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Address to my Cwcipedia SysOp (officially 12312009 - Address to my Cwcipedia SysOp.MOV) is a video uploaded on 31 December 2009 where Chris complains about his inability to edit CWCipedia's front page, and the large ad on the CWCipedia front page. Chris has decided that the CWCipedia is a boat, and he is its captain, so he deserves the right to edit the page because of his significance. Chris embedded this video on his CWCipedia talk page (where he regularly communicates with the SysOp) as part of a lengthy complaint about the gay ads and his inability to edit the front page. He also mentions he's written a letter to the President on the subject, and compares having to view the ads to the sheer terror of fully comprehending one's imminent death.

Chris appears in his kitchen, which seems even more cluttered and claustrophobic than usual. His hairline seems to have receded dramatically since his last video, at least on one side.


Please Respect Me as Captain of the Cwcipedia, and Please meet my requests, SysOp. Clyde and Jack, AGAIN, NEITHER OF YOU ARE DOING YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE ANY FAVORS IN YOUR EVIL, DARK DEEDS. DIE, BOTH OF YOU.


Address to my Cwcipedia SysOp
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 31 December 2009
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite Website
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Danger StripeDangerstripeshirt.PNG Danger Stripe
Location La Cocina en La Casa de Casanova
To Clyde and Jack
This was my fault
I am the captain of this boat!


Hmm. I am making this video as a address to the, uh, SysOp [Removes glasses] of my CWCipedia.

Remember, [Points upward, changes voice to pseudo British accent] I am the captain of this boat! Without me this website would not be in existence or anything within it. And my statements are cl- and my requests are simple and clear. Undo the protection you have done on the front page. The only ones that should not be allowed to up- to edit it at all are anybody other than you and me. I should not be blocked from editing it.

And also, I will agree to not edit with the ads, [Voice becomes more angry, camera turns to a computer screen showing the frontpage of the CWCipedia] but you have got to take out the one that is right next to the welcome image, in that very same- in that very box. Along the side is enough. That's enough, along the side. NOT within this box!

[Camera turns to face Chris again] So again, [Camera is turned back to the screen. A homophobic featured quote comes into focus] if you want me to remove my little quote there [Camera change to focus on the bottom of Chris's new frontpage image], as well as wi-the bottom of my image, [Camera turns back to Chris] then you will allow me access to edit the frontpage once again, and remove that advertisement from the welcome box, as well as not allow any advertisements to be put within that box whatsoever.

I leave you with that, and have a safe day. Happy 2010 to most everybody. Down with Clyde Cash and Jack Thaddeus. [Throws up the horns, voice becomes high pitched. Eyes appear to bulge out.] Suicide! Death! Rot in hell! Both of you.

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