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No burglar would ever want anything in this house.
Chris, being surprisingly (almost) modest.[1]
Number 14 was aflame in '14. LOL
Chris, on the two-year anniversary of his house fire.[2]
The house in 2024.
The house in 2021.
Aerial shot of the house.
A rough drawing of a top-down view of the house in 2009. This cutaway shows the second floor, with Chris's room, the kitchen, living room, bathroom and an unknown area visible.

14 Branchland Court, Ruckersville, VA, often abbreviated to 14BC, and also currently known as Sonichu Headquarters and the Temple of CWC Sonichu[3] – the last bastion of autism. This was the vile lair of Christian Weston Chandler, up until his arrest in 2021. Currently, it is inhabited by Christopher's ghost, Chris's mother Barbara,[4] the surviving Chandler cats,[4] and Chris's dog Clover.[5] It was a white two-story house with dark red trimming (which faded to ivory and pink respectively) with three bedrooms on the outskirts of Ruckersville, although since its renovation has been repainted in beige with dark green shutters. The property is near the intersection of Branchland Court and Westwood Drive, facing northwest. The house is just past the local trailer park and nestled in a lower middle-class suburban community. It was built in 1977, and with no major work done from 1986[6] to 2014, the house shows its age with its tacky fake shutters and vinyl siding.

Chris and his family have notoriously spent decades constantly filling up the house with tons of garbage and junk, earning it the nickname of "The Hoard". In earlier pictures (those of Chris's twentieth birthday in 2002, for instance), the house seemed reasonably tidy; but, in his first video tour, Chris kept referring to the fact that "things got cluttered," suggesting that the house has only grown fuller and fuller ever since. "Clutter" is, of course, a grievous understatement; the entire house is packed with garbage, to the point where junk fills up entire rooms and reach within two feet of the ceiling (the living room was, for a while, basically inaccessible due to all the accumulated junk). Similarly, other rooms are full of junk, but rather than solid, impassable slabs of filth like in the living room, there are small crevices with chairs, TVs, and other furnishings.

Of the three Chandlers, Barb was the biggest hoarder, and one of the biggest obstacles to cleaning the place aside from the general laziness of the family. THAT IS MY HOUSE revealed that Chris's parents were aware of the alarming implications of the house's condition (with the junk being both a health hazard and a fire hazard), and feared that Chris's video tours could've elicited the attention of the Health Department of Greene County resulting in their home being condemned. In the wake of Bob making that remark, weens made several calls to the health department in hopes of spurring such a process into action, but their efforts proved fruitless, like most efforts to get the state to intervene in Chris's sorry life.

Chris claimed to have put forth some effort towards cleaning up the house in early 2010, but the "back-breaking" tasks he describes amount to simple maintenance, like vacuuming and scrubbing the floors. He talks about this as if he is making great progress in fixing the disaster area that is 14 Branchland Court, but his efforts seemed to amount to little more than preventing himself from slipping on cat shit on a regular basis. Barb apparently threatened to throw him out of the house if he were to attempt to dispose of some of her hoard of useless shit.[7]

Chris also claimed that Bob used to use a computer, but Barbara bought an enormous amount of crap from Goodwill, blocking off the computer. Whether or not Barb did it to stop Bob from using the computer is unknown, but at any rate he did.[8]

In a phone call to Rocky Shoemaker in 2011, it was revealed that 14 Branchland Court was infested and that the parasitic infestation caused Bob to be "covered in bug bites" before his death from heart disease.

On 10 January 2014, Chris reported that the house had sustained major structural damage from an early-morning house fire following an electrical shortage. Chris, Barb, the dogs, Lucy the cat, and other possessions made it out safely, and they spent about a year in a rental house – which they predictably completely trashed – before moving back to the renovated 14 Branchland Court in December 2014. Although Chris was temporarily detained in jail after his misadventure on the 26th, he was later released on bail and moved back into his house in January 2015.

The house was vacant between the time of Chris and Barb's separation after the incest fallout, and the first few weeks of the Jail Saga following Chris's arrest. A Kiwi Farms user confirmed that Barb returned to the house starting on, or at some point before, August 29th 2021.[4] where she is currently at the mercy of caretakers and family members after the November 2021 car accident.[9] As of 2023, it appears that 14 Branchland Court is finally receiving at least some of the TLC it deserves, as recent fan visits have found the lawn being clipped and cleared of rubbish, and portions of the all-consuming hoard within (including some of Chris's belongings) having been extricated into bins to be disposed of, suggesting that someone has been paid to help Barb maintain the property.[10]

Following the dismissal of Chris's case in August 2023, his car was spotted at 14 Branchland Court on 4 September 2023. Chris retrieved his possessions from the house, such as some commissioned artwork he never finished from two years ago. In April 2024, during a visit to 14 Branchland Court, Chris filmed himself collecting gravel from the front yard for selling on OfficialCWCmart.[11]


14 Branchland Court was built in 1977 on a lot of 0.56 acres.[12]

Chris's parents presumably purchased 14 Branchland Court at some point between their marriage on 7 June 1980 (at which point they were still living in the Richmond area) and Chris's birth 20 months later. A plaque which hangs above Chris's bed in some videos (notably All Star) indicates that his parents' nickname for the house was "Wes-Chandler-Ton Manor".

Chris lived at 14 Branchland Court from his birth on 24 February 1982 until his family moved to the Richmond area in 1993 in order to escape the Greene County Public School system's attempts to pull him out of mainstream schools. Initially, Chris and his father lived in the Richmond suburbs while his mother held the fort in Ruckersville so she could continue working for the local electric power authority until retirement. Barbara joined them after retiring a few years later.

The Chandlers moved back to the Ruckersville house in 2000 after Chris graduated high school. In a video released in May 2010, Chris claims that his family tried and failed to sell the house at some point, and would have stayed in the Richmond suburbs if they had been able to find a buyer. Chris naturally attributes the house's failure to sell to a conspiracy between local realtors and the Greene County school system, but as this article explains, it probably went unsold for more practical reasons.

The original number of the house was 46 Branchland Court - this is the number given in A Week With Christian Chandler (2000) and Cole Smithey's 1994 postcard to Barbara. It was changed to 14 sometime after 2000.

First House Tour

Main article: Tour of Chris's House
if Clyde thought my room is a mess, he should see the rest of my house; my family has a LOT of clutter from small things in boxes to furniture. [...] You don't need to feel surprised from the mess of my family, my mother got her things one at a time while "it was a bargain".
Chris to Julie[13]

In two videos uploaded on 27 March 2009, Chris provided a tour of his house and the property that it's on. Like his own room, Chris's entire house is a disaster area. Several rooms are so cluttered that Chris cannot enter them.

What follows is a brief description of the rooms and other areas of 14 Branchland Court circa 2009.

Ground Floor

Bob in the family room.

The north corner is what Chris describes as the music room (probably where Bob kept his extensive music collection), which was primarily the domain of Barbara, who frequently slept there. A small bathroom is directly in front of the stairs leading up to the front door. On the other end of a short hallway is the utility room, in which the family kept a refrigerator in addition to the usual washer and dryer. The family room (possibly in the west corner) had been claimed by Bob, who apparently slept there as well. If Chris's parents ever had, or used, dedicated bedrooms in the house, then they were never filmed.

Top Floor

Barbara moving Chris's earthly possessions from Richmond back to the living room in April 2000. The junk was already amassing.

Chris's bedroom is in the north corner of the second floor. Across the hallway, near the east corner, is a filthy bathroom, which apparently has not been cleaned in years, as implied by the layers of dark brown/green mold growing in the shower and the peeling of the veneer on the cabinetry. The kitchen and dining area are apparently near the southern corner and southwestern wall. The computer Chris used for Internet access at the time was in this part of the house, as was a Christmas tree left up year-round. Tellingly, Chris has actually photographed himself with Officer Nasty and dildos in the kitchen, and has even mass debated here over a webcam feed. This implies that Chris's parents never actually went upstairs, leaving Chris free to do whatever he wanted undisturbed (well, mostly undisturbed). The living room, filled with garbage to the point of uselessness, is across the stairway from Chris's room. It is likely the same as Chris's current work room used for storing toys and shooting videos.


Main article: Yard (14 Branchland Court)

Second House Tour

Main article: Tour of Chris's House II
The house in 2012.

In 2013, a video was leaked by Alec Benson Leary showing the state of Chris's home since the last tour he gave in 2009. Needless to say, especially in light of eyewitness reports of his front yard in 2012, the house became even more of a mess in the following years. Whereas Chris had at least some room to maneuver in the 2009 Tour Video, here, the passageways have become so narrow and jam-packed that even he complains about all of the clutter being in his way and begins sounding increasingly annoyed as he attempts to navigate the claustrophobic environment. The kitchen, in particular, has become an unsightly mess--the Chandlers apparently couldn't be half-assed to put away their groceries, so it's strewn all over the place. The living room, already an ocean of rubbish, has gotten worse, with the accumulated clutter now towering over Chris to the point where he has to stretch to get footage of it. The bathroom hasn't been cleaned since the last video Chris released of him cleaning it - and he even admits so himself in the video.

Even the stairs of his home have become cluttered with nonsense such as Christmas ornaments, boxes, and bags, which could spell disaster if Chris or his mother have to evacuate the premises. Also notable is the fact that every so often, Chris can be observed picking up random pieces of garbage from the floor as well.

In typical Chris-Chan fashion, he describes his room as "the cleanest of the whole house", despite it having unsightly masses of clothes everywhere and even an unmade bed that he couldn't be bothered to at least straighten up before making this ill-advised video.

When he steps outside, he basically confirms what trolls have documented as early as 2012: that his lawn is completely overgrown to the point where it has utterly consumed one of the structures in his yard. Also unsurprising is the fact that after Bob's death, the garden shed has been completely abandoned.

Given his commentary, it almost seemed like Chris acknowledges that he has kept his home in a very unacceptable condition....right until he blames his parents for being "hoarders" and totally shifting blame away from himself, despite being the "man" of the house.

By this time, the bug infestation appears to have been gotten rid of, or at least contained. It was stated before that the infestation was so bad that Chris was confined to his room in order to avoid getting bitten, but in this video, no bugs are seen and Chris makes no mention of them.

2014 house fire

Witness image of 14 Branchland Court on fire. On Facebook, Chris blamed Keurig for causing the fire, but later let slip in an email that it was plugged into a "heavy-duty" extension cord in the basement bathroom.
Main article: 2014 house fire

On 10 January 2014, a fire broke out at the Chandler household. According to Chris, this was caused by a worn extension cord plugged into a coffee machine, which sparked and started the blaze. Chris, his mother, the beagles, and Lucy (one of the cats) made it out safely, surprising when you consider how much clutter was obstructing the stairways. The firefighters could not effectively navigate the house through either door and were forced to enter through the windows. Sadly, one of the cats (revealed to be Scamper by Chris in February 2016) perished in the fire from smoke inhalation and was later buried in the backyard.

The Chandlers escaped with little more than the clothes on their backs. Chris wrote that he was able to take his wallet, medication for his mother, some clothes, and his iPhone. The day after the fire, he and his mother were allowed to reenter the structure, and he learned to his relief that many of his personal possessions, including his games, his computers, and his artwork, had survived. His Lego high school survived, albeit partially melted. Chris was also observed on Miiverse shortly after the fire, suggesting that he managed to save his Nintendo 3DS or Wii U at some point. However, it can be assumed that much of the hoard suffered fire, smoke, and/or water damage.

As completely tragic as this incident was, it did not come as much of a surprise, given Barbara's hoarding and Chris's unwillingness or inability to control his mother's compulsions or properly clean. As pointed out by quite a few concerned people, the house had always been a health and safety hazard, and it was only a matter of time before disaster struck. Sadly, Chris was unable or unwilling to act on this well-meaning advice, and, as a result, reaped what he and his family had sown.

Chris and his mother stayed at a rental house in nearby Barboursville for most of 2014 as repairs to 14 Branchland Court were made. They also rented a storage locker. To the shock of absolutely no one, Chris and Barb managed to trash that house up as well; photos taken by Chris showed rodent shit on the house's carpeting, and eyewitness reports showed that the conditions in the rental house were basically the same as they were at 14 Branchland Court. Trolls reported in April 2015 that the house was still vacant four months after Chris and Barb moved out.

For reasons which are not entirely clear, the renovation of the house took much longer than anticipated. Nevertheless, the worst fears, that the house would be condemned or the renovations would not be finished, were unrealized. In December 2014 and January 2015, the Chandlers moved back in.

Post-fire renovation

A renovated 14BC.

On the 6th of December, 2014, Chris announced on Facebook that his home had finally been repaired, and he would be moving back in near the start of the new year. While some were hopeful that Chris would learn from this experience, take better care of his home and not cause it to be the clusterfucked fire hazard it was last time, it really hasn't seemed hopeful, given certain factors.

Ever a busy man, Chris managed to fit a run-in with the law on Boxing Day, followed by two days in jail into his moving schedule. Once he was released on bond on 29 December, Chris was shortly back to complaining about having a "Charlie Horse [sic]" from moving his mother's hoard back to the house.

After Chris's second hearing in April started and finished half an hour early, and they failed to make it in, the Christorians who took it upon themselves to attend decided to make the most of their visit and go on a tour of and take photos of the major places in Chris' life, including 14 Branchland Court. Their photographs showed that the Chandler headquarters have been modernized, and no longer looks like total shit. This is partially due to the modernized exterior, and partially due to most of the hoard still being in storage. Photographs also showed some sort of outhouse in the backyard raised off the ground, and currently full of the hoard.

Current state

A loving fairly well-kept home of my father. I kept it up..
Chris, lying to himself about the state of his home in Sonichu Headquarters Google Intro Video

A room filled with what is presumably Barb's hoard.

In the few years after having the house rebuilt, the Chandlers' negligence and hoarding are slowly turning it back to its filthy, cluttered past, proving, like mother like son, Barb is just as incapable of learning from her mistakes as Chris. Ironically, the Garden, which in the years before the fire had become increasingly bereft of plants, is just about the only part of the property which is thriving as of 2020, having become overgrown and unkempt with weeds, wildflowers, and plants encroaching from neighboring properties.

In October 2017, one of the bathrooms had a clogged shower drain, possibly stuffed up with Chris's seaweed hair. His solution was to pour Liquid Plumr into it and whine that every house should have two bathtubs.[14]

Other notable changes:

  • The kitchen is now accessible and can be used for cooking. Chris has used it to store his semen.
  • Chris's bedroom is now on the first floor, his former room being used for storage.
  • The downstairs living room, formerly full of Barb's hoard, is now Chris's toy-filled workroom.

Third House Tour

Main article: Tour of Chris's House III

Chris filmed the third tour during March 2018. While his house is shown being very slightly less messy than it normally is, even that's being ridiculously charitable. Chris's room is packed to the rafters with all sorts of clothes and Rubbermaid bins, though it's semi-accessible, and shockingly, so are the oven and kitchen sink. Overall, he is shown having less of a struggle walking through his house, but there is still plenty of junk accumulating over the tables, hallways, kitchen, and shelves, suggesting it's only soon before long that the house will return to being the fire hazard that it was not too long ago.


The Chandler family has assumed two mortgages on 14 Branchland Court. The first was fully paid sometime before February 2009, when Chris attested his house had no mortgage against it.[15] The second mortgage on the property was filed in April 2009 for $130,000,[16] held at first by SunTrust Bank but since transferred to Seterus, now operating as Mr. Cooper[17]. As of 31 August 2016, the Chandlers still owe $115,000, which is still more than the property is actually worth.[18] Chris's monthly tugboat furnishes (or once furnished) the roughly $800 monthly payment.[19][20] Contrary to a popular misconception, it is not a reverse mortgage:[21][22] the mortgage is estimated to extend thirty years, with 5% interest.[23]

Among the Chandlers' various debts, the mortgage is the primary cause of the Financhu Crisis: acute circumstances relating to it have caused Chris to resort to begging many times. As for the reason why the Chandlers took on said mortgage can be summed up to paying off Barb's credit card debt; a bad move. On one occasion, he pleaded idly with his TRUE and LOYAL fanbase to pay the entire mortgage at once for him.[24] Moreover, the Chandlers have repeatedly neglected their monthly payments. When the Idea Guys had threatened to destroy CWCville and his eBay sales were not enough to meet their $6,000 ransom, Chris withheld a mortgage payment to save his fictional setting.

Chris's closest flirt with financial ruin occurred on 8 May 2018, when he announced that the home could be foreclosed upon if they failed to make two mortgage payments the next day;[25] fans donated enough to prevent this. Onlookers speculate, given Chris's financial habits and Barb's other debts, that after she passes away, that the estate could well be liquidated after her passing, or that Chris may struggle to keep up mortgage payments in the face of so many tempting distractions.

Chris claimed in a jail letter that the "Sonichu Temple" now had a mortgage of less than $90,000 (assuming he has mastered the distinction between the greater than and less than symbols), and begged for donations to Barb to help pay this.


When I was pulling up to the stop sign on the cul-de-sac, the neighbor directly across the street from 14 Branchland yelled out "He's in jail!" with a big grin.
A Kiwi Farms user visiting 14 Branchland Court in the wake of Chris's incest charge.[26]
House prices in the vicinity of 14BC reported on Zillow in 2019. Note the decent price estimates of neighboring buildings, while 14BC itself lacks a valuation altogether.

Although the Chandlers have mostly kept to themselves over the years, they have had some notable interactions with their neighbors:

  • The abusive babysitter was a neighbor of the Chandlers in 1983, living on Westwood Drive, Ruckersville.
  • In the aftermath of the 2014 house fire, a neighbor allowed Chris and Barb to stay with them temporarily.[27]
  • Barb once tried to steal a neighbor's dog which had slipped out of its collar but was forced to return it when the neighbor showed up at their door.[28]
  • At some point in 2014, a deeply paranoid Chris told of a feud with a preteen neighbor whom he had suspected of stealing his old homework and passing it in for credit. According to Chris, the Chandlers (Barb and Chris) contacted Animal Control on the neighbor's cat and had it put to sleep, after it had scratched Chris. Chris claims the neighbor retaliated by training a snake to invade 14 Branchland Court, egging the house and stealing some items.[29]
  • In 2015, Chris uploaded A few kicks, a video of him kicking a soccer ball around in his yard. At one point, the ball enters the road and Chris gives chase. He abruptly stops once the ball enters a neighbor's driveway, possibly meaning that he had been told not to go on that property without permission.
  • In 2017, one of Chris's cats, Sorbet, was injured while outside and ended up under a neighbor's gutter.[30]


Main article: Fan visits
A fan visiting Chris at his house.

When occupied by the Chandlers, visits to 14 Branchland Court, at least until Chris inherits the house and trades the deed to it for magic beans, are ill-advised. Harassing the Chandlers at their house is not only the paragon of ween behavior, it is also a criminal offense and will probably result in you getting arrested. Chris and especially Barb shouldn't have to contend with the troll horde within the sanctum of their own home. We shouldn't have to be saying it at this point, but do not visit 14 Branchland Court to troll Chris or Barb.

Unless, of course, you are personally invited. To date, Chris has extended personalized invitations to Clyde Cash, the Magical Man, Liquid Chris, the staff of Asperpedia, Catherine and pretty much anybody that has ever thought ill of Chris to come to his house, so that he might murder them. To date, none of them except Magical Man has taken him up on his offer. The scenario of such a meeting would likely be reminiscent of the hooker incident, wherein the police would be promptly summoned whilst Chris hides, crying, behind his mother.

Despite this, some fans have made the trip out to visit Chris at his home and have posed for photos with him, showing that Chris had lightened up on his stance.

In 2021, after Chris was jailed for incest, some weens made the pilgrimage to harass Barb for information about Chris, leaving empty-handed. That said, it bears repeating: do NOT visit 14 Branchland Court to harass Barb, as you are likely causing undue stress on an ailing woman who had an incestuous affair with her own son.

Chris and his address

Drawing of Chris' house by him (December 2021)

Giving away one's home address on the Internet is generally considered unwise. Chris has probably never realized this, or perhaps he realizes that trolls have so thoroughly and permanently violated his privacy that attempting to preserve it is a lost cause. In any case, he has publicly announced his home address on a number of occasions, in YouTube videos and elsewhere.

  • Shortly after 21 July 2009, when CChanSonichuCWC released a video promoting his Sonichu merchandise, Chris posted his address in a YouTube comment in hopes of a physical confrontation with the "impostor".
  • On 14 August 2009, in the video "NO D*** WAY, IMPOSTOR!!!", Chris rattled off his address as a way of attempting to prove his identity.
  • He did the same thing in his CWC Public Disclaimer, also released on 14 August 2009.
  • On 23 November 2009, in the Sonichu Presentation, Chris provided his address (as well as his home and mobile phone numbers) in hopes of attracting investment in his comic book characters.
  • On 15 January 2010, Chris released a video where he summoned the creators of the Asperpedia to his home address for a confrontation.
  • On 27 August 2010, Chris gave out his address and phone number in a YouTube video seeking to organize a high school reunion. In the same video, he warned viewers to be careful with their personal information on the Internet, taking his anti-grasp of irony to incredible new levels.
  • Chris has published his address on his websites at various times. It was available at the bottom of the main page on the CWCipedia for most of the time Chris used the site.
  • On 29 January 2016, Chris proved he hasn't learned a thing over the years when, in a video intended to dissuade well-meaning fans from sending mail to famous YouTuber PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) at his address, he felt the need to specify 14 Branchland Court as the address at which Kjellberg does not live.
  • On 20 April 2019, Chris listed his address and phone number as part of the Google My Business program under the name "Sonichu Headquarters." He also expressed interest in making his house a Pokéstop.

When he and Barb stayed at the rental house, it didn't take long for him to drop that house's address.

When Chris writes out his full home address, he has a tendency to write his nine-digit ZIP+4 number (22968-9545) instead of just his five-digit ZIP Code. This is rarely done for home addresses as it is considered unnecessary.

The Fate of 14 BC

It goes without saying the house will be foreclosed once Barb passes away. What will become of it afterward remains uncertain. Because Chris no longer resides there, it is unlikely he'll be moving back in given his bad financial record, in addition to his tugboat being insufficient to cover upkeep, let alone mortgage. As for the property itself, it's possible the house will either be condemned and subsequently demolished by the Virginia Health Department, sold to a family looking for a place to live (provided the property is up to standards), a fan looking to preserve the property, or by weens trying to outbid one another in order to convert it into a temple/museum for all things Chris and Sonichu related.


September 2013

On 7 September 2013, some pictures of the house were leaked on the CWCki Forums.

March 2014

On 3 March 2014, pictures of the house post-fire were leaked on the forums. On the 3rd and 4th shots, note the damage to the left half of the roof, matching the location of the shot of the actual fire.

April 2014

On 14 April 2014, more pictures were leaked on the forums. Most of the windows had now been boarded up as the repair work commenced, and a large tarpaulin was covering the section of the roof where the fire had broken out to stop water from getting in. Chris's second known car, a white Cadillac Seville, was in attendance at the time.

April 2015

Yet more pictures were leaked in April 2015, showing the house as it appeared after the renovations.

June 2017-August 2021

More, from June 2017 to August 2021.[33]

September 2021

Main article: Yard Tour (2021)

December 2021

On 16 December 2021, Larry Vaughn took photos of the house at night, noting also that the van was gone[34] (as the photos were taken a few weeks after Barb's Fail to Yield Right of Way accident).

On 20 December 2021, a Kiwi Farms user took a couple photos of the house. He disagreed with Larry Vaughn's assertion that there was a "For Sale" sign, stating that he did not see one.[26] The overgrown lawn and bushes around the house also appeared to have been cut back by this time, suggesting that someone was given instructions to tend to it, revealing an abundance of plastic rubbish bins and other objects that had previously been hidden by the greenery.

October 2022

On 15 October 2022 a user on the Kiwi Farms took pictures of the house in the day. The user notes how the patio had rotted and the shed had collapsed.[35]

January 2023

Main article: Redditor Ruckersville visit

On 22 January 2023, Reddit user Iron_Taipan took photos of the yard. His photos showed bags of trash placed at the curb, including a Transformers toy box.

March 2023

Posted to a Facebook group, sonichu christianposting, on 13 March 2023.[36]

May 2023

Main article: Fan_visits#DATSJUSTWATINEED2BUS

On 3 May 2023, Reddit user DATSJUSTWATINEED2BUS posted a series of images of the front yard of 14BC at night. Of note, it showed a well-kept exterior, as well as the lit window of Chris's room and his hand-drawn Sonichu poster. Another ween visited on 23 May 2023, taking a daytime photo that does not contain anything of note, although the bins at the front of the property were full of hedge clippings, indicating that a gardener had recently tended to the grounds of the house.

TSSSF cards

14 Branchland Court has been featured as custom TSSSF cards.



A video panorama view from the street, taken 5 February 2015.

14 Branchland Court: The Motion Picture
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 5 February 2015
Made By Rammspieler
Subject Matter 14 Branchland Court
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Another from 2020.

Sonichu HQ (Chris-Chan House June 2020)
Stardate 27 June 2020
Made By Checkable Reality
Subject Matter 14 Branchland Court
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Another from 2022.

Sonichu HQ (Chris-Chan House October 2022)
Stardate 11 October 2022
Made By whitepaws
Subject Matter 14 Branchland Court
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

See also


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