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Chris seeks out a Pikachu.

Pokémon (occasionally spelled "Pok'emon" by Chris) is a Japanese cultural phenomenon that is beloved by children around the world, and a multimedia franchise encompassing video games, card games, toys, various anime series, and much, much more. It is the world's largest media franchise, and the second-biggest video game franchise, only beaten by Nintendo's own Mario franchise.

Some fans of the series actually became invested at an older age than most, and a certain autistic person named Christian Weston Chandler happens to be one of them, in part due to his arrested development, and due to his love of video games, anime, and television in general. It is highly integral to his life, as without Pokémon, the world of Sonichu wouldn't exist.

Chris-chan in the Pokémon World

Chris, according to the "Sonichu" article on the CWCipedia, sees himself as an official Pokémon gym leader. He claims to have over 387 Pokémon leveled-up to level 100 on his Pokémon Diamond game, all of them being trained without any kind of cheating or Rare Candies. It's not certain whether this is true, but given the fact he owns every Pokémon game and game system, has no life at all, and has paid off several mortgages in Animal Crossing (a feat requiring hundreds of hours of gameplay), it may very well be.

As the leader of the CWCville Pokémon Gym, Chris has a fairly unimaginative team:

Chris has repeatedly listed his work as a Pokémon gym leader at Books-A-Million and The GAMe PLACe as an actual volunteer job in his resume and elsewhere, ignoring that he was never paid,[1] had no authority,[2] and was actually closely monitored by the actual employees (at least for the latter store). Furthermore, he wasn't actually a real gym leader; he only acted as a substitute for when the regular gym leader wasn't at the GAMe PLACe, and even then was rarely left in charge due to his short temper and not liking handling all the losses and wins, among other things. He would wind up being banned from the store for two weeks for an incident where he took out a box meant only for employees and actual gym leaders without permission.

For years, his main cosplay/outfit of choice was a Pokémon trainer outfit styled after Ash Ketchum, the lead character of the Pokémon anime. He wore this cosplay to the 2004 Anime Mid-Atlantic convention, and donned it every week at the GAMe PLACe[3] until around 2004.

Chris has expressed the desire to make his house address, 14 Branchland Court, a Pokéstop in the mobile game Pokémon Go.

Pokémon characters in the Sonichu universe

Pokémon appearing within the comics


Poor Pikachu - he did not know the horrors fate had in store for him.

Transformed into Sonichu in Sonichu #0. Despite the importance of Sonichu "lore", this is basically the only time a Pikachu appears or is mentioned in the comic. From this point on, it's all just shitty recolors of Chris's first shitty recolor.


Transformed into Rosechu by the Rainbow in Sonichu #0, otherwise the same deal as Pikachu.

David the Dragonite/Daisy the Dragonite

Kel with her Dragonite.

A Dragonite Kel also owned. The considerate Pokémon trainer offered his sexual services to Rosechu when the latter was in heat, noting that he's "loyal". Rosechu sensibly declined, stating that David is "just too big".

Strangely enough, David may have been retconned into "Daisy the Dragonite", as indicated by a listing of Kel's Pokémon on CWCipedia. David, who appeared in issue #0 (Episodes #2 and #3), is not mentioned on the list, though Daisy is and is the only Dragonite on the list. It would not be out of the question to think that Chris simply forgot about David's importance to the canon and retconned him into a girl, especially probable due to the fact that both names begin with the same letter.


Zapdos remains unamused by Chris's shenanigans.

An Electric-type Pokémon and one of the three legendary birds. Zapdos was used by Naitsirhc to capture Rosechu and battle Sonichu in CWCville Mall. Although Sonichu was victorious, Naitsirhc obtained a sample of Sonichu's DNA, which he would later use in the creation of Black Sonichu.


Oh the narcissism.

Used by Naitsirhc as a getaway ride in the same episode. Has stripes that spell out "CWC". Why Naitsirhc never used this powerful legendary Pokémon in a fight is anyone's guess.


She has to put up with his retardation.

A female Venusaur in the jungle discovered Wild Sonichu's egg and adopted him. As Wild inexplicably has retractable tentacles in his arms, the Venusaur trained him in using them to grasp objects. On the other hand, she may have rightly tried to drop a coconut on his head.


The Scyther who fathered Wild Sonichu...we think.

For no obvious reason, a male Scyther assumed the role of Wild Sonichu's father. Whether this is because it was screwing his Venusaur mother (a pairing that couldn't have produced offspring) or felt some obligation to help her raise Wild is unclear. The Scyther trained Wild in using his "Razor Leaf" attacks to cut down trees and such. Scyther cannot actually learn the move Razor Leaf in the video games.

In Sonichu #8, Wild would tell Sonichu and Rosechu of the last time he saw his adoptive father. According to Wild, his father was the leader of the "Cut-Sharp" Clan of "Scyther and Scizor". At some point, the "Charmeleon Cult" burned down the dojo in the jungle that served as their headquarters. Wild joined his father on a mission to take revenge, but the Scyther was intercepted and captured by poachers instead. Wild cried like a bitch while the poachers loaded his dad in their van, then finally attempted to use his super powers to free him. The Scyther told him to stop, however, since he knew Wild was too much of a failure to cut through the steel frame of the van. Wild's last memory of his father was of "the passing-of-the-torch look in his eyes."[4]

The CWCipedia article on Wild gives a slightly different version of the Scyther's capture. In this telling, Wild and his father were scanning the forest for predators rather than trying to seek revenge on the Charmeleons. When Wild detected poachers, the Scyther went on to attack them but was captured in the process, leading to the same ending in which the other version of the story concluded.

In a live stream in March 2024, Chris reveals that Wild Sonichu's Scyther father was kidnapped by Team Rocket, and when Wild went to go rescue his father and free all the other pokemon from the local Team Rocket (which is located near Washington DC in Virginia), he found his adoptive father but he was evolved into a Scizor who had inhaled the "R" (the gas from the Detective Pikachu movie). It made him Dark, but he was able to be temporarily healed and then revealed himself to Wild. Wild's father, in a breath moment of clarity, told Wild, "I am your father." To which Wild replied, "THAT'S NOT TRUE! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. My father was a Scyther." Then, presumably after a battle, Scizor's helmet is broken in half, revealing his Scyther face. The Scizor was left behind and not saved, as was his wishes. According to Chris, this was a very emotional moment.[5]


A female Swampert adopted Bubbles Rosechu upon discovering her egg on the beach.[6] Unlike Wild's parents, the Swampert doesn't seem to have taught Bubbles much of anything, and the pair spent her childhood splashing in the water like idiots. This idyllic existence was brought to an end when a Wailord dropped a giant boulder on the Swampert for no apparent reason.[6] Unable to rescue her mother in her immature Rosey body, Bubbles evolved into her Rosechu form, and somehow used an ice beam to save the Swampert from drowning.[7]

While Bubbles continues to live on the beach, the Swampert has not been seen since her first appearance. This would suggest that at some point, the Wailord returned to finish the job.

According to the CWCipedia, the Comic Chris has a Swampert in his possession called Greg which he used in his battles against Naitsirch and Kel.[8][9] Its male name suggests it is not the same Swampert who raised Bubbles, as the latter is explicitly referred to as a female both in the comic[7] and in Bubbles own CWCipedia article.[10]

Boulder-Dropping Whale

The Boulder-Dropping Whale's lone appearance in the comic.

As the name suggests, Boulder-Dropping Whale is a creature resembling a whale, who summoned a boulder out of the sky. This signature attack was used against the Swampert who raised Bubbles Rosechu,[6] and would have drowned the Swampert if not for Bubbles's timely intervention.[7] Although never named in the comic, the whale's anonymity and murderous hatred for Sonichu characters has earned him a cult following among fans, who have dubbed him "Boulder-Dropping Whale", or "BDW" for short.

Chris stated several times [10][11][12] that it is a Wailord, a Pokémon that closely resembles a whale. This makes sense, as Chris always uses Pokémon when drawing background fauna in his comics, such as the underwater scene in Sonichu #8, which featured only Pokémon sea creatures and no naturally occurring wildlife. Further, BDW's trademark attack appears to resemble "Rock Tomb", an attack available to many Pokémon in the video games, including Wailord. However, Chris has claimed that the boulder was in fact "attached to the Wailord's underbelly, like barnicles [sic]", and fell off not due to murderous intent, but simply gravity.[13]

Nevertheless, the name "Boulder-Dropping Whale" has stuck, and no matter what his species, he remains a fan favorite, and was prominent in the parody series Moon-Pals.

Chris also stated that Boulder-Dropping Whale had been captured, and was currently being forced to fight in the senseless battles of some random Pokémon trainer.[11]


Mewtwo is not pleased with Chris.
Fun fact: that's not what triage means.

A powerful, reclusive Pokémon genetically engineered from the DNA of the rare Mew, Mewtwo escaped from his creators and briefly plotted to conquer the world in the first Pokémon feature film. Mewtwo's dark, brooding nature and vast psychic abilities would serve as Chris's "inspiration" for Magi-Chan Sonichu, whose egg hatched in the same cave Mewtwo lived in during the movie. As if the connection weren't blatant enough, Chris established that Mewtwo served as Magi-Chan's mentor, contacting him at birth via telepathy and teaching him to use his mental powers. Aside from his mental rapport with Mewtwo, Magi-Chan grew up completely isolated from the rest of the world. In a half-assed attempt to introduce him to civilization, Mewtwo projected memories of Jackie Chan films, other people's birthday parties, and various tourist attractions. Two weeks after Magi-Chan evolved into his Sonichu form, Mewtwo sent him out into the world, promising that they would one day meet face-to-face. As Chris has probably forgotten all about this, though, it'll probably never happen.

Christian has also notably claimed on the CWCipedia once that Reldnahc had a Mewtwo on his Pokémon team.[8] It can be assumed that this is the same one, although how this came to pass has never been explained.

In January 2018, Chris, under the influence of the Idea Guy, revealed that Mewtwo and Magi-Chan had got married.[14] They later joined with Chris, Cryzel and Magi-Chan in a polyamorous marriage.


A wild Snorlax in repose.

A Snorlax briefly appeared in Christian's "Backyard Safari" Sub-Episode, a documentary about Jerkops designed specifically to insult them. He comments at one point that a Jerkhief weighs over 1,500 pounds (681 kg) and can be identified by its glassy eyes and wooden badge. How ironic for Chris to be saying such things about Jerkops.

The Snorlax appears at the bottom of the page as an illustration, since Christian had commented in a paragraph that the Jerkhief was heavier than a Snorlax.

Snorlax is also infamously an affectionate name coined by trolls towards Barb.


Served as inspiration for Jiggliami, an "original" character created by Blanca. Appeared in Sonichu #7 and #8. A Jigglypuff also apparently made out with the Pikachu who would later evolve into Sonichu, and it's implied that this Jigglypuff and Jiggliami are one and the same.[8]

Miscellaneous water Pokémon

The Pokémon Squirtle, Mudkip, Seadra, Goldeen, Staryu, Corsola, Octillery, Mantine, and Corphish all appeared in the underwater scene on page 59 of Sonichu #8.


Appears as Layla Flaaffy in Sonichu #9.[15] It should be noted that Layla was not intended at all to be a Pokémon by her creator; Chris merely decided her to be one after she was brought by him into the comics.[16] This explains why she looks nothing like a Flaaffy.


Appears as Reginald Sneasel in Sonichu #9.[15]


During the Dating Ed Episode Reginald tries to drive a wedge between Punchy and Layla by claiming that Layla is a lesbian, averse to the color red and that her father is a Tauros.[17] In the next page we are told that Punchy had checked those rumors, most of which "were verified false."[18] This indicates that, since she neither hates red nor is a lesbian, her father must have been a Tauros.


Used by Naitsirhc to battle Bionic in Sonichu #9.[19]


After entering the Asperchu universe in Sonichu 10, Ultra Sonichu learns from its inhabitants that all the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon in the Asperchu comics are descended from Alec Benson Leary's Ditto and a single Sonichu.[20]


Used by Alec Benson Leary to murder Simonla Rosechu via Explosion in Sonichu #10.


Simonla was raised by two Sandslashes after the egg from which she hatched landed in their cave.[21][22] After Simonla's death, the two Sandslashes are said by Magi-Chan to have become involved in their granddaughter Sandy's training; the Sandslash seen with Sandy in Sonichu 10 is probably one of them.[23]


A Blaziken called Inuyasha is mentioned on the CWCipedia as one of the Pokémon in Chris's possession. It was used by Chris in his battles as a Gym Leader against Naitsirch and Kel.[8][9] It might also be the same Blaziken seen training with Sandy in Sonichu 10.[23]

Marvey Blaziken is apparently also a Blaziken, despite looking nothing like one and having the ability to talk.


A female Meowth called Lilith acts as Ivy's bridesmaid in the Wedding Comic.[24] Her creator is listed by Chris as "Sen-Chan", who would, later on, be revealed as a friend of Ivy in KCWC Top 10 Dedication Special when Chris dedicated to her a video featuring a drawing of Lilith (which was probably made by Sen-Chan herself). This drawing would be featured once more in the Good Fan Art gallery Chris uploaded to the CWCipedia.

Pokémon not appearing within the comics

Being an avant-garde writer with little regard to outdated conventions, Chris ignores the idea of "show don't tell" and often introduces entire plots and characters in his writings rather than in his drawings. Some of the Pokémon who have been revealed in this manner to have participated in the plot of Sonichu include:

  • Arceus - in the Pokémon series, Arceus is believed to have possibly created the entire Pokémon universe. In Sonichu #15, a character says "For the love of Arceus!" In a 2018 tweet, Chris said "I met Arceus; he prefers the pronunciation Ar-see-us, and he is a good Pokémon, and deity, to work and be friends with too." Chris claimed in 2022 that "Arceus, the First, Main one, was manifested from a piece of" Emanuel, Chris' bizarre conception of God(dess).[25]
  • Chansey/Blissey - Kel is mentioned on the CWCipedia as having caught a Chansey during the beginning of her career as a Pokémon trainer.[9] It most likely evolved into Kel's Pokémon Stephanie the Blissey.[8][9]
  • Charmander - Sonichu's CWCipedia biography implies that after he transformed, Pokémon trainers caught his Pikachu parents by using a Sandshrew and a Charmander against them.[8]
  • Dratini - Kel is mentioned on the CWCipedia as having caught a Dratini during the beginning of her career as a Pokémon trainer.[9] It most likely evolved into David the Dragonite/Daisy the Dragonite.
  • Gardevoir - A Gardevoir called Vanessa is mentioned on the CWCipedia as one of the Pokémon in Chris's possession. It was used by Chris in his battles as a Gym Leader against Naitsirhc and Kel.[8][9]
  • Geodude/Golem - Kel is mentioned on the CWCipedia as having caught a Geodude during the beginning of her career as a Pokémon trainer.[9] It most likely evolved into Kel's Pokémon Lauren the Golem.[8][9]
  • Gyarados - A species whose members are mentioned as having threatened the Pichu who would become Rosechu from time to time.[9] According to the CWCipedia a Red Gyarados called Shred is one of the Pokémon in Naitsirhc's possession.[8]
  • Ho-Oh - Mentioned on the CWCipedia as one of the Pokémon in Naitsirhc's possession.[8]
  • Jolteon - According to the Rosechu's CWCipedia article, a Jolteon named Sparks was a part of Chris's Pokémon team during his battle with Kel.[9] On Sonichu's CWCipedia article, on the other hand, Sonichu is the sixth member of Chris's team during said battle while Sparks is nowhere mentioned.[8] It should be noted that the first revision of the article on Sonichu mentioning the battle was written on August 2009, while the article on Rosechu was written on February 2010; the inconsistency between the two versions of the story is probably due to one of them being written long after the other.
  • Lapras - Kel is mentioned on the CWCipedia as having caught a Lapras during the beginning of her career as a Pokémon trainer, which she named Tiffany.[9][8]
  • Lopunny - father of Sarahchu, an OC created by Sarah and Steve and added to Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder.
  • Luxray - While he made no appearances in the comics, the CWCipedia states that Rosechu was fathered by a male Luxray and a female Raichu.[9] The Luxray's main role in young Rosechu's life appears to have been defending her from enemy Pokémon and teaching her how to do so. In 1996 the Luxray became sick and his Raichu wife decided to stay by his bedside rather than look out for their daughter, giving Pokémon trainers the perfect opportunity to capture her. The Luxray quickly gave up on finding his daughter, who doesn't seem to have given much of a fuck about this whole thing either.
  • Pichu - Does not appear in the comics but was obviously Sonichu's and Roeschu's first form. According to the CWCipedia, the Pokémon who would become Sonichu was a Pichu from 1988 until 1994.[8] Rosechu CWCipedia article states that she was still a Pichu when captured in 1996 and already a Raichu in 1998, the year in which she became Rosechu;[9] it can, therefore, be inferred that she evolved into a Pikachu somewhere in between those times.
  • Porygon/Porygon2/Porygon-Z - Chris, as part of his role as the CWCville gym leader, owns several of these Pokémon.[8] In Sonichu 8, Wild mentions in a thought bubble that he learned Conversion from a passing Porygon, allowing him to turn invisible.
  • Ponyta/Rapidash - Kel is mentioned on the CWCipedia as having caught a Ponyta during the beginning of her career as a Pokémon trainer.[9] It most likely evolved into Kel's Pokémon Ashley the Rapidash.[8][9]
  • Salamence - A Salamence called Bagoner is mentioned on the CWCipedia as one of the Pokémon in Chris's possession. It was used by Chris in his battles as a Gym Leader against Naitsirch and Kel.[8][9]
  • Sandshrew - Sonichu's CWCipedia biography implies that after he transformed Pokémon trainers caught his Pikachu parents by using a Charmander and a Sandshrew against them.[8]
  • Sceptile - A Sceptile called Christina is mentioned on the CWCipedia as one of the Pokémon in Chris's possession. It was used by Chris in his battles as a Gym Leader against Naitsirch and Kel.[8][9]
  • Tyranitar - A Tyranitar named Dark Bite is mentioned on the CWCipedia as one of the Pokémon in Naitsirhc's possession.[8]
  • Vigoroth - A species whose members are mentioned as having threatened the Pichu who would become Rosechu from time to time.[9]
  • Zangoose - A Pokémon trainer working for Professor Oak utilized a Zangoose to capture the Pichu who would become Rosechu.[9]

Plagiarism in Sonichu

Despite the fact that Chris primarily uses Pokémon in his series, not only is he not above using the characters, he's also not above using various ideas from the series. Amongst those include:

  • In Sonichu #3, Flame the Sunbird says that he "[could] use pants."[26] This is ripped off from Pokémon: The Movie 2000 when the Pokémon Slowking, freezing due to the weather changes, wishes for a pair to keep himself warm.
  • Despite "not being a Pokémon,"[27] Flame uses Pokémon attack Drill Peck in his one notable appearance.[28] Speculation abounds, but it could be that Chris assumes that "Pokémon rules" apply to all intelligent mystical animals the way anyone with a guitar can pull off solo specials from Brutal Legend.
  • In Sonichu Special #4, Kacey's sister wears similar clothes to those of Candice, one of the 4th Generation gym leaders.
  • In the biography for Rosechu, it is mentioned that Kel ended up getting the Pichu who'd become Rosechu because she missed out on getting Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.[9] This is a ripoff of how Ash Ketchum got Pikachu, except for the fact that Ash and Pikachu didn't hit it off until Pikachu saw how far Ash would go to protect it.
  • In Sonichu #9, Sonichu inexplicably knows Iron Tail, a Steel-type attack, for use on the Rock/Ground-type Liquid (Steel is super effective against Rock).[29] This is stolen, again, from Pikachu, who learned the same move so the writers could let Ash battle Roxanne (and other Rock-types) without breaking the rules of the game. The difference is that leading up to the battle, an episode was spent to show Pikachu learning the move. It is to be noted that in the video games, Pikachu is able to learn this move through the use of an item.
  • Human characters from the Pokémon franchise have also been plagiarized into Sonichu. The most prominent example is Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket who serves as the main villain in Sonichu #1 and also makes brief appearances in Sonichu #3 and Sonichu #9. Professor Oak is also mentioned both within the comic[30] and on the CWCipedia[9][8] though he is never actually seen.

Memory Cards

Chris meticulously saved and cataloged at least 15 Pokemon cards he dubbed "Memory Cards". They are scattered throughout his collection. They can be identified by a crudely drawn star taped to the upper right corner of the outside of a card sleeve. Behind the card is the same card stock with the custom CWC back that he used to print his card from the Wall of Originals. On which he titled the card, gave a brief reason why the card means so much to him, and numbered the card for the set. The spelling, grammar and handwriting would suggest these are very early additions to his collection. The oldest memory card is dated to September 11, 2001. It to fair to assume these cards are older than that if numbered by date of acquisition.

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