal okay now I think people can I can appreciate this we say nothing there's no they have nothing in common but it's perfect anyway the honey - like Pegasus and we don't have rainbow dash and therefore experiment well if you need a race so does this effect still can't so one two three girls we just earned just experimenting now have three points up eleven now a new go car gets drawn into its place okay it's not evil woman's go when you break up they wake up shining on with any female except Twilight Sparkle [Music] I'm taking and checking the grid now um okay let me say sorted the sort of seduction it's a love portion but I'm not going to use its effect up again hoodie Twilight and has a copy of beauty so I can copy somebody else in the grid like I'm gonna copy hoodie Lyra and drop on the ship okay and our gonna say Twilight so this flourish ina dream never say why not hmm in a turn so the basic three ponies and four ships anyway three pines for ships yeah okay now final we can have another piece of my artwork on the grid it could be incoming 10,000 to basic ships I love poison a keyword change and these three Pony in these three cards to their mean back up he just haunted through televised stairways [Music] option okay do something let's do this I'm gonna say sort of shy came in and brought em bring Big Mac together now this one is a keyword change it's like I can choose a funny part today end of my turn that plank needs a cure to my choice except for Pony name so let's say this Big Mac is a villain to the end of the turn so now with the grid still now's your technicality right there to think over so things just I'm just a Buddha no yep okay now let's have some crazy fun crazy fun okay so there's a pig pal relationship between dirty Octavia bon shotgun door oh this is gonna be crazy so let me do when this card is played on the grid choose up to three other twenty cards on the grid each point card and one ship and one attached ship card must be moved and attached to Octavia Vaughn second office [Music] yeah why don't this do this all right nicely boy if this were an official game I could take you in I mean because I could attach that to hoodie Twilight and gain that go we're just having fun here anyway essentially no ships there and what's gone but technically still ship with Lyla and I'm still ship they're there so they stay on the grid then you ships these ponies kind of just card file yeah crazy client if I was not playing but it gets them hurt Blaire okay my now we're gonna say there was a bad jump on competition between amber and right you now poor TV okay now let's say there was a hard Oh nurse should car I overlooked let's say there's a holiday vacation between hoofbeats Eddie Choo so I know at least want to party cards on the grill [Music] well let's do that my man because they were swamped I could it be activates a new goal is displaying flurry okay here's an epidemic when this going to fight to love potions in one turn enough to look poisons short on cancer in my turn let's do three cards apiece mister three of each that's under this crazy foot gonna do this with your friends there's nothing to hate about this okay so [Music] [Music] okay yes yes now I see an opportunity I can do now you can see my brain at work now it's saying we do a crossover thick which allows us to play from discard I get to choose and play Oh play the top card to find this card I with this ship it's all good bring tea back and that ship there Oh wanted teach you do last night with sour sweet I can swap two party cards of the shipping red we're stopping pretty - with tabi let's do this I'm gonna say there was a locker roller thing between sturdy and Fontbonne dog car there's not wine of mine here's my drawing of mine let's do this I'm gonna say Oh what is this that's so special what's this I found a special emergency broadcast alert there's a missing child just inducted earlier this week they're just so very nearby that's still crying on the airwaves that's what that Nueces down no way I could yeah I'm still learning I'm still thinking this is why you play solitaire oh why do you do this with your suede this is how you practice with yourself for yourself so you can play with others alright anyway this time it turns over for ship cards in three pony cars okay we finally have a shining armor yeah rare him Chabal let's see Oh something up I love that card so cute alright okay we have three basic ships ah well let's say he was helping out big sis you mean saved us from looking dog no there was a girl where to tabes worshiped me an young-hee camera say say they met then set to for a restaurant play - and ship off so we'll do a new goal I mean optimistic for this song I don't want to give this up Solis I don't want to give it up no I don't want to give it up because their cards available to have the hashtag work that horse famous that's this guy that's a horse famous no I think but I guess the sake of it all I'm gonna okay I'm just going to pinkie pie's are shipped together look you know what I tell you takes you on top there at it yeah I'm gonna give what are they getting again he's missing around Little Rock man I'm just say there was an archaeological expedition between Big Mac and sturdy ah so that was between next she goes between those two those between those two men and this is between all right Oh Connie I'm gonna call Youm we're playing now there's a selfie out between shitball and what a rarity so now stop me up I love this when you attach the card to grip until the end of my turn both point cards tension ship game meat special Oh see I'm gonna vote game hero so now that's a special host sea hero I thought aren t just became a special OC hero until the end of the turn okay not how good swap these two yeah I'm gonna have to make that goal know that swap okay third - room with NASA ships with an object it can happen it can still happen for party cards and to ships I have three basic ships but there's another piece of my arms well then we have these four okay penpals near like totally now going with pink punk kids neck butter day swap to pony cars yeah now we have right with this for them up yet so that's two points now we have five points off eleven and in that swamp I can have to make this [Music] okay okay here we go do you need more lesbians I'm just going to play three female on female ships in the turn let's do this nightmare moon comes and replaces teddy choo so essentially I think we just played to be now ships move one more to make the school happy a big poetry night three a male-female ships in one turn so now we have six points out of 11 me nice punch when this going night stitch you ship with any Pony with the object keyword and it gets one two cards these two [Music] regardless dr. Gertz alright well let's say boo was bearish drop that's a play from discard it's hot car no you shouldn't you would not do any swapping at this point okay there's a booze new waifu this mean grumpy Gilda the new goal we must go in twice Park was shipped with an insta Cora Grey was like it was Hilo at home alright let's see hmm okay well especially what happened if it was in my hand I can just coconut discard it any spike card from the grab and play this card into place but there didn't happen itself now get over there and do something in my turn that's still a special rock yes yes yes yes rightfully so I take 3:23 cars pony cars okay we got two basic ships there's your cleansing reins and took out a bunch of my manipulative swine and for pony cards roaster featuring the roast Judas and the retina partially holographics why why go okay well yes I things got a little lewd and she just came and replaced Tom special rock is gone she destroyed it she destroyed a special rock smash who else it was a fat pint wedding between Rayburn and Snoke you do a new sari maybe not there's throwing this ship this ruthless trip minutes gone when you break up princess Mia and cook solo to specific because we're so low we would say amber fights crying with Kephart Kepler and he is a copy so let's use that to new goal that's on the grid okay I'm just going when you play three male on male ships in turn think of a pawn sit you know must save one card let's take three ponies and two ships next turn mm-hmm okay let's see what we can do here [Music] no Sophia there's a cat Sophia you can see how big this shipping grid can get and this is why you need a card table you know where the center point is an Argentine arms-length [Music] okay let's say [Music] [Music] my boy somebody became a princess the Wonderbolts right into the camera oh good so I'm not gonna activate that effect and this pecan is male/female for all-girls ships and powers so there's that all right there was some Clint and they made some cleansing rings that summon shining armor so I would say that's pretty much one male-on-male ship you wanna swap Russians which two ponies the Metro Bart or three ponies Oh please me Nicky oh let's do this your French clothes anymore okay nice to the rock hmm just for a trivial important st. Claire replaces Big Mac so return three of each three shapes and three ponies Horace you go [Music] you know from side to side there's no duty to dazzlings my little sister 3-nothing sorry my blisters horn might be a different race [Music] that's why I have to gender changes and always change for shipping cards hmm hmm listen work alright let's say there was a rule assist III between Shabbat and study flare Knight Joseph are now she dude she's dude so we just played one me all-male I'm speaking this is much steaming face one way our mail ship [Music] now it's I'm going to say that a horndog lies between Romeo and hoofbeats I got back to make a nice change they're both still earth ponies yes do this can I tell you a secret married if you marry big t2 will say their duty to as I do but that gender changed so that means our third male on male swaps about became this point we gained this car now we have eight points five eleven and then I'm gonna draw arm from the shipper point all right let's do this then I'm gonna say move on feeling a crush with we will Boris it's in that three-way swap I got swept up to three cards and the grid we must go when to Applejack's are shipped together [Music] okay they're right there that's Lucy well a regular nurse not write a novel ooh seems nice swapping around I can activate this effect hello see stay off the table I'm gonna see not the table thank you okay yeah Oni go to my room for is too and most the other Mariners ship the dazzlings my turn gotta Beach I have three basic ships these probably cards the grid fluid filling up I am I got a breakup ship somewhere in order to clear some space at one point to change things this is a fun game look at this this is some fun I have nothing to say Sartre great sour-sweet founded tensions shared attention time okay I'm just going in email and shipped with three other males they couldn't happen again well let's say quinoa Crusaders match make this Luna the queen chrysalis yeah that's two diamonds oh I know let's do it taco taco tuesday bitch and they don't go wanna join it with pudding Pinkie Pie three-way I could swap any ponies in the you just been shipped with three dudes oh well swear I'm not good not good then I still I see here that's another point Long Legs alright so that's three plus it's we have nine points two points for the win there's one car that to me we go the last eyewitness gold when you win the game when you when you achieve this goal start your next game but this goes you're near achieve goals yeah I not dare say my starship cars I'm gonna take four ships and two ponies okay now two basic ships yes there's your pretty one hmm gender change in step earth changeling now we have chips and seal they're flourishing Oh sailor there's a wine oh well why not nice not you have you met my friend Oh sailor you go yeah took about trip sea or out Wow okay I'm on very specific windows go with finally buy old and deep digger or shipped together it goes where four points of the ship carve uses batpony wedding that's 10 million here somewhere okay let's it was a beach episode between Teddy Chu near the earth changed me let's just say that is now let's just say that's not farm boy takes you shared a tandem bicycle ride with chips what's essentially now it's a non-fun also syncs your move to nightmare moons oops wrong spell between Lola sour-sweet if the hand let's draw some more magic three ships and port ponies [Music] you know play from discard we have a ginger team yeah basic and we have these ponies there's same things yeah oh yeah well that and [Music] [Music] hmm I can't see what let's do a specially romantic random picnic between Earth changeling and strong you go all right we're just going to remove dashes are shipped together I have the earth changeling nothing alicorn dream and this side watch my head I guess is changeling on oh yeah that change leggy senators car well why should she have a goal right now call me a fireside swoops in I'll kill that then we'll just slip Twilight Sparkle with an alternate timeline pony so I'm gonna point 4 plus 6 10 we are one point away completing ok when is going to ponies with a changeling key word are shipped together baby it still happened it still happened strongest journal first darling confession from cook then say for the copy we're gonna swap to Bunnings Queen has been shipped changeling changeling three points we ended the game with 13 points yeah I watch this there this has been fun I hope y'all enjoyed this then y'all can enjoy watching it over and over again supercalifragilistic expialidocious lee large pony deck I'll get to you in a moment mom I love you and I love you all be safe see you next time all right.

Playing Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder with the New Sonichu Deck!

Playing Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder with the New Sonichu Deck!
Stardate 26 November 2019
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Card Games MarketingMarketing Marketing
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt "World's Okay-est Runner"
Ben Saint - Chatting with Chris-Chan
Taking TSSSF Product Photos


The TSSSF Sonichu Deck and Expansion Packs can purchased at the link, below. And each first time purchase receives the set of 18 Promo Cards. Mimimum $100 purchase customers get a bonus Expansion Pack that is not in their cart (Random Selected). And everyone who buys it all in one purchase, gets a Bonus Rigid Box to store them all in.

And the cards are coming soon to other online TSSSF CCG sellers, and Vendors at Conventions, includi [sic] BABSCon.


0:00 to 10:00


[The video opens with Chris not to be seen, but showing a table atop which are scattered a colourful array: a fan drawing of CWC Psychlight, the tomgirl and homos' flags and a large stack of TSSSF cards.]

Dah... Hello, e'rybody in YouTube Land, [Chris extends his hand, making a peace sign as an anime-inspired greeting.] this is Christine Chandler [he makes a thumbs-up] cummintoyulaivfruhome, once! again, and today, 'inally, [squealing, waving his hand about] finally! finally, goming in the mayil! wi' my capy of da DECK! [He picks up and displays his Sonichu expansion pack from the table, holding it to the camera.] The deck! And, ah, it's lovely and awesome! Zap'fyl glo-ry! So here's the bumps [box], look at this box! It's a luvvely, lovely [lowering his pitch notably] box. Ny'aand, you know, there's the tup, there's the bottom. Ya know, I'll hold dat so y'all can read that. The back. And the side. When this video is fully uploaded, I'll fut a link to where you can buy this one, and the expansion packs for it that I have personally put together and assembled! Eshaw, le' m' sh' y' [let me show you] QR code oble-for Secret Shipfic boar [for] in-fo-may-shin, if you cay-rrr. Ha ha...

Ah, so, yeah, and even with isn't quite to compare, so here it is with... the, original, core deck botsss. Eh, it's rutly the same wit, unless you're talkin' about ta card widths, [he presses the boxes together, top down, to show what he means]... hm, it's de'initly thinner. Hm. Okay. Orientation... But there's a top, y' can see the backs together! Th' sides... And! bottoms. An' that's basically it for! The pac-ka-ging.

[Chris steps away; his voice becomes muffled.] So let's go over... what is included with this. Thiss-th-s, the, Sonichu deck here includes 172 pawsome cards. [He picks up another pile of cards from the table to display them.] An' you don' jus' get one! You get four... starrrt cards. [Chris unfolds the four starter cards to show..] Because we get to bring in more! start cards, CARRDS onto the playing field! in this new set of [growling] awesome loo-ehhhhhdge! Harumph.

[Chris folds and puts the cards back.] Mm... Here's the gold deck, where, the first, you see, OC, is, 'The Deity Is Hard at Work'. [Jingling sounds in the background] I know, but you can still... make out wha' it says in the... thoo- thing. Mememe, for the gold condition, and, you get all these lovely, lovely gold cards with mos'ly my artwork. [He thumbs through the cards.] And, some artwork of others, as well. Various conditions, love this family photo. [Chris stops and turns sideways one of the pictures accompanying his Sonichu Headquarters on Google Maps.] Varminny voices! Epp! Somebody got a headache! Up! [He stops at another card.] There's your best crossover card. OK KO card, which doubles up as a shhhh, a ssh, a shipfic card. Uh... I am not reading your comments, so yer hate is not being heard [warbling falsetto] AT ALLLLL!

[After thumbing through the whole pack, he puts the gold cards down.] And, shipfic, the ship cards star'in' with a lovely li'l picnic, featurin' Night Star and Kun, [sniff] we'll jiz' give ev'ryone a peeek, up' we have in here.... whee... [He thumbs through the next pack.] Introducing the metafixical layve poison! The love poison that, there removes starrt carrds! This is a [warbling] tren' that I'm [screeching] starting! [singing] Greatly, well on... [He stops at a card.] Upp, that's not the one, son of a gun... There we go. Hup, I do like this card, Sonichu versus Rose in a Pokémon card game, and it battles a shipfic card between Magi-Chan and Pokia[?]. Ah, that's more HP than the Wailord/Magicarp tag team! Do well. [He fishes out the last card in the pile.] Ah, forgot, we gatsta zap ta da extreeeeeeme! And, lastly, ze pony deck. Dey're in alphabetical order. It's kinda difficult, y'all can see for yaself. [sniff] Alphabetical order by... character name. Up! Commodore [singsongy] cell phone! There's a snow phone in this deck! [falsetto] By da Commodo.

Darkbird's got da power. [blows a raspberry] Jerkops an' janekops... one of which is... merchanical! lookadat fayce! Pfff, it's half metal. [At 5'51", a Liquid Chris card can be seen as Chris thumbs through.] Huh. Pfew. [at a Black Sonichu medallion]. Hey. Nikker. Here's a shoutout to you, maker! Here's yer Nightvee! [talking through teeth] He's a good boy. [About 6'23", Baby walks in from the right. He remains about thirty seconds.] Nyaaa, there's a cat. Boy! He's ow' wi'l Ba-by! Ge' off da table! [More jingling from Baby's collar]

And tha's basic'ly i' for what's in the decks, an' [baby voice] you, bunn'a which...! [Chris picks Baby up from the table and carries him to the sid before sitting at left. His filthy denim skirt is visible for a second before he seats himself at left, with only part of his lead-grey shirt and his right arm visible.]

Hmpf! Well, bein' I don' hafta sweat it, pos, da formness [warmness], uh, this, now! fo dis play-through, we will be only- we will be mainly using, only, what is in the, included in the deck, so there are no expansion packs, including Eunice. Ah, shi, I forgot one more thing that is also included, [Chris reaches behind him, searching for something] all important, e'rybo'y shou' pay lotta attention to da, this included... da, da role cards, front and back, the old-fashioned way, sits, three, sits, three double-sided cards and expanded rules, including details about the... rule t'ye deck. Wait a minute, is there two cards in dis? [Chris inspects his hards.] Ah, okay, did it... Oh boy... Derp. [nervous laugh]

Anyway, so, yeah, expanded ruuuules. It's good to solitaire, multi-deck gaaame. And additional details that were not originally covered in the original, set of rules from on-line but there's important details online. An... anatomy! card. Card anatomy? That' put on the card a long time agooooo... Aah. Bu' Ah di' it! Gary's speedin' away.

So that is what you get in this wubbly, wubbly deck. You get all dat. [Chris leans on the table, lifting the entire playing field. He grunts and blows another raspberry.] Hmm... Must be here, there....

Okay, so, being we ain't going to concentrate on that, but, maybe I would need an additional one, I'm going to incluuuude, for dis play, the promo star card of CWC Psychlight. Cuz, y'know, mainly [manually?] shuffling troo the start cards, so... this'd be just one of the additional bonus finally, because amongst the expansion packs, there's an optional bersion of these with... additional... power abilitiiiies, awailable lon da pre-sale Web site.

But without further ado, let's get to shuff-uh-ling. So we're gonna start by shuffling de gold deck. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-dee [screeching] I'M NO' REEDING YO CAMMENTS, so [chipmunk falsetto] PHOOEY ON YOU, HATERS! [three-second raspberry] [warbling] Oh, froh! Whoaly! Shyleah. Pfft. Ha ha ha, [raspberry] Yeah, it's a good show, hehehaha, I'll watch all the Shera there has been, it's really good. I wonder when's the next season?

And, going on... [Chris lays out the cards.] (10"00)

44:52 to 55:17

So here’s a wild regular Rosechu female, so, yeah, why not, since this is a gender change card we’ll just say the wild Rosechu is male now. (long pause) And I do believe this is a legal play, so we’re gonna say “The Conch That Brought the House Down” happened between the “Red Janekop” and the “Wild Rosechu”, which I do believe in this case means the thunderbolt happens, which “If this card is shipped with “Villain”, you may discard that pony card from the grid…oh, that’s right, play a pony card in its place. Hmm, oh we’ll bring Silvana in. And “Fight Tactics”, so essentially she has the ability of a “Changeling” and some. Hmm, (muttering) oh, let’s just say Silvana is Sonichu Prime there. Now let’s say Zelina comes in with Mystic Archery to take out the Mecha-Jerkop and replace him. And we’ll say “They Met Under the Sea”.

Nyeh, ol’ Helene the Mecha-Jerkop. And my hand is empty, so draw some more cards. I need four Pony and three Ship. Okay. We have Jamsta, there’s another Jerkop, Sandy, there’s Walsh. There’s. Walsh. Inside Technology where he’s literally inside technology. There’s (angry noises) it’s a fuckin’ Bluespike. Fuck da, fuck da, fuck da, MMMMMM! No, no, no. Mm, “Method Acting”. (Chris looks over his cards) Hmm… (continues looking over cards) (muttering) Hmm, do I want to save that for later… Hmm, I’m gonna say the Red Jerkop comes in and replace Zelina. (pause) (weird voice) Hmm, all the Jerkops and Janekops have seemed to be replaced. There shall be no relationship benea – between you, but – between you two in the name of Marjuwanan (???) Walsh.

(pause) Ah, speaking of which, let’s say Red Count Graduon got some Inside Technology tech with Walsh. And her Fantascension (???) any and all Pony cards without the Sonichu and Rosechu keywords on them surrounding this card on the grid gain the Villain keyword. I didn’t mean to knot their ship, so he’s not getting the keyword – he’s not getting the Villain keyword. (sigh, long pause) And we’ll say this Wild Rosechu gets a Method Acting with Sandy. Gender change option, um, eh, let’s leave that for now. So Biggest Dirty Hole (?) search the Ship, er, Pony discard pile for a card of my choice. I’m gonna go for the shit pot. (?)

(long pause) Wow. Okay, let’s bring more fun into this. And Punchy finds the Metaphysical Love Poison and brings Sonichu there. And takes care of this chain. Still… attached. Hmm. (pause) Definitely should’ve put more new goal cards in this. (pause) Eh, let’s do it. Eh, no, let’s not do it, I’m gonna save it for – I’m gonna try it next turn. Alright so, end of turn. I’ll draw… two cards in my hand, so draw three Pony and two Ship. Alright, and in our hand now we have Reldnahc, we have Cerah, Soul of Graduon, The Coming Out Story, (lol) and Blinded by Fate. (Chris considers his options) Alright, Sandy was Blinded by Fate, and Soul of Graduon came in. With a draw effect, so I get to draw a card. (long pause, eerie music is heard in the background (54:30)) This is, yeah I’m gonna go with this. Let’s do this for the final bit. Alright so, Red Jerkop has to hear The Coming Out Story from Reldnahc, which his ability is if he is shipped all around with four other villains, I’m able to put a Pony card and replace these five Pony cards from the grid, at the end of the turn move cards – move to the discard pile.

55:16 to 1:05:34


So I’ll just put that there for now. (pauses, looking through cards) Hmm… yeah, Trickery. Oh, well let’s do this then, I’m just gonna go with the Epic Online Bully (hey, that’s us!) and I take a Pony card from the grid and reattach it elsewhere with a Ship. That card power activates at the end of the turn until the Pony card attached to the Ship is discarded or moved from the grid and gains the keyword Villain so moving Punchy. Going with that. So, pretty much with that one move you know what happens? We just reset the grid! And our start card’s not in the center. (Chris removes all but his start card from the table) “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” “I’m not in the middle of the table anymore, what am I doing here?”

And I’m counting, and I do believe, yes, we just discarded more than ten Pony cards, so we just earned a Crash n’ Dash Diet. And that’s three points, so now I have five points out of eleven. Let’s go, card. Ok. (grunting card title) Do Not Call Me Gay! Win this goal when three male-male ships have been played in a single turn. I don’t have any Ship cards, so (sigh) time to draw. I’ll take four Ships. Oh, fun time. So we’ve got a Lovely Picnic, got Magi-Chan’s Guidance, we got Watching the Sunset and The Trading Card Game League. Hmm… but first let’s get a few more Ships in. Umm… (looks through cards) Okay, so let’s see, there was a Lovely Picnic between Metal Sonichu and Jamsta.

So I get to search fo—he has a special search that lets you search for up to two Pony cards from either—either of the Ship or Pony deck. (Why would a Pony card be in the Ship deck to begin with?) (Chris searches the decks while mumbling inaudibly) “Wait, they’re losing it! That’s a good-for-call gold deck.” (???) Yeah, sure, let’s go with that. We’ll go with that and the Crossover Tournament. Let’s do that. (weird voice) “Yeah, that’ll do.” Alright, so, the Crossover Tournament between Metal Sonichu and Simonla. So we’ll diiiiiiig deep. (looks through cards. Why are there so many “search the deck” cards? Maybe it’s just me, but that probably isn’t balanced.)

Oh there is another Rosey option in here. (briefly singing to himself) Ah, there we are. And shuffling the deck. Hmm-hm-hm. Alright, there it is. I’m gonna go Sonichu Watches a Sunset with Rosey! So we’re just Shipped the Primes. Activate this goal in my hand—this goal in my achievements. It also allows me to boost my hand size by one for the remainder of the game. So, alright. Full-Volume “Whoaly Crap”. (Apparently the name of the card???) Win this goal when a Pony card is shipped with a Pony card that has its race changed or a keyword added. (high-pitched voice) “Nuhhh! The mega calls Linus! No, no, no!” (???)

(looks at cards) (sigh) Hmm… No, let’s do this, I’m gonna say Rosey found some Guidance with Magi-Chan and share it with a female Sonichu from the wild with a new goal effect, so I get to swap out… I get to discard this goal and put a new one in its place. We’ll put that over there. Alright, Boob Wife (probably not the actual name of the card, but that’s what it sounds like he’s saying. 1:02:12) Could have used this a while ago! Win this goal—I was trying to work up to this, that’s when all those Jerkops and Janekops (slams hand on table) over here-- when at least three Jerkops and/or Janekops in any combination have been moved or discarded from the grid the same turn. I believe there was also one where if they were all shipped in the same— shipped in a chain.

Oh well, aside from that, leeet’s doooo this! (weird voice) The Trading Card Game Leeeeeeeague, so I can bring in a new start card! (high-pitched voice) You’re watching history in the making (normal voice) aaaaas we bring in a new start card. And let’s do this, I’m bringing in the CWC Psychlight. So now we have two start cards. And they both need to remain where they are, even if there are no Ship or Pony cards in between them, which we’ll get to that later on, I feel certain about it.

Oh, our present goal points in case nobody—in case y’all haven’t been counting, we have seven out of eleven right now. And the effect of the CWC Psychlight here. Once returned—when this card is shipped with Chris-Chan, you may draw the top card from either the Ship deck or the Ship discard pile. So your de-- you get a Ship-- Ship card if you ship (sing-songy tone) this CWC Psychlight with me. (slaps leg) (But which version of you, Chris? Any of them?) And I don’t have—this is not a Ship card, this is only a Pony card, so end my turn. Let’s draw three of each.

Heh-heh-heh-heh! Well guess what came from the night? (I think it’s the Gary Stu card? I don’t know. 1:04:00) There’s Vamprosa, there’s a Janekop, there’s a Janekop, (in unidentifiable accent) we’re Zappin’ to the Extreme! And Standing Up to the Bully for Love Poison Medical Recovery. (looks at cards, mumbling to himself) Alright, so (sigh) (continues looking at cards) Let’s do this, I’m taking both these Janekops and replacing the—replacing Jamsta and the wild—Soni—and the. (No, he doesn’t finish this sentence.) “One too late in the love row, Sonichu. No. Nooo!” (?) (looks at cards again) Alright, so let’s say Simonla enjoyed a Medical Recovery and Cerah was there to witness it.

1:05:35 to 1:15:24

Now here is where this new mechanic can be very, very interesting indeed. So we’re gonna (“cool” voice) Zap to the Extreme! Between CWC Psychlight and Ms. Vamprosa. And the effects of that Ship card—this particular card is I may discard a Pony card with the Villain keyword from the grid, so we discard this one. Now here is the main mechanic. I mean, there’s no pony card between those, so those are discarded, but on this side of the field we have Ace Darkheart (?) with all of these still linked, and on this side of the field we have this start card with this link. The two start cards can be reconnected, depending on the situation, or depending on how you see it, (in other words: when Chris feels like it) but those – the start cards that come in, they do not move from their personal location, but they can’t be reconnected on the grid.

(long pause) Eeh… enn, alright, so, and when you play a shit – when you play a Ship card you can play it from either start card, so I’m gonna say, oh boy, alright. So CWC Psychlight’s suddenly being bullied, so Simonla comes to the rescue. That’s still – they were – that’s – so there’s no start card, so oof. But like I said, yeah, because we just put Simonla on a square on the shipping grid that’s adjacent to the square that this one is, we can put a Ship card between them, and it’s fair play, then we end up reconnecting every – both portions to the field. So end my turn, I’mma draw a new hand. (slaps cards onto table) Gonna go with four Pony and three Ships.

Mmkay, so here is my counterpart in her Sonichu form, Christine Chan, oh, and there’s Crystal, there’s Sonichu and Rosey, there’s the other Rosey option, could’ve shipped this one with that Sonichu and win that goal earlier. And then there’s the Rosechu Medallion, the Bouquet of Special Roses, I’ve Been Lucid Dreaming, (good for you Chris) and Slipping into a Void. Now here is a technicality, cause you see, this is Christine Chan, not Chris Chan, so if I were to ship this with the CWC Psychlight I would not get the effect of drawing from the Ship deck or discard piles. Just putting it out there. (looks at his cards, mumbling to himself.)

Alright, so let’s – we’ll say for now, the Brown Janekop and Simonla share a Special Bouquet of Roses. And we just re-linked everybody on the shipping grid. (looks at cards) I have a strategy, I don’t want to waste any of my cards right now, so I’m gonna pause, just say end my turn, and draw a Ship card to refresh my hand to the seven. There’s a Classic Fourth Wall Break. (The card art is the page from Sonichu 10 where Chris sticks his head through the comic pages.) “Can we get on with this plot already?” “Alright, alright, I was just telling everybody what’s going on. Sticking my head through the page! Fa-ha!” (looks through cards)

Alright, this is gonna be a messy. This is gonna be messy. (looks through cards for like 30 seconds) Oh well, I’m gonna say it’s not a name. (continues looking through cards, muttering to himself. Hey, if it makes my job easier, I’m not gonna complain.) Okay, let’s say Metal Soni – Meta Sonichu had an act of (active?) Lucid Dream, and he borrowed Rosechu Medallion in a play – he found Rosechu Medallion. And all Pony cards shipped with that one all around gain the Rosechu keyword. But also keyword change, so… I am adding a Rosechu keyword to this, so a Pony card is shipped with a goal – Pony card that had its race changed or keyword added. So that’s eight points out of eleven.

Okay, I’m gonna carry on then. Now… oh, new goal card. Okay, Anniversarious (what) Relationship: when three Male/Female ships have been played in a single turn. (singing in acapella) Happy anniversary! Happy anniversary! Hmm. Okay, but essentially Male/Female, this can count either way, so that’s one Male/Female ship to consider. Hmm. Ah, yeah. Classic Fourth Wall Break. Found Sonichu and Rosey. Counts either way, and I may copy a copyable ability on the grid. I wish to nee—neh—no, wait. But… and then they Slip into a Time Void. They Slip into a Void to rescue Crystalina. And of course that’s female and that counts either way, so yeah. One ship, two ship, three ship, so Happy Anniversary! We now have nine points out of eleven.

1:15:24 to 1:27:02

Hmm. Chaotic Rainbow’s Children. Win this goal when there are at least ten Sonichus and/or Rosechus with the Special keyword on the grid. And the goal is worth four points if there are ten Pony cards are each of different names. (sigh) Well since we have that, let’s count so far. So Special Sonichus and Rosechus. Special, Special, Special. That’s one two three. Alright, so we have three out of ten so far. And I don’t have another Ship card, so end my turn. I’ll draw three of each. (briefly sings a tune) Okay, we now have Evachu. Shout out to Lucas, Devil, and Eva. (Those are the Teen Troons, right?)

Ah! The CPU comes into play! And Christine Chan. Oh and I gotta Save the Arts. Ooh, Making the Hall of Fame and (high-pitched screeching) Senpai! What?! No, the flower be angry, but they don’t know… (?) I need to know… (cackles) (looks through cards) Well… Tell you what, let’s have a bit of… Get a bit more fun with this… Crystalina made the Hall of Fame. And I can play another start card on the grid. So let’s bring in my hubby! Calassic. And that is he—his catchphrase. Classic. So now we have three players on the grid. It’s a three-player game! (looks through cards) Hmm, let me see, that makes four Specials now. (pause) She’s like, “Senpai, What?!” And then, guess what? Here’s the—here’s the parent. I’m not sad. This is a good relationship. Heh-heh. Uh yeah, but so, once returned, when this card and this only comes to the fibbling (?) you do the shipping in particular, so this is when I may draw the top card from the Ship deck or the Ship discard pile.

And I’ll draw from the… deck. (looks through cards) Huh. This is Playing Tennis with Magi-Chan. Avachu. Healing Pulse, so I get to draw two cards from the Ship and/or Pony deck. So, yeah, let’s do one of each. (growling) Eggman… Nyeh, door god dear god (???) They fall in love with Zaptina. And you replaced Simonla. No! No. (sighs, looks through cards) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I got Save the Arts, I got Save the Arts. Christine Chan’s gonna Save the Arts. And gender-change. So, alright, hell with it, we gonna make male Vamprosa. Think about that for a moment.

And I may swap up to two Pony cards on the shipping grid. Two Pony cards on the shipping grid. (pause) We’ll do… There, now Christine Chan’s shipped with Sonichu, there you go. Eee, hah, she’s doing the Classic Fourth Wall Break with Sonichu now. Just in the book—just like in the book. Hah. That’s funny. (pause) Uh, end my turn here, I’m gonna draw two Ponies and three Ships. Hmm. We got another—we got a Male Rosechu from the wild, Bubbles, Body Switching, I’ll show that off, yes, You’re the Chosen, and Attending Our Own Panel. Eh-heh-heh, yes. This is going to be fun.

Oh, this lovely event actually did happen between Magic—between I and Magi-Chan Sonichu a few months ago if everyone is willing to remember, despite the hateful comments that I am certain are lingering on the text query that I am not reading at all. Hmm. (looks through cards) Hmm. Alright, so let’s do this, so I’m gonna say we did a Body Switch between myself and Bubbles. So firstly body fit (?) we sweep the—swap the positions of two Pony cards attached to the grid, so essentially what happened to Bubbles’ body? (high-pitched voice) “What am I doing here? What am I doing? Why am I a human? Eeeh!” Body swap! That’s step one. Hmm. (looks through cards) Let’s see. The Medallion was found in a Field of Zapbuds by a Rosechu in the wild, and I get to draw a card so I’m drawing from the Pony deck. (looks through cards) Alright, but yeah, essentially I’m just gonna show—I’m just gonna show off this in a what-if scenario, I’m pausing the game for a moment just to show this off.

Okay so, let’s say I played another card that allowed me to swap a Pony card from one place to the other, so I’m gonna say let’s just say I did that over here and moved that over here, and there’s a new one over there, and then I did the same thing over here, so then would swap a Wild Rosechu with Bubbles, now at the end of the turn in this case, with that still in effect, in their present loscations regardless of whether they’ve been switched or not, they would essentially just be swapped in their present positions. (THIS WAS ALL ONE SENTENCE.)

So that’s the explanation behind Body Switching, that card. (Chris, that didn’t explain anything.) (looks through cards) Hmm. I’m gonna, alright so, now let’s bring in some Internet Trolls. I can only play this Ship card if there is a Pony card with the Villain keyword in my hand or on the grid. Now that plays—played with a Villain card from my hand or I may take a Villain card from elsewhere on the grid and reattach it to this Ship. And these two Ship cards go into the discard pile. (looks at cards) Hmm. Let’s see if I—alright, Sonichu and Rosey were at the panel that was, um, attended by Magi-Chan. Cause place on the shipping grid, move a start card, reattach it to this Ship card. So let’s see, who else is still attached to a Ship card on the grid? They are, they are, these aren’t. See you.

1:27:02 to 1:36:45

Probably should do a Special count. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hmm. And that’s it, I’m gonna end the turn and I’m gonna take four Ship cards and one Pony card. Hmm. There’s Devil, there’s Devil. (quickly grumbles) The uncomfortable man. (???) And then, come into my void, oh man, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Ha! Oh. Waiting In Line, (deep voice) I Am Darkness, and Saving a Foe. (looks through cards) Alright, let’s do this. Where… waiting. Magi-Chan’s Waiting In Line and Christine Chan found him. (looks through cards) Eh, I’m gonna end my turn and take two Pony cards.

Huh. Got Metonic. (nasally voice) I’m A Phone! We got the phone! “Ring-ring hello, ring-ring hello!” “Yes?” “Hello! Hello!” “Hello!” “Hello!” “Hello!” (Random-access humor at its “finest”.) Alright, so Christine Chan Saves a Foe. She saves the Soul of Magi-Chan Sonichu, and she saves him. Hmm. I don’t wanna do that. Don’t wanna do that. Want—I want Sonichu and Rosey to be Saving the Foe—Saving the Foe. And they happen to rescue—they end up rescuing his soul. So essentially that’s a keyword change… Hm. I’m not gonna worry about that. Ugh, I should have worried about that, I could have used it on another card that’s… (looks through cards)

Oh well! Coming up into—coming up from the darkness is… Devil. (looks through cards) How many Special Sonichus and Rosechus? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. (sigh) Okay. The Soul of Magi-Chan went into the void, and found a phone. Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? I get to search for a card. (looks through cards) Let’s go with that, yeah. So yes, but I do believe I played three Male on Male ships, so I get this single point, and what does that bring us up to now? Seven, eight, nine, ah. Ten points. Oh boy. (shout-singing?) “You wouldn’t shatter my heart, you wouldn’t shatter my heart, you wouldn’t shatter my heart, (unintelligible screaming)” (sigh) Break up a ship between Chris Chan or Christine Chan and a female individual. (How incredibly specific.) (sigh) And there’s Christine Chandler attached to—shipped with Magi-Chan.

Oh hey, she’s shipped over there, so that’s a possibility. Uh, but I’m more concerned with, ten Sonichu and/or Rosechu, with Special keyword. (sigh) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Eh. Okay! We just earned the Chaotic Rainbow of Children. Well that’s seven, eight, nine, ten, that’s… thirteen points, cause there are—there’s the same name within that set—in that set, so game over! Would I have been able to do that? Hmm. Yeah, I would not have been able to earn You Wouldn’t Shatter My Heart. But anyways, so, there you go, just plaaaaayed—we just christened the Sonichu deck for Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder.

This is available right now on presale directs from me, and the uh printing website that I’m accompanied with. I have… eh—I have three more expansion packs planned, aside from those that are already available now as listed on the website. (muttering) Eh, may as well put this box here. So I’ll be putting a link in the description below this video so y’all can go check them out for yourselves and the special offer includes when every—everybody makes a purchase on there additionally gets a full set of eighteen promo cards, including this CWC Psychlight. And for those of you who spent a minimum of 100 dollars, (shame on you) on this presale event, will get one of the fifteen-card expansion packs randomly selected depending on what was purchased.

And I don’t have a copy of that big ol’ box myself yet, but if you buy the whole kit n’ kaboodle as it is now or after I have all the expansion packs up and about, I’ll include a big ol’ box—I’ll include lar—long box like this one with a lid, it’s got lovely pictures on it, I’d love to preview it, but like I said, don’t have box printed on hand yet, I’m waiting for it, I have one on order for myself, but that box will be included if you buy the whole… box with the deck and one of each of the expansion packs up to this point, as well as the remaining three expansion packs.

So for this points and uh—eh, hmm, trying to catch up with my thoughts. Okay, so anyway, af—after this, also… (sigh) I’m thinking, my brain is going out of order. Neh. Essentially what’s going to be happening is I’m gonna be talking with vendors and online sellers and to sell Secret Shipfic cards and I’m gonna talk with them and als—then I’ll let them sell my deck and expansion packs between their websites and at conventions, including BABScon, so… That’s it for now, thank you all for watching this lovely bit of chaotic gameplay, y’all take care and see y’all next time. Love and peace! (shuts camera off)

Taking TSSSF Product Photos

Taking TSSSF Product Photos
Stardate 8 December 2019
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Card Games, MarketingMarketing Marketing
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The Classic 2.0


0:00 to 15:00


[Video begins. The camera is focused on a table holding several boxes full of Chris’s homemade cards and a McCafe cup. Chris walks into shot while speaking, and sits at the table.]

[Sigh] Hello, ever’body, this is Christine Chandler comin’ to ya live from home once again. Today I’m doin’ something completely special, ‘cause I pretty much have enough produts, [he fiddles with the boxes] to actually take, uh, photographs [he leans down so that we can just see the lower half of his face] of, using my second phone. [In a smug, nasal tone of voice] Yeah, I got twooo phones, [he points at the camera], one for da trolls, and one for my, uh--one for my trolls, one for my homes, [he points at the camera again] I got twooo phones. One for da bullies, ‘n one for my friends. Do you think I need two phones? You’re recording me with one, you’re taking pictures with the other one. [Shrilly] I think that’s a pretty good reason! So anyway, let’s go through what I have here. [He picks up one of the boxes, which is marked with a borrowed or stolen fanart of Sonichu on one side and the merging Earths on the other] First off, I show off da bots. Dis is da bots where, er, past established dets and expansion packs will be packaged into when you buy the whole kit ‘n caboodle. Um, of course, well, dis is tak–dis is discounting the Sonichu villains pack--Baby! Don’t mess with that! My cat Baby. {Editor’s note: That is such a lazy fucking name for a cat} Hey! [He leans off camera to grab the cat] Don’t mess with the cable! [In a higher pitch] Don’t mess with the cable! [He picks the cat up and holds it in front of the table for a moment] Yeah, c’mere, buddy. Now it’s a cat video, there’s a cat. [The cat starts wriggling and he lets it go] Awright, let you go. Don’t mess with the cable. I’m recording here! [He gets up and walks away from the table] You mess with the cable, you mess with my power system! [He turns on a faucet offscreen and says something shrill; the running water and his tone largely obscure the words. He returns to the table and sits down with a stress sigh] Now. As I was saying, dis is a lovely custom designed rigid box, and before anybody asks, I gave errybody dis foretaste of de big ol’ world. It’s not a combination of Earth and Saturn, [he begins shuffling through cards] it’s atshually an image for one of the cards from the deck. Of which I shall present to you all once again. Dah-ta-dah, here we are--Hey! [Shrilly] No no no no no no no no! [Thumps something on the table to scare the cat away, shaking the camera slightly. He stress sighs] Kitty-cat messing with da symbols--the cables. [He holds the card up to the camera, showing us the image of the merging Earths] See? Dimension Merge Completion. Dis is essentially an image of myging–da merging of da two Earts between Dimension 1218 and C-197, which is very much happening. [He puts the card back into the deck] And I’m not listening to any hater comments on that. Which, also on that, you know, not reading your comments, but donations are greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

Anyway, so . . . I have my cards so far, and some of which I have printed individually in advance, so . . . [stress sigh] now, back to the bots, back to the bots [he picks up the box again, rotating it as he speaks. He doesn’t seem to notice that it’s mostly out of frame as he does this] There’s one side, and the other side, and anurr side, there’s anurr side, there’s da top, and the bottom’s all black, and you open it up, and I had da dis–I did dis with my . . . kit ‘n caboodle, to figure out how to arrange everything. [He opens the box, revealing it to be stuffed with several smaller card boxes, like an autistic matryoshka] Ta-da! Can fit all the–fit all the deck and etspansion packs in dere, [Baby wanders past at the top of the frame] ‘n which would be arranged carefully. Now doing--d--I do not have the . . . [he picks up some sheets of paper, the first of which bears an advert for the Samurai Pizza Bots expansion] Samurai Pizza Bots etspansion pack yet, though that is completed and a copy of it is on its way, [he sets aside the first sheet and reveals the second, an advert for the Nightvee & The Warriors for Andromeda expansion] aaand I’m still a few cards short of completing Nightvee and the Warriors for Andromeda pack. So–but we do have boxes of which represent--da--represent dose, in de absence of dose atshual botses. [He pulls out one of the smallest card boxes to show us] Cause, you know, de size of de Samurai Pizza Bots bots [he holds up the SPB advert again] is essentially, nyeeh, da size of bots of the Super Mega Forms, or, here [he pries out two other boxes] de Idea Guy Corruptions and de Arizona Slime etspansions. [He returns those boxes and pulls out one of the larger boxes] And of course here’s de deck bots, the ones that [get put box?] will definitely be Nightvee and da Warriors for Andromeda, so that’s–so I got this bots, dis prototype bots for Arizona Slime [shrilly] dey don’t really need it, but oh well, MPC downgraded me from flip-bots to this, but at least dis makes good space-filler to represent dat neck of the woods. And dere’s definitely room for one more thin bots within here, so that’s doable. And [he pulls out another box] de OC bots is a flip-bots. [He pulls out another box, sighing] Da Chris-Chan pack is a flip-bots, and [he pulls out the last two boxes] Sonichu ‘n Rosechu n’ Night Star packs are tuck-botses, though you can tell dat Sonichu ‘n Rosechu pack is thicker ‘cause there’s more cards in there. That’s the choice I had to go with on the web--on de Make Playing Cards, MPC website. And of course there is room in here, round here, for de eighteen promo cards. But also what you can do with this bots aside from storing all your lovely kit ‘n caboodle, a’course . . . [he empties out the storage box, fishes out a huge stack of cards from one of the other boxes on the table, and puts them into the storage box] is store your playing cards in’ere as well, which you can have ‘em like that, though maybe with a cardboard on one side or the other, to make a lil bit higher, maybe use one from one of those Pokemon TCG elite trainer botses, to make do, to essentially have ‘em like that. [He pulls the cards out and puts them back in on their sides] Or simply just . . . put ever’body on their sides, it’s easier when nobody’s in sleeves [he angles the box to show us] but it does well for--even when they are sleeved and . . . [he pushes the lid onto the box] that works well. [Baby and Sylvia tear past the table; the rattling of their bells and tags almost drowns Chris out] So ya got options! And as always, options are what? [He points at the camera] They’re good.

[He reopens the box and takes out the cards] So, anyways, yeah, I had stated on the earlier point, we are doing . . . product photographs, so I’m putting all these botses back in dis bots here. We will not be doing product images for, uh . . . [he holds up the printed adverts again] well, I guess we could since I have these printed out, an’ I only have like a few cards of each pack. Like, I only have two cards out of the Samurai Pizza Bots and I have like Nightvee–n–mm–CPU maker cards for, uh, this pack. [Sighs] I’ll make do. [He sets aside the main box and picks up the three boxes full of cards] But dis is essentially good behind-the-scenes footage, y’all are getting a treat to see, as I take dese product shots for da--de webpage. So as you can tell, in these three botses, which obviously dere, [he picks up one box, puts it back, and picks up another box] let me get this one, dis one actually has writing on it, and Cosmic Eclipse boxes. [He turns the bottom of the box to the camera, revealing that he has repurposed boxes from a Pokemon TCG expansion to store his cards. His name is written in pen beneath the logo] But I wrote--I used a gel pen, marked on the bottom of bots, [he turns the box to show us the other alterations he’s made] da bots tops, and of course I put a card front ‘n back, and I wrote on the inside bots [he shows us the writing: CWC’s Cards I] inside, on the bottom, da side that goes forward. So, for–I’m decently organized, you know, start, pony cards, ship cards, goal cards, just like my regu’ar collection. So, we’ll start, we’ll start by figuring out the arrangement for the deck cards, so, [he starts pulling out deck boxes and cards] we’re gonna need the deck cards, and I’ll definitely note on the prospective webpages that card sleeves will not be included, and I’ll make sure to clear the area. So, ‘n this is definitely a difference here, [he holds up two cards, one of which is apparently a variant version] I mean, you get this card in da deck, but you get this in the etspansion, de Chris-Chan etspansion pack, so, it’s like [shrilly] you buy de etspansion pack, you could easily swap this out for a better–for a better full-art with an additional effect.

So, anyway, [he starts laying cards out and rearranging the table space, setting aside boxes as he goes] so we got that card, we got that card, we got this card, and . . . [we’re getting cards ?] that were in the deck, so we have those four start cards and I have--ever’body else sorted out here, so here’s all the pony cards for the deck . . . [mumbling] ‘n da ship card, more ship cards . . . and here’s all the deck ship cards, ‘n [mumbling] and a’course the goal cards for the deck, so . . . get that out of the way. [Mumbling] And get this out of the way too . . . [more mumbling] Now, well, I wanna focus on the product, because I have watched da commercials over de--I have watched de many, many advertisements over da years an’ . . . you notice I have da two playing mats underneath dese papers, so it’s like to . . . not to focus on any imagery dat’s underneath the product. Oh, I forgot one thing. [He opens up a random box] I ended up with a bunch of extra cards, ‘cause my advance-printed cards, some of them were actually larger than the typical poker size, so I ended up having to do reprints for myself, so . . . on this side I ended up with a tuck-bots versus de default flip-bots for de OC pack. So, nyaah, it was a learning process! Learning process. Gotta love to learn. I likes learning. {Editor’s note: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA} All right, so yeah, I just, I mean--since I don’t wanna unsleeve ever’body, that would be a time-waster, ‘n I wanna make sure de Secret Shipfic Fo’der is talked about . . . so, yeah-g-mm . . . gonna sample one of our start card, [shuffles cards] the kinda thing we I [loudly] n’yeah, dis is anudder prototypical thing I ended up with, [he fans out several cards to show the camera] dese choppy misprints on the back, aside from . . . [he pulls another card out of its sleeve] ‘n actually this’d be a good sample, so . . . so, n’yeah [he holds a card up to the camera] you can tell it’s larger than a typical poker card, so dat was my etsperience. I mean, it may not be as obvious when you’re . . . have ‘em in card sleeves, but . . . when you’re looking at ‘em in a deck perceptive [Editor's note: I assume he meant "perspective"} outside of sleeves, it [shrilly] it does make a difference! [Sighs] Thank you, children of [?] for waking me up to that.

So, anyway, I want a regular start card . . . [mumbling] put these back . . . I want a pony card with a typical back . . . [blows a raspberry and makes some babbling sounds as he fumbles with the cards and boxes] Dis is a learning process I had to go through in figuring all this out for myself ‘n everything. [Sighs] ‘N Magi-Chan was definitely able ta help me through all this, so . . . so muh--many props and thanks to him also. Um, [sighs] dose out of the way, we have our product pony card back, and [mumbles, pulls out more cards] okay, ‘n yeah, this’ll be our product start card, ‘n this’ll be our goal card, ship card, dere. We’re--we just need the backs ‘cause . . . they show the logo ‘n everything, and what’s typical in the pack, and it’s like obvious, if dere’s a start card in da pack, we’ll have da--we’ll have dat back face up. Pack or deck, it’s just, let ever’body know in de advertisements. So, yeah. I took photography in high school, as one of my classes, so I took some good photos. {Editor’s note: No, he did not} So, anyway, let’s figure out our arrangement now, so we got our kit ‘n capoodle [sic], n’ . . . [mumbles while rearranging cards and boxes] all right, gotta figure out good lighting, yeah, deck boxes, yeah, [mumbling] deck boxes to the left, dere’s better lighting from dat side, from my right. So, want to arrange a few select cards, and dat’s anurr thing that you see, we’re gonna be having the three decks back side up, so this’ll definitely be another sleeves-not-included aspect and why . . . we’ll need those sample backs. [One of the cats wanders past and starts scratching itself offscreen, its bell jingling as he talks] This is a process. It’s a good process. Hmm. [He begins laying out the cards] So I’m trying ta--I’m deciding how I want to do this. I mean, yes, could, we could arrange ‘em in a fold like that. [He lays out two rows of cards in a fan shape, one above the other] Wanna just take a few off the top like that. Hm. [He shrugs] It’s a valid presentation, but I feel like we could do better, like . . . let’s make an etsample of the game, right?

15:00 to 29:42

So here’s what we’re gonna do. (shuffles cards) We’re goin’ to take a start card, an’ place dat – we’re just gonna do da ship (gestures vaguely), we’re gonna make a – make, make a short shippin’ grid round here, and start cards’ll be – over dare, so I’ll put dat over dare, an’ den we’re gonna say we have da, ship – dat…pony ship an’ pony cards over here, oh I’ll pick a few examples outta dis (flicks through cards), aw, da God-dang, I just knew it – yeah, dare’s OK KO. Let’s Zap It Up…(flicks more purposefully, finds Dimensional Merge card)…yeah, I definitely want dat since we have it on da box, de Dimension Merge Completion, aaaand, hmmmmm….(more flicking)…one more, one more…oh, not good, not good…(music heard faintly as Chris falls silent)…ah, y’know what? – Family Photo. We’ll put dare (places cards),, I’ll be needin’ da whole deck, so I place da goal cards, an’ da – top of da pack, dare (places more cards to his right), now…we’ll s’lect some, pony cards – move dis deck – do a bit o’ – shippin’ around…(more flicking. It’s almost as if he wants to remove any element of surprise and improvisation from this)…hmmmm…yes, let’s put Commodore Phone (yes, indeed, you can bang a mobile phone in this game if your luck’s in)…ummmm…I definitely like to get ME on the grid (places card showing one of his many, many self-surrogates, then MOAR SELECTIVE FLICKING)…let’s have Sonichu an’ Rosey over dare…hmmm. Yeah. Why not…my Dad over dare (lucky Robertchu. You are CHOSEN!!!)…I’m just, collectin’ and pickin’ (no shit, Chris). Hmm. – We’ll put Walsh over dare…ooh. I LOVE Roberta (chuckles) – we’ll put Roberta – uh, we’ll ship ‘er with Robertchu, how about dat…(Velocity of Bob’s spinning body approaches light speed) Dat works! (chuckles) I like dat. Hmmm…we’ll put Medallion over dare. And (more bloody flicking) I fink one more pony card…(long pause. Jingle jangle goes Chris’s cheap jewellery) Hmmmmm…Yeah. Why not? (places card decisively) Asperchu.

So, we have our etsample shippin’ grid, ‘cept with da pony cards we’d like(?), we put sample pony card pack on da deck back (he even appears to be confusing himself here), so, so now we’ll select some ship cards, and…I would like to make an etsample, so we’re gonna have one more start card to dis lot…ermmmmm…(wafts card around vaguely)…we’ll put Night Star over here. So dare’s dat. Down they lay…a-and, because we’re doin’ a second start card, I definitely want to put a (more fucking flicking) play from collection card, ‘cause…I fink dat works, (yells in sudden anger) HEY, BABY! BABY! (lurches out of frame, gut wobbling) BABY! NO! NO! NO! GET AWAY FROM DARE! (sounding amazingly like Cartman as he shoos the poor cat away. There follows what sounds very like something plastic being thrown in Baby’s direction. Sorry to be personal, but fuck you, Chris, you obnoxious manchild.)…Cats, amirite? (Yeah, so much less important than some shitty card game for ree-tards, amirite?) Oh-kaaaaay. TCG Lake(?). Okay, so dose – so dey end up in da card game together. Let’s swap Walsh an’ Night Star, why not, ermmm…den we’ll pick a few other ship cards, ermmm…(placing cards) Lovely Picnic, nice card to coon(?), place it dare…(long pause, more card-flicking and placing)..mmnyep-yep-yeeeaaahhh…hmmmm…so, dey Enjoy Da Concert…(long pause. More treacly light classical music is heard)…hmmm…ah, yeah. Alright. Dey met while waiting in line. (placing cards. ANOTHER long pause.) *stress sigh*

‘Kay, now dese is a whole bunch o’ paper, but I wanna make sure dare’s no distractin’ imagery underneath da cards. Dat’s da, ah, dat’s da point. Okay, now I shuffle dose cards, I’m gonna do Innernet Trolls between da Phone an’ Walsh. (Baby wanders past at a sensible distance, aloof.) Hey, dat works – dey’re infringin’ on da, tryin’ to get into da – technology, dare. (More flicking yet while he mumbles to himself.) Dare! Now we do What Is Dat? Ermmm, I worked in – Roberta and my Dad worked inna Double Teaaam, hmmm, an’…Savin’ De Arts…why not? Errrrr…I’ll do a Bouquet O’ Speshul Roses (chuckling)! Look, aw da hell, I’m tyin’ ‘em inna knot(?). Annnnd….hmmmmm…okay, we’ll see an Anchuent Prophecy party because dey brought da Phone in (whatever you say, Chris). Annnnd…alright, dare’s our shippin’ deck, and dese are our little arrangements of - dis’ll be our – Product Shot. So, I’m gonna take a pikchuh of all dis (picking up camera phone), from da lovely angle of my second phone…make sure it takes a good view…ummm…I’ve done dis…(he finally takes the snap, and thrusts the results into the frame) Ah. Dare. Dat looks pretty good. (No comment.) An’ dat will go on de – pre-sale website, later on. In a, in a little while. (Puts phone down.) Now we have dis pikchuh taken, I’m a just a – put dese all, set dose aside, hmm, hmmm…okay, den, c’mon. Pick up dese – oh, dose are start cards, pony cards on top o’ dose, and I’ll give dis a brief shuffle – annnd, good wi’ da pony cards…back in dare…start cards, I got dem, and well, dey were, I know – what a sensational beast(?)! Okay, dare’s start cards – I got da pony, I got da ship cards, an’ – put ‘em back in da ship deck – just give all dat – a quick shuffle (some 40 seconds have already passed since he first announced this intention)…put dat back…and I wanna work out (picks up cards) which ones I wanna keep. (Chris, you do not understand how shuffling works.)

Ooh…OK KO! Heh, heh. Das right. So…just dare, in da other box, annnnd…(hauls another bloody box of cards onto the table) dat’s it for da deck! Now to work on…we’re doin’ this in chronological order of – of – determine – uh, expansion packs, so – now we’re gonna do, yeah, we’ll do the Slime next, an’ I would like to have a prop, so I’ll use…use…(more box-shifting) dis box, and…(fishes something out of box)…hair not included. How did dat get in dere? So…we’ll put da deck dare, and prop dis (some cards) up against da box, an’ now I’m gonna pick out de cards dat are mainly fum da – from dat particular expansion pack. ‘Cept dare are now only two pony cards in de – in dat pack, an’ I’m now strugglin’ m I l k(?)…ummm…ummm…dare’s a good number o’ ship cards (trivia point – the slushy string music at this point is a cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John), dey’re pretty much shuffled but dey, dey do y’know have de story on ‘em when you put ‘em in a chronological order, annnd dare’s a few goal cards in here…so…okay, dat’s da goal cards. (Moves boxes off of table.)

Now, we only – we’re only gonna focus on da cards dat are incluuuded with da expansion pack – dare’s no start cards in dis pack so in our sampler we’re not gonna include dat one (discards card). Now, let’s see, we’re gonna try to make up a simple, short grid with – what we have here – an’ what I have in mind, I’ll simply just orange strawberry m I l k token ex-barrier of protection(?) – of course, dat’ll actually prevent two pony, two cards from bein’ discarded, an’ dat now, I’ll see what I can figure out appropriate goal card (yet more flicking, incoherent rule-mumblings)…oh well, I’m just goin’ to say let’s pretend we have – doin’ a trick, doin’ a self-so set-up of cards right dare, I’ll just sit dose right dare, an’…mmmm…oh, I didn’t wanna do a sample, oh, what, you know what, let’s just arrange dis all – let’s just put all de – all cards together on dere (even he sounds depressed by how much fun he’s having). An’ den like dis, an’ den dare, an’ say dat’s it! Dat’s an example of a sheer pan (shipping?). Now we’ll just see here with all de other ship cards in da pack, an’ yeah let’s move dese closer to da boxes…make sure nothin’ is tucked underneath our paper, alright. (Picks up camera phone) Alright, dat actually does look good, ‘cept – for….(Lays out three more cards) Dare. Dat shows dat we only have pony, ship an’ goal cards in dis particular pack. So now, we’re takin’ de lovely picture of all dis…mmmm….ahhhhh….mmmmm. Try to figure dis out. Mmm…mmmm…feels like it’s a bit too…yeah, feels like I want de – dare’s da Slime pack box, closer…(moves stuff) Hmmmm, yeah…I want it to be in da centre of da frame. Now let’s put dat over dare an’ put dese to da front, an’ over dare…hmmm. Let’s put dese – oh yeah – let’s put dose beside dat…yeah, dat’ll do. Dare, dat looks much better. (Again, no comment.) Alright…hmmmm…(Still not satisfied, he abruptly starts shifting more stuff around the table.) Dese here…Making Art! Makin’ a bit o’ Art. ‘Cause we’re showin’ off LOTS of lovely Art. Alright…hmmm…(he moves stuff infinitesimally around again) And dat looks pretty good…now I’m gonna go with dis, an’ OOP! (Finally takes photo and holds it up to us again.) An’ dat’ll go on – dat’ll go on the original Slime listing. Okay, so I’ll put dese away (begins laboriously re-packing cards). Okay, an’ we’ll get our next buncha cards out…

1:09:57 to 1:12:57 Explaining freakout at SNT's fanart

. . . Lessee, we also have some Chaos Emeralds, and a Sonichite and Rosechite, an’ Divine Intervention, which helps you get your Mega Evolutions on the grid a lil sooner. I’ll do a s’play here, so there’s Mega Wild. [Abruptly loud and upset] He needs his tail to be a leaf! Its gliding properties make him able to fly and jump higher! [Very shrilly] Don’t give him a big ol’ poofy Pachirisu tail, Courtney! Come on! GAAAH! That really triggered me! [He abruptly becomes calm again]

Anyway, so . . . display ever’body around here, dah-ta dah-ta dah. An’ by the way, [he holds up a Mega Punchy card] his temporary tail, you see those silv--you see dose silver things on the sides of his tail of his Mega form? That’s a pair a’ sword blades. So he can actually detach ‘em from his tail and use ‘em as a pair a’ katana, literally. {Editor’s note: FUCKING WEEB} And he puts ‘em back on and dey just grow back in. Don’t . . . don’t try to logic this. All right? We’re beyond logic. {Editor’s note: That is the truest thing Chris has ever said.} [He coughs]

Excuse me. [He takes a sip from his McCafe cup] From da stress I have, watching dat video of the redesigned Chaotic Combo . . . [stress sigh] allowed the cold virus to get in. Dat’s what I’ve been dealing with yesterday and today. [He takes a long drink from his cup and exhales loudly] Ah, warm tea, with lemon. [Stress sigh]

I had to deal with . . . really messed-up brain, dat’s why I lit--[he bends down to put part of his face into frame] I ended up not on purpose, just ending up, making scrambled sentences. All right? [In a sulky whine] That’s why my brain was really fried, from the virus that was coming in. Got all stressed. [Shrilly] Took advantage . . . I have positivity ‘n optimism, an’ as calm and clear-minded as possible for meditation, to stave off--I’ve been able to stave off viruses for months! And then this fated event, this fated triggering set happens, an’ I just . . . [He whines, slumps back in his seat, makes another loud whining noise, fiddles with the paper on the table, and stress sighs] Anyway, I’m feeling better.

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