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Without his mommy's pride and kisses
Without his country's confidence
Without the dying man's permission
Without no guilt or consequence
This bloody-minded son of a bitch
Has not a wound to mend
And all I can do is pray to God he'll
Get one in the end

Crash Test Dummies get back to Chris

The Jackie e-mails is a collection of e-mails between Christian Weston Chandler and an innocent woman named Jackie, whom Chris met on The HooK Café. The e-mails span from 5 April 2010 (around the time trolls discovered Chris's account at The HooK Café) to 7 September 2011.


In the first two parts of the collection (until 21 April 2010), Chris goes on about Pokémon, trolls, his war with Alec Benson Leary, and his rage over THOSE FAKING FAKERS WITH ASPERGER'S. He also still thinks that The Lord of the Rings had owls in it. Chris claims to be still working on Sonichu, but is seeking to post the comics on Lulu (ironically, a troll scheme was started like this), and setting up a date. The most telling part of this is the prelude to Chris's return to the GAMe PLACe. As revealed in these letters, Chris wholly expected everyone inside the store to have forgotten about him and his antics, as well as his banning, only to learn that all has not been forgiven. Jackie watched the video and became concerned over his antics, and talked about what Chris had done on 12 April.

By this time, however, Jackie was seeing the bigger picture about Chris, especially after she discovered the CWCki, thanks to Chris, and it all went downhill. Jackie learned that Chris didn't want to put in the minimum amount of work to keep a sweetheart. Jackie was willing to try for some sort of relationship, but in the end it was Chris, not Jackie, who ended the relationship. He felt that his lazy ass couldn't handle the rigors of being in a relationship, and realized that sending her to the CWCki was the stupidest thing ever. Jackie fired the last shot, calling him out on what he truly is. Chris fell back on his autism card and told her to tell it to someone who cared.

Which would be everyone except for him.

The letters

Jackie's e-mails are in light red; Chris's in white.

Chris is cute?!


April 5, 2010 - 6:24pm
What kind of video games do you play besides Guitar Hero? I don't have any current consoles but I love my old playstation. I play on my friend's wii a lot, though. I like drawing and stuff, too.

Anyway, you're kind of cute, hope to hear back from you~~ :)

Chris wants to be played like a PS3


April 5, 2010 - 11:14pm
I've just read your profile and saw your pic; you are pretty. I guess I'm a suitable candidate for you; I have strong arms. You have a lot of fun things I totally agree on that we can do together.

To answer your question, I also play LittleBiGPlanet, God of War, Sonic the Hedgehog; I have a wide collection. You would just have fun playing my games (if that's your pleasure), and I think you'd have fun playing me too. LOL

I am a Pok'emon Fanatic also; grew up on it since Pok'emon Red, and I've played a LOT of the TCG when I was going to the League (I'll tell you more about that later on).

So, magzine editor, huh; which mag? :)

The online thing is cool, but you and I should meet and hang out together ASAP. How about I meet you at the bar you go to (which bar would that be?) this coming friday? Say 6:00 or 7:00 PM?

Please reply and let me know if it is good for you.

Looking forward to your reply,


April 6, 2010 - 2:57pm
Hey, you wrote back! I literally have to run out the door right now but just wanted to let you know I'll write more later tonight. :)


STDs: the gift that keeps on giving


April 6, 2010 - 5:38pm
Jackie, huh? That's a fun name; it goes with your personality well (at least from what I've read so far). It says there that you are a Unitarian; it's cool. I'm a Methodist.

I wanted to check on this, but considering you've had a lot of sex, have you have yourself checked recently for any STDs? I have to be careful these days.

We can also talk over the phone if you want; let me know if you want to exchange numbers; if you don't, it's cool.

Waitin' for your next message.


April 6, 2010 - 6:41pm
Hey! Yeah, my name is Jacklyn, but everyone calls me Jackie. So a little more about me: I've never played Little Big Planet, isn't it just like a simple platformer? I was bigger into digimon than pokemon when I was a kid, but I loved red and blue. I bet you would be fun to play, though :)

To answer your question, I haven't really had a lot of sex partners or anything, didn't mean to give that impression - I just love sex when I am with someone. I've only been with six guys in my life. I haven't been tested in a while (never been in a situation where I thought I needed to, btw, but I have just to be careful), I'm seeing my gyno next week. Is testing something you do often? How many partners have you had, if I may ask?

This Friday is too short a notice for me, sorry, I'm swamped with projects this weekend. The school week is pretty much out for me too, I go to school in Staunton, but I come home every weekend. How about we plan on next Friday afternoon, though? In the meantime, we can email and learn more about each other?

From porno to Pokémon


April 6, 2010 - 8:46pm
That's cool; I can do Friday of next week. As long as I get to meet you and hang and all that.

To answer your question, I am a virgin; I have never had sexual intercourse, but I have watched a number of XXX flicks, and I have a good number of ideas of what to do, and I am not a total nervous flake. I would not constantly ask, "Is this good for you" or "Am I doing it right?" I feel very confident in my abilities and knowledge. I have been checked a few months ago, and I am clean of any STDs.

LittleBiGPlanet is kind of a platformer, but it is Customizable; you can create your OWN Levels, Publish them onto the Online LBP Server, and even Play Other People's Published Levels. Plus, the Sackperson is Customizable too; you can even make it look like a Charizard, Totodile, Goldeen, or any other person/animal/plant you want; Male or Female. I have created an Aqua Teen Hunger Force remake of the first two levels of Burgertime (in the Same Level). And more fun, I've created a fun, cute level that simulates a Fun Date, titled "A First Fun Date"; Best Enjoyed with a Couple. Maybe U + Me. ;)

I've been keeping up with Pok'emon up to Diamond/Pearl, and I have all Max Evolved Level 100 Pok'emon in my Diamond card. Including a Blaziken that I originally got in my Ruby, then traded to my Emerald, then moved it to my Diamond, that is Level 100, has earned over 20 Ribbons, and his name is Inuyasha.

Let me give you my e-mail address, ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com; it is also my for AIM (and it can communicate with most other IMs). When you send me your first e-mail, please put in the subject, "Hey, It's Jackie" or something like that.

Which college are you going to, and what is your current major?

I look forward to the e-mail. XOXO

What is job?


April 7, 2010 - 7:38am
My bad; I've just double-checked your profile; you've already graduated from college. So please disregard that last question. But I have to ask, you said you were going to school; is your editorial job there; please elaborate on that? And what did you graduate from college with?

Have a safe day.


April 7, 2010 - 3:07pm
Hey! Don't have a whole lot of time right now, but to answer your question: I actually only work part time as the editor of an in-school paper here. I did graduate from school with a degree in Sociology, but I only got that mostly because I didn't know what I wanted to do and figured I should get some kind of degree (isn't that what we all do, though :). So now I'm going back for my second degree, this time in journalism (hence the editing job, it's an internship for credit as well as a paycheck). Hey, I'll write more later tonight, gotta get back to class.


Chris hates authority


April 7, 2010 - 6:06pm
Very cool; now we have this communication link between us. Let me know if you want to start up an IM session later; I'll check back at about 8 or 9.

It's soo funny, because that's what happened to me at PVCC. I originally had no clue what to major in at first; I felt fried in the head that day nearly a decade ago when I was starting up there. I picked a major in something of Marketing; it wasn't doing me all that justice, so upon my father's suggestion, I switched to Computer Aided Drafting and Design. I did better in passing there, yet I feel unsure of going into an Architecture job, but at least I have Computer Expertise and Experience under my wing (as well as the Degree and Certificate). At least I made my family happy, and made a major accomplishment of a College Degree.

Although, PVCC wasn't really the best place to be; I had fewer friends than I did back at Manchester High, plus the "Dean of Student Services", Mary Lee Walsh, did not like me that much. Long Story Short, I started my Sweetheart Search back in August of '03 (choice method of attraction way back then was a sign next to me); she did not approve of it (made an impression that she was against True Love Searches); there was a major disagreement between us; I was kicked out of PVCC for a year with having to see a psychiatrist and take anger management; finished my major later; and to this day, she still hates me. In a bit of spite against her past attacks against my noble search, I portrayed her as a Witch Villain in my comic book series who caused chaos of destroying all True Love in my city of Cwcville, VA and such. About a year ago, I drew her an Apology Drawing and put it in a nice frame, hoping we could put the past unpleasantness behind us and make peace. A couple of days later after delivery of the drawing to her secretary, she sends me a Trespassing Notice; some "Thank You"...

Also, I stopped the sign usage like back in '04, when I realized that it only made me look retarded, of which I was and am not. The only local college I can even hang around at these days is the UVA.

Speaking of which, I used to go to the ONE Pok'emon TCG League in Charlottesville at The (Game & Hobby) Place (Fridays from 5 - 7 PM). After being forced NOT to hook up my Wii to their TV (a few children missed out on the distribution of a Magmortar, Electivre and Surfing Pikachu that night), the "Manager", Michael Snyder forced me not to. Obviously I was angry at him (He had hated my guts for a long while as well). I later wrote an angry note of "Michael loves the Fiddlesticks out of Mary Lee Walsh"; he took it as an offense, and banned me from "his" property. This happened June of '08. In April of '09, I went in, hoping all was forgotten, looking to see if they had some Eye of Judgment cards in stock and how much; a cashier recognized me and he was like, "Did Mike say you could come back here?" I felt disturbed, so without causing trouble, I left peacefully. I'm thinkin' of trying again later this week and see what happens. I'm feelin' more assertive, so if I am asked that again, I will ask if Michael is still the "Manager", and see if the staff is telling the truth then.

But I digress about that history.

I've read you draw your own comics too; I'd like to see what you have drawn. :) Also, what's your favorite kind of music, or favorite singer, musician or band? And please tell me more about yourself.

And please feel free to check out some of my comic pages on my website, the Cwcipedia (A.K.A. CWC's Sonichu Site), http://cogsdev.110mb.com/cwcipedia/index.php/Sonichu_Comic_Collection. With that, I should warn you that I am internet famous (it's NOT glamorous); I have a bunch of Internet Bullies and Trolls trying to bother me. I've had to deal with them quite a bit, and I remain cautious. They have HATE PAGES against me on the web; please pay no attention to them. And you will be safe, as long as I do not talk about you at all online, or you don't talk about me online. For example, don't use my name when blogging or talking about me to anyone else on the internet; you may make up a nickname of me (F.Y.I., my name spelled backwards is off-limits; my bad on that).

I warn you, because I care about you, especially when we're just getting started on being friends and getting to each other. Oh the stories I can share with you.

Hey, we all have our own problems; all we can do is Keep a Happy Thought. You're my Happy Thought, Jackie.

I'll TTYL; Stay Safe,

That's what she said


April 7, 2010 - 8:48pm
Hey, Christian.

A little more about your questions - my favorite band is the Crash Test Dummies, hands down. Something about the main singer's deep voice (I forget his name) just makes their music sound so sensual and romantic, have you ever heard them? I bet you have a nice deep voice. :) Like I said, I'm going to school for journalism, print journalism specifically, I just love current events and the way our world works. I'm sure I'll be able to apply my sociology degree too when I get out of school and get a job. It'll still be about two years before I graduate, though.

Hey, I also saw you said you are autistic. I confess, I don't know much about autism, could you tell me more about what it's like? I knew a kid when I was in grade school that sometimes picked fights with other boys because he had autism, but I didn't know him well, but he got pretty violent. Or maybe he had aspergers, actually - they're the same thing, actually, right? I have a friend who is a therapist and works with children with developmental disorders, I think that's what she said.

Yeah, I had some friends that went into architecture, it's a long process, you have to get a masters before you can use it. But you have a CADD degree, that's cool, computer technology is so interesting because it's everywhere and someone who knows them can get almost any kind of job. What do you do for a living? I bet you're some kind of visual design specialist or consultant for an advertiser or something, right? Judging that because of the degree and how creative you are. That sounds awful about the experience you had with your dean; why does she still hate you? Are you still in contact with her even after graduating? As for the Game Place, you should totally go in and do that, I love when men are assertive and take charge! I think you should go in and tell them that it's only fair that you be allowed back in now after so much time, and if they make a fuss you should demand to speak to the manager so you can hash things out like adults. Let me know how that goes, I want to know!

I don't have any of my comics to send to you with me (not ones that are good enough to show anybody, anyway) but I'll draw some stuff and send it to you soon. I went to your page about your sonichu comic, but when I click on the chapter pages it just has a bunch of weird messages, and one has a picture of some guy from the Jersey Shore or something, did you send me to the wrong website? I'd still love to see some of your sonichu. But I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before, if you have trolls that must mean you have fans and are kind of popular too, right? What do they troll you about? But thank you so much for warning me and being upfront and honest with me, that's very sweet and I'm glad you care :) I don't think I'll be able to IM tonight, I think I'm kind of getting a little flu and want to get to bed early so I have plenty of rest. But I want to hear more of these stories, you sound like you've had a very interesting life.

I'll be thinking of you ~ ~


Chris got his degree for Cwcville


April 7, 2010 - 11:07pm
I thought Crash Test Dummies may be the band; I've read you went to a concert of theirs recently, but I wanted to make sure. I've heard a sample of them from Napster; they do sound good. You may also like Celtic Thunder; they're good too. I do have a deep bass voice, although sometimes it does go up in pitch, but I'm working on that.

Please don't get me started with Aspergers; I have nothing against the people, it's just that I can not accept Aspergers and Autism being of the same classification. In my opinion, Aspergers is not as fierce as Autism; they have Better Social Skills, and they are Less likely to become low-functioning retards. However, in my experience with my Autism, I have in my childhood did not talk from 1.5 to 7 years of age (I first spoke at 6 weeks with "Monkey"; likely trying to say "Mommy"; I was with her while she was shopping that day). I did not pick many fights, although because they did not understand Autism and were scared, about 4th and 5th grade, the staff of Nathaniel Greene Elementary pinned me down on the floor and tape-recorded my screams, and they tried to put me in a mental institution. My mom and dad did not want that, so we move to Chesterfield County where I was continued to be mainstreamed at Providence Middle and Manchester High; I took a lot of Coping Skill courses as well. I feel I have overpowered some of my symptoms, such as social shyness, yet I still have some trouble maintaining eye-contact, unless I Have a Strong, Good emotional bond with the other person. You can learn more of the autistic traits on autism.org, or look it up on wikipedia.

Actually, I am not currently employed; I've been concentrating on my Sonichu books the past number of years, although I have worked at a Wendys then with Cutco cutlary for a while. I am looking to work at the new Wal-Mart here in Ruckersville that will be opening in a few months. The store is not currently selectable on the online application site, so I'm waiting for that. I've been on Social Security in the meantime, and I am managing it well.

I use what I've learned in CADD to help me better design my buildings and surroundings of Cwcville. I even have printed blueprints for a two-story Mall, WITH a Mayor's Office on the 2nd floor, overlooking the Front Entrance from the last CADD class I took at PVCC. It also has a Pok'emon Center Store, like they had in New York City before they turned it into a Nintendo Store.

I have not been in contact with Mary since that last trip to PVCC. As for reasons why she still has a thing against me, 1) There was that time in her office I overreacted and raised my voice against her (really scared her); no physical violence, but I did curse her with bad luck and misfortune. I removed it remotely when I drew that apology drawing about a year ago. 2) I portrayed her constantly as a Witch in my stories, which I later remedied by a) changing the character name to "Slaweel Ryam", which is a palindrome of "Mary Lee Walsh" (minus the "H"), and b) removing that character in Book 10 in the final confrontation between me and her. 3) Following the Character Representation, I gave her a Local Bad Rap at PVCC; a number of students who did not see eye-to-eye with her either.

And BTW, thanks for letting me know about that; I did send you the correct link, but the deal was you click [show] then click a page to view; the "Issue #" links were originally left blank, but a month ago, a troll and his crew managed to Hack into the impenetrable security of the site (even though it is Wikipedia-Editable-Style, and ONLY I, the SysOp and GoogleAds have Full Control of editing ANYTHING on the Cwcipedia); they just slandered it with grotesque image replacements, page edits and whatnot. The SysOp and I managed to clean up most of the mess, but some things are likely overlooked, so Thank You, Jackie for finding that error for me. I am reprogramming them to redirect to Page 1 of their respective books. I also have good HTML education and experiences. I created the Original "CWC's Sonichu Site", as well as my past "CWC's Pok'eSite 2!" from raw HTML and PC Notepad scratch. Then I found Netscape Composer later on. I still have a lot of HTML knowledge in between my memory and my notes I took, plus I can look up the code when I need it in Google or something.

Yes I do have a lot of fans, and I appreciate their support, but due to the Troll stress I've been dealing with for the past 2.5 years (since November 2007 when I first found the Encyclopedia Dramatica page of me they started). Since then, I have learned and continue to use better internet caution, most difficult passwords, and keeping my real life OFF of the internet, so the trolls won't know who to threaten in real life or come after me in further bully attacks. Between them all, a few trespassed into our yard, placed a wrongful sign there, and egged our house. Some have pranked and threatened phone-called us between our house phone and mine and my mother's cell phones (mine mostly; thank God for Caller ID). Plus I have been in and out of online relationships, that went nowhere in-person. Some "Women" were actually Men pretending to be women. And among the Real Women, they either died, got raped, or were coerced to their "Dark Side". At least I do have a few Real Friends helping protect me and my work from the trolls.

That's another thing, in my life, I have had mostly female friends, as well as a few male friends/acquaintances. Yet I am still a straight man missing out on the action. One count was that up until I turned 21, I was naive and dumb on the subject of Dating (I did take sex-ed in high school, and I've started watching man-on-woman porn at 16). Within the past few years recently, I've developed the idea of Dating Education Classes; The School System SHOULD have taught that Alongside or Before Sexual Education. God knows it would have wised me up a lot sooner. There's an episode in my comics describing the basic idea of a Dating Education Class.

But I digress. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. My advice; drink plenty of water and Orange Juice, and eat Chicken Noodle Soup. Plus the anti-flu/cold medication, such as Tylenol, or a Non-Aspirin substitute, such as what drug stores like CVS sell. And rest/relaxation of course. You can draw, play your Playstation, read or whatever you feel like within your reach.

Feel better soon, and stay safe, Sweetie.

No pictures! It's a trap!!


April 8, 2010 - 5:48pm
Hey, Chris! I'll write more later (I'm sure you see the pattern, but daytime is pretty busy for me these days), but can I ask you to write to me at [censored] from now on? Yahoo mail is screwing up for me lately.



April 8, 2010 - 1:57pm
I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your sweetness and compassion you have shown me so far; please keep it up. Also, I wanted to ask, you live in Charlottesville and you commute to Staunton for your college and work; is that correct? Do you live by yourself, roommate or with your family? And tell me a bit about your family; mom, dad, sisters/brothers and such. I want to hear more stories of you too; my life is interesting, but I want to hear more about you too.

I'll be thinking fondly of you too, Sweetie, and I hope you are feeling better.
Have a sweet day and stay safe,


April 8, 2010 - 2:03pm
I've copied your pic and I am using it as the wallpaper on my PSP (it's rotated, so I have to rotate my PSP to see you upright). May I have some more pics of you, please? I'm thinking one that would be perfect is a photo of you relaxing on your bed reading your book, so then it can be like I'm chillin' with you. Also, I like your hair style and it's color; it looks natural. ;)

Chris gets a lesson on Asperger's Syndrome


April 8, 2010 - 6:02pm
Hey! I got a little break time to write in.

So that's weird what you say about autism and aspergers not being linked. Like I said I have that friend of mine who is a clinical psychologist and works with helping autistic children develop skills and socialize and stuff like that, and she says that aspergers is actually just another kind of autism. I went to that autism.org website and typed in aspergers, and the first page that came up had this on it: "Sometimes people assume everyone who has autism and is high-functioning has Asperger's syndrome. However, it appears that there are several forms of high-functioning autism, and Asperger's syndrome is one form." So aspergers really is a form of high-functioning autism then, right? My friend says that aspergers wasn't really classified until 1994 or something, so it's a really recent development in the field of psychology, maybe your information is just a little out of date? But you said your school teachers tape-recorded your screams? Why would they do that? Maybe they were just trying to help you? I know when I was about 6 I had to get a routine shot at the doctors office but I hated needles and was so scared, I screamed and fought and they needed three nurses to hold me in place... it was scary at the time, but I know they didn't mean me harm. (I respect those doctors and nurses for having to handle scared little kids like that, must be heartbreaking for them to know they can't comfort a scared kid like that.)

So you're not employed but you're applying at Wal-Mart? It's good that your looking for a job, but don't you want to make use of your CADD degree? I know I was annoyed when I first got out of school the first time because it was hard to find jobs with my sociology degree, that's part of why I went back, I wanted to augment it with something. You should go into design or advertising or something like that. I'm still a little confused on what Cwcville is, is it in your sonichu cartoon? I'm sorry, I still haven't read any of your sonichu :(... is it a comic that has a lot of architecture themes? How do you apply your CADD degree to it? If you haven't talked to your Dean, that's probably good, why do you think she is still mad at you though? I think most people are pretty forgiving. Hey, are you still planning on going to that Game Place though? I'm really excited to hear what happens there! I think it's SO sexy when a man stands up for himself... :')

I'm sorry to hear you've been unlucky in love... I know exactly what that's like. You said some of your girlfriends have been raped though!? That's horrible, I am SO sorry that you and they had to go through that. Can you tell me a little about that? Unless it's too private or painful, if it's none of my business then just ask me to leave it be, I know how traumatic such an experience can be (I have a friend who was raped in high school, her life was almost completely ruined, she still has trouble trusting people, it's so sad).

I don't know if dating education could work though, I don't know how that would work really, I don't think dating is something that can really be taught, it depends on whether two people have a connection I think (kind of like what you and I have :). Um, not to be rude or anything sweetie, but I would suggest that you don't talk about watching porn in our emails where we're still getting to know each other... I know you say you have trouble being shy and knowing what to say sometimes sweetie, just helping you out :)

Anyway, I gotta go now, but write me back! I can't wait to hear about what happens at the Game Place!


She likes Sonichu... >_<


April 8, 2010 - 6:54pm
Hey sweetie! Got a little more free time than I thought I would have, so I went to look at some of your sonichu comic. I love it! It's so edgy, I like the page you just put up on the front page where sonichu is holding a rifle and threatening his enemy (who is that guy? or is it supposed to be a girl, he has a skirt?). So, what is this current plot arc or story or whatever?

Also, I was thinking about the Game Place thing a little more, I wanted to tell you that you should do it like a sit-in: if they pick a fight with you, just sit down on the ground peacefully until they agree to resolve it with you. Peaceful resistance, just like what Gandhi did, you know? But it sounds kind of like they might try to deny things or lie like they did before, I think you should record it, maybe? Because they are discriminating against you and all, I mean it would be a good idea to have a recording in case you need to prove that they lied later, so they can't do a "our word against yours" thing to you. Sorry, I'm just really excited to hear how that goes!

Oh, and some more of your questions: my family lives in Charlottesville but I stay in the dorm in Staunton with three roommates; I go to [censored], actually, but I almost always come home and stay in Charlottesville with my parents on the weekends. My parents have been married for 30 years (just had their anniversary in October), I have one younger sister who's still in high school, and an older brother who lives in Pennsylvania, he's a pediatrician, actually. And you're so sweet about my picture! I'll take some more and send them to you in a bit. I like that you can see me whereever [sic] you go now :)

Talk to you soon,

Jackie ~ ~ :')

Chris's only friends: trolls and his parents


April 8, 2010 - 11:09pm
Hey, Sweetie. Thank you for letting me know about your new e-mail address. BTW, I've noticed in the "From" field of the e-mails, it says "Jacklyn [censored]"; please verify if [censored] is your last name. Also, that rifle-image you saw on the Cwcipedia, that is another Troll Problem of mine. See, this dude, Alec Benson Leary, who made up his own fanfiction of my Sonichu works, Asperchu, has been trying to 1-up me for months now. He purchased the adspace on the Cwcipedia, and once in a while, he makes a damn attempt to grind my gears and steal my fans by putting up his badly drawn stuff in the adspace. I had talked with him before to not do that, and he still does it, and I do not appreciate it. I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive, and after seeing his pages, and what he was doing in crappy parody of me and my characters, it pisses me off. Also, that guy on that page; that is a bad facsimile of me; I did a video on my YouTube in a Kilt for a past girlfriend, who dumped me; I moved on.

The story of that girlfriend; she and I had met at a social even; we found lots in common; we were starting work on a book of a King who was changed into a Guiding Owl (like the Owl of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings). I came up with the concept. I created a sample of the story in a LittleBiGPlanet Level; a Foretaste, and I said it was a "Chris Chan/Damien Anteria" (her pen name) production. My trolls had the know of me finding this lady, but not of her real name. I had thought using her pen name was safe; she had some of her own fanfiction online. But she had to have a damn Facebook Page. The trolls found her real name and info; made up a mockery page of her on one of their websites; she was informed and became really angry at me and dumped me. Even worse, they pestered her and her family with phone calls and pretending to be me. It made me very sad, and I suffered a lingering heartache for over two weeks. I recovered a while later, and I moved on.

With that, about the past girlfriend who was raped; she lived in Australia; we were getting along great on Skype talk for months. Then the Troll, Clyde Cash, found her and flew all the way there and Raped her. After that, I had not heard from her. She was going to come to Virginia and continue our relationship in person after she graduated from her college there. I had later read of the Australian bushfires that spread and took a number of lives. Without a word from her, I had assumed she was dead. It left me very sad for weeks. I did special dedications for her now and then. Then, well over a year later, I FINALLY get to hear from her again, through Clyde Cash. Apparently after that rape, she not only got knocked-up, but she became a sex addict, and she left Australia, married and moved in with Clyde.

I will never forgive Clyde; he had hacked into my e-mail accounts, ebay, my Past Tripod Webhost Account, as well as a few others that later followed. And he managed to spend off of my debit card on Amazon. Fortunately, I had successfully undid that damage, with changing my bank account numbers and getting a new card. I almost lost my PayPal as well, but I managed to save that. He also pestered me with phone calls, sending unwanted prostitutes to my house (who my family and I later turned into the police and had arrested with a quick photo of their front license plate on their car). He also hacked into my Playstation Network account twice. He has done too much for me to ever forgive him, that damn son of a bitch.

Going back to Alec, he was a dude who disagreed with me and my view of the Autism/Asperger issue; he has Aspergers. That disagreement was one factor in our disputes and his attacks on my Cwcipedia. And the Autism/Asperger issue, YES I will admit SCIENCE stupidly decided to link the two, but as an individual person, I do not, and I will not ever agree with them. All it is really is MOVING the Spotlight from us Autistics to the Aspergers. I have had to suffer and recover in my whole lifetime with my autism; I refuse to let something that has a name that sounds like a bad cut of meat and is NOT as Special as us take our light away.

As for ANY "pages" that appear wrongfully on my website's adspace, Please disregard and ignore those; they are NOT mine, and I have never approved of them.


Anyway, you have a great idea on my thing at the Game Place; a Sit-In. I will remember that if they give me trouble and don't want to resolve it and make peace. Although I would first give them my scary, intimidating glare of anger . That is something I'd rather do than violence. The only time I would throw a punch would be in self-defense. I'm a tough fighter.

Dating Education can work, because there are a LOT of people who have little knowledge of what to say or do when asking a person of their opposite gender out as well as the concept of where to go and do for the dates. I mean Sexual Education ALONE is okay, but the question still would remain for those who do not know, HOW DO WE EVEN GET TO DATE #1 that would lead to that? It does not come natural to some; it was not natural for me.

Currently I am living with my mom and dad; they're retired now, but my father, Robert Franklin Chandler Jr, was an Engineer with General Electric. He designed the controls for Plastic Molding machines and others. Without my dad, we would not have something as simple as the plastic soda bottles. My mom, Barbara Ann Weston Chandler, did mostly secretarial work and recovery for Virginia Power (which is now Dominion Power) and First North American National Bank (FNANB). I have two half-brothers and a half-sister. Joseph Cole Smithey, of my mother, is currently in New York City, living with his girlfriend and her family, and is a movie reviewer with a website; http://www.colesmithey.com. Of my dad, Dr. David Alan Chandler is an Optometrist in Chesterfield County; he is married and has a daughter named Savannah. And then there's Carol Suzanne Chandler; she got a PhD in Math; last my father and I heard, she was working with the Government in D.C.

To answer your question of wanting to something with my degree, other than architecture (which that job does not thrill me), I feel uncertain of which local jobs I could get with it, especially their availability of being open for application in constant question; it's a low availability.

I have heard of [censored] before; good place. My father pointed it out for me a few times when we visited Staunton in my past. Mom and dad used to take me sometimes to the Gypsy Hill Park's Playground (it's the park with the big duck pond and the little train that runs in warm weather for the children. :) There's also a baseball field and a pool. We also sometimes enjoy(d) dining at Country Cookin' restaurants; there's one in a mall there in Staunton; you may be able to find its address on countrycookin.com.

There's a number of good pictures of me on the Cwcipedia, look up the page, "Christian in his own words"; there is an expandable gallery of photos on the bottom. I look forward to seeing more photos of you; have fun with them. :)

Let me guess, since you're living in Staunton, the bar you go to on some Fridays is in Staunton also? It is cool; I have driven myself to Staunton before, so I am capable of coming to you. As for our plan for our meet next Friday; did you have in mind you coming to C-Ville for that date, or should I plan on making the trip to you? I'm just clarifying it. If I was to come over there, and it gets late, I'll probably have to crash at your place for the night. So, please let me know in your reply. ;)

Photoshop bad. Hand-drawing good.


April 8, 2010 - 11:19pm
I hit Send instead of Save Draft before I finished that e-mail.

The main story of my comics are within My Pages; my hand-drawing style is easy to recognize, so please don't confuse it with anyone else's (especially Alec), as well as messed-up photoshop versions the trolls have put together in the past.

I'll wrap this up for now, and I am looking forward to meeting you, and I will be continuing to think of you fondly. You warm up my heart, Jackie. :)

Stay Safe,

Jackie loves Asperchu


April 9, 2010 - 4:54pm
Wow, you have a lot to say, don't you? :)

I understand your hesitation about not knowing what kind of job you can get with your degree, like I said, I've been there too. You should do what I did and go back to school! Now that you're older I'm sure you've thought a lot about what type of career you'd like to have, you can go back and get any kind of degree you want, maybe you can also find a way to use your first one like I'm doing.

But you know, I followed the link of that Asperchu on the front page and spent over two HOURS reading it last night, I thought it was so funny and well-written, honey I'm so sorry, I thought it was YOURS! I can't believe that about that guy that draws it, that's just terrible. But I'm surprised a troll would go to such lengths, he's still drawing it every day and making updates and writing letters to his fans, even though you don't seem to care about Asperchu anymore, why would he keep doing that if you weren't paying attention? Did you maybe try talking to him nicely about the adspace and finding out why he was doing it, it just seems weird to me that he would keep doing that unless he had a reason. Anyway, enough of that, I was disappointed because I was looking for your recent comic pages but it doesn't look like you've been drawing much lately...? I thought Sonichu was so important to you considering how much you loved telling me about it, I thought it was like a daily webcomic that you did like Asperchu was, it seemed like that was your focus since you're not employed. And I'm kind of confused, is Sonichu supposed to be a children's comic? Because you censor swearing and have important morals and things like a kid's cartoon would have all over the place, but then you have stuff like that violent trial, where you killed those strange children (couldn't figure out who they were in the story, btw)... I like a story with violence, believe me, but I'm just confused who the target audience is?

And honey, I'm not really sure why you say science is "stupid", scientists put a lot of time and research into their work, like my psychiatrist friend. I don't get why you think autism is about having a "spotlight", I mean, people with aspergers have big problems too, my friend works with quite a few children with aspergers, its no picnic, they work their whole lives to overcome their effects too. Besides, if aspergers is a type of autism, then wouldn't you all just share the same "spotlight", what's wrong with that? I mean, everyone who has a problem they need help with deserves some attention, don't you think?

Anyway, I would love to see some new comics on your site, I'm gonna be honest, I really want a guy who's motivated, you know? Have you gone to the Game Place yet? Make sure you do record yourself being peaceful so they can't lie and turn it against you. I'm still excited to hear how it goes!


~ ~ Jackie ~ ~

Comics on Lulu, Chris is still working, Chris hates Aspergers


April 9, 2010 - 8:46pm
I am uncertain of going back to school at the moment, and I am still uncertain of what career I feel would be best for me. I have printed the message, and I will keep your suggestion in my mind. Thank you. :)

Sonichu has been, and still is, very important to me. As for the contents of the 10th book, with the Trial and anything to do with Alec and those guys, will be swapped out for new pages I am working on. I've been on a hiatus from the internet, and recovering the inspiration to get back to my work, Free of most Troll Influence. It was that influence that made me feel such irritation to draw what I drew there. I originally started the books, YES for a rating of TV-Y7, and that same influence from the past few years drew me to go into adult themes.

I lost focus, and I am regaining it from the hiatus. In a short while, I plan on putting my #0 book onto Lulu.com, to see how that would work, and let that go on a monthly new release. With reasonable page-removal/swapping, so it can be of TV-Y7 rating. Within the first 10 books, I put too much of myself into the story (a later-learned big mistake). But as I had stated in that book, I will be making less appearances, and letting the stories focus more around Sonichu and Rosechu, as it should have been. And the villains will be less real-life based; thank God for my creation of Count Graduon; he will possess Metal Sonichu on the moon and make his return in 12 or later. I am very motivated.

I do agree, everyone who has a problem deserve some attention. My opinions on the asperger symptom is just a piece of my OCD, and I feel the topic is better less discussed around me. Very much the same as my opinion on how my characters are being wrongfully portrayed by other people, because I feel it is an invasion into my world as I see and have made of it. But as long as I am still alive, all of the ideas and status of Sonichu, Rosechu, the city of Cwcville, and all that continue to remain sound and good as I see it.

I feel my comics are LESS of a webcomic and more of paper comic; I only shared it on the Sonichu Site originally, because it was a part of the Sonichu Universe. A big difference in webcomics and paper comics, from my point of view, webcomics are more of a daily panel, like in a newspaper, or if full-page, they are more likely computer-drawn, and they do appear on a daily basis. Paper Comics are the FULL books, where the whole story is elaborated, and it gets told on a monthly or so basis. I feel my books are better off as Monthly, since it is on Paper, and there are a LOT of pages and Sound Thought put into them.

New comics pages WILL be put up onto the Cwcipedia in due time, and for right now, I am concentrating on going self-publishing with Lulu, getting them better edited for the TV-Y7 audiences, and continuing with my stories. And I am also concentrating on my real life and seeking out the True Love I have been looking for, and I am thinkin' it'll be with you, Jackie-Heart. ;) I have a ton in mind for my "Second Season"; the stories are of my idea for the video game I often advertised on the backs of my books, "Sonichu's Adventure". Basically, it is the stories of adventures between Sonichu, Rosechu and each of the other main Electric-Hedgehogs. Like for example, Wild Sonichu's story is of after he loses his father to some Pok'emon poachers (possibly of Team Rocket and Giovanni), and years later, he hears the call of his father from afar, and he sets forward to find and rescue him. The ending being he finds his Scyther father evolved to a Scizor, and it draws into a plot similar to that in Star Wars between Luke and Vader.

I will be making the trip to the Game Place within the next few days; I will bring a recorder to get the event down, and I will let you know how it turns out.

Anyway, I would like to talk more about you as well as me, so please fill me in on some your own memories and events. Like you can tell me some of your high school or college stories, some of the things that happen while you're relaxing, hanging out or whatever. And I still would like the confirmation on our plans for our meeting date; do tell what you have in mind, Sweetie. <3

I'm thinking fondly of you. You stay safe, and have a good day.


Answer: No, Chris can't sing


April 9, 2010 - 9:09pm
Hi honey :)

I'm glad you'll think about going back to school, it's important to have goals. I'm curious, why did you pursue the CADD degree in the first place?

I don't have much time to talk, I'm exhausted. I spent six hours in class today and then had to work at the paper for another four, now I've got a huge anthropology project I need to start putting together. What about you, what did you do today? You must have drawn some pages today, right? How about Lulu, did you get any of your books up there yet? I know a couple people that have published stuff on Lulu, like poetry books and stuff, they say it's really easy and quick, the website pretty much does all the work for you. Oh! When exactly are you going to the Game Place? I'm really excited about it. If you're not doing anything tomorrow you should go then!

Hey, you know I was showing our emails to my roommate and talking about you with her, and when she saw the part where you said you have a deep voice, and I was wondering... do you sing at all? It'd be nice to hear your voice.

~ ~ Jackie ~ ~

Chris is lazy, Hates simple chores


April 10, 4:20pm
I'll go to the Game Place after Church tomorrow, and I'll be getting started on Lulu.com today. I have a few new pages drawn, but I ask you to not pressure me on that every e-mail, please. To talk about it every once in a while is cool.

I have videos on YouTube of myself (the most recent has my deep voice, and there are a few of me singing); my current account is ChristianWChandler (http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristianWChandler), and my past account (lost the password long ago, and have been unable to log back into it) is CChan6789 (http://www.youtube.com/user/CChan6789). Plenty of past vocal and singing videos between the two. :) Although, I did sometimes act a bit immature; I am only human, so please disregard those.

I think I've said this before, but originally, out of confusion, my original major was something of Marketing. After consultation with my father, I later switched to CADD as my major. So, I had two reasons for the CADD; it dealt with computers, and because of my father. His intentions were good; he was thinking of possible job opportunities for me and whatnot.

I have been helping my family with chores lately; moving tree branches, disposing of garbage, as well as a few errands. Yesterday, I went out for groceries; I put a Phillips 2003 Flat-Screen TV (with a big back) into my car to either be sold at a pawn shop or donated to the new Goodwill that will be opening soon in Ruckersville. And today, I'll be changing the flea/tick collars on my three cats; Lucy, Kitty and Scamper. Photos of the cats are attached, as well as a photo of my late dog, Patti; she died June of 2006 at 18 years of age. She was a sweet and good dog. Kitty was close friends with her.

I'm going to head to Lulu.com now, so I'll send another e-mail later. I still need confirmation of the details of our little date next Friday.

Stay Safe, and have a good day, Sweetie. :-*

Jackie urges Chris to record the Game Place audio


April 10, 2010 - 5:47pm

Aw, your cats are cute! So it sounds like yesterday you just took it easy, hm? We all need days like those, I remember about a month ago I came home one weekend and just helped my dad wash and wax his car (he loves classic cars, we always bonded over that stuff when I was little), then we went for a long bike ride, it was just a fun, relaxing day. What's a busy day like for you? I'm sorry if I was pressuring you, but... you loved to share your updates with me on the comic, I thought you were doing it all the time. I mean, you're 28 and you don't have a job, I thought the comic was what you were going for professionally.

I'm glad you're going to the store tomorrow! Hey, like I said, when you go to the Game Place, make SURE you bring your camera and record it, it's very important you have a record of the whole thing so they can't lie later about you. I can't wait to hear the results! Oh, and about the date, since I'll be coming home to Charlottesville, I was thinking you could pick a place that you like, maybe. What kind of places do you like to go?

Let me know how things go,

~ ~ Jackie ~ ~

Jackie's Questionnaire 1


April 10, 2010 - 7:46pm
Hey, my roommate showed me a little questionnaire she did when she met her new boyfriend to help them get to know each other, I thought it would be a cute way for us to learn a few more things about each other. I don't have it in front of me but I'll put the questions I remember and then give my answers.

What is your favorite time of day? Mine is in the evening.
When did you have your first kiss? I was 16.
Who was your childhood hero? Mine was Spider-man.
Have you ever been outside the country? If so, where to? I've never been, although I almost went to France once.
How old were you when you learned Santa Clause isn't real? I don't think I ever really believed in Santa, actually.
When was the first time you fell in love? I was 17... it didn't last very long.
When was the saddest time in your life? For me, probably when my parents got divorced when I was a kid. (They got back together, thankfully.)
When was the happiest time in your life? I think the first time I fell in love was... again, didn't last very long.

I don't remember any other questions, but I'd love to see your answers!


~ ~ Jackie ~ ~

Chris's Questionnaire #1


April 11, 2010 7:49am
Firstly, Sonichu and Rosechu ARE a top priority project of mine, and I AM working on going Professional with the books. Originally, and mostly, it was a hobby of mine, and I do have some fun with the drawing and coloring. But of course life isn't just about comic book pages; I felt partially empty, because I have not had a woman as a Sweetheart by my side in real life. And I've had my troubles with the internet bullies; that only made me feel weighed down emotionally. But as I live on, off of the internet and putting the trolls behind me, and being found by you, Jackie. :) I am feeling a better sense of peace and happiness.

To answer that set of questions...

-What is your favorite time of day? I'd say the evening/night.
-When did you have your first kiss? Depends. If you mean for me to kiss a woman outside of my family on the cheek, then that would be when I was 19. If you mean mouth-to-mouth with optional tongue-play, then I have not done that in my life yet.
-Who was your childhood hero? I had two; first was the American Rabbit, then Sonic the Hedgehog dashed in.
-Have you ever been outside the country? If so, where to? I have never been outside of the United States.
-How old were you when you learned Santa Clause isn't real? Learned: I'm not sure; maybe 15 or 16. Gave up on Santa: 24 (when he would not bring me a woman to be mine for three years).
-When was the first time you fell in love? First time ever, I was in the 3rd Grade; her name was Tiffany Robbinson; she was a pretty girl. We hung out and talked often. Then during the 4th Grade, she dumped and left me.
-When was the saddest time in your life? When my dog, Patti, passed away on June 27, 2006.
-When was the happiest time in your life? After you found, contacted and made me feel better, Jackie-Heart. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Answering short questions like those, telling my life stories, or even just talkin' about whatever with you; I feel better discussing those over work-topics or things that really grind my gears in extended periods. I think you can relate with me on that.

Let me ask you a few more questions...

-What are some TV shows you like to watch? I enjoy the classics, such as "I Love Lucy" and Red Skelton, but I also enjoy some of today's adult comedies like "Family Guy", "South Park", "The Simpsons", and I also like "Seinfeld" and "Friends" to name a few.
-What is your dream? I have a dream where I feel I am destined to have a Daughter named Crystal Weston Chandler with my future wife. Also, if there is a boy later, I like the name Reginald for him.
-What is your favorite color? I like Blue, specifically Crayola's Battery-Charged Blue.
-When's your birthday? I was born February 24, 1982.
-Name a place where you can feel a sense of peace and happiness hanging around in. I like a sunny day at a grassy field with a few trees in the mountains.
-What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I like Mint/Chocolate Chip.
-What's your favorite pizza topping? I like Spinach (mushrooms optional).
-What is a word you just really hate hearing/being called? Naive; it questions my mentality and experience.
-What is your favorite school subject? I enjoyed Math.

Also, I like doing Sudoku puzzles; do you sudoku?

I gtg get ready for church now; I will be going by the Game Place afterwards, and I will let you know how that goes later.

Stay Safe, Sweetie.
Hugs and Kisses,

Places in Charlottesville


April 11, 2010 - 8:28am
As for places I like to go, we can meet by the Starbucks Kiosk in Fashion Square Shopping Center. Or we can meet up in the Downtown Mall by the Paramount. I am open for your suggestions as well. Please let me know what time will be good for you; currently, I'm thinking 4:00 PM. Also, I've just checked on readthehook.com, and I have found a bit of good music entertainment on the 16th; Bob Bennetta will be playing in Fellini's #9 at 6:00. And we'll see where the night leads us. ;)


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